Red Lights and Bad Blood-Nucks v.s. Notes preview

Joel Quineville called it “One of the best regular season games of all time” when the Canucks hosted the Blues in a 4-4 tie nearly a month ago. It’s hard to believe one of these high powered offenses will be gone by the 2nd round, get ready for war! Western conference style.SEASON SERIES:

Canucks 104 pts-Blues 99 pts

Vancouver won season series 2-1-1-0 and outscored the Blues 18-11.

Notables: The Blues weren’t happy with Brad May’s wrist shattering hit on Keith Tkachuck and still aren’t, alledgedly threatening the safety Markus Naslund, ALLEDGEDLY.

-Dan Cloutier was steamed after a Scott Mellanby goal in their first meeting, enough to come out and challenge the old man to fisticuffs; Mellanby declined.

-Eric Boguniecki meet Matt Cooke; Cooke-Boguniecki

-In a possible act of revenge for high sticking Mattias Ohlund; Murray Baron runs Tkatchuk from behind into the boards and no penalty is called

-In their last meeting of the season, Jovanovski bumped Stillman after an empty net goal and a brawl ensued that saw Naslund get socked by Scott Mellanby


Naslund-Morrison-Bertuzzi Tkachuk-Demitra-Mellanby

Sedin-Sedin-Linden Stillman-Weight-Boguniecki

Klatt-Lindgren-May Bure-Cajanek-Podien

Cooke-Chubarov-Letowski Nash-Johnson-Drake

With 2 of hockey’s highest scoring teams hooking up, you can gaurantee a wide open affair, with both teams loaded with offensive weapons. Depending where you draw the line, the Blues have the greater depth with 2 solid scoring lines, but Vancouver has 2 players that can change the look of a game singlehandedly and are looking to make up for past post-season performances.

Watch For:

Tkachuck: longtime Canuck killer, Keith has been a thorn in the side of the Canucks all year and will be looking for some serious revenge after controversial hits from Murray Baron and Brad May.

Morrison: His small stature and speed will be a benefit in a wide open series; looking to continue strong play versus Notes and make up for last year’s playoffs.

Advantage: Vancouver


Malik-Jovanovski Jackman-MaCinnis

Ohlund-Sopel Pronger-Laflamme

Baron-Salo Finley-Khavanov

Vancouver defense wins in both the offense and defense (better GAA) departments, but the return of Chris Pronger changes everything. The Calder candidate Jackman and Norris candidate MaCinnis give the Blues the edge.

Watch For:

Chris Pronger: Hasn’t been his usual self since his return, but now the Blues have someone strong enough to counter number 44 (the other one). Pronger v.s. Bertuzzi will be a hell of a battle.

Mattias Ohlund: Like Pronger, Mattias’ return is vital to Vancouver success as he is an ice time leader and will be counted upon to shut down the Blues top players.

Advantage: St. Louis


Cloutier v.s. Osgood

Auld Johnson

The achilles heel of both these teams comes between the pipes, with Osgood having a terrible year and Cloutier coming off a knee injury. Dan shined in his first 2 games with the Blues but was less than stellar in their last meeting in which he allowed 4 goals. Cloutier, I believe, is the better goaltender but Osgood has been there and done that and could surprise in the playoffs.

Advantage: Vancouver

My Prediction: For what it’s worth, I’ll take the Canucks in 7.

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  1. gr8haluschak says:

    I really cannot believe how people figure the Blues will not do anything. It can be said that this will be a great series and I think it is the second best after the Oilers vs Stars. I have a few problems with your assesment

    Forwards how can you give the Canucks the advantage when even you said the Blues have greater depth. Demitra had only 12 fewer points playing 4 less games than Naslund and had had 5 points fewer in 4 less games than Bertuzzi.

    And the position where no Blues fan is happy goaltending. How can you give the advantage to a guy who has never won a series over one who has won the cup. Ozzies numbers in the last few games haven’t been great but that seems to overshadow what he has done since he got there. When his team needed him after the trade deadline he responded and he has always shown up for the playoffs.

    Perdiction St Louis in 6

  2. Tony says:

    I really like this match up, even more then the Philly vs Toronto match up. Both teams really bombed out of last years playoffs and they both have something to prove. Should be a very long and physical series. I think the key to this series will be if the top line for Vancouver can finally show up for the playoffs. Both Bretuzzi and Naslund both have to prove that they can get it done in the playoffs. I think this one will go seven games, and I’m going to say St.Louis pulls it off because of the experience of Osgood in the post season.

  3. -Swizz- says:

    i think it will be a close series…

    both top lines are deadly, with the edge going to vancouver..however, stl has more depth up front….

    adv: stl b/c of depth

    defense….gotta give the edge to stl no doubt..

    goaltending: battle of the worst playoff goaltending….edge vancouver…

    PP: Vancouver 3rd, Stl 4th (pretty close..and will be fun to watch these 2 powerplays)

    PK: Vancouver 12th, STL 22nd..

    i think this series will go to 7..with stl taking it..

    its gonna be real exciting watch pronger and bertuzzi battle at one end..and jovo and tkachuk battle at the other…in my opinion, 2 of the best power forwards, and 2 of the best defenseman…i think stl will take it just b/c after pronger, stl has good dmen to shut down the rest of vancouvers offense (excluding naslund and bertuzzi, who cant be shut down, only slowed down)……..however vancouver will have trouble with stl’s depth…

    also, since both goaltenders are weak, stl has and edge in if osgood faulters, johnson can step in…if cloutier faulters, auld/skudra are not capable of stepping in..

  4. TC_4 says:

    How did Vancouver “bomb” out of the playoffs last year? As a matter of fact, how did St.Louis? They both lost to the Cup champs, and did about as much as people expected of them. Vancouver was young, so I hope when they got up 2-0 you didn’t still expect them to win it. And St.Louis was very much alive in that Detroit series until Pronger got injured. Terrible comment once again by Tony.

  5. TC_4 says:

    I love the nucks. My second favorite team, tied with the Leafs, but far behind my Oilers for first. But…they’ll lose in 6. That lose today, and losing the division is HEART BREAKING! Capital H, capital B! Add to that, St. Louis has too much depth for the nucks. All the Blues have to do, is make sure Pronger and Jackman/MacInnis are matched up with the Bertuzzi-Morrison-Naslund line, let the top three lines roll and go nuts on the score board, and the nucks are done. Ozzy is a goaltender that has been there before, so he’ll be ready. The only way Vancouver wins this series, is if Jovo and Malik shut down the Blues top line(mainly Tkachcuk)and Linden gets red hot. Now I can more than see that happening, but I don’t think it will unfortunatly. This is a shame. I hate the Avs(well, just Patrick and Peter)and I like the Blues and wanted to see them knock the Avs out(probably wouldn’t have happend). And I thought finally we would get to see the Canucks contend. But that all goes out the door. Should be a GREAT series though. Good article Burky!

  6. -Swizz- says:

    how can u hate peter?!

    he’s too good….he is such a complete a player…

    and he does this all against the other teams top defense pairing…he’s always up against lidstrom, foote, hatcher….

    im usually bias towards canadian players (joe thornton!!) but its hard not to admire what forsberg does out there…

  7. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    doesn’t have the smarts to play diciplined hockey. Canucks in 5.

  8. Tony says:

    Did you watch last years playoffs? St.Louis did not show up againts Detroit at all. They didn’t play half as good as they could of. Vancouver also had a major let down the last two games of the series when they were still in it. My comment was right, both teams choked and folded when the pressure was on. If you don’t like my comments then you don’t have to respond to them.

  9. JeffBurnz09 says:

    St.Louis in 6. Canucks will choke as usual. Losing the division and blowing it against LA yesterday is a killer for them. They were doing well all year, and making their choke-act in the playoffs last year a distant memory, but suddenly it comes crashing back. I said it all year, the Canucks are an over-rated team, who believe the hype they get from Canadian Sports Channels just because they are thrilled to see a Canadian team do well. The West is a Dallas/Detroit/Colorado story, and to a lesser extend St.Louis. Vancouver are just there, and won’t ever do anything but get St.Louis ready for the next round.

  10. chaos83 says:

    Nucks lose 4 in a row to be ousted in first round, yes they bombed that series bad. St. Louis wins one game of their series against Detroit, yes they bombed out as well.

    You can blame it on whatever you want, youth, inexperience, injuries, or running into the eventual cup champions, but the fact of the matter is they both screwed up pretty bad. St. Louis was never in that series, and Pronger was injured late in game 4 of that series, when the series was all but wrapped up. While his injury was costly, the Blues still would have lost the series with him. Vancouver cooled off and displayed some of their inexperience in the final 4 games of their series last year, and were beat by a very strong team, but losing 4 games in a row definetly qualifies as a bomb.

  11. -Swizz- says:

    in practise? lol

    oops my bad…was just trying to think of the top defensive dmen in the west…

  12. Kraftster says:

    Cooke is really on the fourth line?? I find that doubtful based on his performance…

  13. AvSfAn01 says:

    as long as he’s in that category


  14. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    naslund loses the scoring title, bertuzzi loses the goals title and the canucks lose the division title all in one day, and all to the colorado avalanche! that must suck! how about those kings!!!

  15. burky says:

    He is. But Vancouver doesn’t really have a 4th line as 2-4 are rotated equally. He plays about 12-15 minutes a game, not exactly 4th line ice time.

  16. TC_4 says:

    St.Louis beat Detroit 6-1 to make it a 2-1 series, your right, they were never in to it!

  17. -Swizz- says:

    oh for a huge adam foote fan…

    he’s such a warrior….

    toronto boy!!

  18. TC_4 says:

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I know Forsberg is the man, but he’s just not one of my fav players. I don’t like how he can’t take anything on the ice. Like I remember when they would play the Oilers, and Dougie Weight would ALWAYS know how to get Forsberg to take a stupid penalty. I don’t like him, but don’t get me wrong, I in no way think he is overrated or anything!

  19. amok says:

    The Canucks are my favourite team but after going through what was probably one of the worst weeks in franchise history I don’t know if they’re up for St. Louis. If they can’t show up against LA for the division title who knows what they’ll do in the playoffs. That game and the Phoenix collapse were just terrible. St. Louis must be ecstatic to get this matchup. I’ll take the Canucks in seven ’cause they’re my team, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go out in five.

  20. -Swizz- says:

    fair enough

    forsberg should win the hart this year tho

  21. chaos83 says:

    Detroit shuts out St. Louis twice in 5 games. Thats not some fluke(i.e. a 6-1 win) but indicative of a having total control of a series. so one game and they’re in it, I think not. One fluke win does not make a stanley cup champion, nor make it any kind of a good series. I’m sorry my friend, but you are quite mistaken.

  22. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Blues in 7.

    But the lines you had for the Blues are way off.






    Obviously Bogy will be playing on an alternating role, since it is stupid to put him as a waste on the last line





    Salvador will definitely not be left out, he has been our #3 defenseman all year long. He is one of the most underrated players in the NHL in my opinion.

    Good job though, great article and keep up the good work!

    ~Jeff P.

  23. Kraftster says:


  24. JC21 says:

    Talk about over-rated. St. Louis is the best example of a team that drifts into the playoffs and fails to achieve anything. The Blues will continue their streak of making the playoffs and not doing anything. The Canucks will continue to improve on their season by improving in the playoffs. (BTW, it’s not really considered choking when the 8th place team loses to the best team in the league).

  25. TC_4 says:

    Absolutly. +52 and the scoring title, not to mention doing a good chunck of it while being the focus of teams game plans every night.

  26. TC_4 says:

    Imagine that, TC and Jeff agree. Your team in 6 though Jeff, I don’t think they’ll go into Vancouver and win a 7th game. I also agree with what you said about Salvador. You have to like that kid. Just does his job, nothing flashy, and he’s TOUGH.

  27. TC_4 says:

    Holy fuck your right buddy!!! Never mind the fact that I never once said that they were Stanley Cup contenders. BEST COMMENT EVER!!! Your so smart! I’m telling you, your knowledge of the game…..and READING, is so amazing! You totally exaggerated EVERYTHING that I said. Teams can win in 5 games and still be close in series you know buddy. Did Ottawa blow out Philly last year???

  28. chaos83 says:

    when philly scores 2 goals in five games, YES! Philly was never in that series and totally blew it. I don’t see how I’ve exaggerated everything you’ve said. So far you’ve attacked the most minor of my arguments, that St. Louis was not a contender. Thats fine, we agree on one thing, but first off, you need to relax. Simply explain how you came to the conclusion that one fluke win puts a team in a series? Your coming off like a spoiled child, more screaming and whining than actually backing up what you havce to say.

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