Ratification, Crosby, Trade Rumors, HTR Plans

Will it be Ratified?

Where will Crosby end up? You make the guess.

The trade rumors are already getting on my nerves.

And…… HTR plans. A couple of things I want to tell HTR members regarding the site.So will the CBA be ratified by the players? A close source of mine says….

…. NO!

Naaah, just kidding. I made that up. I guess I read too much Larry Brooks and Garrioch already.

Of course it will be ratified. It’s now or never for the players and they finally got it into their heads that as time passes by without a CBA in place, then it will only get worse for everyone.

It’s funny how journalists, the pro NHLPA ones, are reporting how it’s not Goodenow’s fault, entirely. Why? Because he said it would take two years.

True, he did say that to the players, but how does that make it any better for Goodenow? First of all, the journalists who are basically blaming the players for the NHLPA’s loss (cough cough Al Strachan) are risking to be treated poorly by players. Second, this only makes Goodenow worse.

Look at what happened this whole year without a CBA. Things got so bad that the salary cap is lower than the last NHL offer. ESPN cut the NHL loose (thankfully in a way) a few months back. Thousands of jobs lost, many businesses were hurt, the fans were deeply hurt and worst of all is that the game lost respect and suffered a great deal.

So, imagine if this carried till next year as well under Goodenow’s plans. Would there have been an NHL? Who knows!? Most likely Blain Capital would have bought the NHL and go for replacement players with a salary cap no higher than $30M.

How does Goodenow’s second year of no cap stance make this situation any better? Goodenow underestimated not just the owners, but his own members, the players. It took a while for the players to get it, but thankfully they did and they ignored Goodenow.

How could any journalist come in defense for Bob Goodenow? It’s unthinkable and outright stupid. Goodenow was willing to risk the end of the NHL just so players could make a couple more millions of dollars. The players were not.

So, forget this bogus talk from the “cautious” players who say that it’s a 50/50 chance that the CBA will be ratified. If the union leaders (Linden, Saskin, Guerin etc…) knew it could be a deal that would not be ratified, then they would not have accepted it.

Still, there is no reason to sing victory as stranger things have happened before, and they were quite bad too. If the CBA does not get ratified, expect the “Cold War” to rise to a much serious level where the players will not be accepted by the fans and the owners, and the first step for the owners would be to call for replacements.

It just can’t happen, everyone knows it. This is it for the players, they unwillingly asked for it, and they got what they deserved.

What jersey will Crosby wear?

I am in great disagreement with the draft lottery system this year as it really does not fill its purpose, which is to allow the teams in need of talent to build by picking the best talent available.

No matter where Crosby will go, this year’s Entry Draft will always be remembered as controversial and quite unreal. No matter where Crosby will go, this year’s Entry Draft will simply make tons of fans furious, and rightfully so.

So, Friday night, but especially Saturday morning, expect to see many angered journalists. It could get as ugly as politics. Sad, but true.

I believe Crosby should end up on a team that has been failing for the past years, not on a team that has been succeeding. Besides Lightning fans, how would any hockey fan approve of Crosby being picked by the Stanley Cup winning Tampa Bay Lightning?

Will that happen? I don’t think so, but the point is that there is that chance that it could happen, and that is unacceptable in my opinion. You cannot have successful teams like the Bolts, Avs, Stars, Wings, Devils, Flyers, Leafs, Canucks, Blues, and so on, getting a chance at Crosby, or even at the #2, #3, #4 overall picks.

There is no reasonable arguement to defend that case. People say that because of the lockout season, every team stands to have an equal chance. Absolutely not. There was no season in the first place, so what is there to say about a season where not one second was played on the ice? No team stood anywhere in the 2004-2005 season.

So, why should Stanley Cup teams have a chance to get a top overall pick? There is still no reason. That situation disregards the main purpose of the Etnry Drafts for the NHL.

It should be that the non-playoff teams of the past three seasons should be the only ones to get a shot at the top overall picks. Forget the Red Wings, forget the Avalanche and so on. They are not in need of a Sidney Crosby. They did not do anything to deserve a 1st overall pick, or a 2nd, or a 3rd.

Anyway, it’s all too late to really have an arguement about this debate as it’s all said and done. The NHL Entry Draft lottery will take place this Friday with a weighted lottery system for all 30 teams.

Where do I want Crosby to be? I think Crosby could be a new “Messiah” for the NHL, as he can become a mix breed of Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier. I do not mean that by talent, though.

What I mean by that is that Crosby can become the NHL’s next Wayne Gretzky as far as hockey skills and popularity, but if he ends up in a place like New York City, then he can make the same impact that Messier did back in the early 90’s.

Back in 1994 Messier revolutionized hockey in the USA. Newspapers put him on the front page and the New York media simply voice their opinion nationally. A large media outlet such as the St. Petersburgh Times cannot even grab the nation’s attention even after its scandal.

So, yes…. in a way Sidney Crosby “logical fit” is in the Big Apple. Do I approve of that? Yes and no, and I am a Rangers fan. I approve of it in a way that the NHL is in desperate need to have a marketing player, and I believe with the new rule changes of a more “wide open” hockey, Crosby could flourish quite well and be impressive. Impressive enough to make people remember Wayne Gretzky back in the 80’s.

I do not approve it in a sense that it could be an obvious “fix”. Not a “logical fit”, but a “logical fix”. Am I for that? No. I believe the NHL must keep its traditions and play this fairly to other teams that are in major need of a Sydney Crosby.

Of course I’d agree with Jeremy Roenick who just publicly said to give Sidney Crosby to the Rangers. This guy is quite a riot, and he also just said that Goodenow would quit and go someplace else.

Anyway, moving on….

I’d like to see Crosby in a Rangers jersey, but I would not complain if that does not happen and the Rangers get a top four overall pick. I think other than the Rangers, Crosby would look good with the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres have had their history, had some great players, and they got a great young group of players, starting from Vanek.

I would also say that if this lottery system, unfortunately, gives a chance to successful teams over the past few seasons, that Crosby would also look good in an Oilers jersey. Why not bring back memories in Edmonton?

As much as fans want Crosby on their respective teams, this one Entry Draft has to be controversial where people will get upset and call it “logically fixed”. If Crosby ends up in Columbus Ohio, for the Blue Jackets, then I would be quite upset with the NHL for giving Crosby to a team that has not even come close to playoff success after years of drafting top talent, and messing up with two top picks (Leclaire and Klesla), however, it is still justified as it stays traditionally accurate that the #1 picks goes to the team with the most need.

So now it’s time for all of us to make a guess here.

Here is what I want you to do.

Reply to this article by making your guess for which team will get the #1 pick. You can only pick ONE team. Will you win anything? No, but In my next article this weekend I will post the names of the members who guessed correctly.

It’s also a way to do some sort of poll since I cannot include 30 choices for you to pick from. I would like to know which team gets the most votes, and the best way to do it is if you post your vote in this article.

I’ll start off. Since I do not want to jinx my team, my guess of the NHL that will receive the 1st overall pick in the 2005 Entry Draft is…


Pittsburgh Penguins.

I am not going to say why, but that is my guess.

The last thing I want to talk about are the plans for HockeyTradeRumors.com. It’s nothing too important, but worth mentioning.

Right now, we are just about to enter a short period of time of total mayhem as far as trade rumors and other types of rumors. Is it exciting? YES! Very much so, and yesterday evening I started reading the submitted articles with were 17, and today there 5 new ones.

I am glad that you members are participating and submitting articles for this great web site, and I enjoy reading them. But, we need a better “pace”.

I read about 6 Maple Leafs articles, and 4 of them were actually quite good, and some got posted. The only problem is that many submitted articles are too similar.

Right now, rumors are quite a crapshoot from journalists. Aside from Scotty Neidermeyer and Jeff O’Neill who both expressed their feelings about possible destinations in their future careers, right now it’s pretty much up in the air.

Allow teams to organize themselves with the buy outs, and then take rumors seriously.

The other thing is HTR’s Season Preview. I will be looking for writers to write up season previews of teams, and maybe other writers for other sorts of columns, but that will not be until the teams are close to completing their own rosters.

Still, just a heads up.

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni

123 Responses to Ratification, Crosby, Trade Rumors, HTR Plans

  1. GlenSather says:

    I have to say if the league doesn’t rig the draft and Crosby doesn’t go th N.Y. and he ends up in either Philly, Pittsburgh, or Buffalo the league is foolish. Lets face the league had big stars in all those cities already (Lemiux, Hasek, Lindros) and nobody (except the fans in those cities) cared. The biggest mistake the league made with Lindros was letting him go to Philly in the first place. Letting Crosby go to Toronto will only make him more popular in Canada which is impossible anyway.

    Let the biggest prospect since Lindros go to the Rangers and watch the league gain some of the respect it lost since when? Since Mark Messier was leading the Rangers to the playoffs and eventually the Stanley Cup in the early to late 90’s. The league was actually rated 4th in major sports then, not 30th after ping pong. Sidney Crosby in a Rangers uniform will instantly bring back media attention and legitamize him in the U.S. as an athlete on the level of Jeter, A-Rod, Manning, Shockey and other N.Y. players who are plastered all over T.V., radio, and newspapers. Enough said.

  2. 19Yzerman says:

    Don’t ya love hockey? I mean Chickletts everywhere. Not to long ago I saw a game on ESPN and Bill Clement was pointing out on the telestrator with replay and zoom in he circled a knocked out tooth as it was flying through the air.

    To Much!!!

  3. nordiques100 says:

    problem is what if he went there payup and then wirtz never changes his ways and blackouts home games? wouldnt that be a disgrace for the fans and the league.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    I see your logic. Why fight what will happan anyhow? Lindros despite being drafted by one team and refusing to play for them forced a trade to another only to end up in the Rangers Uni. However I have to tell you the only thing foolish would be for the NHL to rig a draft period. I mean according to your logic the Rangers should go first every year. Since you know thats not right. I ask why this draft? Survey says “Crosby”!

    Risk going to jail for RIGGING a draft? What will you tell potential fans when they ask about a rigged draft. Its ok because the T.V., radio, and newspapers all support the idea and its result?

  5. Timaa says:

    See, that’s what the naysayers about hockey don’t get, this game is filled with so much personality, and just little things about it that make the whole experience great. The skating, fighting, battles on the boards, and then the finesse that goes along with it. As for teeth, what other sport looks at missing teeth as a badge of honor? I mean, remember Heatley scoring 4 goals in the all-star game, with that big smile, missing that one front tooth. Classic. This is kinda’ weird man, a Flyers fan and a Wings fan getting along. Wings suck! Sorry, I had to do that. Actually, I just picked up this sweet Primeau Wings jersey, with the 100 years of the Stanley Cup patch on it.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    gone till tuesday but, I will leave you with a reminder of the 1997 legion of broom.LOL

    SORRY!! I am going to New Hampshire for the next 4 days. Hope for CBA new by then.

  7. Timaa says:

    Dang, low blow. But, with the imminent buyout of LeClair, the legacy of the Legion of Doom will be over. But hey, look at it this way, if we hadn’t gotten “awarded” Lindros, then we would have kept Forsberg, and he wouldn’t be the thorn in the side of all Wings fans. Karma says we deserve Crosby, for reparations.

  8. NYRules says:

    Yea we need it like it used to be like 50 rangers and leafs and flyer fans constantly arguing. That was great.

  9. GlenSather says:

    I don’t mean every draft to be rigged for the rangers that would make the NHL the WWE. But this is a unique situation for the NHL coming back from a year off the hurt the game badly. The NHL has the chance (with one player) to improve a popular N.Y. team that was and is in shambles. If it allows him to go any where else its foolish.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    nords all the way!!!

  11. Flygirl12 says:

    Listen, I agree. I am a die hard. I guess I just get a little frustrated with the lack of championships around here. I made the Rangers comment, because I think they just pick up a lot of wasted talent. Clarkie makes great trades. I am a huge supporter. The Primeau trade should have been for Lindros though, not Brindy. We would have won the cup in 2000 – I’m sure. By the way, I love KJ, and I will be purchasing a nice #18 Richards jersey! Let’s go Flyboys!!!!!

  12. Nemix says:

    My hope is edmonton.. Though rediculous sales and unmentionble trades.. This team beyond smyth and york truly has absolutely nothing up front , no true 1 centre and certainly no support in the following lines. Some teams can buy..edmonton cant. So there be some benefit in it.. Plus some redemption from all the firesales in the past.. In the long run, this team truly coud use several upgrades for scouting staff and plans to work with thier players rather then dump them off

  13. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    until the ball is selected – I have to belive in the chance the Flyers will get him.

    If by chance we got the 2nd pick I would be HAPPY to take Brule. Imagine the youth on the Flyers: Carter, Richards, Umberger, Brule, Pitkanen, Sidenberg, Nittimaki and Ruskitka.

    Even Clarke critics have had to pipe down a bit. For a team that challenges for the CUP every year – they are stacked for the future.

  14. Shevy says:

    my guess is gonna be nashville…although id hate it if it happened

  15. Shevy says:

    dude your right on the ball…how many small market teams actually expect a returning crowd this year anyways…cities like carolina, nashville, columbus have all probably forgot about their teams..atleast the nhl can expect the crowds of pretty successful teams like the avs/wings/devils/leafs etc. to come back…i bet even the Stanley Cup Champ TampaBay Lighning will have a below average crowd this year. Maybe the small market teams just havent done a good job rebuilding…the avs didnt just buy their whole team..it came by drafting and trading..anyways without these teams the nhl would die. The teams in debt should just be contracted limiting the nhl to 20-24 good teams. Atleast then the hockey towns that will pay good money to see their team win can get their teams off and running financially

  16. rojoke says:

    The lottery will be televised, live in Canada. ESPN will probably show it over the closing credits of Sportscenter.

  17. robster11 says:

    Anahiem Mighty ducks, no one said that yet,

    I’m pulling for Pittsburgh, my home town team

  18. PayUpSucka says:

    I think a kid like Crosby could change Wirtz for the better, but doesn’t matter Nords, leafs are getting him, haha.

  19. Aetherial says:

    As long as it isn’t Ottawa (too strong already), Philadelphia (Already have Carter AND Richards!) I am happy.

    Would love to see him in Pittsburgh or Buffalo even though I am a Leaf fan.

    Rangers would be the best for the NHL.

    I am going to guess Minnesota.

  20. Timaa says:

    Thata’ girl. I wasn’t trying to be hard on you, sorry, I guess I’m just really antsy for a championship too. I know we haven’t had a major championship (although this year’s Calder cup win was pretty awesome) in any of our sports since the Sixers in ’83, so it would be so awesome to have the Flyers break that slump. A #18 Richards jersey sounds great, but I can’t decide if I want a Richards or Carter jersey. With Carter, he can’t have his #7, because Bill Barber already has that retired, so I’m waiting to see what number he picks. He was #37 for the Phantoms, but Desjardins already has that. I’m thinking it would be sweet if he went with #77. I love double numbers. I don’t want him to pick #17, just in case we do get Brindy back đŸ˜‰

  21. Lint07 says:

    For obvious reasons, I say he’ll end up with the NYRangers.

    As for what I want, as long as Crosby ends up with either: Columbus, MontrĂ©al or Pittsburgh I’ll be happy.

  22. brewstar03 says:

    Wow, you’re right on.

  23. rc21pa says:

    And the winner is?

    The Pittsburgh Penguins.

    What A Year Pittsburgh is having. If they don’t get a new Arena out of this with the luck they are having there is no god.

    Hell, I want to move the Pirates and convert PNC park into a Arena for the Pens. Who’s with me?

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