Rebuild the Sharks

Another Sharks playoffs have come to an end with this year one of the few that were succesful. With all the free agents however next year could be trouble. Ive decided to try and help fix it.

Following the season SJ has roughly 20m to play with

Resign Patty Marleau on a 10 year deal which pays him 7 for the first 4 years 6 the next 2, 3.5 the next 2 and 1 the last 2, for a decent cap hit of 4.9 per year.

15.1 left

Resign Joe pavelski to a 4m/4 years deal

11.1m left

Resign Manny Malhota 1m/1 year

10.1m left

Resign Scott Nichol 700k/2 years

9.4 left

Draft Day 2010
Trade rights to evgeni nabokov to flyers for 3rd and 5th round picks

Trade Marc Eduard Vlassic+ kent Huskins+ Tyson Sexsmith to Vancouver for Cody Schnieder+ Brad Luckawhich

Trade Devin Setoguchi, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick 2011 and Jason Demers to Tampa Bay for 5th overal pick.

With this pick select d Cam Fowler.

Free Agency 2010

Sign Denis Seidenburg 3m/ 2 years

Sign Willie Mitchell 3.5/2 years

Sign Todd bertuzzi 1.5/1 year
Sign Arron Asham 1m/1 year
Resign any RFAS aquired to deals

With Lucawhich and Huskins salary basically being a wash the salary cap doesnt change

Trading Vlassic for Schnieder frees up about 2.1 cap space

After deals you have roughly 10.5 in space.

Add in the 9m spent on UFAS and we end up having roughly 1.5 in cap space

Add in calling up nick petrecki and Logan Couture you have about 1m in cap relief

Your lines look like

CouturePavelski- Clowe

Spares: Staubitz

Fowler- Mitchell
Spare: Lucawhich



I feel the problem with this years Sharks team was that our defense did not block enough shots and plain and simple weren’t tough enough. As you can see ive completely revamped our defense with 3 acquisitions and a promotion. Thinking for the future, i have also acquired stud d man Cam Fowler who i feel will be available with the 6th overall pick.

The goal-tending obviously need to be changed as Nabby is a UFA and failed to assist us this year at the rate we pay him.

The forwards arent as deep as id like them but that could come over the coarse of the season. I really feel that Couture is ready to step up and produce which warranted the departure of Setoguchi.

Think this team can compete for the cup?

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  1. cam7777 says:

    How does this solve any of the Shark's problems?  Sure, Nabokov has never lit it up in the playoffs, but basically you're saying replacing him with a young goalie will completely fix this team.  Replacing Vlasic with Fowler is a sideways move in the short term.  The team needs more depth, not less – guys like Setoguchi are important moving forward. 

    It seems to me that Clowe/Pavelski/Setoguchi are capable of acting as a top line.  It would be ideal to trade Thornton, Heatley and Marleau for separate packages.  The extra cap space would keep the team competitive in the present (as room would be available to sign free agent short term), and long term, you'd presumably have a bunch of picks and prospects coming through the system.

  2. Redwings3019 says:

    Ask Thorton to remove his NTC and go to Calgary to get Bouwmeester.

    (Could be more involved, just the key players listed)
    Thorton + 2010 1st

    Calgary gets that center theyve been dreaming of to play with Iginla and a first round which they dont have. SJ gets a quick, young puck moving defencemen with size (although doesnt really use it…) They lose a 1st rounder but with McGinn, Setoguchi, Pavelski and Couture they can live without a 28th OA (?) pick. Thorton has 1 year left on his contract while Bouwmeester is signed till 2013/14 I believe

    Release Nabokov, sign Niittymaki/Turco/Mason. Try to sign German goalie Endras (with Greiss on your they have a better chance) Either give Greiss/Endras a chance in the NHL or sign Niittymaki + Turco/Mason. I still think their combined hit will be less than Nabokov's.

    Resign Malhotra 2 years 1.5 cap

    Resign Marleau (main post's contract sounds good)

    Resign Pavelski and Setoguchi (both totaling 6-6.5 or less)

    Trade Boyle for top 6 forward if you get Bouwmeester. Ideally the player has a cap less than Boyle's 6.667.

    If Blake doesnt retire I wouldnt sign him for more than 1-1.5 on a short (probably 1) year contract.

    If Blake retires and the Boyle trade frees up an extra 1.5-2 mil sign Willie Mitchell. If not than sign Lebda or Lilja for 1-1.5

    Bertuzzi signing is also a good idea.

  3. Redwings3019 says:

    Sorry Marleau's cap sounds good, the length is too long. 10 years? He'll be 39 with a cap of 4.9….ouch
    Id go more with a 5 year that is 6.5 – 6.5 – 6 – 5 – 4

    Its a 5.6 hit but takes him till he is 34. If he is looking for more you still have about 700k from his current cap to play with and 400k in the Bouwmeester/Thorton deal

  4. Kill_Yourself says:

    Resign Patty Marleau on a 10 year deal which pays him 7 for the first 4 years 6 the next 2, 3.5 the next 2 and 1 the last 2, for a decent cap hit of  4.9 per year.

    14.8 left

    Resign Joe pavelski to a 4m/4 years deal

    10.8m left

    Resign Manny Malhota 1m/1 year

    9.8 m left

    Resign Scott Nichol 700k/2 years

    9.1 left

    Sign Nabakov to a 3 year 5 mil deal

    4.1 left

    Sign Devin Setoguchi to a 2 year 2million deal.

    2.1 left

    Trade Marc Eduard Vlassic+ kent Huskins+ Tyson Sexsmith to Vancouver for Cody Schnieder + Steve Berneir (rfa sign to 2 mil 2 years)

    Trading Vlassic for Schnieder frees up about 2.1 cap space

    3.7 left

    Free Agency 2010

    Sign Carlo Colaiacovo 1.7m/ 2 years

    Sign Mike Van Ryn 1.5 /1 year
    (was out hurt all season but should be healed will be back this season)

    Sign  Jay Leach 0.5 /1 year

    Your lines look like
    Heatley –ThorntonMarleau
     Berneir –Pavelski- Clowe
    McGinn Mitchell – Couture

    Boyle Murray
    ColaiacovoVan Ryn
    Petrecki Demers
    spare: Leach


    Schnieder is to learn from nabokov then take his job.
    Berneir played good for sj not too great for vancouver.
    First chance to get rid of Thorton and heatley needs to see them off. Their contracts are killers. They get another shot at the cup if next year is a dud get rid of them. Work on defense when thorton is gone.

    well without changing much this is what i think they should do.

  5. broc says:

    Uh, good luck the Flyers taking on Nabokov's salary demands…

  6. futurebruin says:

    To SJS: Blake Wheeler, Michael Ryder, Jeff Penner, Rights to Dennis Seidenberg, 1st in 2010 (15th overall)
    To BOS: Dany Heatley

  7. hockeyhead says:

    good luck with those moves.

    chara for heatley or marleau.

  8. nocup4sharks says:

    worse comes to worse we can trade him to a low budget team (ex Nashville) with lots of cap room. Even though the cap hit would be 4.9m the team would only owe him 1m and since they have plenty of cap room it would fit.

  9. cam7777 says:

    To SJS: Wheeler, Ryder, Colborne, 2nd in 2010 (TOR)
    To BOS: Heatley

  10. nocup4sharks says:

    You signed Seto but hes not even in the lineup? The lines look decent except if swtich bernier with Couture as i feel Couture has more scoring potential. Id also bump up Malhotra to centre on 3rd line as hes a great faceoff man. Move Mitchell to the LW and put mcGinn on line 4.

    Heatley –ThorntonMarleau
    Couture –Pavelski- Clowe
    Mitchell- Malhotra – Bernier 
    Staubitz-Nichol- McGinn

    On the defence i really like the signing of Mike van ryan but i still say that our defence isnt strong enough. I really feel as though we need Willie Mitchells toughness and leadership. I also feel Seidenburg would be great on the PK.

    Id also like to know why people are so ready to get rid of Dany heatley? Hes only been here one year and it does take time to get used to how the sharks system works, and it takes Joe some time to figure out where heatley likes it and goes. Sure he had a brutal playoffs but he was definately playing hurt. Sure he lapsed a bit in his own end but i think he was playing through alot of pain.

    Also big Joe has a monster round 2. Possibley the best ive seen him play. He single handily led to comebacks vs the wings (Games 3 and 5) and if not for the amazing job done by Dave Bolland he could of player the same in round 3

  11. hockeyhead says:

    that sounds like the joe thornton trade in reverse.

    san jose owes us one… it.

    but realisticly….colborne is the only one worth anything.

  12. leafmeister says:

    If anything Calgary would have to throw a 1st into the deal. J-bo is madly overrated, and benefited from being on a perpetually terrible Florida team. He still has yet to see any playoff action, he is overpaid, and signed for too long. Also SJ has no need for a puck mover, Boyle is better, more experienced, and has a more reasonable contract.

  13. HABSSTAR says:

    This team goes nowhere near the Cup as long as No Show Joe, Heatley and Marleau are part of it. 

  14. Tachmo says:

    Heatley was a major contributor to their failure. 2 goals???
    My personal opinion is this guy is a bum. He is a floater and was clearly floating in no mans land when Bfygulien scored in OT in game 3. That was embarrassing. He is immature and is a suck. He cried his way out of Ottawa. I wouldn't want him in Boston. Chara for Heatley, no way.

    SJ is now the Senators of years past, with the huge line. The big line in Ottawa didn't work either with Alfie, Spezza and Heatley.

    I am not sure if I can blame Thornton, he made some good passes and no one finished them off.

    It is time to blow it up. Let Marleau walk, someone will give this guy a lot of money.

  15. intelligentscorpio says:

    If Doug Wilson and the Sharks top brass want to change the losing culture, they need to start from a clean slate and built a winner. 

    Let Marleau and Nabacov go to free agency. Trade Heatley and Thornton. Now, you start to find the pieces you need to compete in today's nhl. 

  16. Redwings3019 says:

    I agree that Bouwmeester for Thorton + 1st isnt what the deal should be. Calgary would have to either throw in a prospect they no longer want but SJ shows interest in, a low cap hit player SJ is interested in or future picks.

    From what Ive heard is that Calgary really wants a pick this year (lack of depth in prospects is pushing for this) and a high profile center. (I think theyll be going for Marleau) They are on very thin ice here and the past moves that were horrible are going to make them push really hard at making big changes.

    Bouwmeester is 25 I think, his strength is his skating, SJ needs this on the blue line. Teams wont be able to dump/chase as easy.

    Boyle is better and more experienced but I think that if you get Bouwmeester he'll gain that experience/skill quickly. He would fit in nicely with SJ. There are a few teams looking for players exactly like Boyle and this could net SJ a nice player.

    Ottawa sounds like they are losing their top D man, Pens might lose Gonchar (if they do I can see them giving up Staal, its going to involve more than Boyle for Staal but they are too focused down the middle and Staal could be the key player they put into a trade, long shot but I can see it happening) Dallas is known to be looking for this exact type of player and it could include a higher 1st round pick… The contract is probably higher than they want (I think they have some limits to cap hit/player along with their total cap hit…)

    Bouwmeester matches better with the younger players SJ has coming up (Pavelski, Setoguchi, Vlassic, McGinn, Couture) I honestly think he is overrated currently but I still think he'll turn in that defenseman on the right team, SJ seems like the right team.

    If you can get Bouwmeester and Mitchell than I think SJ's D will be better in my mind. Plus if you get that young-midaged player for Boyle than you could have a highly talented young core signed for a considerable length of time.

    Its all a risk and not truely based on reality but its always like that with trade talks…

  17. pezzz123 says:

    You will not trade Nabokov's rights to anybody.

    You're giving up on Vlasic to get Schneider? Silly idea. Schneider will not stop any pucks if the D in front of him sucks. Vlasic is a great young d-man. Don't give up on him.

    All that for the 5th overall?? Man, Setoguchi was an 8th overall pick. Playing like top 5. You're adding another 1rst rounder, a 2nd rounder, and Demers for a 5th overall pick who has still all to prove? Silly move. Setoguchi will be a key player moving on for the Sharks. And Fowler will be picked either #3 or #4. Brandon Gormley will be the one left at #5.

    Seidenberg will cost more than 3 million per year if he's going into UFA market.

    Willie Mitchell will cost a lot less than this though. And first of all, start by checking if his career isn't over before signing him to that contract…..

    Both Asham and Bertuzzi will cost more than this. And on 2-3 years deals.

    Your attack is real good. Bertuzzi can step up on a scoring line if there's an injury.

    You D sucks real bad though. It's really not an improvment on this year's D. Petrecki is not ready to handle top 4 minutes. He still has to learn how to skate. Fowler should stay with Windsor next year. He was shaky down the stretch. Another year of junior will serve him well. He will be able to play the lead role with Ellis and Cundari both gone. And as I said, it's far from being certain Willie Mitchell will even play hockey next year. Lukowich is done. Forget him.

    And how about your goaltenders? Two young guns with less than 30 nhl games of experience combined. You're sure about this??? 

    So no, you will certainly not compete for the Cup with this lineup. You will probably even have trouble sneaking into the playoffs, especially considering the Kings, Coyotes, Stars and Ducks will all be on the rise.  

  18. mojo19 says:

    Manny Malholtra will sign for more than $1 million, that was a fluke to get him at such a bargain price this year. i think he'll go for more like $1.5 million, give or take.

  19. nocup4sharks says:

    First off: Vlassic is yes a very good dman but he is not fit for the west more for the east. he is not strong enough to move guys out of the way of the net or win puck battles in the corners.

    I also think that the Islanders will look to draft another top end forward for taveras to get old with. Therefore Fowler would still be available.

    One bad injury doesnt mean career over

    Both will sign 1 year deals to try and improve the value for the next offseason

    I feel Petrecki and Fowler combined could become a great young duo such as a Pronger- Niedamyer combination as petrecki is strongly compared to pronger and fowler to nieds. There will also be vetrans in the room to help both their developments. lukowhich was simply included to balance salarys and is close with Boyle.

    You want to look at how much experiance jaroslav halak had before this season?

    The Kings are on the rise and are likely the divison winners next year. the ducks and coyotes as well. But the stars are majorly on the decline. i could see the sharks finish 6th or 7th with my roster and maybe complete an upset or 2

  20. nocup4sharks says:

    it was reported that Atlanta offered him 4m but he passed that up because hes a guy that wants to win a championship and isnt consurned about the mo0ney and would probably take a discount to help the team

  21. mojo19 says:

    I can see him doing that once, especially after years of bad hockey in Columbus. But I doubt he would wanna be really underpaid for the rest of his career. The Sharks could get lucky and get him to sign for less than fair value for 1 more 1 year deal but he would be crazy to keep doing that.

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