Rankings, Surprises, Busts, Who's Hot and Who's Cold

Can surprising teams like Carolina and the Rangers keep it up? Or will teams like the Bruins and Sharks come back to life and make a run for it? Will Eric Staal stay hot? Can anyone stop Jagr?

Who’s the hottest team right now? Who’s the coldest? It’s all in here…..

Well, first let’s start off with the rankings.

1 PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: In my opinion the hottest team in the league right now. Lost both their top two scorers in Gagne and Forsberg for about 6 games, missing Keith Primeau, and still kept winning. And now challenging Ottawa(only 3 points back)for first place.

2 OTTAWA SENATORS: Haven’t lost a step all season and an easy favourite for the Stanley Cup.

Although, injuries to Spezza and Alfredsson could hurt this team big time. This will show if this team has the depth I feel they’re lacking up front.

3 CALGARY FLAMES: My favourite to win the Stanley Cup, and no I am not saying this because they got to the finals last season. I am saying this because they have the best defence in the league, not to mention a top 5 goalie. And with these new rules you don’t have to worry about offence. The hardest working team in the NHL.

4 DETROIT RED WINGS: I wasn’t expecting them to have such a great start. But then you look at their division, and there are alot of easy wins. But they’ve still shown they can beat the big teams, so that’s why there #4 in my books.

5 NASHVILLE PREDATORS: I haven’t seen this team play at all, but they just won’t drop. From what I’ve heard they are a solid overall team. Before this season I wasn’t even sure if they’d make the playoffs.

6 DALLAS STARS: Marty Turco is having a sensational year. I really wish we got him instead of Belfour. Modano and Lehtinen are lighting it up together on the top line and don’t expect them to stop. All the questions marks on this team have seemed to be erased. Everything’s going right for them. Their biggest injury has been to Philippe Boucher!

7 VANCOUVER CANUCKS: The Sedin twins have finally picked it up, and the Bertuzzi-Naslund-Morrisson line keeps producing. This team needs a goalie if they want to make it far though.

8 CAROLINA HURRICANES: As long as Eric Staal does well this team does well.

9 LOS ANGELES KINGS: Always been underrated in my books. If this team wants to win, Jeremy Roenick (13 pts) and Luc Robitaille (10 pts) have step it up a huge notch.

10 TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: Yes, that’s right. The Leafs are hot right now. Without Allison, Lindros, Antropov and Steen, this team is on a 5 game winning streak, and defeated one of the hottest teams in the league…the Buffalo Sabres.

11 BUFFALO SABRES: This team just won’t stop winning! They are an amazing (15-3-2) in their last 20 with three of those losses coming from the……….Florida Panthers?????????

12 EDMONTON OILERS: Have come on strong in the last month and are now battling for first in the Northwest. A very streaky team this year, and I now feel they will make it to the playoffs.

13 PHOENIX COYOTES: Sneaking up from behind, and are now holding down 8th spot. CuJo is on fire this year, and does anyone know how good Ladislav Nagy actually is? 16th on the scoring leaders with 13 goals 31 assists and a +9 to go along.

14 NEW YORK RANGERS: It’s all about the first line consisting of Jagr-Rucinsky-Straka and the goalie Lundqvist. Some people may think i’m missing Prucha with his 18 goals. He has 4 assists!!!!! I’m just asking Rangers fans….Does he pass the puck?

15 COLORADO AVALANCHE: Are a great team and should get a playoff spot, but they’re in the toughest division right now, and it’s hard to compete when you don’t have a proven #1 goalie.

16 ATLANTA THRASHERS: Starting to turn it up, and I feel they will take over 7th spot in the conference in a few weeks. Once they get Dunham (I have no idea when that is), or if they do, they should be just fine.

17 MONTREAL CANADIENS: Falling rapidly, after having a tremendous start.

18 TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: This team is just not the team you saw last season without Khabibulin. The Thrashers are only 1 point behind them for 8th spot.

19 MINNESOTA WILD: Same as Colorado. It’s going to be hard for them to compete in the toughest division. They have the most underrated goalie in the NHL, and that’s Manny Fernandez. He has the best record (14-5-3-1), the highest saving pct in .930 and the lowest GAA in 2.05!!!!! And still they decide to play Dwayne Roloson (4-12-1-0) in half of their games.

20 NEW YORK ISLANDERS: Have been hanging around .500 all year, and I expect them to stay like that. You’re not going anywhere when your captain is Alexei Yashin.

21 SAN JOSE SHARKS: Starting to get better after aquiring Joe Thornton, but they still have a long way to go.


23 FLORIDA PANTHERS: For once they are hotter than their climate. They probably won’t keep it up though.

24 BOSTON BRUINS: What did trading Joe Thornton accomplish. Really? I think they should play Toivonen more often. He could turn out to be a really good goalie.

25 WASHINGTON CAPITALS: The only thing that makes you happy right now is that you have an up and coming superstar, and you still have Kolzig.

26 NEW JERSEY DEVILS: I predicted they would drop to the bottom about 4 years ago. No fan support whatsoever.

27 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: The biggest bust in the NHL, and I hate how they made an 18 year old Asst. Captain. I wonder what’s going to happen next off-season?

28 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: They just suck.

29 COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS: They suck too.

30 TEAM GERMANY: Atleast they have a goalie unlike St. Louis.

31 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: Their nothing without Owens, whether you like it or not.

32 ST. LOUIS BLUES: Noone would take their #1 goalie off free agency. They can’t win, and even worse, their own player scores on his own net on a powerplay!


Nashville Predators (24-10-3)

Carolina Hurricanes (24-10-4)

New York Rangers (22-12-5)

Buffalo Sabres (26-12-2)

G A PTS +/-

Marc Savard (Atl) 18 35 53 +4

Eric Staal (Car) 26 25 51 -2

Bryan McCabe (Tor) 14 32 46 +4

Brian Gionta (NJ) 21 18 39 -2

Alexei Yashin (NYI) 14 22 36 -3 (I know what I said before, but I got to admit a pt a game is not shabby)

Marek Svatos (Col) 20 14 34 -4

Jason Williams (Det) 10 24 34 0

Dion Phaneuf 9 14 23 +2


Boston Bruins (14-18-6)

Pittsburgh Penguins (10-19-8)

St. Louis Blues (9-22-5)

Ed Belfour (17-11-1) GAA 3.26 (I know his records pretty good but he has been letting in soft goals)

Jocelyn Thibault (1-9-2) GAA 4.41

Jozef Stumpel (FLA) GP 40 G 4 A 13 P 17 -2

Jeremy Roenick (LA) GP 32 G 6 A 7 P 13 -2

Mike Peca (Edm) GP 36 G 5 A 8 P13 -1

Alexei Zhamnov (Bos) GP 21 G 1 A 7 P 8 -5

Radek Bonk (Mtl) GP 19 G 0 A 6 P 6 -3


PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: This team is overcoming injuries and climbing to the top.

BUFFALO SABRES: (15-3-2) In their last 20 and are too hot to say they won’t make the playoffs. Although, they look they might be cooling down soon.

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: Have won 5 straight without 4 key players in their lineup.

ATLANTA THRASHERS: Finally doing as good as they should be. This team is a scoring machine.

JOFFREY LUPUL: 15 points in his last 15 games.

GARY ROBERTS: 12 points in his last 5 games!

SCOTT GOMEZ: Got a hat trick against the Leafs and has scored the last 5 goals for New Jersey.

JAROMIR JAGR: When’s the last game he didn’t get a point??????


MONTREAL CANADIENS: Something’s got to wake this team up. They’ve lost 15 of their last 21 games.

TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: Have lost 6 of their last 7 and 7 of their last 9.

ALEXANDER MOGILNY: Hasn’t scored a point in his last 5 games and has 2 points in his last 8.

That’s just my 2 cents.


92 Responses to Rankings, Surprises, Busts, Who's Hot and Who's Cold

  1. Leaf_Nation19 says:

    I’d have to say the biggest bust is Fedorov especially with all the hype Columbus had after acquiring him. He’s got talent, but he has what, one goal this season?

  2. dcz28 says:

    Leafs being most hated team i’m pretty sure that’s true but most loved i would have to say the Wings are #1 since every city they play in you will see lots of Wings jerseys not to mention they have fans all over Europe also

  3. NemiNA says:

    I think we just found another 12 year old member!

  4. NemiNA says:


    I know your young so I’ll take it easy on you.

    A fan like you, well, the way your behaving, is what makes aaaaaaaall the other users hate the toronot fans.

  5. NemiNA says:

    yes, but the flyers lost EVERYBody. Pitkanen, Desjardins and Primeau are still out. NOT to mention esche and stevenson. EVERYbody got hurt this year.

    Toronto is pulling through nicely though.

  6. NemiNA says:

    i agree. a cake walk is a cake walk, and they will fold shortly.

  7. NemiNA says:

    its easy for me to say the flyers are the hottest team cause I’m a flyers fan. I like to root for my team to, but in no way is personal opinion fact.

  8. NemiNA says:

    any team that can keep it up with injuries deserves recognition. Like you said, their missing their 1st line. The deserve to be up there with Philly cause their in the same boat.

  9. NemiNA says:

    Phanuef: exceeding expectations. Calder cup worthy? absolutely. Ovechkin will make it tough.

    Staal: who would have guessed? yeah i say he’s a surprise.

    I agree with #3 completely. People thought I was nuts when I took him in the 10th round of a fantasy draft. 85,000 trade offers later….

  10. NemiNA says:

    hey man. I understand your need for maturity here. I support it to. Its not the leafs franchise. I have nothing against the leafs. BUT if your gonna call out another team’s fans and then expect nothing but cake and icecream from the other fans, then that is a sad mistake.

  11. mtl_prince says:

    i’d trade mickey ribs for that. hahaha

    apparently bob gainey heard me and scratched ribs and dagenais….

  12. mtl_prince says:

    i picked him in my pool, late pick, and although he hasnt done much this year, he has started to produce lately, remember, he was injured and is playing for a new team. give him time to adjust and he will be back up to speed. if he stays in columbus for next season i see him putting more points up.

  13. ranger_fan says:

    So is this a weekly or a last 10 games ranking?

  14. Neely4Life says:

    Im not sayin that its “shit”. But face it, this is the easy [art of the schedual where they should clean up. And it wouldnt be a 6 game winning streak in past years, and wins arnt as valuable as they once were, and are easier to get. Its not cuz they are the leafs, its cuz they should be winning those games, and they should be beating NJ and Pitts easily, which they havnt. Point being, they should be winning these games. Teams winning streaks are not as impressive as they used to be. It used to be called the unbeaten streak, but since you cant tie, every team gets lucky in the shootout.

  15. Neely4Life says:

    I agree the leafs get bashed, but u also have the retarded leafs fans making stupid claims and remarks, and its just impossible to lay off those guys when they dotn have a clue. I bad apple spoils the bunch. But again, i can see it from both points of views. But seriously, begging to not be made fun of, just wow, better just not to say n e thing.

  16. wingerxxx says:

    The guys he plays with (especially at even strength) simply don’t score consistently. So, of course other players are going to lead him in assists…Prucha is one of the main Rangers, along with Jagr, that are enabling other Rangers to get those assists. It’s simple numbers. In terms of scoring goals on the Rangers, it’s Jagr, Prucha and…everyone else. Jagr has 25, Prucha has 18…the next closest Ranger (Rucinsky) has 10. And he’s been in a funk. Prucha is playing the role of a goal scorer right now, he gets to the front of the net and gets some garbage goals as well. That doesn’t lend itself to tons of assists. And he’s only getting not even 13 minutes of ice time a game. His productivity is pretty remarkable.

    Yashin and Satan were playing together for a good chunk of the season. They were split up because they’ve both been in a slide lately, and I’m sure Stirling wanted to shake things up. Both of these guys are prone to nasty slumps, but I think they’ll get back on track.

  17. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    injuries to savard could have helped aswell. ok svatos i will give u that no offense i do probably know more cause im an avs fan.

  18. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    No doubt, the Wings are a very popular team, but to suggest that they’re more popular than the Leafs or the Habs based upon the fact that “every city they play in you will see lots of Wings jerseys not to mention they have fans all over Europe also” is a huge mistake. Any time the Leafs (or the Habs for that matter) play an away game, there’s an enormous number of blue and white sweaters in the crowd, even in Hockeytown, USA. The Buffalo News estimated that at the last Leafs/Sabres game at the HSBC Arena, Leafs fans outnumbered Sabres fans 4 to 1. Any Leaf game in the southern US is practically a home game as are games in Western Canada with the number of Leaf supporters present, and the national TV ratings for Leaf broadcasts speak for themselves. Hatred for the Leafs is massive continent-wide, but the love is there too.

  19. mtrakker85 says:

    Of course we are lol

    It’s not a Flyers season without it.

  20. garyroberts7 says:

    I guess both. It’s really, if the playoffs were to start now, this is how i think each team would finish.

  21. i_know_hockey says:

    yeas your right… fedorov is starting to produce… he has a wopping one goal and 7 assists on the season for a grand total of 8 points… 4 of which have come in the past 14 games… oh yea, things are looking up lol

    btw… i have to comment on the leafs fans, each one of them claim they are the hottest team in the nhl, yea they have won 6 straight, but only after dropping 5 of their last 7… maybe they will turn things around… but we all know they will crumble in the playoffs like they do every single year or at least while pat quinn is behind the bench. Anyways, just look inside the mask of belfour and at his eyes.. he looks old and weary, he cant go on at the same pace… when he falls apart… the leafs will blow away with him

  22. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    “Each one of them claim (sic) that they are the hottest team in the NHL” – Wow, way to paintbrush millions of fans with a single stroke. You’re right, though. EVERY SINGLE Leafs fan has gone on record to claim that. Your comments are entirely substantiated and wholly based in fact.

  23. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Mark Savard’s been a chirping, little punk ever since he came up with the Gens and I don’t particularly like what I’ve seen of him as a person, but his skills speak for themselves. The guy has a great offensive flair and his talents might outweigh his personality, or lack thereof. Would he be a good fit for the Habs? He sure would, but that can be said for just about any other team in the league.

  24. i_know_hockey says:

    yup they r… if u go thru this log and read any “fan” that says go leafs go or things of that nature say this… maybe not every fan, but u get my point..

  25. jarcpitre says:

    The Leafs are hot! Any team that wins 8 out of 10 games is Hot period! People keep talking about wait until the west swing, the west is over rated. EDM just lost in DEC to NYI, BOS, and NJ and CAL scored 10 goals against them in 2 games, pretty inconsistent. As for CAL, they cant score but have the best defense I admit and the best goalie, but they need some scoring, I.E. Mogilny. COL is fading fast, they have some great talent, but they haven’t produced, need a goalie bad, I.E. Kolzig. MIN both goalies bail them out period and not much scoring, not as good as they were without the trap and more room to scate. VAN is probably about equal to the Leafs, they have scoring yes but no Goaltending or Defence, Jovo cop is the only good D-man and he is a -4. Myself I’m not worried about the west as a Leafs fan, its the East. Boston can get hot anytime, Buffalo is Dangerous, and then there is Ottawa, whow, they are the real deal and highly above any team. Yes its true Ottawa fans, us leaf fans dont hate you, we just like our leafs better, but when Tor is gone I route for Ott and Cal, thats about it.

  26. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    edmonton is a streaky team thats a given. calgary may not be able to score alot but they score enough. colorado isnt fading aebischer regains his confidence we are fine. besides if that doesnt happen we will score 6 goals a game. minnesota has fernandez. roloson is crap the stats say so. vancouver scores alot more then toronto and they have decent d. boston has potential buffalo is playing above potential though. yes above potential because biron hasnt proved to be that consistent through his career. ottawa is the real deal and hasek isnt getting injured.

  27. Leaf_Nation19 says:

    Though I am sort of a Leaf fan since I live in Toronto, I’m far from believing the Leafs are amazing, they have a lot of work to do still, and I don’t see them going far in the playoffs without a third consistent d-man or another producing forward. A big surprise after the Fedorov trade was Anaheim. I expected them to be worse than they already were competing with Columbus, Washington, Boston, and St.Louis for the bottom rankings. But, it seems the trade has in a way made them better, with the only superstars being Selanne and Scott Niedermayer, which may be a good thing for a team that obviously wasn’t gelling after the acquisition of Fedorov a few years ago.

  28. PayUpSucka says:

    Vancouver scores more than Toronto? There goes any credibility you have! Toronto has 134 through 40 games and Van has 131 through 40. Do the math. And we’ve both allowed 127 goals so I don’t know where you’re getting your info from.

  29. PayUpSucka says:

    I get a kick out of leaf haters. Had we not beat the bruins, pens, isles and sabres we’d never hear the end of it. Yet we beat them all and it’s still not enough, now the excuse is we should of pounded them all by more than a goal. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, life as a leaf fan.

  30. 92-93 says:

    well, the fact of the matter is they had NO BUSINESS winning any of these games as soon as they lost guys like Allison, Lindros, Steen, etc. heck, they won with a fourth line that consisted of Domi, Belak, and Wilm (i like wilm, but BELAK!?).

  31. 92-93 says:


    it makes every win that much sweeter though.

  32. i_know_hockey says:

    haha… guys, u wanna talk about streaks??!?!?!? then the hottest team in the NHL without a doubt are the Buffalo Sabres who are 18-3-2 in their last 23… acquiring 38 out of a possible 46 points… so please.

    And the funny thing is that the sabres do not have a top scorer in the leagues top 75??? How does that work… its called hard work and a team effort

  33. jarcpitre says:

    Thanks for sticking up for me, your almost like a big brother. Do you agree with my theory?


  34. jarcpitre says:

    Actually Buffalo does have good scoring, its just spread out. They have 8 players with over 20pts which is the same as Ottawa. I agree Buffalo has had quite the run and they remind me a lot like Calgary with more speed, a good veteran goalie would be good for Buffalo, I.E. Kolzig.

  35. PayUpSucka says:

    You’re bang on bro.

    My point was this other guy was throwing out comments like “Vancouver scores more than the leaf”, but his brains are clearly scramled, as the leafs have outscored Vancouver to date with the same amount of games played.

  36. i_know_hockey says:

    Buffalo already has 3 goalies… and the last thing they need is another goalie on the downside of his career. Ryan Miller had the most wins in the AHL last season (i think 41?), Noronen was considered to be the most sought after prospect in the minors for a few seasons (hasnt been able to get the job and run) and Marty Biron seems to be taking a back seat to Miller, who has been given the job. Biron is most certainly capable of starting in this league and Noronen needs a change in scenary or a chance to compete for a job

  37. 92-93 says:

    but thats the problem right there.

    now i’m finding that there are leaf fans that are apologizing before they even say anything. why? what do we have to be sorry about? EVERY TEAM HAS DUMB FANS. yet you don’t see anyone generalizing the fans of other teams.

    its just ridiculous and its taken on a life of its own.

  38. 92-93 says:

    ‘so please’ what?

    what is your point? we weren’t talking about Buffalo at all.

    and you should know better when it comes to ‘streaks’ – they are always balanced by a losing streak or a dry spell. so be careful.

  39. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    oh no 3 more goals woopdedo

  40. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    wait till the end of the season little boy and we will see who has scored more.

  41. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    btw vancouver does score more. leafs have been shutout a few times and have scored like 1 goal in about 5 or 6 games. so there not consistent while vancouver scores quite a bit in every game and proves to be very consistent with there scoring.

  42. 92-93 says:

    As of right now the Nhl can be broken down into 4 tiers (and these tiers may be divided up and will change as the 2nd half rolls along):

    1st tier:

    Ottawa, Philly, Carolina

    Detroit, Dallas, Calgary, Nashville

    In other words, the division leaders plus the Preds. Calgary deserves to be here also because of how tough their division is even though they don’t have as many points as the others. Carolina is definitely the surprise here but I don’t think many expected Dallas to do as well. The Predators deserve their spot even though they are a 2nd place team. they or detroit will get #4 in the West and WILL move on to the 2nd round.

    2nd tier:

    Buffalo, NYR, Toronto

    LA, Colorado, Edmonton, Vancouver

    These 7 teams are all surprises for various reasons. Some expected Vancouver to be higher and I do expect them to move up the standings and take 1st from Calgary in the Northwest. Edmonton is playing strong but they – and LA – will be in tough to make the playoffs because of their division and the challenge from the 3rd tier. Buffalo and NYR are huge surprises and don’t seem to be letting up. Toronto is at a crucial point right now in their schedule – they could go up and take home ice or go down and wallow in a battle for the final two playoff spots. Colorado has the best offense in the West but they need some goaltending.

    3rd tier:

    TB, Montreal, New Jersey, Atlanta

    Minnesota, SJ, Anaheim, Phoenix

    Mostly western conference teams here but these are all above .500 teams who deserve to be in the playoffs are playing to inconsistent right now. the defending champs will get better but i don’t know if they can catch the Hurricanes now. for all their firepower, their are too many questions about character and defence for the Thrashers. NJ is turning it around now that Elias is back and the cap problems are settled. The Habs are in tough in this Eastern race especially considering their upcoming schedule. in the west there is a block of 4 good teams who are out of the playoff picture right now but the Sharks WILL make the playoffs (at the expence of Edm or LA). Anaheim – despite losing Sykora and Fedorov – have the youth and competitiveness to make a run too. Minnesota is a surprise but solid goaltending is their strength – too bad they are in such a tough division. the same goes for the Coyotes, who won’t make it because of the division their in and their inconsistencies.

    4th tier:

    NYI, Florida, Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington

    Chicago, Columbus, St. Louis (boy are Det and Nashville lucky!)

    Enough said. the Bruins may turn it around, the Isles might do better under a different coach, the Panthers may benefit from solid goaltending and vet experience of Nieuwy and Roberts – but all are just to inconsistent.

    Expect the Sharks, Devils, TB, Habs all to make a run to the 2nd tier. Expect the Oilers and Kings and Thrashers to lose ground (maybe add the Leafs and Rangers into that mix as well).

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