Rangers/Flyers game a wake up call for Boardstreetbullies

The Rangers/Flyers game was like a show to bob clarke that eric lindros is worth more then he got for him, but that wasn’t the real issue Wednesday night. The Flyers 4-2 loss wasn’t the real issue either. The Flyers payroll is around 50 million or so, and with a payroll like that they should be going places, and down isnt one of them. The Rangers are a good team, but if the Flyers are a stanley cup team they have to beat teams like the rangers and better. They have to win the emotional battle as well as the physical and mental battle, and they lost all three last night.

It all starts with your captain though. Keith Primeau in my opinion was the wrong choice for captain, he isnt producing, and he isn’t winning face offs, so what is he doing for the team? He’s a good player, and he is playing with two excellent wingers in Recchi and Gagne but he has 1 goal and 5 assists this season, that is not going to cut it as the teams #1 center. Personally i wouldn’t be opposed to moving Primeau, the only problem is to where. Holik for Primeau is a good deal for both but you aren’t going to trade him to the biggest rival in your own division is you don’t have too. I may be jumping the gun a little bit here, but Primeau, Desjardans and Therein are all playing below their potential. Desjardans and Therien could move, and hopefull one of them does. Primeau needs to pick it up to take this team to where it wants to go, and it has to start tonight vs Washington.

I look for a big game tonight, but if they Flyers faltter again, looks for some major changes to come, maybe lineup wise or even trade wise, because Bob Clarke and Barber aren’t going to wait around all day for this team to live up to its potential.

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