Realistic 2008-2009

Ill actually be nice. sorry guys only move were making this year is Ryder and just maybe maybe Huet this would be a great year to trade huet, hes doing decent and is going to the all-star game. get a key player for him maybe. but to be honest there is no one that attractive to grab this year. not for the prices anyways. and yes i know… price isn’t ready… thats why this is a wishlist.

Our line up isnt that bad. just needs a few changes and get Carb to stop switching the guys because they need to be in the comfort zone with the others.

My wishlist for next years line up

A.Kostistyn – Plekanec – S. Kostitstyn
Higgins – Koivu – Kovalev
Striet – Lapierre – Grabovski
Kostopoulos – Chipchura – Latendresse

Markov – Komisarek
Hamirlik – O’Bryne
Boullion – Gorges


now if we have this and dump all the losers like Injury crazied Begin (even though i love the guy) Dandenault, Huet (since if we keep him there goes 5mil at least) Smolinski (disappointed…) and breezby. then for next years UFA and trade deadline we will have the money to buy someone nice. but that also depends on how well the canadiens tight family comes together. and if Carbo can keep all his lines the same for more than one night.

peace out!

and yes i think im being the realistic one here we don’t need some big guns. we got it already.

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  1. mtlman2005 says:

    I do making a trade or 2 especially seeing how we have a lot of good young big Dman coming up. Mcdonagh (don't know how to spell his name), Volatenko et Emilin are ready to play. So i'm sure we can go get something. I'm not saying Lecavalier, although I would love it, but maybe Marleau, or a decent, big first liner.
    Also, Plekanec and Kovalev have to stay together. Kovalev's career is "restarting" because he is playing with Plekanec. I would do:

    first liner we trade for – Plekanec – Kovalev
    Higgins – Koivu – Grabovski
    A. Kostistyn – Lapierre – S Kostistyn
    Streit – Chipchura – Latendresse

    keeping in mind our first 3 trios are all pretty much our firsts!

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Emelin is not even playing in North America and it doesn't look like he ever will. Valentenko will hit anything that moves which is great but he is atleast another full season away from playing with the big club. McDonagh and Fischer are both realistically 3 more years away from playing regularly in the NHL.

  3. darcysucker says:

    Huet an all-star?  What, where did you hear this?  The goalies in the east for the all-star game are Brodeur, Dipietro and Vokoun, is Huet going to the all-star game as a spectator?  He went last year, you could've said that.  Secondly, you think Huet would be getting 5 million at least?  I don't see his new contract being much different from his previous one, maybe 4 million.  Another comment, you put Kovalev on the same line as Koivu, have you noticed since Kovalev has been in town those 2 haven't really played together?  There's probably a good reason for that, besides why would you want to change the Pleks, Kovy, Kosty line?  It's great those guys are developing some real chemistry, and it should only get better, did you see them last night? they absolutely dominated, I haven't seen montreal with such a dominating line in years, and they worked well on the PK as well, Kovy and Pleks are awesome on the PK.  Oh and I noticed you put grabovsky in the line up as well, dude that guy is done, he won't make the team next year, he's not nhl caliber.  And where's the size in your line-up?  You need some size up front, and not just in the 4th line, Latendresse has a nice scoring touch and is only 20, he's only going to improve, he should be in the 2nd or 3rd line.

  4. morrissey says:

    You couldn't be more out to lunch, worst Habs article ever.

    Dandenault is playing very well and is a versatile player, useful in the cap world.

    Huet is not an all star, will not be traded unless Price stands on his head for the next month.

    Halak is ahead of Danis on the depth chart.

    Grabovski will never play in the NHL.

    Latendresse is a 1st or 2nd line scoring forward, not a 4th line checker, despite his size.

    Habs have been in a consistent playoff position for most of the season, they could easily aspire to go 1 or 2 rounds into the playoffs – that makes them buyers not sellers.

  5. habskovalev27 says:

    Latendresse is not a checker…he's a goal scorer.  I've seen him play in Midget AAA and in Juniors and he's score goals.  People have to stop thinking he's a checker.

  6. BruMagnus says:

    I like Plekanec on the top line.

  7. morrissey says:

    Isn't that what I just wrote?

  8. Habs_pm says:

    Anyone who thinks that Carey Price is going to come back is wrong. If you check the last two games he played he wasn't good. Bulldogs lost 7-2 the other night.

    Gainey will hang on to Huet up until before the draft.

    J.P. Dumont is a player Gainey has his eyes on….but who know its just a rumor….

    Ryder will be traded for a prospect and a low pick(and will probably bight Gainey in the butt in a few seasons when Ryder becomes a 35+ goal scorer again….Don't say he wont because if he had a #1 center to play with and getting respectable ice-time he would pop a few in.

    This trade deadline will be no different than last years….Ryder being traded will probably be the only action we will hear from Montreal….

    Ryder/Boullion/pick to Nashville

    Dumont to Montreal

    Dumont could be the experienced winger Montreal needs…

  9. PuckNuts says:

    I think Gainey should package Mike Ryder with a 1st rounder and another pick or prospect and mail him to Ft. Lauderdale for Olli Joikinen. This would solve the face off issue and add blue chip scoring…. Hey, you did say wishlist.

  10. habsrock99 says:

    Ryder did get the ice-time of a normal first liner and still only got 30 inconsistent goals. Ryder will never be and quite frankly never has been a #1 line winger. Never. Not once. He's a solid 30 goal 2nd line RW and that's it, much like Jonathan Cheechoo. Sure if you put him with the likes of Thornton he'll score 35+ but it still doesn't change the fact he's a 2nd line RW at best. Hell he's never scored more then 30 in a season.

  11. Drifter says:

    First of all, breaking up the A.Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev line would be a mistake. THEY LIKE PLAYING TOGETHER AND HAVE GOOD CHEMISTRY!

    Secondly, S.Kostitsyn will be a waste on the third line. He is a top 6 forward and needs to be with productive guys.

    We won't get a 1st line winger through trade, MAYBE through free agency…but it depends on our finish.

    Bouillon will not play with the team next year. He will be replaced by a prospect.

    The goalie situation is up in the air, Price is having his first dump period of his career… he needs to get himself out of it in order to get the call back to Montreal.

    Here's a realistic look at the lines for next year.

    A. Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev
    S. Kostitsyn – Koivu – (Ryder's replacement)
    Higgins – Lapierre – Latendresse
    Kostopolous – Chipchura – Dandenault

    Personally I'm fine with these lines. They would roll well the way they are meant to and provide offensive potential from all 4 lines.

    We'll do fine as long as Price straightens himself out

  12. Pronger44 says:

    Agree with you completely.

  13. Pronger44 says:

    Shut up Bru, no one cares what you want, Plekanec is doing fine with the ice-time he's recieving, we don't wanna rush him, let him play like he is, he's enjoying it like you wouldn't believe like he says every interview, he loves the team.

  14. Pronger44 says:

    I'd rather throw Gorges instead of Bouillion. For a small defenceman he plays like a moster out there hitting whoever's in his way, he's a solid little guy and Gorges I feel hasn't really done much besides play consistant lately, other then that he's useless I feel.

  15. habskovalev27 says:

    I'm just confirming….

  16. Pronger44 says:

    How you call guys like Dandenault(2 Stanley Cup's in Detroit and 2 goals against the Boston Bruins after sitting out against Chicago last week) and Huet(keeping us in there with solid goaltending since coming back from injury) shows me you don't follow each and every game of the Habs.

    Dandenault has been very effective with Streit and Smolinski(since returning) and I haven't been dissapointed about how he's been playing despite a plus/minus of -9, he still brings good leadership and grit for the Habs and I enjoy watching him play for the Canadiens. I mean the guy obviously learnt something in his Red Wing days playing with Yzerman, Shanahan, Federov and playing on a line with Draper and Maltby obviously would teach someone something as well, so don't disrespect this guy.

    Also with Huet, I honestly want him back with the Habs but I know he will be looking for an increase on the $2.7M he's making right now, but he's proving to us he can handle the pressure pretty well of playing with the Canadiens and always seems to show up ready each game, he's no Brodeur or Luongo, but he's been doing well since coming back from his groin injury, and his record continues to improve as he sits at 14wins, 7losses, 2.39GAA, 0.923PCT, and 1 shutout. Pretty good numbers and if he continues to play at this pace I would definetly want him back as I've become a fan of the way he plays for this team.

    I thought this post was a real slap in the face for a couple of players I really enjoy watching so take what I say for what its worth, I'm just a fan of the team and the players who show they wanna be playing for the Canadiens.

  17. careyprice31 says:

    yes everything u said here is right and im hoping carey price breakout of his mini slupm and gets back to being what hes gonna be thats number1. Also i hope the replacement for ryder wont be a filler like they did with samsonov when they signed him (turned out to be amajor bust). If they can replace ryder with a guy who can put the puck in at least on a consistent basis of 30 goals look out because montreal will be deadly.

    You guys be creative and speculate who that player can be

  18. habsoverserver says:

    Dumont is a fine winger, why would a team trade him for Ryder and a package?

  19. Plekanec says:

     Dandenault isn't good enough to play defense on the Canadiens squad and hasn't play "D" all year! So all he is, is one expensive fourth liner  And at $1.725 000/year, I'm sure we can find somebody else for much cheaper to play on our 4th line. Do you actually think that in todays hockey we can afford to pay fourth liner that MUCH! Begin $1.225 000/year, Dandenault $1.725 000, Smolinski $2.000 000/year and you think that it is normal to pay Dandenault that much? You would make a terrible GM

     And NO! Huet won't be back next year!

  20. Plekanec says:

      You should add a name to that list "Koivu", The problem is nobody wants guys like Begin, Dandenault and Smolinski and Brisebois will retire and Slowinski has a NTC! Huet and Ryder should be traded for picks or prospects at the deadline to clear some space for UFAs and to resign next year UFAs and RFAs Komo, Kovalev, Plek, and Higgins, who will ask for a huge raise! Koivu's done, he constently gets stupid penalty, doesn't produce offensively and couldn't hold a candle to Plekanec who's already better than what Koivu ever was! Last year it was Plekanec second year and he surpassed Koivu's season record for goals and this year he(Plekanec) is on pace for 78 pts, that is better than any of Koivu's season! Koivu is well past his prime(if it ever was a prime?) , it's time for new blood cause Koivu has proven that he just couldn't do the job! Proof_ The Habs had their worst decade with Koivu as their Captain= FACT!

  21. Plekanec says:


  22. Plekanec says:

       Useful in the cap world???????????????? At $ 1.725 000 a year, how is Dandenault useful and when you said versatile, you probably insinuate that he could play different position right! Well he didn't play on "D" all year and would be defenseman  #8 on the habs roster, witch make him a very, very, very expansive 4th liner( plays around 7-9 mins. per game). In todays hockey, nobody can afford a guy like Dandenault or Begin or Smolinski!

  23. Plekanec says:

    How about…


     Higgins always played with Plek ever since Hamilton and Andrei doesn't a big difference(YET) on that line, plus bot  Kostitsyns are naturals RWers. You could also switch Lats for Ryder.

  24. arigold says:

    Who in Gods name would give up a pick for Ryder or Huet.  Together they're just as useless as they are apart, or you wouldn't be dealing them away. 

  25. mtl_prince says:

    Huet is at least a top 10 goalie in the league.

  26. Pronger44 says:

    I would make a horrible G.M., whatever you say chum, I like how the team is, if you don't, shut up, I believe this team is good, would you rather them be dead last, show some support for this club dickhead.

  27. morrissey says:

    I agree that begin and smolinksi are over paid, so is bouillion – but having dandenault on the fourth line also gives you insurance when a d-man gets injured during a game and flexibility on special teams. It's the same reason mark streit is useful, tho streit does have better overall skill.

  28. Plekanec says:

    I think that we would have an easier time trying to trade Ryder or Huet than the Leafs trying to trade McCabe, Gil, Kubina, Raycroft, Trucker or Blake hahaha!!!

  29. Plekanec says:

     Are you off your medication! What does that mean {If you don't, shut up, I believe this team is good} what in hell does that mean? You never make sense, I don't know why "I" or anyone waste their time with a moron like you and it seems like a lot of us think the same way about you.

  30. Plekanec says:

      exactly we have Streit, we don't need two of them, but who would YOU keep.

    Streit's 29 pts or Dandenault's 10pts?

  31. MR40 says:

    Nabokov, Luongo, Broduer, Lundqvist, Miller, Dipietro, Turco, Gigure, Kiprusoff, Backstrom, Toskala, Thomas, Osgood, Legace, Leclaire, Ward, Vokoun, Lethonen, Fluery, Gerber, and Bryzgalov better then Huet. You could argue a few of those guys aren't as good as Huet, but you could argue a couple guys not on my list are as good as him.

    I named 21 goalies who are better then Huet.

  32. habsrock99 says:

    You're an idiot. Koivu had a prime but tell me, was it his fault he got cancer? Or when he got injured? He was leading the league in scoring the one year he got injured. Is it his fault that the Habs had horrible GM after horrible GM up until Bob Gainey took over? Is it Koivu's fault he was stuck playing with players like Patrick Poulin, Oleg Petrov, Dainus Zubrus, Sergei Zholtok during his best years which were still marked by injuries?  Had Koivu played with an actual contender during his prime, he would have consistently put up 80-100 points a season. But unfortunately he was stuck with a lot of nobody's. Sure he played 4 years with Mark Recchi but Koivu was again injured.

    For you to say all this crap about Koivu shows that you are an ignorant human being who has never watched a hockey game in his life. Saku Koivu is one of the better leaders in the NHL and has been for the last 4-5 years. He's right up there with Mats Sundin and Daniel Alfredsson. Yes, Koivu's not having all that great of a season but he's still showing he has heart and hasn't looked half as bad as some people seem to think. Remember, his primary RW has been a no-show all year and it took Carbo 30 games to realize that. He's currently playing with Latendresse and S. Kostitsyn and has look re-juvenated since Sergei's call-up.  

    Now, remember one thing, I love Plekanec but if it weren't for Kovalev, Plekanec would be doing much worse then Koivu. Also, get your facts straight, Plekanec scored 20 goals last year and Koivu scored a career high 22 last year as well.

  33. Plekanec says:

      If he is such a leader explain why the habs had their worst years in almost a century with Koivu as there Capt.  I never said it was Koivu's fault for having cancer ect… All I said he had is shot and now it's time for new blood!

      BTW I watched 81 out of 82 games last year and haven't missed one yet this year on RDS> As for Koivu being re-juvenated, you had to be kidding, he has 3 even strenght goals all year , he's been sitting at thirty pts for two weeks and keeps taking dumb hooking penalty, WHAT A RE-JUVENATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for Koivu leading the scorer one year before getting injured, Brian Savage did the same thing one year leading all NHL scorer and was neck to neck with Lemieux for the first 28 games!

      My question to you is, Do you watch hockey? It look like you Can't let go of the 90's! The fact is Koivu never, never had a season over 75pts or over 21 goals, even though he had cancer he still had at least 8 healthy season but failed to produced and came short of making the playoffs most years as our captain.Koivu was never worthy of first line time. So before you flat your gums make sure you do some research!

      As for Plekanec depending on Kovalev for success, I don't think so! Last year Plekanec wasn't playing with Kovalev and had over 40 pts in the second half of the season and this year Kovalev start producing when paired with  Plek,  Even Higgins isn't the same since split off last years line with Kosti and Plek . Plekanec already passed koivu goal record for a season and will probably pass his point record this year after only playing for 3 years so why don't you check your stats before calling people idiots.


  34. Plekanec says:

      Plekanec is already our first line centerman, Do you even watch the habs, we barely see Koivu anymore! Carbo doesn't decide who's our first line center, the opposition coach does by sending his checking against our first line and the last time "I" checked Plekanec line was our first, regardless of what your dumb ass thinks!

    PS: If you don't know squat or don't watch the habs don't embarassed yourself by writting limited and ignorant sh-t about them! Get a clue!

  35. BruMagnus says:

    I know he's your first line center. And I hope he gets more minutes.

    In fact, I have to thank you and whichever other Habs' fans gave me the heads-up about Plekanec, as I stole him in a VERY late round in my hockey pool and he is doing me wonders. I'm currently in a up-down battle for 1st and 2nd, and him and Dustin Brown are the biggest reasons why.

  36. habsrock99 says:

    Again, you are an idiot who obviously didn't read my original comment. Plekanec scored 20 goals and 47 points last year while scoring at least 32 in the 2nd half. Saku Koivu scored 22 goals last season, which any person above the age of 6 can tell you, 22 is greater then 20. As for Koivu leading the league in scoring the one year he was injured, he was setting the pace through January of the 1996-97 NHL season, which happend to be his 2nd NHL season but then an injury struck him and he missed the majority of the 2nd half, playing in 50 games in all while scoring 56 points.


    Like I stated before, had you actually read my comment, had it not been for 2 incompetent GM's in Rejean Houle and Andre Savard who got 3rd line talent which in turn made the Habs a very mediocre team, Koivu would have been a much more successful player which in turn would have made the Habs into a more successful team through the late 90's and early 00's.

    And whoopdy sh!it, you saw 81 of 82 games last year. I bet you feel proud. I haven't missed a f***ing game since 1999-00, a string of 619 Regular Season games. Now add the 29 Play-off games in that time, that makes for 648 straight games I've seen. Now, factor in I've been a Habs fan for nearly 19 years and I watched them through-out the 1988-89 and 1992-93 Cup runs, I've seen well over 1200 Habs games in my life.

    I've had the luxory/priveledge of watching Saku Koivu when he was at his best. I've also seen Tomas Plekanec from Day 1 and I can tell you Plekanec isn't at the same level Koivu was at this time. Koivu's had the heart and talent of a 1st liner his entire career but he lacked the size back when 1st liners had to be over 6'1". They don't have to now but unfortunately Koivu's better days are behind him and he isn't as fast as he once was. When Plekanec first came up, he was considered an above-average 3rd line offensive threat and I'm proud to say that he's emerged as a potential team leader in points.

    You obviously must not watch the same games I do on RDS because if you have watched every game this year like you said, then you would have noticed that since Sergei's call-up, Koivu's had an extra bounce in his step and has been playing a much better overall game not to mention a more agressive game then when Michael Ryder was dragging him and Higgins down. Sure, Koivu takes penalties AS DO ALL 750 OTHER NHL PLAYERS. Sure, some are bad but anyone, anywhere can make a case that just about any penalty being called is bad. Mike Komisarek takes bad penalties most nights, as do Alexei Kovalev, Tomas Plekanec, Andrei Markov, Francis Bouillon, Roman Hamrlik, Chris Higgins and just about any other Habs player. Playing as agressively as Koivu's been playing lately, you're bound to get penalties but take notice over the next few games and watch when Koivu's on the ice, he drives for the net, something he didn't do through-out the fisrt 20-30 games while playing with Ryder/Smolinski/Kostopoulos/Dandeneault.

    As for checking my stats, I have, have you? Plekanec's first year, he yielded 9 goals and 29 points compared to Koivu's 20 goals, 45 points. Plekanec's 2nd year, he had 20 goals and 47 points, where Koivu had 17 goals and 56 points in 50 games, 9 more points in 31 less games. That's when the injuries hit Koivu and derailed his production ove the next 7 seasons. And like I've stated a few times now, Koivu's career high in goals is 22, which is 2 more(TWO MORE) then what Plekanec's career high currently is. Now yes, Plekanec is likely to surpass Koivu's 22 goals but take a moment and think about this, Koivu never has and has never claimed to be a goal scorer. He's a play-maker. Plekanec is an between, he can set up decent passes and can finish when need be.

    As for Higgins not being the same, I'm pretty sure it's because he's playing with an under-achieving player in Michael Ryder and a born 4th liner in Maxim Lapierre and has been for roughly 10-15 games now, not the fact he hasn't played with Plekanec and Kovalev. Higgins is being used as an Energy Player because frankly, he has chemistry with any combination of line-mates.

    And, on a last note, Tomas Plekanec is currently on pace for a 29 goal, 72 point season, which is 3 less then Koivu's career high when he scored 75 last year.

    And, you know what, be in denial all you want but if it weren't for Kovalev being as great as he's been this year, both the Habs and Plekanec would hurt tremendously. I'm talking about if it weren't for him, we'd be right where the Leafs are, maybe lower. And Plekaenc would be nowhere near his current pace and we'd be reading articles of "Trade Kovalev and Plekanec" instead of "Trade Koivu". -Plekanec's stats  -Koivu's stats

    Now remember, I've provided these links because you claim Plekanec's 20 goals has surpassed Koivu's career mark when it HASN'T. 22>20. Grade 2 Math right there.

  37. Plekanec says:

      Where do you get this shit that Koivu has played better since Kostisyn was brought up, how so? And you think that Koivu season high 75 pts is worthy of first liner, I don't think so! 80% of all NHL players could get 75 pts/year playing on the first line , Since Koivu has been better since Kostitsyn call-up, tell me the last time Koivu scored a Goal, about 10 games ago, what a star! Yes everybody takes penalty but koivu(65PIM) is second on his team behind Kostopoulos (66PIM)? BTW RDS has been televising habs games for only 3 or 4 years,not every habs games have been televised since 99-00.  Koivu played for around 14 season and his best season was 75 pts, witch he only did once, it's not like he's a regular 75 pts man, that was one time only, pathetic!

      We won't trade Koivu cause nobody wants him! Who would want a $4.750 000 million a year 20 goal scorer? Snap out of it retard!

  38. Plekanec says:

      Also in a previous post you said that Ryder scored 30 inconstent goals and wasn't worth first line, was Koivu more constent while scoring an unbelievable 22 goals? Ryder has score more goal in is first three season than Koivu in his last five but yet you claimed that koivu deserves fist line time, how does that make sense? You are such a tool!

  39. Plekanec says:

      Osgood, Legace, Lethonen, Gerber and Toskala aren't better than Huet but the rest are.

  40. habsalicious says:

    Why do idiots always have to go with Koivu VS Peklanec? Huet VS Price? Etc.

    As far as I know, we do need 4 centermen on the team, and two goalies. What's wrong with having KOIVU AND PEKLANEC? NOTHING!!!! That's what makes teams win you *********!

    And those who think Huet is not a top ten goalie in the league don't know much about hockey either. The fact remains he's been putting good and consistent numbers (top five at least) in the league for the past three years. Sure he's got weaknesses, but he's easily top ten material. I'll concede that he sucks when out of the net to play the puck, but in the end it's the GAA and the save percentage that matters. And he has great ones.

  41. habsrock99 says:

    I can see that you're desperate in this argument. And you must not be able to read all that well either. Like I said, Saku Koivu is a PLAYMAKER. Not a goal scorer. Can you get through you're thick skull? A  PLAYMAKER. To be a 1st liner, you need heart, determination and a lot of talent. To be a Captain, you need even more heart, even more determination, you need tonnes of leadership, you need to be the Heart and Soul of your team and you need to be respected by not only your team but your peers as well. Saku Koivu flls every bit of those things. No offence to Tomas Plekanec, he fills out just 2 of those categories, determination and talent. He's learning to play with heart and has been since last year. But he isn't a Captain by no means.

    A first liner doesn't have to score goals, case and point, Adam Oates, 2 time 30 goal scorer, which happend to be during the 2 most offensive years of the 1990's. Craig Janney was a solid 1st line hockey player who scored 20 goals just 3 times in his career. How about Doug Weight? Never scored more then 26 goals and was arguably one of the better centermen during his prime.

    If you want a recent player, I'll give you one. Joe Thornton. He hasn't hit 30 goals since 2002-03. Are you gonna sit there flapping your gums trying to tell me he isn't a 1st liner because he doesn't score goals? Want another one? Henrik Sedin. Has never scored 20 goals in his career. Are you gonna say he isn't a 1st liner? Ales Hemsky is another example of a 1st line PLAYMAKER. In order to score goals, you need someone who sets them up, wanna know what those players are called? PLAYMAKERS.

    Like I've said, you DO NOT need to score goals to be a 1st liner. If I wanted I could name probably 20 more players who fit the bill of being a Playmaker, who in your eyes, aren't 1st line players because they don't score goals. 

    When healthy and given the right wingers, Saku Koivu is a 70-80 point threat year in, year out. If put on a team with very good wingers, he could be an 80-90 point threat easily. Unfortunately in his career Koivu's had a revolving door by his side when it comes to wingers because the Habs have had some of the stupidest GM's in Andre Savard and Rejean Houle during Saku's tenure as a Hab. Yet, when he was healthy he still managed to produce points despite having to deal with 3rd liners who were being masked as 1st liners.

    Now, you want to know where I get this "shit" about Koivu playing better since Sergei's call-up? WATCH THE F***ING GAMES and you'd see it. He's been playing much more aggressively then usual and he's been solid defensively and not to mention he's been driving to the net. Playing aggressively leads to getting more quality scoring chances, which he's gotten, which in turn leads to more goals/points, which will come. Playing aggressively also leads you to getting more penalties. Ask any Power Forward in NHL history or any player that drives to the net a lot.

    What's next? Are you gonna start saying Komisarek's a complete waste of skin because he only has 12 points? Or that Latendresse is a waste of life because he only has 4 assists? Or that Alexei Kovalev is a piece of shit because he "only" has 20 goals?

    You think that no one will want Koivu because he "sucks" in your eyes. Well reality check shithead, I can name any Play-Off bound team that would gladly welcome Koivu with open arms and who's 4.75 million salary is below the league average for Captains.

    And you know what, I am beginning to hope Koivu does get traded to another team because he's endured enough in his career health-wise that he doesn't need to put up with your shit, any fans who are like you's shit, the French media's shit or the French politician's shit.

    As far as my response about Ryder, I still stand by it. Without Koivu, he wouldn't of scored 30 goals last year, he'd of been lucky to net 15. And without Koivu and Ribeiro, he wouldn't of scored the 30 and 25 he put up the 2 previous years. Put Ryder with another 3rd liner and he produces squat. Put Koivu with 3rd liners, you still get results. 

    Don't bother responding because I'm not gonna read it or respond. I'm done with you as you are nothing more then an ignorant person who knows nothing yet you think you do.

  42. Plekanec says:

      Within the next 35 games Plekanec will beat every single season record Koivu accumulate over the past 14th years or so and you might snap out of your coma and start watching the games, ANSWER THIS, when did Koivu score his last goal in regulation? Ribiero already put better numbers than Koivu and in only half a season! Koivu a playmaker? Witch plays are you talking about, maybe the 35- 40 assists he gets each year? If Koivu was such a playmaker why is it that nobody ever produce playing along Captain and don't give me that sh-t, Koivu never played with talented winger, how about Recchi, Higgins, Kovalev. When your a team first line centerman and captain your supposed to make players around you better, something Koivu never did but witch Plekanec is doing right now. Koivu Can't produce or get result like you like to say on the first line, how is he gonna produce on the third? Are your parents brother and sister?

       Koivu has become a joke and so did you!


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