Realistic Leafs Moves

If the Leafs make it to the playoffs or don’t here

are some realistic moves the Leafs could do:

Players Signed In Off-Season,

The Leafs will have about 22 million dollars in salary cap room, here is who they can sign in the


Sergei Samsonov:3-year/2.5 million per year

Tyler Arnason:2-year/1.2 million per year

Mark Bell:2-year/1 million per year

Pavel Kubina: 3-year/2.5 million per year

Willie Mitchell:2-year/1.5 million per year

After these aquisitions this will leave the Leafs with

13 million dollars in cap room, here is who they

should re-sign:

Luke Richardson:2-year/2 million per year

Eric Lindros:1-year/1.5 million dollars

Chad Kilger:3-year/700,000 per year

Karl Pilar:1-year/600,000 per year

Mikael Tellqvist:3-year/1.5 million per year

John Pohl:2-year/500,000 per year

Matt Stajan:2-year/900,000 per year

Kyle Wellwood:3-year/900,000 per year

Carlo Coliacovo:2-year/850,000 per year

Jay Harrison:4-year/900,000 per year

Curtis Joseph:1-year/1 million per year

After they re-sign all of these player it will leave

them with about 2,150,000 dollars to re-sign their

remaining prospects.

Players Released/Waived/Minors:

Jason Allison

Bryan McCabe

Wade Belak

Tie Domi

Nik Antropov

Jeff O’Neill

Here is the new roster:





Subs:Suglobov, Earl








(Tellqvist and Jospeh can split duty)

(Pogge, Rask won’t be ready for at least 2-years)