Realistically Who could they get?

I hear people saying this and that about who the Leafs should trade for, but in reality a lot of teams are not willing to give up anyone even if the trade goes in their favour. If the Leafs do give up big name players they won’t get what they deserve in return.

What the Leafs need right now is to get a real defined goal scorer to line up with Mats on the wing. He has to be in his early to mid 20’s. Thats all they really need. If you look at most teams in the league there are a one two and even three punch on their top line. Or they at leats have two superstars somewhere in their line up. If the leafs don’t get that superstar to play with Mats they are going to be stuck where they have been for the last few years. But mark my word. If they happen happen to get a Heatley calibre player they will make playoffs and they will be a deep playoff team. If they do happen to trade Mats or Tucker they better be getting some first round draft picks somewhere in there (at least for Mats).

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  1. curtman96 says:

    they should do nothing at the deadline except Tucker for Bobby Ryan, try and sign Tucker in offseason and maybe pikup Roberts in the summer if the money is right.

  2. 92-93 says:

    well according to Eklund yesterday, the leafs are pursuing Nagy (which would be good).

    but Eklund today claims that the Leafs are going to resign Tucker in the next few days and will try for Roberts at the deadline.

    so i guess you cant rely on any rumors coming from Ek, big suprise there.

    but even if the leafs do resign Tucker and go after Roberts, it would mean that a player on the roster would have to go the other way to clear cap space for his contract, which is $1.75 million. I see Bell and a pick going to Florida or maybe one of the 4th liners – like Kilger or Battaglia going.

    in any case, it represents another missed opportunity for the leaf GM to get some young prospects or picks in return for a very valuable commodity.

  3. I-BE-LEAF says:

    my hope is that Ferguson does little to nothing at the deadline.  keep the team together and let the youth keep playing – period!  the Leafs have proven they can compete on a nightly basis with what they have.  i'm not saying they are a favorite to win the glory this year but given some more time, to allow the rebuilding process to continue, they could become more dangerous.  that being said, if something can be done to strengthen the lines by trading some extra stock like Green, Bell, Kronwall, Harrison, or Wozniewski then it may be worth the move.  it does seems unlikely though considering what other teams are either offering to move or who they are going to be competing for.

    i say wait for the offseason.  resign UFAs Sundin, Tucker, O'Neill, Peca, Antropov, Battaglia, and Deveraux and RFAs Ponikarovsky, Colaiacovo, and White.  if free agents like Bertuzzi really do want to play for Toronto next year and there is somehow room to sign him, then it's a no brainer but other than that, i see no reason to part with any of our developing youth to try and make a run.

    with talent like Earl, Mitchell, Ondrus, Newbury, Pogge, Williams, Aubin, Kulemin, Oreskovic, Stralman, Tlusty, and Vorobiev in the system, the Leafs look more promising for years to come than ever before.  add this years draft with our improved scouting and with all our early draft picks still intact and more talent is sure to follow.

    as fans, we simply need to be more patient.
    let Ferguson, Maurice, Gilbert, and the players continue what they have started building.  blue and white excitement!

  4. 92-93 says:

    a blurb from an Edmonton newspaper:
    "The Oilers are reportedly offering Smyth between $4.25 million US and $4.5 million a season, which probably isn't enough for a player of his calibre.Smyth is looking for both a long-term contract and more money, quite possibly a five-year, $25-million deal. The Oilers may be willing to sign him for five years, but may not be willing to part with the cash. How about a four-year package?"

    i'm thinking, hey, if the Oilers cannot resign Smyth and they dont trade him, if i were JFJ i would jump at giving Smyth 5 years and $25 million. to have my two favourite players playing on the same line – Sundin and Smyth – … i would be in heaven and the Leafs would be playoff-bound guaranteed (plus, Smyth is the natural successor for the Leafs' captaincy).

  5. mojo19 says:

    the leafs have more than enough cap space for Roberts. He makes less than Peca who is on long term injury.

    According to hockeycentral at noon, Kypreos and that other guy (something Millard, I think Derren) If JFJ pulled off something Lamorello-esk, they could place Tucker and Wellwood on long term injury and land Forsberg and Roberts and stay under the cap. Then when the playoffs begin they can activate Tucker and Wellwood and have all four guys in the line-up. Pretty good idea. Here's what I think they could potentially do:

  6. mojo19 says:

    Without mortgaging the future they could make a run for it this year while Mats is still super.

    -Trade Tucker for a prospect and 1st round draft pick to some team.

    -Trade A 3rd or 4th round pick for Roberts

    Now heres where I don't know if it would happen or not but:

    -Trade Stajan or Ponikarovski and Bell or Kronvall and a 1st round pick for Forsberg. This wouldn't be a bad trade for Philly. Poni scored 20 last year and is almost there again already this year, the leafs are actually in my opinion giving up too much but thats the way it goes trading for stars.

    – Then use the hockeycentral idea of keeping Welly's salary off the books for a little while longer, activate him late in the year and voila, leafs would have given up Poni and Tucker and brought it Roberts and Forsberg. you lose a couple draft picks but no 1st rounder, Bell/Kronvall won't be missed because you bring back a similar calibre prospect (preferably a forward) in the Tucker deal.

    Assuming its Poni and not Stajan traded:

    Forsberg – Mats – Niky
    Roberts – Wellwood – Pohl   /Devereux
    Steen – Stajan – O'Neil
    Kilger – Green – Battaglia   /Belak

  7. mojo19 says:

    Smyth is your 2nd favourite player eh? Well he's a warrior, a young Gary Roberts. It would be pretty crazy to have him on the team. My 2nd favourite player is Jarome Iginla (well excluding leafs cuz then its T-Kab and Antropov)

    To me, if I could have any 1 player in the league, 1 year only, it would be Iginla. I would build with Crosby obviously, but right now theres no one better than Jarome Iginla. Calgary to take the west???

  8. DJTOKid says:


    One of them HAS to become a Leaf before February 27th or its no playoffs.

  9. polastem says:

    that was perfect until you mentioned roberts.

  10. polastem says:

    I'll take a Nagy over Bertz anyday.

  11. polastem says:

    Here's what I could see happening, and I'm gunna come abck to this post after the deadline to see if I was right.

    1. Tucker resigns with the Leafs.

    2. Toronto is being talked about on TSN that they are in hot pursuit of Nagy, but are continuously kicking tires.

    3. Fergusson gives up and picks up Roberts for a 5th round pick to allow Roberts to finish his career as a maple leaf. (and i don't really want him back! He can finish his career in florida, lol. but it's probably a nice thing to do for him.)

    4. Ferguson will make a trade for future considerations on some 4th line player.

    5. Toronto misses the playoffs and finish 10th, just ahead of the Islanders, and right behind the Canadians.

    6. Toronto drafts number 9, which sucks cause it's gunn be a hell of a year for prospects.

  12. Aetherial says:

    WoW, sorry man but I can't agree.

    Imagine the Leafs cap situation in that case. They have to resign some young players also! I think 5 years at big dollars for Smyth would be a horrible mistake.

    Then again, they are screwed for 4 more years anyway, with ZERO hope of correcting the situation, so who cares. Maybe you are right.

  13. 92-93 says:

    if toronto drafts 9th i would be in HEAVEN.

    are you kidding me? they can get someone VERY GOOD drafting 10th or 11th or 12th!!! go to the ISS rankings on TSN/nhl and you'll see what i mean.

  14. 92-93 says:

    yeah Iggy's amazing, i just havent watched him as much as Smyth. if i did, i'd probably like him more.

  15. 92-93 says:

    i dont think they are screwed for 4 years – if JFJ is replaced by someone savvy in the next year or so.

    there are too many contracts coming up for expiration – #1 being Sundin's either this year or next (probably next) – that would open up a ton of cap space. you are also assuming that Kubina, McCabe, and Gill are untradeable (which i'll admit they are, but we've seen GMs make pretty dumb moves before). Smyth comes in, his contract his less than Sundin's – assuming Sundin departs. the situation isn't getting worse at this point.

    then you add in the various smaller level UFAs – Battaglias, Antropovs, Devreauxs, Kilgers (eventually), O'Neills, Belaks (eventually), and hopefully Tucker (Not) and see younger guys replace them if these guys start demanding more than what they are getting now … and the space begins to appear. the leafs are not in a bad cap space heading into next year considering the rise in cap space.

    Of course that last sentence is dependent on Tucker NOT resigning with the Leafs. but, Smyth wouldnt make the situation worse at all.

    But, if you go by your original assumption about the next four years, maybe i'm right there too considering that they might as well go 'all in' considering the contracts they've given out on defence, to Tucker, etc.

  16. polastem says:

    Alright! Maybe it's way deeper than I thought, lol. That's awesome. Yay! Lose Leafs Lose! lol

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