Raycroft The Work Horse- But can he bring it Home?

So As well as Raycroft (and the buds as a whole) has been playing of late
(11-5-?)I am worried that if the plan is to ride that wave into the playoff’s is he going to have the gas in the tank to push through some gruelling playoff rounds for us? He’s played 19 in a row and played only 25 all of last year! How is his game conditioning?

If we hope to be playing in the real season in a couple months we are going to need a rested, but hot goalie. I agree playing him is the best way to get us there but are we just being set up for a let down in net?

I am not about to suggest how, nor Do I even know if its possible or feasible but can someone like Biron be had and what would be a suitable cost? Our current tandem doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling and I would think a tandem with Razor and Biron would be pretty formidable. I welcome feasible suggestions to biron. This is not a fantasy post where you say we get Kipper from the flames for 7 used pucks and 4 new pucks and one half full water bottle carried to them by Brendan Bell and JS Aubin. Let’s get real here.

Like last year with the Oil, we could sneak in on the last weekend and from there anything can happen. I have faith, Am I dreaming? Maybe, But I’m a leaf fan and thats what we do. Deal with it.

Like I always say,
“Don’t be a Bandwagon Member, Be The SOB sitting up front Steering and whipping the damn horses!”

Go Leafs Go Etc, etc..