Re: The Leafs Need to…

The leafs need to do the following:

-add a solid offensive LW, to complement Sundin and Tucker

-add a second-line center to replace to Peca, and to give them more depth down the middle.

What I suggest:

1) They should definitely go after Nagy, and he would fit perfectly on the first line with Sundin.

Trade: Nagy to T.O., for Stajan and 3rd round draft pick (or they could trade back the 4th round pick they got, for Tellqvist)

2) As for second-line center possibilities, I like either Smolinski or Sanderson. Because Sanderson has one year left on his contract, at 1.5M, I favour him because he would not simply be a “rent-a-player”. When healthy, he can still produce, albeit he is 35. As well, he can play both center and the wing, which adds some flexibility for the team, while Smolinski plays only Center.

Trade: Sanderson to T.O, for Bell & Antropov.

These would both be cost-effective moves: At 3M, the leafs would be getting Nagy for under 1.5M, which would be absorbed by Stajan’s $800,000 contract. Sanderson, is only making 1.5M (which means his cost would be $750,000) and Bell plus Antropov are 1.4M, which gives them even more flexibility. Doing this, the leafs would not need to change anything on D or in Goal, and up front they would look like this: