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Mats Sundin, Rob Blake, Red Wings rumors and HTR’s Saku Koivu Rant

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that the Flyers may be willing to part with Jeff Carter and a number 1 pick in order to land the Maple Leafs Mats Sundin. It is also well known that Philly may be one of the top candidates to sign another big name Swede, Peter Forsberg, if he becomes healthy. In the article Garrioch mentions the Sundin option as a plan B if a deal can not be worked out for Forsberg but HTR has to wonder if they nay be trying to lure both Sundin and Forsberg.

HTR feels that it will be really interesting to see what transpires over the next few weeks as many teams are starting to focus their attention on Mats Sundin. It is widely speculated that the Vancouver Canucks have extreme interest in Sundin to play with Markus Naslund and it is well known that the Canucks are in desperate need of scoring help. It has been rumored that the Canucks may bee looking to offer either Luc Bourdon or Corey Schneider and several high draft choices but the reality is that the Leafs are not going to make any moves until a new GM is in place to pull the trigger.

Another rumor from Garrioch is that the Kings are considering trading away many different players on their current roster. Some of the names that are apparently being dangled include Nagy, Stuart, Modry and Rob Blake (who may waive his no trade clause to go to a contender).

Read this full article from its source is reporting that the Detroit Red Wings may be shopping for another forward (top 6) and a defenseman (top 4). HTR believes that they better start shopping fast because about 25 other teams are in the same situation. What is interesting is that it is mentioned in this article that the Wings have about 5 million of cap space remaining which may allow them to add three 5 million dollar players down the stretch as the trade deadline happens roughly 2/3 through the season.

Page 2 of this article mention some possible names that could be available come this years deadline. The long list of names include Sergei Fedorov, Adam Foote, Brian Campbell, Forsberg, and Rob Blake.

While not specifically sourced HTR would like to discuss the Saku Koivu situation as it presently stands in Montreal. From an outsiders viewpoint it would appear that Montreal media and fans are trying their hardest to run this guy out of town. Earlier in the year it was racism comments, before it was because he is not a francophone, before that it was something else. Koivu has been a hard working star for the Canadiens for many years. It is a real shame that the fans in Montreal pound on this player night after night these days. He is a class act and a player who should get a little more respect than what he has been getting. Yes … HTR also believes that Koivu will be moved and most likely to the Flames for a player such as Tanguay but please don’t boo this guy out of town because he deserves better than that.