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In a recent poll on tsn it asked:

“Which big name would have the biggest impact for their team”.

Here were the options, the team and the voting percentages after I voted:

Zdeno Chara – Boston – 11%

Ed Jovonaski – Phoenix – 3%

Chris Pronger – Anaheim – 18%

Alex Tanguay – Calgary – 16%

Roberto Luongo – Vancouver – 47%

Todd Bertuzzi – Florida – 5%

Now what really troubles me is that Chara should not be getting more votes. Maybe a bit less or more the way you look at it. Jovanovski is right around where he should be and same with Bertuzzi. What bothers me are two things. First, how do fans vote for Roberto Luongo so much? Sure he made team Canada a few times, most saves in a season, decent GAA and SV PCT. What about the wins? Your GAA and SV PCT Can be 1.9 and .955 but that does not matter if you don’t win.

You can blame that on the team sure but last season Florida had that chance to make the playoffs and they should have. They signed the few things they needed which was veteran leadership and those veterans can score too, but they didn’t make the playoffs. They also had the young guns in Jokinen and Bouwmeester as well (just to name a few). Now fans think he will have a gigantic impact on the Canucks because of the trade and being away from Iron Mike. First of all Naslund is a steady first line player, 80 points from him is reasonable but what about after him?

The Sedins need a scoring winger like Carter. someone to throw the body for them and to score for them. If you try the Sedins and Naslund what do you have behind that? You would only need to stop one line.

Now my second issue is how do Pronger and Tanguay receive so many votes. I think im gonna hear one say because Luongo has 47%. Not what I meant. Tanguay I think will have the most impact on Calgary for two small reasons. #1 he can make opposing teams defence look stupid. #2 by doing that he will either finish himself or give it to a goal scorer near him (last season it was Blake, Liles, Sakic, Hejduk, and Svatos) this season I only need to name one and thats Iginla. If fans were smart they would have realized Iginla problem was he did not have a playmaker. They can blame it on the new NHL but who was the playmaker, Daymond Langkow?

My point exactly.

Now for Chris pronger receiving 18%, if anything he should have at least received 30%. Why? For one reason. Look at what he did after the Olympic break. Him and Rob Blake were the best two dmen without question. The playoffs, well we all know what happened there. Now here is the main reason. Did fans consider that for the whole game you will either see Pronger or Niedermayer on the ice. (ok most of it). You can say that means he wont have the biggest impact if Niedermayer is on for the other half.

It will though. By trading for pronger it forces Carlyle to play either Pronger or Niedermayer at all timesm, mostly. Now if Pronger plays like we saw in the second half, it’s either all or nothing for the Ducks.

Say what you will about this you wont change my opinion.