Red Wings' prospect in coma after major surgery

Igor Grigorenko, the Detroit Red Wings’ top prospect, is battling for his life in a hospital in his hometown of Togliatti. Sources told Sportsnet that Grigorenko slipped into a coma following weekend surgery to piece together multiple fractures to his hip and pelvis suffered in a car accident in Russia last week.

The talented young forward was considered to be in good condition yesterday, but his situation worsened after being stricken with what is clinically termed as a “fat embolism.”

His condition is now said to be: “very serious.”

7 Responses to Red Wings' prospect in coma after major surgery

  1. Clarke says:

    An absolute shame. I wish him the best in recovery.

  2. Seattleaf says: is saying that the rumor about the coma is false and that he’s in “critical but stable” condition.

  3. ORIGINAL-6 says:

    according to the Detroit Free Press……He is in “CRITICAL but, STABLE CONDITION” He has even spoke words with his family.


  4. AVS4NYR says:

    Igor is in a bad condition. It will take him some time to recover. They have another mix up of Datsyuk-Zetterberg on their hands. He will be a great player. Its just too bad that they wont get the most out of him for next season.

    A lot of sources indicate that he has in infected lung. Lets hope he gets better.

  5. Hockey_Fan says:

    Poor guy, at least he has a good financial backround. How many 19 year olds drive a BMW.

  6. starsgirl25 says:

    a lot, u’d be surprised.

    i wish i had a car

  7. Primis says:

    I’m thinking it’ll be a minor miracle if he ever gets into a Wings uniform now, maybe even actually plays hockey again. Which is too bad, the Wings just have the worst luck with auto accidents or something…

    He’s reportedly out of the coma and responding to things using his eyes though, which is a good sign. Best of luck to him.

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