Recent Speculation Tid bits

– Stall for Hossa ??
– Jackets and Ranger to make a swap?
– What’s in store for Kolzig?

The Pittsburgh-Tribune Review is denying speculation that the Penguins are considering a mega trade that would see Jordan Stall go to the Thrashers for star forward Marian Hossa. It is thought that Hossa would be too expensive at his current contract rate and that Stall despite a slump is a huge player with super upside. Although the tribune speculates that this trade will most likely not happen it is noted that one has to give up assets to get something back in return. HTR believes that if the Penguins were able to add Hossa to their lineup they have the possibility to turn into an offensive powerhouse that cold exceed all expectations. On any note, often where there is smoke there is fire. HTR believes that the possibility exists that a deal cold be worked out between these two teams.

Blue Jackets and Rangers to make a swap?

Speculation continues to run rampant that the New York Rangers are trying hard to make a deal with the Blue Jackets. The Daily News is speculating that the rangers are eager to make a move however it is noted that it may be a little difficult to try to convince that “any of the Ranger players are worth taking.” It is noted that the Rangers may be looking to make the kind of move that they made last year by acquiring Avery which turned the teams fortunes around and set the team on a late season roll.

Kolzig to Retire? Or to be shopped?

The Washington Post is speculating that Olaf Kolzig is taking a wait and see approach about the trade deadline. Although he has a no trade clause in his contract he did not say that he would not be willing to waive it. One of the main parts of the article is that Kolzig may be thinking about retirement due to the past several seasons in Washington which have not been too successful. HTR notes that Kolzig may be a great rental goalie down the stretch for a team. He has great size and experience. He would be a great fit for any team that needs goaltending depth.