Re-kindling the magic?

Alright, I am a die hard Rangers fan. My basement is full of hundreds of peices of memorabillia. And when I look at memories from the 94 cup year, I think yeah it would be great to see Brian Leetch wear a Rangers Jersey just one more time. Watch him skate out in the true blue for one last season. But the reality is, it will hurt the Rangers more then help. With defenseman Ward, Rachunek, Kasperitius, Tyutin, Rosival, Malik, ready for the start of the season, then Ozo and Pock ready to fill in, you have to wonder where Leetch would fit? Not to mention young guns Staal and Sauer. Staal could make the NHL jump this year. Now If the Rangers were to go out and sign Leetch, first question that comes to mind is, how much would they pay him? Any more then 2 million and a bad decision was just made worse.

Second when will he play? You cant sit one of those 6 to let Leetch play. Who would they trade to make room for him, if no one And Leetch is signed, he will be the 9th defenseman the Rangers have. If some one gets hurt, instead of Pock or Staal jumping in, you have possibly Rachunek playing. Thats valuble experience for those two, especially as they will hopefully be a big part of the organizations future.

Third, what if Leetch just cant do it any more? If he bombs this season not only is it a bad way for him to go out, but thats a waste of cap money that could maybe have been spent at the trade deadline. Or maybe to sign Radek Dvorak who would help this team alot as a third liner with some scoring potential. Yes there always is the possibilty that he has a hell of a season and proves me and many other people who are opposed to this move wrong. And personally I would love for that to happen but reality is that it probably wont, Leetch doesnt deserve to have such a great career made a mockey of becuase he cant do it any more, let him retire a Ranger legend.