Raycroft a Redwing?

According to TFP Raycroft could be on his way to Detroit.The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Maple Leafs are trying to make a trade involving one of there goaltenders that being Andrew Raycroft.

Andrew signed a 3 year deal last year with the Leafs averaging 2 mill a season.

The Leafs have been trying to drop Raycrofts contract since aquiring Toskala in a trade with the Sharks.

Detroit is just one of the few teams to be apparently interested in Raycrofts services. The Kings are reported to be another as well as Tampa Bay.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    So what will they get back for him I wonder. I guarantee a lesser prospect than Rask.

    I like JFJ a lot more now, I think he's starting to get it as a GM, but until Rask amounts to nothing I will always consider that his worst move as GM by far.

  2. mtl_prince says:

    trade him to l.a. they always seem to have inconsistent goltending, although raycroft did pretty well last year with the leafs….

  3. phat_cat says:

    it would be great if JFJ could pull a miracle out f his ass and get kronwall from detroit… Let the brothers play together. Hes a good young player. Doesnt make up for losing Rask, but it's a start. JFJ is starting to look at things reasonably it seems like. Like he actually woke up and learned how to do his job. Good start anyways… now who's gonna be the back up? Cujo?

  4. DJTOKid says:

    There is no way Ken Holland is giving up kronwall for raycroft, your correct in calling that an ass pulling out of miracle. Maybe if the Leafs tossed in Stajan or Steen.

  5. DJTOKid says:

    I think Kubina was worse. At least JFJH made the trade knowing he has ANOTHER potential stud goalie in Pogge.

  6. lukeleim says:

    There really isn't anybody Detroit has to offer in return other than draft picks.

  7. TML51 says:

    I'm suprised that Detriot are even interested!  If this is true, the leafs would be smart just to take pics and dump salary…maybe sign Cujo or someone for a year? Let him retire here…the city still loves the guy.

    Kings and Tampa Bay as well?? Were they watching this guy last year?? 

  8. mojo19 says:

    I'd do Raycroft and Stajan for Kronvall, but then we'd really need to do something about our already crowded blueline.               

  9. lukeleim says:

    Andrew Raycroft and Staffan Kronwall to the Los Angeles Kings for Patrick O'Sullivan.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Speak for yourself. 3/4's of the city still loves Cujo, the rest of us remember what quitter he was and what a jackass. I would NOT welcome him back, I'd rather bring Felix out of retirement than bring back that big baby.

  11. toronto77 says:

    i'd go for that

  12. leemon says:

    Jiri Hudler would be nice

  13. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Even if the Leafs have to buyout Raycroft they are in good shape.

    2/3's of his 4 million owed is 2.68 million dispersed over 4 years would be 670k a year…peanuts…bye bye Razor.

    Maybe now you will care about what people think about your game and take notice that you in fact did NOT play well at all last year.

  14. Uncleben says:

    Reality is though we needed a starter at the moment, and Pogge was already signed with Racine to backstop the Marlies, meaning Raask would've been shoved aside and left to squander in wherever he was.  He would've just been forced to sit back and watch the already signed Pogge, which would have hurt his growth.

    At least the trade gave him a chance to become a better goalie. It was better for his career.

  15. Uncleben says:

    Ha! You guys have to be joking.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    trading him would do nothing, as you would get nothing in return. If he splits time with Toskala and starts playing well, now he's worth something.

  17. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Hudler, Filppula or prospects Grigorenko or Andersson.

  18. lookche says:

    I don’t know why all you Leaf fans are *****ing about him being shit. He’s a good goalie, he was just thrown into the starting role too soon. He has a shitload of potential; if him and Toskala did 40 games each for a year or two, he’d be ready to be a no. 1 VERY soon.

  19. dcz28 says:

    More dreaming by the Leafs media and their fans…no way the Wings want anything to do with Raysoft when they will have Hasek and Osgood for this season with Howard in Grand Rapids. The Wings have also signed goalie Adam Berkhoel and have invited Phoenix 2nd round pick goalie Pier-Olivier Pelletier who was one of the top goalies in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League last season.

    Leafs fans thinking they would be getting one of Kronwall, Hudler, Grigorenko, Andersson or Filppula is quite funny…keep dreaming because the Wings have no interest in Raysoft and if they did i doubt they would give more then a late pick for him or guys like Lilja or Samuelsson to clear some roster spots and cap space.

  20. leafdiehard says:

    I would love to see GM Fergie make a deal to dump some salary, but this is not what I had in mind. I was expecting someone like Kubina to go. Now if they can get lucky and trade him to Tampa Bay, maybe Fergie could find a way to add in Kubina and get something half decent back. 

    But besides the point, Raycroft had a decent season last year despite what everyone says. Sure he did not lead them to the playoffs but he still had one heck of a season coming back from his sophomore nightmare. No matter where he goes, the leafs should get something back out of it. But if Toskala chokes, it is Ferguson's head on the line. Raycroft lead them to a point out of a playoff spot. If the leafs don't make the playoffs on Toskala's back this year, it will be a huge skidmark on Fergie's underpants.
    Kudos to Fergie for trying to make a trade. Let's just hope, for the Leafs sake, that it will pay off.

  21. TheSource2659 says:

    The LA Kings have had horribly inconsistent goaltending for the past 3 seasons and would welcome Raycroft with open arms. 

    Cloutier is terrible and there young japanese goalie in knowwhere near ready. They lost Garon to the Oilers so they seriously need goaltending Raycroft had 37 wins last season. 

  22. Uncleben says:

    i agree. most leafs fans were to hard on him, especially considering he played 72 games, coming off of a season where he was injured, screwed by management and then got traded, all at the age age of 26.  i agree he had his flaws, but he still played good and didnt get the credit he deserved.

    at least see how he plays this year, then ship him out. — i feel the same about signing contracts. watch them play, THEN give them the extension accordingly. that was one JFJ's mistakes with Razor, and now he did the same with Tosks

  23. TheSource2659 says:

    Dominique Hasek is knowwhere near being signed he is still debating if he still even wants to play. Raycroft is getting alot of attention from other teams as Toskala was the best goaltender on the free agent market.

    The Redwings would be very lucky to have him.

  24. Pony says:

    Losing Rask for Raycroft was a tough one to swallow no doubt, but you know what would really be a kick to the balls?

    Raycroft gets ditched for a low to mid level prospect or say a second rounder, continues to work hard all summer and after a year or two or maybe even three gets rid of his glove side weakness, considering he is still young, and becomes an excellent goalie.

    Can't see this happening but Im not gunna lie I have a bad feeling about completely giving up on a kid who still has potential. I can just picture myself adding Raycroft to list of Sullivan, Boyes, Modin, Cammalleri, Smith etc.

  25. dcz28 says:

    You need to find out what your talking about before posting…Hasek has already said he will be back and would only come back with the Wings. They don't have a deal done yet probably because Holland wants to see how much he has left after he is done signing the rest of the roster so he can pay Hasek a base salary with the remaining money and close the gap with bonuses that would count on next season's cap.

    Raycroft can go to the other teams if they want him but the Wings want to contend for the cup and Raycroft is no piece of that puzzle for the Wings…by the way Toskala wasn't even on the free agent market since the Leafs had to TRADE for him.

    "The RedWings would be lucky to have him" I don't think so since at this point Osgood would be #1 over Raycroft so having Raysoft as a 2 million backup making more then the starter would be foolish. Hasek and Osgood will be the Wings goalie for this season and if the Wings really wanted a goalie Bryzgalov would be a much better option then Raycroft.

  26. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    Regarding dcz28 's comment on how the Wings will not trade for him, i just wanted to ask him something…  are you the general manager for the Detroit Red Wings?   DIDN'T THINK SO!  The Red Wing's trades are NOT based on your opinion.  Good try though!

  27. lukeleim says:

    I know this trade is unrealistic and will not ever happen, but I just thought I'd have a little fun with this…

    Andrew Raycroft, Pavel Kubina, John Pohl and Robbie Earl to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Brad Richards and Marc Denis

    Hal Gill, Andy Wozniewski, Marc Denis, Nik Antropov and Jiri Tlusty to the Phoenix Coyotes for Nick Boynton, Shane Doan and Keith Yandle

    sign Curtis Joseph 800,000
    sign Danny Markov 3 million

    Mark Bell – Mats Sundin – Jason Blake
    Chad Kilger – Brad Richards – Shane Doan
    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Kyle Wellwood – Darcy Tucker
    Alexander Steen – Matt Stajan – Boyd Devereaux
    Bates Battaglia – Wade Belak

    Tomas Kaberle – Nick Boynton
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Bryan McCabe
    Danny Markov – Ian White
    Jay Harrison – Keith Yandle

    Vesa Toskala
    Curtis Joseph

  28. dcz28 says:

    LOL No the Wings trades are not based on my opinion but i think (being a Wings fan since the id 80's) i have a better grasp of what the Wings are looking for then you do…get a clue…the Wings want to try and win a cup and Raysoft does nothing for that. Hasek and Osgood will be the Wings goalie and you can bank on that. If you want to delude yourself into thinking the Wings want to trade for Raycroft go right ahead but it won't happen…you were probably one of those Leafs fan idiots that thought after the lockout ended that the Wings would trade Zetterberg straight up for Antroflop lol…keep dreaming of better days because reality hits hard sometimes.

  29. dog_farts says:

    It doesn't matter who plays in net for the Leafs as long as they have two pylons like McCabe and Kaberle playing in front of him.  Man, those guys are crap.

  30. bleeds_blue_n_white says:

    I see your point on the players that Leafs have "given up" on, with the exception of Cammalleri. Who are you referring to? I do not recall a Leaf player or prospect by that name.

    Just asking…

  31. wingsfan13 says:

    will trade you him for wellwood… hudler is a wuss

  32. Norman28 says:

    both those guys are awsome …. mccabe has a bad defencive game but is awsome offensively and kaberle is pretty good both ways and can handle the puck very well

  33. wingsfan13 says:

    filppula or grigorenko would never be dished for raycroft, u leafs fans are nuts

  34. wingsfan13 says:

    i'll have a good laugh if pogge never makes it in the pro's and chokes.  everyone blows this dude like he's already one four cups for toronto.  heres a trade for yall pogge for ozzie!!!!

  35. KingOKings says:

    The Japanese goalie is not coming back for the Kings and you are forgetting about LaBarbara. Outstanding season in the AHL.

  36. lukeleim says:

    Kaberle is top 5 in the league. McCabe is ok, not crap. good 3rd or 4th defender.

  37. leafmeister says:

    Kaberle is an All-Star, best skating defencemen in the east (if niedermayer retires in the league). McCabe is not the best but he is not a pylon.

  38. andrizle says:

    I think Raycroft's play lastyear was an innaccurate depiction of his ultimate potential however i do not feel that he has the potential to be a top 10 goalie in the NHL. Having said this i think it would be smart to deal Raycroft for someone appropriate in return. If he were to be dealt it would be smart to bring Cujo back to replace him as back-up. Regardless of the fact that Cujo is old and way past his prime i feel that he and Toskala would be able to keep the goaltending position stable for 2 years; enough time to allow prospect Justin Pogge to develope into a solid and ready NHL goaltender. Personally i feel that he has the potential to be equally as good or even better than Raycroft therefore we wont be losing anything well be able to strengthen our roster and add depth to the necessary positions currently with picks our players acquired by dealing Raycroft and possible one of our excess overpaid defencemen.

  39. DJTOKid says:

    Your comment is as intelligent as your name

  40. sundin_500 says:

    ur a *****ing retard you no nothing about hockey

  41. baltic_thunder says:

    Done. The girl play-maker is gone!

  42. baltic_thunder says:

    I think Dog_Farts is breathing in more than he is expelling!!!

    Kabarle rocks! McCabe is only as good as his ice-time together with Kaberle. Personally, Kubina and Kaberla would be the pairing. Tomas is smooth skating and feather accurate passes. There’s been Horton and Turnbull and Seiling and Lefevre… but they have all pale in comparision with Tomas Kaberle.

    Eat up Dog meat!

  43. mojo19 says:

    I agree, his value could go up so much by mid season if he's playing well.

  44. mojo19 says:

    Kaberle is a top 5 defensman in the league, I don't think anyone who knows anything would argue that.

  45. mikster says:

    Anybody know why the Wings would want Raycroft? He just adds salary, which needs to be used on a forward, not a goalie, and i am sure Hasek is their guy.

  46. dcz28 says:

    You describe yourself perfectly in your comment…care to say what makes you think i know nothing about hockey? or is that to much to ask from a kid like you?

  47. dcz28 says:

    Hasek will be the Wings #1 goalie this season and they have no need for Raycroft. That money they have under the cap will likely be spent on Hasek, maybe Markov or another stay at home gritty defenseman and/or a top 6 forward. This rumour (from the Toronto media) only makes sense for Toronto because they are looking to dump some salary in Raycroft and since Detroit doesn't have their goaltending set as of today they figured Detroit would be interested in him but they don't take into account that the Wings want to go deep into the playoffs and Raycroft does nothing for the Wings aside from taking up cap space for a goalie that at this point of his career is no better then Osgood beside being younger, unproven in the playoffs and more expensive.

  48. Mattay05 says:

    i hope they resign hasek, i dont want them taking raycroft. he had what "looked" like an off year since he was forced to carry the team on his own with all the injuries and no back-up and plus if they resign that old fart he will appear to have an amazing year then flop in the playoffs! oh so fun to watch! lmao

  49. lockedge says:

    Oh man…do you guys even know who Patrick O'Sullivan is? He's Los Angeles' 1A/B centre of the future! They won't trade him for Staffan Kronwall(a prospect with little upside and moderate skills), and Raycroft(who would only barely improve the goaltending corps over there).

    What a joke. I also saw Hudler in another post. While I think Hudler won't get a fair shot in Detroit at all, I think he's a ridiculously talented prospect.

  50. Stempniak12 says:

    pogge??? marlies?? racine???   who are any of these people cuz ive never even heard one word about any of them and im pretty sure none of them will ever amount to anything in the NHL.  to be honest im sick of seeing canadian team fans think they have good players just because the are from canada.  come on now

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