Rask or Pogge: Significant for Leafs Plans

Until now I have come to HTR and been a passive fan of this site. I find the information that I can access here serves mulitple purposes. Sometimes its informative, but usually it makes me laugh. Im refering here to the ridiculous banter that goes on and of course the insane speculations. I am a leaf fan (regretably). Yes it hard to watch them nowadays and even more difficult to defend. I have also read many recent posts regarding the future of the leafs and what they should do in order to become contenders again. Some good ideas and some not, but one thing which surprised me most of all is that there is almost no suggestions about Rask or Pogge! Were people watching the Juniors this year? To quote Pierre McGuire from TSN “Leafs fans should get excited about the future of maple leaf goaltending, with there two guys”. Rask was MVP, often stoppping close to 50 shots in many games and Pogge stood on his head to help the Junior win the championship. Both guys are leafs and should be brought up asap. Obviously Belfour is gone, and Telly had proven that he will never be more than #2. Aubin has been surprising, but they will need more in the future. I say bring up Rask and Pogge and the leafs could very well be in a similair position as Buffalo was this year for netminding. Some people will argue they are just rookies, but look at Lundquist and Miller.

I say…the leafs should save their money to spend on some forward and defence free agents. Let the rookies come up. See who does well and perhaps make a trade at the deadline by unloading one of the goalies for a solid draft pick.