Raycroft is not Cujo or Belfour…get that through your head

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs have put WAAAAAY too many expectations on Raycroft and I would like to hear your reasons why.

Why do you boo him?
Why do you think he should be stealing games for us?
Why do you expect him to successfully replace Belfour?
Why do you refuse to see reality and continue to think he’s going to “turn his season around”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Raycroft fan, I don’t dislike him either but he has about 10 other Maple Leafs that I would sooner get on my jersey ahead of him. But I am at least realistic and realize that Raycroft is only as good as the team in front of him.

You are being unrealistic to yourself and your Toronto Maple Leafs to expect anything more from him; he’s a mediocre goalie and has played accordingly all season, so why do you boo him when he performs exactly how he’s slated to perform.

He had one good season in Boston and won the Calder trophy for rookie of the year in a year where the rookies were weak and unproductive. After that season he’s done nothing but play poorly, so why do you expect so much from him?

You’re a fool to think that you boo’ing him accomplishes anything, it doesn’t make him a better goalie by boo’ing him; do you actually think he doesn’t already want to be the best goalie in the league and that he doesn’t work hard enough to attempt that. Do you actually think he doesn’t want to win the vesina trophy and re-sign with the leafs for 6 million a season, of course he does; so you boo’ing him isn’t doing anything for him; it’s not making him realize he’s playing badly….all you’re doing is whining like most Leaf fans and complaining about the obvious.

Boo’ing Raycroft and the Leafs for that matter is like boo’ing a retarded kid for being slow. The Leafs were scouted to finish as high as 8th and as low as 11th or 12th, so why do you boo when they are fighting for the 8th spot as hard as they can while missing Tucker, Peca and Wellwood (Tucker up until last game), you’re boo’ing them for doing exactly what they were slated to do…..fight for 8th place.

Does it make you feel better about yourself when you boo, is that it?

As a true Leaf fan I support them for their efforts all the way, if they suck I don’t boo because they know they suck, you boo’ing is serving no purpose whatsoever, other than proving that you’re a high maintenance whiny Leaf fan that fits the stereotype that the rest of the league has put upon us.

This article is a semi-continuation of my previous article related to boo’ing the Leafs. So no need to again point out the obvious.