Raycroft is not Cujo or Belfour…get that through your head

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs have put WAAAAAY too many expectations on Raycroft and I would like to hear your reasons why.

Why do you boo him?
Why do you think he should be stealing games for us?
Why do you expect him to successfully replace Belfour?
Why do you refuse to see reality and continue to think he’s going to “turn his season around”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Raycroft fan, I don’t dislike him either but he has about 10 other Maple Leafs that I would sooner get on my jersey ahead of him. But I am at least realistic and realize that Raycroft is only as good as the team in front of him.

You are being unrealistic to yourself and your Toronto Maple Leafs to expect anything more from him; he’s a mediocre goalie and has played accordingly all season, so why do you boo him when he performs exactly how he’s slated to perform.

He had one good season in Boston and won the Calder trophy for rookie of the year in a year where the rookies were weak and unproductive. After that season he’s done nothing but play poorly, so why do you expect so much from him?

You’re a fool to think that you boo’ing him accomplishes anything, it doesn’t make him a better goalie by boo’ing him; do you actually think he doesn’t already want to be the best goalie in the league and that he doesn’t work hard enough to attempt that. Do you actually think he doesn’t want to win the vesina trophy and re-sign with the leafs for 6 million a season, of course he does; so you boo’ing him isn’t doing anything for him; it’s not making him realize he’s playing badly….all you’re doing is whining like most Leaf fans and complaining about the obvious.

Boo’ing Raycroft and the Leafs for that matter is like boo’ing a retarded kid for being slow. The Leafs were scouted to finish as high as 8th and as low as 11th or 12th, so why do you boo when they are fighting for the 8th spot as hard as they can while missing Tucker, Peca and Wellwood (Tucker up until last game), you’re boo’ing them for doing exactly what they were slated to do…..fight for 8th place.

Does it make you feel better about yourself when you boo, is that it?

As a true Leaf fan I support them for their efforts all the way, if they suck I don’t boo because they know they suck, you boo’ing is serving no purpose whatsoever, other than proving that you’re a high maintenance whiny Leaf fan that fits the stereotype that the rest of the league has put upon us.

This article is a semi-continuation of my previous article related to boo’ing the Leafs. So no need to again point out the obvious.

78 Responses to Raycroft is not Cujo or Belfour…get that through your head

  1. JuicemaN says:

    Don’t take yourself so seriously, sit down have a drink and relax. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself. I didn’t make fun of your brother and I didn’t make fun of retarded people, you just choose to be extra sensitive about it because it is something that effect your life so you feel other people should not talk about it without wording it in a manner that you approve of. Bottom line – mentally handicapped is just a sugar coated way of saying mentally retarded which is just a sugar coated way of saying mentally slow. Somehow you took offense to that and I suggest you relax and stop taking yourself so seriously. Just because it effects your everyday life doesn’t mean others have to tip toe around you.

  2. sufferingleaf says:

    Perfect goodbye too all three. Luongo will more games for the Leafs than alll those three. 
    Juiceman you are an insensitive SOB your comparison way way off mark and not called for it is obvious the slow one is you.   

  3. sufferingleaf says:

    One stat you got to check first is total games played I dont think the others have played as many games as the Leafs wont have as many wins he's just played many more games. Besides his save percentage is like 30 something in the league pathetic.

  4. sufferingleaf says:

    One stat you got to check first is total games played I dont think the goalies s have played as many games, as the Leafs wont have as many wins he's just played many more games. Besides his save percentage is like 30 something in the league pathetic. And comparing to Broda and those goalies how dumb there season was half the amount of games wake up people!!!!!!!   

  5. sufferingleaf says:

    Hello Mcfly how many games were there in a season for Turk Broda, Jonny Bower, Tery Sawchuk.  

  6. JuicemaN says:

    how was it uncalled for, I ddn't make fun of anyone…damn politically correctness is the death of this continent.

    All I said was the obvious, the world knows mentally retarded people are slower (hence the word retarded) so what did I do wrong. It's no different than a turtle is slow, mats sundin is white, ray emery is black, the cn tower is very tall.  All those are fine.

    It's people like you who segregate the mentally retarded and act as if talking about them is a bad thing, you should embrace them and be proud that they live the life they do. 

    You're too sensitive.

  7. gg_idiot says:

    Well, to be honest as much as Sundin may be over payed at the moment. When his salary finally does lower to match the new CBA he will be a very useful and cost efficient asset. He's a good leader, he can steal cause havok in the other teams zone behind the net, and he can be very clutch. I like Sundin alot as a player and if at all possible would always want him on the team. That being said, at current points in their careers I would obviously rather have Luongo, but I think Luongo could have fit into the Toronto salary without getting rid of Sundin.

    Obviously this is all for not since JFJ didn't show the balls to get a trade like this done. However, in his defence, for all we know Keenan refused to trade Luongo in the Eastern Conference. But, still you wonder how come Vancouver was able to snag him for seemingly so little when there are many other teams in the West that were looking for a pretty darn good goalie.

  8. gg_idiot says:

    When Belfour set the record he played 64 games, Raycroft has played 57. So, as it stands if Raycroft goes on a 7 game winning streak he could get the same amount of wins in the same amount of games as Belfour did. Is that going to happen? Probably not…But heres to hoping!

  9. Enigma says:

    Raycroft's only proved that his calder trophy winning year was a fluke, atleast with Rask there is still hope.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You're saying it's wrong to boo him because we should know he sucks?? That's bullshit! He should stop sucking. Retire. Lets get a new goalie, because Rayflop blows.

  11. Enigma says:

    Raycroft:  Sv%- .896 rank – 34th
                   GaA – 2.92 rank – 29th
                   losses – 20 and 7 in ot. ranked 5th worst in the league.

    I know that numbers don't mean everything, but people don't always see everything, and that's why some people boo.
    I never expect Rayzer to steal games for toronto but i do hope he doesn't lose any, and in certain cases he has. Raycroft is starting to remind me a lot of felix potvin except he doesn't have as good a team in front of him as felix did when he was here.

  12. Gryphon says:

    OK, Juiceman I normally think your correct, but this time I just can't sit idly by and let you say these things without stopping you. You keep saying we shouldn't boo' our Leafs' and your correct about that part, but you you say that we were told the Leafs' were to place 12th-8th, as they are now. They are doing what they were scouted too and so are we. We are supposed to have fun on this Earth and the reason for boo'ing, other than disappointment is entertainment, so why not. Also, We desevere to boo' at games too, if we don't think they tried their hardest, made enough hits, took enough shots etc. because the mere fact that we(The fans) pay $300 for a damn ticket, should let us boo' if we want to. No one cares. Well I mean I'm sure the players don't like it, but they're paid pros, if they don't like it, they can suck it up. So pleae don't cry me a river, suck it up. If the Leafs' are talented enough to make they playoffs I'm sure boo'ing them isn't going to stop them from doing so.

    a realist…

  13. Enigma says:

    by the way, no one pays to see "retard" kids learn, ppl however, do pay to see athlete's perform accordingly, and if the person at the acc feels that he's/she's not getting his or her money's worth then who are you to tell them not to boo ? it's not like they are starting riots over this. 
    If I went to a leaf game this year and Raycroft was playing like crap then I would boo, not necessarily because I expect him to be better then the guy at the other end, but because it's my only way (other then complaining on the radio, which they probably don't listen to) of letting JfF and MLSE know that the product you have given me sucks. I can't boo JfJ because he doesn't go on the ice.

    As for ppl who'll tell leaf fans not to go games instead (of booing) I'll only say that many of them have been going for years, and thus are very passionate about the team and reluctant to not buy anymore season tickets because they know that once they do, it'll be very hard to get it back. Some of them too (believe it or not) are simply hockey fans not leaf fans and those who live in toronto can only see nhl hockey (live) via the leafs.

  14. rollinfatty says:

    There is so much right about your article but also so much wrong. Raycroft is not really a worry to me as he is tied up for only another two years and will get 2 mill next year and 2.2 the year after that. You are right that it does not help to boo him and that expectations should not be too high as he had a bad season last year….but i personally believe that he should be better than he is currently playing. Raycroft got the calder trophy in a poor year but that does not mean he wouldn't have won the trophy in a number of other years, he had a GAA of 2.05 and a SV% of .926…those numbers are absolutely amazing in any year so don't say "oh he was in a bad draft year" because that doesn't really matter.
    Also it is very aggravating when you trade away a prospect who is supposed to be the best goalie outside of the NHL for a…..sub-par goalie. This bothered me because in my opinion it is fairly unlikely that pogge and rask will both turn out to be stars so i thought both should be kept. What especially bothers me is that Raycroft currently has a save percentage of .896. Let's compare that to, say, Tellqvist. In every year of Tellqvist's career he has had a save % of approximately .895. Does that mean I would be happy with tellqvist? No, it just means I would rather have tellqvist, his cheap contract and rask than raycroft and his fairly cheap contract.

    The really good thing about raycroft is that he could become good again, it's not impossible by any means….but don't expect anything. Last year i thought that we should have just stuck with aubin and tellqvist and i even considered getting hasek and then playing him in the playoffs alone…that was just a fun idea but hey, it coulda been good. I really don't care too much about raycroft until people remind me what we traded for him…

  15. Visco says:

    hey man I understand.  I was trying to explain that to the people taking it too serious.  I didn't find it offensive at all.  and to comment on the belfour thing.  Ya he did get booed and im a huge Eddie fan. That killed me seeing that.  I went to see the Leafs play the Rangers last year before the break and they lost 4-2.  Eddie was booed in the first and then was all of a sudden the hero for the rest of the game, even though they lost.  How can fans boo and chant Eddie in the same game.  It goes to show how hard it is to be a Leaf with some of the fans they have.

  16. Visco says:

    Cujo made a name for himself in Edmonton (Although it is true his best years were in Toronto).  And Eddie in Chicago and Dallas.  They came to Toronto with the reputation already built for them.   Raycroft had an ok start and then it got a little rough from November to January with inconsistency.  But he managed to battle through and had a good streak going on. Since that ended the Leafs have had a rough ride overall and he hasn't been to blame for all the games.  There has been some rough calls against the Leafs that were game changing calls and they possibly could have won if they weren't made.  But we can't use that as excuses so Ill just leave it at the guy is trying out there and playing well.  Theres no need to boo because that isn't going to make him better. If anything the Leafs will stay this way for a while because no one young and good will want to come here because of the pressure to be perfect.  Lets just let these boys play their game and cheer them on during a game.  Its sad when the boo's are louder than the cheering in a game. 

  17. Visco says:

    Someone should hire this guy as a GM in the League he obviously knows what he is talking about.  Good solution get a new goalie.  I bet your also think we should have traded for Luongo and for Smyth this year.  Raycroft is horrible posting 30 wins so far this season.   Here is a list of  goalies that need to retire according to your advice.
    The list goes on but all these guys have less wins than Raycroft.  So if you want to argue his GAA isnt that great so what. A win is a win.  Hes fifth in the league for games played and that takes a toll on a goalie.  Not every goalie can perform like Brodeur, Kipper and Luongo every night so take it easy on the guy.  I think hes saved our asses many nights and if the Leafs make the playoffs we can damn sure thank Raycroft.  Another stat that has been mentioned is that if we do make playoffs he will most likely be the most winningest goaltender in a season in Toronto.  But ya I see where your coming from hes not the best so hes the worst.  Why is your name LeafyMcLeaf again?  Theres a few other teams close by you can jump on with for the playoffs if you would like. 

  18. Mattay05 says:

    "Boo’ing Raycroft and the Leafs for that matter is like boo’ing a retarded kid for being slow" ARE YOU KIDDING ME. what the hell is this shit. first of all HOW disrespectful is that to the handicapped and two Raycroft is no mediocre goalie! he hasnt had enough support in front of him! how many people fall to block a puck for him??????????? not compair it to Buffalo! give me a friggen break man. a bad goalie!!??!! not even close, mediocre still not there. he is a good goalie and with a little more support from his teammates AND leaf fans he will surely become an all star contender. this article makes me laugh because it seems like ur defending raycroft but really ur bashing him with all sorts of dry criticism

    honestly i've said it before and i'll do it again, who exactly is responsible for allowing this garbage to be posted???????

  19. gambit101 says:

    Im not a leaf fan by far measures. Truthfully i hate them, being and ottawa and detroit fan. Thats besides the point. Raycroft isn't going to become and hall of famer goaltender. Never was said to be. Hes a good goalie but not great. Like he has ups and downs but so does other goalies. Like my favorite of all time and mosts. Martin Brodeur. When he has an awful game and allows 5 goals new jersey fans dont boo him. Goalies have bad nights. I guess, i really shouldn't have used Brodeur but you get the point. Maybe leaf fans should stop making excuses on why you cant make playoffs and open your eyes and see what everyone else sees. Nothing special in the white and blue uniform. So lay off the kid and let him do what he can. He has stole some games for you and thats all you should expect.

  20. 92-93 says:

    that is what i meant to say. they both had their reputations BY THE TIME they got to T.O.

    bad wording on my part.

    booing is part of the business. and the leafs will always have that mystique among certain players that will attract them to T.O.

    what you should really be concerned with is players being repelled from playing for the leafs because of the reputation of THE FRONT OFFICE. forget the fans, players can accept that aspect, thats what attracts them here – the booing, cheering, the thought of being the hero that restores the cup to toronto, even the villain … part of a legend either way.

    but its JFJ and MLSE that could be the real repellents for players coming here because they are more directly linked to the negotiating with players on the players' future.

    i'll boo if they suck. and cheer if they don't. and i'll continue to stick with the team during their worst periods as i have in the past. and i'll also boo knowing that the front office is the target of my displeasure and that THEY KNOW that they are the targets because you cannot boo the team without booing the front office that put them together and on the ice.

  21. 92-93 says:

    be careful.

    on HTR, if you crticize for being like school on saturdays (re: 'no class') … or if you hold someone and their comments to some sort of standard and accountability, you'll be called a sissy.

    thats the way it works here on this site. a guy made the same critique you did earlier and was called 'a liberal' (LOL).

    i love how being anti-Bush, a 'tree-hugger,' or being a 'liberal' is a derogatory term nowadays. thank you fox news.

  22. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Be careful, dude, Leafy will get his Linty to beat you up.

  23. JuicemaN says:

    Seriously LEafy, do you strive to be the biggest moron on this site?  "he should stop sucking" I'm sure if you said that to him he'd say "you know, I never thought of that, maybe I'll try that…here I was purposely sucking and wondering why people were boo'ing me, I'll try not sucking thanks to you and see how that goes" 

    You never fall short of amazing me with you're absolutely ridiculous comments.

    Once again, you make all other fans of the Leafs look even worse,

  24. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You moron.

    Cam Ward, Tim Thomas, and Rick DipShietro do suck, and Ray Emery is an ass clown. As for the rest….

    Win percentages:

    Ray Emery: .565
    Marty Turco: .527
    Dwayne Roloson: .431 (on a pile of shit Oilers team)
    Henrik Lundqvist: .500 (on a pile of shit Rangers team)
    Cam Ward: .509 (He's a piece of shit)
    Kari Lehtonen: .509 (on a pile of shit Thrashers team)
    Rick DipShietro: .527 (on a pile of shit Islanders team)
    Tim Thomas: 0.500 (on a pile of shit Bruins team)

    Andrew Rayflop: 0.526

    So three of them have better win percentages, five of them are on worse teams. Yes, goaltending aside, the Maple Leafs are better than the Thrashers, Islanders, Oilers, Rangers, and Bruins, and one is obviously a piece of shit who got hot at the right time last year, then look at their GAA, their Save percentage, their shutouts, and you realize Rayflop never earned any of those wins.

    I SHOULD be an NHL GM.

    We'd have a goalie who doesn't block if it weren't for me. Last year I would have traded Belfour to Edmonton, not asking for a lot, lowering the price of Roloson, picked him up, and there, we have a goalie better than Rayflop.

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Well you've simplified things WAY too much.

    Rayflop sucks, and is not an NHL starter. Simple as that.

  26. I-BE-LEAF says:

    yet more ranting full of swearing and insults.
    you have never displayed any class or maturity in one of your posts.
    whay is it that you show no respect to anyone who frequents this site?

  27. JuicemaN says:

    Actually I didn't say "retard" kids, I said "retarded kids" . "retard" kids would've been me making fun of them which I certainly wasn't doing.

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