Realistic Moves for The Leafs

Everytime a Maple Leaf story is up, people come up with these crazy trades about mutliple player trades to teams to get a good return. The real world does not operate like a NHL 2006 for your gaming system. With the Leafs using a lot of their salary cap on junk players, you have to look within the organization to make the right moves.

Everyone talks about how our defence is weak, which I agree it is, but we do have a bunch of decent guys that can come up and play. To cut back on some of the salary, Berg, Klee, and Khavanov should be put on waivers, (or a trade for whatever you can get) and our defence should be would be left with 6 decent players; McCabe, Kaberle, Wozniewski, Harrison, Coliacovo, and Kronwall. Sure they are unexperienced, but only one way to learn, and thats by playing. At least these guys would always give 100% which is more than I can say for Klee, Khavanov and Berg.

Up front again we have some changes that we can make. I would waive (again or trade for anything) Antropov and O’Neil, who have been terrible this season, and bring up Bates Battaglia and John Pohl. Again let these young guys learn, then it will help free up some salary cap space, and then maybe in the off-season we can sign a decent winger.

Trades are not going to be possible, nobody wants anyone from the Leafs, with the exception of Sundin, and Ferguson is not going to trade his captain. We don’t have much to trade with, so I would want to see Quinn and Ferguson using the youth we have to develope the talent, and who knows, maybe we have someone who can step right in and play great.

ON a side note, for all the people that think the Leafs, Senators, Canucks, or Canadiens have a chance of winning a Stanley Cup, take a look at the captains of stanley cup teams for the last 20 years. Every single team was captained by a Canadian, with the exception of Mike Modano with Dallas (He is from USA). The only teams that have a chance this year are ones with Canadians for a team Captain.