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Mats Sundin, Rob Blake, Red Wings rumors and HTR’s Saku Koivu Rant

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that the Flyers may be willing to part with Jeff Carter and a number 1 pick in order to land the Maple Leafs Mats Sundin. It is also well known that Philly may be one of the top candidates to sign another big name Swede, Peter Forsberg, if he becomes healthy. In the article Garrioch mentions the Sundin option as a plan B if a deal can not be worked out for Forsberg but HTR has to wonder if they nay be trying to lure both Sundin and Forsberg.

HTR feels that it will be really interesting to see what transpires over the next few weeks as many teams are starting to focus their attention on Mats Sundin. It is widely speculated that the Vancouver Canucks have extreme interest in Sundin to play with Markus Naslund and it is well known that the Canucks are in desperate need of scoring help. It has been rumored that the Canucks may bee looking to offer either Luc Bourdon or Corey Schneider and several high draft choices but the reality is that the Leafs are not going to make any moves until a new GM is in place to pull the trigger.

Another rumor from Garrioch is that the Kings are considering trading away many different players on their current roster. Some of the names that are apparently being dangled include Nagy, Stuart, Modry and Rob Blake (who may waive his no trade clause to go to a contender).

Read this full article from its source is reporting that the Detroit Red Wings may be shopping for another forward (top 6) and a defenseman (top 4). HTR believes that they better start shopping fast because about 25 other teams are in the same situation. What is interesting is that it is mentioned in this article that the Wings have about 5 million of cap space remaining which may allow them to add three 5 million dollar players down the stretch as the trade deadline happens roughly 2/3 through the season.

Page 2 of this article mention some possible names that could be available come this years deadline. The long list of names include Sergei Fedorov, Adam Foote, Brian Campbell, Forsberg, and Rob Blake.

While not specifically sourced HTR would like to discuss the Saku Koivu situation as it presently stands in Montreal. From an outsiders viewpoint it would appear that Montreal media and fans are trying their hardest to run this guy out of town. Earlier in the year it was racism comments, before it was because he is not a francophone, before that it was something else. Koivu has been a hard working star for the Canadiens for many years. It is a real shame that the fans in Montreal pound on this player night after night these days. He is a class act and a player who should get a little more respect than what he has been getting. Yes … HTR also believes that Koivu will be moved and most likely to the Flames for a player such as Tanguay but please don’t boo this guy out of town because he deserves better than that.

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  1. Habs_pm says:

    Anyone who bashes Koivu is a jerk. He has done miracles for this franchise in his own ways. The francophones who bash him are ignorant Quebecors who just don't know anything about hockey(No affence to Quebec because I'm from there).

    Tired of this "what can you do for me now?" mentality in Montreal but lets face it, thats they way it is….

    Koivu for Tanguay? Not worth it….Unless its a three-way deal where another team gives Montreal a Legit #1 center. To much change for Bob Gainey though…

    Trading your Captain standing in 5th place with febuary coming up is risky….But if its for the good of the team then Bob has to do what Bob has to do…

  2. CanadaIsGold says:

    I agree with you completely. After all this guy has been through in his career, and these fans still shun him, unbelieveable. But I didn’t like Koivo questioning his teams playoff chances, whether I do respect him or not, that wasn’t right at all when he did that to start the season and that’s the only problem I do have with him, other then that he has been a great captain for the Habs and I would shed a tear if he were traded.

  3. Komic-J says:

    Now hold on a minute here. I didn't hear any fans booing Koivu. And those racist comments you are refering to were made by an ex-politician, trying to steal the spotlight during a debate that had nothing to do with hockey. True hockey fans in Montreal are aware that Koivu gave his heart and soul for that team, and will forever be grateful. But after a 12-year run with the team, I guess it's only normal that some of us feel it could be the time to change the face of the franchise. Is it a lack of respect ? I don't think so…in a way, it's the same kind of deal with Sundin in Toronto.

    Koivu is still one of the most popular player in Montreal. And we wouldn't mind keeping him with the team. But we gotta face the facts; he's not getting any younger, he's not as quick as he used to, and even in his prime, some were saying he wasn't a real number one center. Does that mean he's getting booed out of town ? Hell no…just that maybe he's not the leader we need for a deep playoffs run, that's it. It's nothing against the guy.

    Hell, most of those who wanna see him play somewhere else want that because he deserved it ! Because we wanna see him succeed, even if it's not in Montreal. Sure, there are idiots (Montreal is no exception, there are idiots everywhere) but in general, Montreal has nothing but respect for Koivu.

    This whole thing about the fans in Montreal being jerks to everyone is kinda getting old. True, we can be a pretty tough crowd to please sometimes…but do you think it's any easier to play for the Yankees or the Cowboys ?

  4. Marky2Fresh says:

    Oh, what a world we live in.  Someone who says they don't agree with immigration is automatically labeled a "racist". 

    The word is tossed around so lightly it barely holds any water.

  5. arigold says:

    Define miracles.

  6. leafy says:

    No, not Jeff Carter, he's not exactly star material, I'm sorry.  Give us Mike Richards instead and we have a deal.  Clearly the Flyer's know that JFJ is gullible and are trying to bamboozle him the way Boston did with Raycroft.

    I'd be really glad if the Leafs got Bourdon from Vancouver in a package for Sundin.  But Corey Schneider isn't as good as Bourdon.  Others agree?

    But I agree with HTR that the Leafs will have to make a move on the GM front before any major (good) player moves are made.

  7. arigold says:

    Mike Richards is not going anywhere.  The key to a Sundin deal is going to come down to who will part with the most amount of draft picks.  All of these names like Bourdon, Kesler, Carter, none of these guys will ever come close to being worth as much to the team as Mats.  The team that parts with the most picks, minimum 1st and 2nd, wins the Sundin race hands down. 

    JFJ should be relieved of the GM position mid week by Fletcher.  Although I don't necessarily feel he is to blame for all of this, Fletcher has a history of making deals, and this is what the team is in need of right now.

  8. leafy says:

    Very good points all the way around.

  9. habs_punk says:

    I'll step up as another Habs fan that has never once boo'd Koivu. The guy's been my favorite player since he broke into the league.

  10. nextgen says:

    i agree with you. if montreal would trade koivu, it wouldn't be because they don't like him or anything like that. players like koivu and sundin deserves the chance to win the stanley cup, and everyone knows that the leafs and canadians won't win it for a long time. It's a ein-ein situation for both player and club. Club would get a lot in return for koivu or sundin, draft picks and talents, and it's most likely that the will agree for a "gentlemans agreement", meaning that they will return to the club when the contract expires.

  11. B-leafer says:

    If the Sundin trade goes down with SJ…..I know Marleau's name has been brought up a lot but any thoughts on young centre Marcel Goc. I think this kid can skate and shoot….potential 2nd liner written in his future maybe? I'm not a big Marleau fan but woundnt mind him if the deal included Goc and a couple picks for Sundin and Raycroft. what do you guys think?

  12. Habsman1991 says:

    No doubt but I need to correct you on one thing though. He was misqouted by the french media when he was talking in French (he admits to not being the greatest) that he said we won't win the cup this year. He later stated that he was misquoted and said like the 1986 Montreal Canadiens we aren't favoured to win the cup this year and look what they did. The only people who are truly against him are the extremist Quebecois Party among the other extremist seperatist parties. (No offence for the same reasons as the guy above.)

  13. Habsman1991 says:

    Koivu has said over and over he wants to retire a hab I wouldnt mind leaving him here to let that happen. If you think all fans are turning on him look in the Bell Centre and see how many jerseys have Koivu on the back.

  14. Habsman1991 says:

    Are you a retard or something. Do you even watch hockey? Corey schneider is one of the top prospects in the game not just for goalies. But leafs have got it made in the net with toskala the next Hasek Groin Pull recipient and Scott Clemensen as a back up and Justin Pogge who is still not going to make a difference.

  15. Habsman1991 says:

    so Goc a first rounder and Marleau for Sundin and a bag of dog crap lit on fire i mean Raycroft ya makes perfect sense for San Jose who wants to build scoring depth lol Give up our young skilled second line centre a good young player and a first for a rent a player and a guy we dont want.

  16. monkman says:

    We seem to forget that Mats is a swede in Canada, who has investments here. He isn't going to a US team the laws for Swedes investing in Canadian companys are to hard for him to work out. He has three choices VAN, Calgary, and maybe Montreal

  17. monkman says:

    Mats will not move too a US tteam he holds to many investments in Canada and the laws in the US are to hard to work around for outside investments both here in Canada and the US, he will if he does go to a Canadian team

  18. mozzy says:

    Mats Sundin for 1/3 of the season is not worth Carter and a 1st rounder. He will only tamper with the chemisrty the team is just now solidifying. Hossa is the only guy i'd like to see come to the flyers.

  19. prospectiv says:

    The whole debate around Koivu speaking french was referring to the fact he never learned to say hello and thank you to the public in more than 10 years.  As a captain of Les Canadiens, a part of his responsability was to at least learn 2 words of french…  If a french canadian ever becomes the captain of a finnish team, the same will apply for him…  He would be an asshole to refuse such a simple mark of courtesy!  Now Koivu did say "bonjour and merci" once and nobody is talking about that "controversy" anymore. 

    Nowadays the main reason why Koivu's name MIGHT be on the trade block is for logical hockey performance reasons. 

    1) Plekanec has taken over as the most productive center
    2) Koivu's play has been slowing down this year, he is becoming older and likely wont play until he's 40
    3) The habs badly need a big productive center on one of the top 2 lines
    4) Koivu lost all his remaining close friends over the past seasons (Recchi, Rivet, Souray) and is not that comfortable with Kovalev taking the leadership this year.

    BUT lots of reasons also state in favour of his stay in Mtl

    1) HE IS a fan favourite
    2) He is a very valuable and proven playoff performer
    3) He is the closest player to current owner George Gilett
    4) He has an incredible past with the team and has been the face of the franchise since his beginnings.

    Now make your choice, trade him or keep him?

  20. careyprice31 says:

    mike richards for sundin comeon don't make me laugh please. No wonder yo your team is considerd as the laffs

  21. careyprice31 says:

    i think a fair deal since san jose wanna take off the load from nabokov a bit would be marleau and bernier or pavelski and a second rounder and 3rdrounder for raycroft and sundin

  22. careyprice31 says:

    keep get him someone who he can passto and put the puck in the net

  23. Habroller says:

    You're using "extremist" as it was "fascist". Calm there bro…

  24. Habfanforever says:

    You bashed my article about what it would cost to get Sundin out of Toronto, this is what you wrote:

       "Habs fans, so you probably are wondering what its like to have a real captain.  Its been a while since you guys have had someone wear the 'C' that was actually a good player.

    Sundin is a career Leaf.  He's not going anywhere, he's not getting traded, nor does he want to leave.  As far as i'm concerned, the guy is playing as well as he ever has.  All Leaf fans, please note that Mats Sundin is not the problem with this team.  He's one of the best centers in the NHL, and given the right support, could do wonders.  Trading Sundin will only provide us with lesser quality players in return, to acompany the mediocre lineup that he currently carries on his shoulders. 

    I know, I know, the salary cap.  Spare me already.  Please remind me what we need to save cap space for.  Almost all of the top free agents have already been signed to long term deals.  Free agency is going to be a joke this summer.  Plus, if we really wanna do some damage, we'll take some of the overpaid players and send them to the Marlies.  I'm all for a youth movement, but getting rid of Mats is not the answer.  He's too dominant, means too much to the team and the city. 

    Also, Habs fans, please give it up.  Your team is horrible.  You have 5 more points than we do, and your still not going to make the playoffs. I've had to listen to you guys talk up how good your goaltending is for the last two years, and its all brutal.  Huet, Price, that jaroslav guy, whoever he is, all garbage.  Starting a 20 year old goalie doesn't mean your deep at the position, it means the exact opposite.  Time will tell, when Pogge is starring after sufficient development time, and Price ends up like Theodore.  You guys don't have what it takes to beat any team in the East in a playoff series, but this is common knowledge.

    Go Leafs…"

      Changing your tune, aren't you? Its interesting what difference two weeks make except for one, the Leafs are still going down and the Habs are still going up. Sundin WILL be traded, accept it.

  25. Komic-J says:

    You didn't read my comment before posting now did you ?

  26. KingCanada says:

    As much as i would love the Leafs to get Jeff Carter and a 1st rounder i doubt itll ever happen.  The Flyers are pressed up hard against the cap and unless they make a few moves they wont even be able to afford Forsberg, let alone Mats Sundin.

  27. monkman says:

    Thank you JFJ good luck in your future plans Hey PAUL your next

  28. Lord says:

    How about that trade?

    To Montreal : Jokinen, Bernier
    To SJ          : Koivu, Ryder, Danis
    To Florida    : Marleau, Dandenaut, (Fisher or 2008 2nd Mtl choice)

    Does it seem fair for all teams?

  29. ovechkin8 says:

    marleau and dandeneult arent even on the same team neither is jokinen and bernier?????

  30. Lord says:

    It's a 3 teams trade. I don't think that players received need to come from the same team. Am I wrong ?

    I really don't think that's a possible trade and I just wanted some comments.

  31. mitchamac says:

    One of the guests on off the record (hockey spectator) was saying that washington could be very interested in sundin if they are in the top of there division by the dead line (nylander) i think is out for the season

  32. ovechkin8 says:

    the players have to be on the same team

  33. 93213 says:

    I don't get this at all.

    He'll still live in Canada. He'll be playing Hockey for a US team for 3 months.

  34. beatles24 says:

    Just make it clear about Saku Koivu………that's the journalists who want Koivu out of Montreal, they're always on his back about is play all the time. The problem about the language was started by journalists and a politician and I don't think it was a major problem for the fans.

    The fans never boo him because he had so much respect for his cancer and his implication in the community. But the problem with Saku is his points after christmas since 3 years. I don't think he want to stay in Montreal since his Buddy Rivet's out of Montreal. He's a Good captain and I think Bob Gainey will trade him only for a major player like Mats Sundin, Marian Hossa, Brad Richards or Olli Jokinen. Sometimes i believe it will be good for him to be in a new team for a new reborn even if as a Canadiens fan I really like him.

  35. finlay12 says:

    first off I am quite sure you can do a three way rade in the NHL and if not the deal would be submitted to the nhl in two parts first the sj and mtl part and then mtl would flipd marleau to jokinen

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