Raycroft a Redwing?

According to TFP Raycroft could be on his way to Detroit.The Toronto Sun is reporting that the Maple Leafs are trying to make a trade involving one of there goaltenders that being Andrew Raycroft.

Andrew signed a 3 year deal last year with the Leafs averaging 2 mill a season.

The Leafs have been trying to drop Raycrofts contract since aquiring Toskala in a trade with the Sharks.

Detroit is just one of the few teams to be apparently interested in Raycrofts services. The Kings are reported to be another as well as Tampa Bay.

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  1. KingCanada says:

    pretty sure at the time of the trade Pogge was in the WHL at that point and Rask was playing in Findland.  And btw if we had Pogge/Rask/Racine to choose from Racine would be the odd man out not Rask.  I CANNOT support that trade one bit, worst move ever.  No use trying to make sense out of it, flat out a bad trade end of story regardless of needing a starter he didnt even get a good one.

  2. KingCanada says:

    That would MORE then make up for the Rask f*** up.

    It would never happen tho but still.

  3. KingCanada says:

    LaBarbara was sopposed to take over as a starter last season and hasnt amounted to it yet and didnt respond well to the pressure of the NHL.  He ending up loosing his starting job.  He had his chance, until he proves he can play good in the big league LA will take a flyer on a guy like Raycroft since albeit not having a great season it wasnt piss poor eigther.

  4. KingCanada says:

    You overvalue Kronwall (hes not his older brother), vastly undervalue O'Sullivan, and proceed to say in a previous post that Detroit has nothing to offer besides prospects.. hmm leads me to believe u arent very familiar with prospects.

  5. Pony says:

    I guess Cammalleri doesn't overly fit in that group seeing as how it was Berg for Mair and a second rounder, which turned out to be Cammalleri.

    Still hurts though.

  6. nordiques100 says:

    Detroit is pretty much going to re-sign hasek. i dont think hasek will play anywhere else. and if he retires i think they would go after belfour or something like that.

    that takes the wings out of the raycroft sweepstakes.

    there are very few teams left who need goaltending.

    In the east, only the lightning need help in goal. but they first need to get rid of marc denis and his 2.5 million salary. not likely going to happen.

    in the west, there are many teams who need a backup and a few who could use an upgrade.

    the sharks, blues, flames all have good starters but no backup goalie for now. the sabres and devils in the east could use a backup as well. but of course none of them would play a whole lot based on the starters they have.  

    the preds, kings, yotes and bluejackets need someone to at least share goaltending duties and that is where someone like raycroft comes in.

    however there are others out there who could be available via trade. denis i mentioned already, gerber in ottawa is a legitimate option…cept his salary is quite high. ilya bryzgalov in anaheim is also an option. if someone wishes to swallow jose theodore's contract, he most certainly is available.

    in terms of free agents, there are many who can fill those backup roles, but a few who would be viable options as number 1s. the only ones with that type of potential are belfour and robert esche. other than that, most would be good backups at best. they include: cujo, thibault, alex auld, aebeischer, weekes, brian boucher.

    the team with the greatest need in goal is the coyotes. they have nobody. the thing is they have nobody to offer up in a trade either. the leafs could only pry draft picks nad get something worthwhile. they are easily going to be the worst team next season and perhaps beyond (can you say john tavares with the first overall pick?)

    the preds have chris mason whom they feel can at least shoulder a greater load, but i am sure they would like someone to split duties with him. raycroft is a good option. perhaps the leafs could pry JP dumont in return or something along those lines. he is relatively cheap, has good size, is not that old, and can score.

    the kings have dan cloutier but despite all their free agent acquisitions, it will mean squat with the inconsistent often injured cloutier their only option in net. lombardi knows all about shared goalie duties. he did htat in san jose. but i am not sure what kind of return the kings could offer because i dont think lombardi will part with any of his young players or top prospects.

    it would be fantastic if the leafs could ever pry zherdev out of columbus. the team needs help in goal, the leafs have a goalie to offer up. the team needs help on D big time, the leafs have options available. the leafs could also offer up a forward like stajan in return as well. perhaps a raycroft, white, stajan offer for zherdev could be enough. longshot but with a team like the jackets with so many holes, they could use the depth at all positions.

  7. leemon says:

     I'm sure Hasek is asking for way to much money,not sur what there cap situation is but if its true there looking at raycroft.His 2 million price tag probably comes way under Haseks.

    By the way osgood is noway better then raycroft. His stanley cups came from a direct result of championship coaching and a strong team.If he was so good what did you think of him on the island or with the blues.I mean if you really feel that osgood is better then you should stay with him.Can't say you'll go to far with him though.the days of the wings winning cups are over so get used to it.there to old and i don't think that Gordie's gonna bail them out.Also there division is a big joke and even more so now that the preds are washing out,No wonder they make the playoffs every year everyone in there division is at the bottom.  

  8. leaflova says:

    I dont care were he goes, i just want to get some prospects or picks for this guy, no more old guy’s.

  9. JuicemaN says:

    Kubina is a very good defensman, but we already have Kaberle and McCabe so he's not getting the ice time he needs.  But none-the-less in a year or two his 5 million a year is going to look like a steal considering the ridiculous contract being handed out this off-season, Timonen, Hamrlik, Markov, Souray (soon to be). 

    There's worse GM's out there spending their money dumber than JFJ.

  10. gregpb says:

    Only problem with that is Toskala just signed for 4 million per after this season. They are in no way going to split the games with a guy they invested that much money in. Toskala will start 60-65 games this year for the Leafs. If Raycroft isn't traded or put on waivers he will recieve little ice time. 15-20 starts tops.

  11. Pony says:

    lol you're retarded, the Marlies are the Leafs AHL team, Racine no one but Leafs fans would know but Pogge is likely top 10 in all goalie prospects.

  12. JuicemaN says:

    No they don't. they're just excited about the Leafs actually developing a goalie for ince instead of just signing a high ticket goalie.  You know….kinda like how wings fans keep talking about howard being the next best thing for the franchise…but your right; because it's leaf fans doing it they should get slammed for it even though every team does it with their up and coming goalies.

    Gotta love anti-leaf fans…no matter what Leaf fans do guys like you will always pour down on them.

  13. Stempniak12 says:

    so which ones are team names and which ones are player names?? lol.  exactly my point

  14. sikboy21 says:

    That's right, we need MORE defense.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


    a couple sources (all of whom i consider unreliable, like eklund) are saying raycroft may be dealt to Phoenix.

    ONE is going as far as saying Raycroft goes to Phoenix and the leafs get Bell and their 2008 2nd back, AND then the leafs immediately sign Peca with available cap space.

  16. LEAFS877 says:

    HA! I'd take that trade anyday
    Sure you can't expect much in return but i hope JFJ gets this done and makes room for Peca

    Where are the leafs standing in relation to the cap right now anyway?

  17. Afg_Pimp says:

    ***** that trade. And dont get ur hopes up on signing peca he is done.

  18. Afg_Pimp says:

    Sickest deal but not realistic.

  19. dizon says:

    toronto in huge 3 way trade with pittsburgh, and washington

    to toronto:crosby,ovechkin
    to washington and pittsburgh: one team gets rayroft for one half of the year, and the other gets him the second half

    first line : crosby-sundin-ovechkin


  20. dizon says:

    yea word i should be a gm lol

  21. GoalJudge says:

    This would be a smart move long term.

    It is a get rid of him before you get stuck with him scenario.

    I liked Raycroft, and is good insurance this year, but take any offer to free up space for the this year and next.

    If we deal him we have to sign a back-up anyway, which could cost anything. As long as we are not on the hook next year, for their contract.

    Hell, sign Aubin back for 450,000K. He'll take it.

    It is a long term move to gain from, not this year.

    Either ride him out to ensure we have a established starter even in the case of an injury, or deal him for a low-cost vet or draft pick.
    The Raycroft-Draper rumour is good.
    I'd take it. Although I'd rather have Maltby.

  22. future_agent says:

    i could see somthing like Raycroft to Detroit and Darren Helm and a late pick coming to Toronto. This would be a good salary dump by the leafs and they get a decent young defensive forward in Helm.

  23. goleafsgo1316 says:

    What about trading raycroft to the wings and try to get a good goalie prospect like Jimmy Howard?

  24. mojo19 says:

    Jimmy Howard was traded to Boston at the deadline and released. No one has signed him.

  25. JuicemaN says:

    Man, you can't say "exactly my point" when you're trying to knock Canadians and their teams prospects when you clearly know absolutely nothing about anything.   The fact that you didn't even recognize the Marlies as a farm team puts you in the stereotypical category that you know nothing.

  26. sikboy21 says:

    The really painful part is that Manny was an UFA and could have been signed at any time.  He was getting ZERO attention until the season actually started.

  27. Afg_Pimp says:

    LOL ur right

  28. will says:

    that was Macdonald, i guess your not as smart as you thought

  29. leafspwn says:

    NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!!

  30. Marc0427 says:

    There are only 2 ways of providing good goaltending.

    #1 is to have one GREAT goltender. It doesn't matter who the back up is because he'll never really play. (ex. Vancouver-Luongo and NJ- Brodeur)

    #2 is to have a GOOD goalie tandem. The two good tendies compete for the number one spot and play better than they ever should. (ex. Anaheim- Giggy/Bryz and the Minny- Fernandez/Backstrom)

    Since the Leafs DO NOT have a GREAT goaltender in their system (atleast not for a while) they MUST keep their good goalie tandem. It is the only way to keep upscale goaltending all season long. Plus, the best way to spend money is on one/two goaltenders. (and 2 mil. really isn't tons)

  31. barsmith says:

    trade him for a bag of hockey pucks. You lose his salary and sign Peca. Leafs PK will be a lot better.

  32. glimmo says:

    right on, I am happy with the combo of Raycroft and Toskala and would feel sick about the possibility of having a tandem of Toskala and Clemmenson, solid comment

  33. Ivan_Mtl says:

    Raycroft to Detroit is a completely fabricated rumour with absolutely no basis in fact.

    Detroit has Hasek and Osgood (both of whom have won a Stanley Cup), as well as prospect Jimmy Howard (who had a terrific training camp).

    They are saving their money for Peter Forsberg.  According to TSN hockey analyst Pierre Maguire and his reliable sources, the Red Wings are the FRONTRUNNERS for his services.

    At least I can provide my sources.

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