Realistically Who could they get?

I hear people saying this and that about who the Leafs should trade for, but in reality a lot of teams are not willing to give up anyone even if the trade goes in their favour. If the Leafs do give up big name players they won’t get what they deserve in return.

What the Leafs need right now is to get a real defined goal scorer to line up with Mats on the wing. He has to be in his early to mid 20’s. Thats all they really need. If you look at most teams in the league there are a one two and even three punch on their top line. Or they at leats have two superstars somewhere in their line up. If the leafs don’t get that superstar to play with Mats they are going to be stuck where they have been for the last few years. But mark my word. If they happen happen to get a Heatley calibre player they will make playoffs and they will be a deep playoff team. If they do happen to trade Mats or Tucker they better be getting some first round draft picks somewhere in there (at least for Mats).