Realistic moves for Leafs

The Leafs look like a playoff fringe team again and its going to look this way for a while if we dont change anything quick i no i might get bashed for saying we should trade sundin but look at the clark trade way back when . Then if Sundin is willing to waive his NTC where a bet JfJ could convince him too here is a proposal i think that could work out
Anaheim seem s like the best bossible suiter for Sundin
To Ducks:Sundin
To Leafs: Ryan and a 2nd round pick

This trade makes sense to the ducks because Burke is supoosivly interested in Sundin and there going to want to make a push to win it all this year and this also gives them one of the best 1 – 2 punch centers in the league.

also to set us another step ahead we need to trade Tucker to he is a great asset to trade at this point and i dont think he is worth 3 or 4 million dollars this off season (although being the heart of the team) here is proosal involving him to Edmonton:
To Oilers:Tucker and White
To Leafs: Lupul and a 4th
This is a good trade for Edmonton because Lupul has supposeivly fallen out of favor there and Tucker woulg give them the kind of player they like there hardworking brings heart to every game hit s etc….

Off season:
Draft : Gagner or Cheperanov with there pick 5 to 10
Sign Kariya for 4.5 mil for 3 years
Sign Biron for 2 million over 2 years
Oneil leaves as free agent
Aubin Leaves as a FA
line up for 1 or 2 years down the road

Kariya-Cheperanov or Gagner-Lupul
ex:Mitchell, Williams

Coliacovo or Stalman-Kubina
Coliacovo or Stalman-Gill


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  1. Oley says:

    i dont know if some of those would b good but the tucker and white for lupul sounds good if we threw in like harrison and bell instead of white

  2. Oley says:

    i dont know if some of those would b good but the tucker and white for lupul sounds good if we threw in like harrison and bell instead of white

  3. ty656789 says:

    If JFJ was Brian Burke, this might happen. Brian Burke is going to end up stealing Sunding for nothing because JFJ is an idiot and he should not be the GM of the team with the biggest fan base and a team that has a rich history that has been tarnished over the past 40 years. No matter what they do this year, they are not going to win the cup. I like Sundin and at 6.5 or whatever will count against the cap next year is still a pretty good deal. Especially if they get him someone to play with. He's on pace to get 70+ points on a pretty mediocre team. Imagine if they finally got someone for him to play with. If they could trade him to a team that will not pick up the option and then sign him as a free agent that would be awesome. They have to trade Tucker. I fully agree that he is not worth 4 mil a year that he will get. I am a big Tucker fan. For 2.5 or 3 mil for sure. He could also be signed again as a UFA anyways. Trade away and get it all back. If they could trade McCabe and keep Kubina on top of all that to free up space to sign a forward and Biron, we would be watching our team waltz into the playoffs and at least compete at the level that the biggest hockey market in the world's team should. They need a GM with a bit more business saavy. I would love to see Brian Burke as GM of the leafs in the near future. Not sure if this is true, but someone told me that there has never been a team that has won the Stanley Cup with a European captain. Superstiscous????? I am a bit and why tempt fate????

  4. ty656789 says:

    PS: Since when is everyone just happy and corcerned with making the playoffs??? WHAT ABOUT THE GOD DAMN STANLEY CUP!!!!! Why do so many leaf fans want to trade players just to make the playoffs. If they win the cup this year it would be an absolute miracle. Who cares about just making the playoffs. Lose on purpose to end up dead last to get the first pick for all I care. This year is a write off even if they do make the playoffs. It just sucks to go all the way from april to October without being able to watch the Leafs.

  5. lukeleim says:

    I agree… Tucker and White is too much for Lupul… maybe if they'd be willing to include their first round pick.

  6. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I don't really want to see sundin go but if I had to thatd be a good trade. He still can put up 70 points a season is a great leader and can often carry his team on his back. The Tucker trade I don't think will happen. Why? Well for many reasons. One Paul Maurice has said that Tucker doesn't want to go back out to Alberta and more importantly, wants to stay a leaf. JFJ knows how important Tucks and White are to this team and Lupul and a 4th rounder can't replace them. This would be a downgrade and would more benefit the Oilers than us which we don't need.

  7. mapleleafs4cup says:

    But we have way too many young defenceman and what we really do need is a young scoring winger which we dont have …Bell is the perfect #7 d and when Stralman comes over from sweden he said he does not want to play in the AHL he said he would rather just stay and get  more experience with his Swedish club and i think we need to make room for this guy they have hyped him up to be the next Lidstrom(probably not that good)but anyways back to Lupul he is the perfect winger we need on our team that can score!

  8. mapleleafs4cup says:

    But Tucker is asking for too much and with Lupul and the other move i suggested we have a nice group of speedy fowards and a amazing  defence which Stralman's hype alone makes me want to trade White. So then he canhave a roster spot… and have to agree with u what is Edmonton upgraded there pick as suggested above

  9. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Well Tucker may be asking too much at the end of the year but I think if they let go of some less important guys to free up space he can get what he's worth (Tucks is proving to be worth 3 – 4 million for the leafs) we could keep him. He's tied for the lead in goals for us even after over 10 games out now. He brings extra grit and leadership to a fairly young team. He's not exactly slow either. We could keep him for the year and find a guy to replace him if we had to. As for moving White, he's worth more than a 4th rounder. If you want to make room for Stralman, I'd suggest a trade more along the lines of Hal Gill and a 5th or 6th rounder for a 4th round pick and not necessarily from Anaheim. I'd rather move Gill and keep White even tho I like them both. White is our future, while Gill is closing in on his prime hockey years. But Lupul can not improve this team if you give up Tucker. Well those are my thoughts on that.

  10. polastem says:

    Here's the facts. IF Sundin gets traded, there's gunna be a huge return, including a conditional first round pick pending whether or not that team picks up his option year. The return for sundin would be a first round pick, and a prospect, including the conditional pick. You gotta think, he's around 35 over all in points ever in the NHL, that places him in the elite of the best who ever played. He might actually be easier to get than Forsberg though, never know. Cheers to the leafs missing the playoffs and drafting high.

  11. Toonces99 says:

    What most people dont’ seem to realize on this forum is that Burke and JFJ are very, very good friends…..It wouldn’t surprise me if they were to pull off a deal, but don’t think for a moment that Burke would pull the wool over JFJ’s eyes…should this trade occure, it will be JFJ that will be calling the shots not Burke.  Take it easy people, nothing has occured and we’re already all over Jfj, lets see what he can with his first true deadline deal.

  12. Toonces99 says:

    well put……

  13. Toonces99 says:

    I really don't think Sundin will go anywhere…it would take a great deal for JFJ to even approach him to lift his NTC… far as the Tucker's being speculated that he will not be back prior to the deadline due to the severity of the injury..if this is true, forget any trade, if he is to come back, trade him to Columbus along with a 2nd rounder for Zherdev…..This kid is a magician with the puck, he seems to have hit a wall, but l think a change of atmosphere would do him good, furthermore, you guys wait until Kuleman(sp) gets here, he will make your eyes pop with how tough he is and the great hands he has.  Tlustly is tearing up the league, the are stating that he has the potential to be a great player…..

  14. Oley says:

    like i said b4 tucker and white for lupul is too much  toronto may have Stralman or watever but remember he hasnt shown how good he is at a nhl level. so dont get too excited…… he could b like aki berg and belak. both 1st rounders too and they both suck. i dunno i would let go of tucker, and bell or harrison or if they didnt want them i would throw in Battaglia if that wouldnt go through  i would make it.

    To Toronto: Lupul, 3rd rounder
    To Edmonton: Tucker, Battaglia, Bell

  15. Oley says:

    like i said b4 tucker and white for lupul is too much  toronto may have Stralman or watever but remember he hasnt shown how good he is at a nhl level. so dont get too excited…… he could b like aki berg and belak. both 1st rounders too and they both suck. i dunno i would let go of tucker, and bell or harrison or if they didnt want them i would throw in Battaglia if that wouldnt go through  i would make it.

    To Toronto: Lupul, 3rd rounder
    To Edmonton: Tucker, Battaglia, Bell

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    How about this idea:

    Tucker to Calgary for Boyd and a 2nd rounder
    Kubina to Nashville for Suter and a 4th rounder
    Bell, Harrison, Kronwall, Suglobov to Philly for 2nd round pick(likely 31st overall)(Philly in desparate need of youth)

    Pick up Sundins Option
    Resign: Colaiacovo 1 mil, White 1 mil, Suter 1 mil, Battaglia 1 mil, Poni 1.5 mil, Antropov 1.5 mil, O'neill 2 mil, Peca 2.5 mil.
    Let Walk: Aubin, Devereaux
    Sign: Dunham 1 mil

    HS: Belak-Ondrus

    HS: Wozniewski


    Cap hit is 42 kmil, so god amount ofcap room, for late season aquisition.

  17. DJTOKid says:

    I agree with some of you thats Sundin WILL NOT be going anywhere, and if him and Leafs managment were smart, they wouldn't pick up his option and sign him to a more cap friendly deal.(something along the lines of what Brind amour got) As for trading Tucker, I'm not too sure about that, only if the price is right. If they could trade him and a kronwall or woznewski for Lupul and a pick thn by all means get it done. If there only going to get a Raffi Torres back in return then I don't think it's worth it. I would try to resign him for 3mil a year. I do think the Leafs should go after Forsberg for run if they are still in contention. I would offer upBrendon Bell and a 3rd round pick, that pick would turn into a fourth rounder if Forsberg signed back with philly, and it would be a 2nd rounder if the Leafs resigned Forsberg. So for the playoff run assuming the Oilers trade went through for lupul…

    Lupul       Sundin       Steen
    Oneil       Forsberg     Poni
    Antropov  Stajan        Kilger
    Battes      Pohl          Deveroux
    ex:wellwood(when healthy)

     Kaberle Mccabe
     Kubina Colaiacovo
     Gill White


  18. polastem says:

    Nope. Don't like it.

  19. mojo19 says:

    I love how Antropov is injured in the future.
    Pretty good article, I don't know if Cheparonov or Gagner will be top line guys within the next couple years. This is a weak draft year don't forget. By the time those guys will be ready to be top line Pogge will be the starting goalie I would bet.

  20. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    its true rebuilding, not rebuilding and signing Smyth, Biron, and Forsberg crap. if you want to build for the future, you need young players and draft picks.

  21. Toonces99 says:

    It's not true rebuilding as you don't have a cornerstone or franchise player….come on, use your head, you're simply recycling players…..

  22. Toonces99 says:

    If the leafs don't pick up sundin's option, they cannot sign him for 12 months….

  23. GoalJudge says:

    Sundin is not going anywhere, even though I have also wrote that it would be a smart move, and allow the leafs to sign him to a more CAP friendly salary over the summer.  They can't do that if they keep him.  Although if they do trade him, the other Team would have the rights to his option.

    As for the Tucker for Lupol and a 4th round pick that I have read more than once. It is STUPID, because the leafs aren't getting enough back.
    Therefore it won't happen, the Torres and a 1st was much more likely.
    Lupol may be a more talented player than Torres, but he is struggling, and that hurts his value.  Torres is a grinder and hardworker, which fits in Maurice's plan better. Personally I think the Leafs could use Lupol more than Torres as they have an over-abundance at center, but for this to go down, the pick has to be higher.  Lupol and a 1st, would get it doen quick, 'm sure.  The jury will be out until Tucker returns from injury.

  24. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I think a "franchise player" is  already in the syste somewhere, if not, the only logical way to get one is drafting. recycling players makes a huge difference, Buffalo is a prime example. The got rid of Pyatt, brought up some young guys and BAM they're first in the league.

  25. polastem says:

    That's a completely different scenario. The Sabres sucked for years and drafted high before they were able to become the team they are. 1. You're giving up way too much for suter, and 2. Toronto has yet to draft that cornerstone player.

  26. mojo19 says:

    Good stuff BLUE AND WHITE. I liked it, even if all these other people don't understand that what they want is completely far fetched. Nice touch with Dunham, I hope he does become the back up next year.

    Oh and by the way (to all the people who didn't like B&W's suggestion), the corner stone/building block of the franchise is Tomas Kaberle. The only way that could change is if they sign Datsyuk or Briere in the offseason.

  27. bleedsbluenwhite says:

    Honestly JF jr is retarded so sundin and tucker most likely will stay put and he'll just pull off some lame deal to "please" us, the fans.

    if somehow he ate some pills and turned smart…than by all means trade tucker and resign him off-season. He wants to stay with toronto anyway, realistically we know our team is not good enough to win the Cup this year so trading tucker for some youth or picks will make next year's Cup run better.

    as for trading sundin… he has an option.. and if we trade him, the other team will pick it up so no on sundin deal b/c leafs wont be leafs without him.

  28. DJTOKid says:

    Then they have to trade him for some youth and picks, get him to waive his no trade to go try to win a cup. Then re-sign him in the off season, providing the team you trade him to doesn't pick his option up, which I wouldn't think would happen. Then you could get him back for a cap friendly 3.5mil a year for three years… out.

  29. Aetherial says:

    The Leafs will be pressing hard in the next few weeks for that playoff spot. If they are close, they won't do anything because

    1) MLSE only cares about the revenue from one round
    2) If you make it to the playoffs, who knows what can happen

    Therefore, my guess is that they do nothing of significance. I could see Sundin and Tucker still here and the leafs trading one of their young D, Kronvall or Harrison for Anson Carter (using the Peca money to pay for the rest of Carter's contract).

    It may not be exactly that, but it will be something like that.

    The Leafs will just make, or just miss the playoffs. They will keep Sundin, and re-sign Tucker … and be in worse cap shape than they are now even.

    Then, in a couple years, when the contracts of White Colaiacovo, Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Ponikarovsky all come up for renewal…

    They won't be able to afford their own players. So we will have a poor-mediocre team, cap problems, and a very thin farm system, just like now.

    In other words, no changes in thinking in this organization means no hope for the Leafs for many years.


  30. smooth4488 says:

    As for the draft pick, it depends where we pick. If, somehow, we fall right out of playoff contention and go on a losing skid, we could luck out at the lottery draft. Mark my words, after this year Patrick Kane is NHL ready in two years and we may be able to pluck him depending how bad we do. True, offensive explosiveness…..

  31. mojo19 says:

    I dont know Patrick Kane, but I read in the hockey news that this is a weaker draft year, comparable to the 1998 draft, which had Lecavalier and some good guys.

  32. the_word says:

    If they can't sign Colaiacovo, Wellwood, Stajan, Steen and Ponikarovsky couldn't they just trade them for picks and prospects as they enter their prime and wouldn't they be great trade bait?  When they'd have to do that, that'll probably be around the end of Sundin's career, Tucker's next contract, McCabe, Kaberele and Kubina's contract would be ending.  That's sounds like a great time to rebuild, doesn't it.

    This team may be mediocre for a fews years, so why be desperate to sell now, if they won't be good for a few years anyway?

  33. smooth4488 says:

    Actually this draft class is not that bad. There is definitely some depth to it…regardless, I still think they need to rebuild. They are going to continue to trya nd make the big buck for a playoff round and they are happy with that because they lost out last year. I say do it properly, and stock your system with draft picks. I still think trading for Raycroft was a huge mistake. I like him as a goalie, but I would have given up Pogge before Rask.

  34. smooth4488 says:

    Just to add to my Pat Kane comment, check the OHL website and check out his stats. He was also named to the World Juniors All Star team this year, so that says something and he just turned 18. Wished he was

  35. 92-93 says:

    i'm pessimistic about the leafs but i cannot be as pessimistic as Aetherial above. there are a lot assumptions being made there and some of them simply dont make sense.

    one thing i do agree with is that the Leafs will probably do nothing at the deadline, or worse, trade one of their young players for someone like Carter or whoever to make a 'push' for the playoffs (ick).

    if i were GM:

    1) trade Tucker at deadline to Detroit for Hudler and 3rd round pick.
    2) trade that 3rd round pick and Brendan Bell to Florida for Gary Roberts.

    See how Roberts is playing for the rest of the year in order to make up mind about whether or not to resign him and for how much (either way, it will be only for one year). Also, give some starts to Aubin, especially after the Leafs fade from playoff contention. We know Raycroft is younger and inconsistent, but Aubin is almost 30, should we upgrade the back-up?

    Roberts-Sundin-Wellwood     Kaberle-Kubina       Raycroft
    Steen-Stajan-O'Neill             McCabe-Coliacovo   [Aubin]
    Poni-Hudler-Antropov           White-Gill
    Kilger-Pohl-Battaglia             [Woz]
    [Belak, Devereaux]

    3) resign your RFAs: Poni, Steen, Coliacovo, White, Woz, Hudler
    4) resign your UFAs: Antropov, O'Neill, Battaglia, Devereaux (to a two-way contract)

    5) pick up option on Sundin's contract 
    6) do NOT resign Tucker as a UFA, do not resign Aubin or Peca (unless Peca is willing to take $2 million or less or even 2 mil with bonuses for playing 60 and 70 games). finally and probably, do not resign Roberts unless he really proves he can play well and get less than $2 million for one year.
    7) try your best to trade one of Gill, Kubina, or McCabe but assume that that is not going to happen.

    8) draft day, draft a solid young player depending on the draft position – hopefully a kid like Voracek or Gagner or Gillies. But probably a defenceman like Alzner or Ellerby (and yes, the D needs to be restocked with the graduation of Coli, White, Bell, Woz, etc.).

    9) UFA signings: only two. my choices – Nagy and Legace.
    10) please waive Wade Belak

    Nagy-Sundin-Wellwood         Kaberle-Kubina       Raycroft
    Steen-Stajan-O'Neill             McCabe-Coliacovo   [Legace]
    Poni-Hudler-Antropov           White-Gill
    Kilger-Pohl-Battaglia             [Woz]

    Players to call-up from the Marlies: Kronvall, Harrison, Newbury, Westrum, Williams and yes, even Tlusty.

    Hopefully, the Marlies will see some European prospects play for them next year – Stralman, Tlusty, Vorobiev, Kulemin … along with Brent Aubin. Alzner/Ellerbyt/Gagner/Gillies are not likely to be with the Marlies next year. Top Marlie lines:

    Earl-Tlusty-Williams             Harrison-Kronvall     Pogge
    Newbury-Westrum-Kulemin   Vorobiev-Stralman   [Racine]

  36. 92-93 says:

    Kulemin's stats so far:
    44 games played, 23 goals, 34 pts.

    Tlusty – 10 goals, 16 pts in 20 games.

    Aubin – 47 goals, 91 pts in 56 games.

  37. smooth4488 says:

    I would Tucker for Bobby Ryan straight up. Ryan could technically already make the team and his upside is huge. He could be the possible franchise player. A top 5 pick!

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