Re-kindling the magic?

Alright, I am a die hard Rangers fan. My basement is full of hundreds of peices of memorabillia. And when I look at memories from the 94 cup year, I think yeah it would be great to see Brian Leetch wear a Rangers Jersey just one more time. Watch him skate out in the true blue for one last season. But the reality is, it will hurt the Rangers more then help. With defenseman Ward, Rachunek, Kasperitius, Tyutin, Rosival, Malik, ready for the start of the season, then Ozo and Pock ready to fill in, you have to wonder where Leetch would fit? Not to mention young guns Staal and Sauer. Staal could make the NHL jump this year. Now If the Rangers were to go out and sign Leetch, first question that comes to mind is, how much would they pay him? Any more then 2 million and a bad decision was just made worse.

Second when will he play? You cant sit one of those 6 to let Leetch play. Who would they trade to make room for him, if no one And Leetch is signed, he will be the 9th defenseman the Rangers have. If some one gets hurt, instead of Pock or Staal jumping in, you have possibly Rachunek playing. Thats valuble experience for those two, especially as they will hopefully be a big part of the organizations future.

Third, what if Leetch just cant do it any more? If he bombs this season not only is it a bad way for him to go out, but thats a waste of cap money that could maybe have been spent at the trade deadline. Or maybe to sign Radek Dvorak who would help this team alot as a third liner with some scoring potential. Yes there always is the possibilty that he has a hell of a season and proves me and many other people who are opposed to this move wrong. And personally I would love for that to happen but reality is that it probably wont, Leetch doesnt deserve to have such a great career made a mockey of becuase he cant do it any more, let him retire a Ranger legend.

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  1. CaptainInsano says:

    Only the following may play for the NY PI SIGMA DELTA Fraternity:

    -former Penguins

    -Czech mates of Jagr

    -guys who boinked Czech women

    Leetch has yet to boink, so I can’t see him being allowed back into the fraternity.

  2. CaptainInsano says:

    Actually I just heard that Brian is a SENATOR!?!

  3. wingerxxx says:

    Bottom line is this:

    The Rangers have lots 4 of their top penalty killing forwards from last year. Moore, Ortmeyer (out indefinitely), Rucinsky and Rucchin. We do need a good penalty killing forward, and Dvorak can fill that void. No one expects him to score 30 goals again, and he doesn’t have to. And YES, anyone who has watched Oilers games, knows that he can be put in a defensive role.

    Leetch simply doesn’t fit. I’d rather use salary cap money to address a weakness that the team now has (lack of polished defensive forwards), than to go grab Leetch, who would push a younger defenseman out of ice time that they would desperately need. The Leetch over-sentimentality is getting very annoying. Yes, he was great for our team. Yes, he deserves to retire as a Ranger. But he literally has no place on the team right now. Bringing Leetch back right now just makes no sense.

    If you sign him, who do you send to Hartford? Rachunek is too good to be a healthy scratch every night. He is actually above Pock and especially Staal and Sauer on the depth chart. Stall and Sauer are both at least a year away. Pock’s time is now. He needs to have a good training camp.

    Roszival is re-signed, and he was not the problem with the team last year. Trading him makes little sense. Ozolinsh is too far off th map to be considered. Do you waste another year of Pock’s development to have Leetch around for another year? Sorry, it just makes no sense right now.

    I’m glad that this article hit on these points. Leetch can always sign a contract for a day, and retire a Ranger in that manner. Other sports greats have done that. He just has no place on the club.

    Very sensible article, and I’m happy that it was posted.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    they’ve LOST 4 of their top PK forwards from last year, not “lots” lol.

  5. dcz28 says:

    The Sens already have enough defenseman under contract with Redden, Phillips, Meszaros, Corvo, Preissing, Volchenkov, Schubert and Allison so why would they sign Leetch?

  6. mojo19 says:

    This is the 6th article about Brian Leetch potentially going back to New York. That’s enough, no more.

  7. nyrhockey094 says:

    how many articles about malkin have there been? How many pointless articles about fantasy players have there been?

  8. CedrickRozon says:

    so your point is, since so many topics get a zillion postings, we should just ignore when it happens for another topic?!

    something’s wrong with you man

  9. wingerxxx says:

    This ia a good article for Rangers fans. Reason being, it’s good for people to know that not every Rangers fan is willing to cast reality aside and pine for Brian Leetch to return to the Rangers lineup.

    If you don’t care for it, just move on. In a few days, this article will be at the bottom of the webpage.

  10. dcz28 says:

    Oh ok i thought that was kind of weird that the Sens would want Leetch when they already have more then enough defenseman for this season.

    Brian Lee is projected to be a great defenseman and similar to Leetch on offense but better in his own zone although i doubt he will be making the Sens this year…might still be 1 or 2 years away since the Sens have no need to rush him to the NHL with the depth they already have on defense.

  11. Potvinstillsucks says:


  12. Sigton says:

    You’re kind of riding the fence with this topic, saying that they should let him retire as a Ranger despite there being no room on the team. Leetch knows he still has a year in him, and I don’t think he wants to retire yet, so maybe Edmonton is still in the picture if no one in the east wants to pay him, Edmonton has tons of cap space. If they could aquire Rafalski as someone else mentioned they could still have a solid defence this year.

  13. nyrhockey094 says:

    Im not riding the fence, im on a side of the fence that doesnt want Leetch back.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    I don’t think he is doing anything of the kind. Every Rangers fan wants Brian Leetch to retire as a Ranger. I want it as well. But there are those of us who are willing to accept the reality of the situation right now, in regards to him. That’s the difference.

    There are some teams out there that could definitely utilize Leetch’s services. The Rangers just aren’t one of them right now. He’s still a top 4 defenseman.

  15. nyrhockey094 says:

    And what doesnt help is that even tho it is Eklund, hes reporting that the Raners are close to signing Leetch.

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