Realistic moves for Leafs

The Leafs look like a playoff fringe team again and its going to look this way for a while if we dont change anything quick i no i might get bashed for saying we should trade sundin but look at the clark trade way back when . Then if Sundin is willing to waive his NTC where a bet JfJ could convince him too here is a proposal i think that could work out
Anaheim seem s like the best bossible suiter for Sundin
To Ducks:Sundin
To Leafs: Ryan and a 2nd round pick

This trade makes sense to the ducks because Burke is supoosivly interested in Sundin and there going to want to make a push to win it all this year and this also gives them one of the best 1 – 2 punch centers in the league.

also to set us another step ahead we need to trade Tucker to he is a great asset to trade at this point and i dont think he is worth 3 or 4 million dollars this off season (although being the heart of the team) here is proosal involving him to Edmonton:
To Oilers:Tucker and White
To Leafs: Lupul and a 4th
This is a good trade for Edmonton because Lupul has supposeivly fallen out of favor there and Tucker woulg give them the kind of player they like there hardworking brings heart to every game hit s etc….

Off season:
Draft : Gagner or Cheperanov with there pick 5 to 10
Sign Kariya for 4.5 mil for 3 years
Sign Biron for 2 million over 2 years
Oneil leaves as free agent
Aubin Leaves as a FA
line up for 1 or 2 years down the road

Kariya-Cheperanov or Gagner-Lupul
ex:Mitchell, Williams

Coliacovo or Stalman-Kubina
Coliacovo or Stalman-Gill