Red Wings' Ken Holland will push GMs for OT changes

Red Wings general manager Ken Holland, fresh off securing the services of elite defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom for another year, will be in Philadelphia today for meetings with his NHL colleagues.

While agenda topics will include head shots and how better to deal with them, Holland has his own topic he wants discussed.

“I’d like to see more games decided in overtime than shoot-out,” Holland said Tuesday. “I don’t mind the shoot-out, I just don’t want the shoot-out to decide so many games.”

As it stands now, if a game is undecided after regulation (60 minutes), a five-minute, sudden-death overtime of four-on-four commences after a one-minute rest period for the players. If the game is still undecided after overtime, the ice down the middle of the rink is cleared, and teams proceed to a shoot-out, which goes into sudden death after the third round.

“My suggestion is, extend OT from five minutes to eight minutes or from five minutes to 10 minutes,” Holland said. “Then maybe do we go half of it four-on-four, half of it three-on-three?

“I just want to have a conversation to see if other people feel like I do.”

Holland also will suggest that following regulation, there should be a dry-scrape of the ice, and that subsequently teams would segue directly from overtime into a shoot-out, without the middle of the ice being cleaned by a Zamboni.

The Wings went 6-9 in shoot-outs this season, 5-5 in overtimes. First-round opponent Phoenix piled up a league-high 14 victories from shoot-outs, while the Flyers — who are now in the Stanley Cup finals — famously made the playoffs by winning their last game of the season, 2-1, in a shoot-out.