Red Wings to Kill the Wild?

From Spector’s Rumors:

ST. PAUL PIONEER-POST: Charley Walters reports the Minnesota Wild could offer restricted free agent forward Marian Gaborik a $4 million per season deal, which apparently would be $2 million less per season than Gaborik is believed to be seeking. Walters suggests the Detroit Red Wings could make Gaborik “a collossal offer”.

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  1. MIHOCKEYFAN says:

    That would be great for Detroit to acquire Gaborik, but how big is collosal. I don’t think Detroit is going to pay a kid 8-10 million and depending on how much they pay him, the compensation to Minnesota would be huge.

  2. Cyrax89 says:

    I don’t see this happening at all because the wings have spent alot already and if a cap does happen in the next year or so their going to be in some real big trouble.

  3. big_booty says:

    I highly doubt this will happen. Group II RFA’s don’t get monster offers anymore. GM’s around the league learned the lesson after the Chris Gratton debacle.

    With the work stoppage and new CBA approaching, teams are going to want to hold on to their draft picks. Detroit would be foolish to add Gaborik to an already decent offense and surrender five number ones in the process.

    If you still don’t believe me, ask yourself this: Why didn’t Iginla get monumental offers last year?

  4. Gforce says:

    i see alot of nhlers going WHA, I just hope espn carries it….

  5. AtTheAftershow says:

    You are not quite grasping this: a monumental offer could happen, but doesn’t necessarily have to happen for the Wings to get Gaborik. Gaborik wants 6mil a season, and the wings could easily offer him something along the lines of 6million the first season, and 4million the next season with an incentive like if he scores 30 goals or more, he gets the extra 2 million.

  6. Petr89 says:

    I imagine that the compensation is based on average salary over the entire contract, but what if it’s not? Could the Wings offer Gaborik a back-loaded contract? Give him 1.5 million the first year (thereby only losing a single first rounder and one third rounder) and 6.5 for the next three. Or if the rule cites average base salary, why not offer him a contract with ridiculous bonus clauses (score 1 goal and your contract goes from 1 million to 6 million). Yes, I know its ridiculous, but I am really curious as to what the rule explicitly says.

  7. AmericasteamRedWings says: has picked this story up.

    They are usually the first to break NHL trade news….in my experience, they got the Nolan to TOR deal and Fedorov signing with ANA first…

    Anyways, the header on that site says the Wings may offer Gaborik a “long term deal” worth an average of $7.5 million per season.

    How many years is long term, and, at that salary, do you think Minnesota would match or take the picks?

  8. TheHoJoMan says:

    I don’t think it’s very likely but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. If they sign Gaborik for the 6M he wants, they’ll get the top 6 forward for Cujo they’ve been looking for. Then they could put him on waivers and be rid of his 8M salaray and actually save 2M. As for the first round selections, the Wings would likely trade them away anyway like they have for the past 10 years. And anysort of salary cap wouldn’t hurt the Wings that much because they lose about 40M at the end of this season when contracts like Chelios, Lidstrom, Shanahan, Hull and Yzerman expire among others.

  9. NHLman says:

    That is just preposterous. Detroit, aruably the best team in the league, out of every other team in the league, should not be able to sign him. They would be stealing away a small market team’s (not to mention newly expansioned) biggest star. Bettman should put his foot down for once and not allow this to go down!

  10. sluggo says:

    no NHLers are going to go to the WHA. The WHA will be the XFL part two.

  11. minihatcher says:

    If you think Detroit is the best team in hockey… You are mistaken.

    Remember they were swept last year by the 7th seeded Anaheim..

    Also, take a look at LA’s, CO’s & Ana’s rosters.

    No one is arguably the best team out there and if you could argue that, it wouldn’t be Detroit at the top of the list.

    I think the signing of Gabby would be a monstrous addition for the Wings and would most certainly put them atop of the west – granted that the DOM is at the top of his game.

  12. Rampage_Winger says:

    I’m torn. I want my small market babies to grow up and lead successful lives. On the other hand…the Wings con Gaborik. Killer.

  13. Bishop7979 says:

    Bettman putting his foot down? Does he even have feet? Bettman is as close to being a worm as a human being can get.

    And after reflecting on that last sentence I’m not sure who is getting more insulted Mankind for calling Bettman human, or worms for even comparing Bettman to them.

    God that man is a slimy little bastar . . . I think I’ll stop now.

  14. Bruins_GM says:

    Okay….all you crazy kids out there. Breathe nice and easy before we get all excited. Gaborik should not go anywhere. It would be a disgrace for the NHL at this point for such a deal to happen. Think about it. All of a sudden, why is Detroit the place to be? This is what makes me angry about the NHL. All these big-shots want to gather on the same team, cry about their playing time, and end up winning an uncontested cup (the Wings two years ago). Luke Robitaille on the Red Wings was the biggest disgrace. Such a prolific scorer was reduced to the 4th LINE!!!

    In this case, Detroit will steal Gaborik basically. Hockey has lost its ethic when this deal goes through. Five draft picks wont be crap for what Gaborik will bring tot he Wild in the upcoming years.

    I personally hate teams that go out and buy the world. Sure, everyone wants to win, but when you sacrifice competition, the whole business sags.

    All I know is that if I were Marian Gaborik, I’d step off my pedastle and realize my position. I’m the All-star of an expansion team that I just led to the Conference Finals and I am on the verge of absolutely dominating every aspect of the NHL. I’d want the Wild to be mine. The 4 million they would pay me wouldn’t be bad either.

  15. defenestrate says:

    I made a colossal offer to someone named Marian once…how was I to know she was a Russian mail order bride?

  16. tyeekiller says:

    I doubt the Red Wings would try and pull on the Wild what Carolina did to them with Fedorov a few years back.

    The Wild would be forced to counter any offer, Gaborik is the teams main draw.

    With the new CBA around the corner there will be no huge offers to group 2 players.

  17. Levitate says:

    from what has been written about it, the WHA is going to be mainly for older NHLers who can’t hack it anymore, young guys in juniors that might not be able to make it, etc

    scrubs mostly, not taking away much in terms of NHL talent

  18. Captain27 says:

    wow, what are the odds?

  19. defenestrate says:

    Depends – did you meet her in West Islip?

  20. bones says:

    Man, awesome respone. I hope the kid thinks for himself instead of listening to his money hungry agent. The Wings will kill his production.

  21. frezz says:

    i really dont see this happening first of all detroit doesnt have an everlasting amount of money. second of all the redwings are trying to bring a forward in for highly paid goalie curtis joseph and until that happens there is no way they will go for gaborik. and all in all if the redwings decided to sign gaborik for 7.5mil they will have to give the wild 4 first round draft picks which is something month gm’s dont want to part with that easily. i guess the question is….. is gaborik worth 7.5mil and 4 first round draft picks…. i think ken holland is much smarter then that even though i wouldnt mind seeing detroit make a stupid move since i hate that team so much

  22. DrHockey says:

    I think this could be a viable option. Let’s face it: there won’t be hockey next year. Infact, I don’t think there will be an NHL after this season. It would be smart… unethical, but smart… for the Wings to steal Gaborik. It’s their last chance to make huge bucks before the NHL shuts down. If I was a GM, I would have been paying out for every star I could this summer. May as well.

  23. comrie44 says:

    Gaborik would struggle if he played for the Wings, he would be nowhere near the player he is in Minnesota where he logs big minutes and is the focal point of the offense.

    Either way, not going to happen.

  24. 13DatsyukFan13 says:

    As a Wings fan, I would love for this deal to happen, but I highly doubt it will. First of all the Wings probably don’t want to throw away three (And yes it is three) future first round draft picks… Actually I’m sort of torn on the situation now that I have thought about it for a while because the Wings have traded almost all of their first round draft picks for the last five to ten years anyways so I guess that drawback doesn’t matter…So now I dont really know. What would the lines look like? Maybe we could evan trade Dandeault for Lang after if Washington would agree to eat up one million of the remaining years of his conract and still have about the same payroll as last year. If that all happens this is what I think the lines would look like next year:





  25. Slavik says:

    hmm…that would be interesting if it happend,

    but if detriot offered an incentive based contract, doesnt the wild just have to match the base offer? so it sorta works bothways, Gaborik would be a good edition but 5 first round picks, mind you they would be late in the round but that could spell out gaborik playing for a horrible wings team in 4 years, it may be used alot but the wings are getting older….a good percentage may retire within 4 years and then they dont really have the prospects to replace them. on the wilds part…they would lose a great young player and none of those 5 first round picks would bring out another gaborik, but if 3 of those guys made it to the NHL and played well it could be an even swap

  26. ShreddedRed says:

    Thank You! I have been trying to get an article posted about Detroit trying to sign Gaborik or Samsonov for two weeks. I read the same rumor saying they were getting ready to pursue players of the likes of Samsonov and Gaborik in the Detroit News a week or so ago. Both of these players are young and all that crap about Detroit not having any good prospects is crap. Look at what the last few years has brought up – Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Hudler, and Kronwal. The team is old though and they need a good young leader like Gaborik or Samsonov to take the reigns when the current leaders retire. Personally I’d rather see Samsonov return to Detroit than steal away Gaborik from a great hockey state like Minnesota but with the dark cloud on the horizon I think they need to go balls to the wall and go for it. For all you who pass this off as another stupid rumor take a deep breath and hold it if you’re a Wild fan

  27. WildWing89 says:

    I have no idea on what the terms of the rule are, but I do believe there is a loophole of that sort. I don’t think it matters on average base salary, just the base slarary for the first year. Detroit offers him 1 mil for the first year, then 8.5 for the next two(18 mil, 3 years). Or if it is based on average base salary, or you just don’t want to pay him 8.5 mil a year, just give him 1 mil a year base loaded with insane bonuses like Eric Lindroses, but even more insane. Like the one mentioned here, score a goal, get 5 mil. That brings the compensation for Minny to a whole second rounder! That’s enough to get you a prospect from where Detroit normally picks first, and to top it all of, it’s for the 2005 draft, when there might not be any more NHL. And even if Kenny Holland offers him something that gives Minny 8 first rounders A)Detroit hasn’t had a first rounder in a very long time. Yet, they got decent prospects like Jason Williams, Jiri Hudler, Igor Grigorenko and this year’s second rounder, Jimmy Howard(not too shabby). 5 1sts, quite a bit, but possibly no more NHL after a year, add that to the fact that Detroit usually goes without a first, equals this could work. Put Cujo on waivers, he gets claimed by some team, and then it all works out, while the Wings save 2 mil. And for those that think with a cap coming, this won’t work, not quite. As mentioned, they lose up to $40 mil after this season. A salary cap won’t exactly bring them down.

    But, in my own opinion, I say this won’t happen. Put Zetterberg in between him and Whitney for a second line, then put Datsyuk between Shannie and Hull, you’ve got a first line. Or that could the second line, and then Gabby gets first line ice time. Either way, Detroit’s top 2 lines is nearly as good as Colorados. Then that bumps Stevie down to line four, oh well. He centers any two out of Devereaux/Williams/Hudler/Larionov(if resigned)/Dandenault(can play wing)/any other farmer and they got a good enough team. But I still don’t think it’ll happen. But who knows, I didn’t think Ray to Detroit would happen either.

  28. JStatic87 says:

    Well, I have a couple things wrong with your post.

    1- No one on the Wings cries about playing time. Robitaille had 30 goals 2 years ago, he just couldn’t finish last season, so he didn’t play. Fedorov was the only primadonna complaining about playing time, and he’s gone now.

    2- If this Gaborik deal goes through, then yes…. I would say the Wings bought the cup. But I don’t think they did any other year before this. Hasek was a trade, Hull was a very late sign, Luc took less to come here, and the core has been with the team since the 98 cup win. How is that buying the cup?

    Now I will concede that if we get Gaborik, then we will have bought it if we win. Hatcher, Whitney, and Gaborik (possibly) is a great off-season. But can you blame Detroit? Dallas didn’t want Hatcher, Columbus signed Marchant to make almost 5 mil a year, and The Wild are offering 4 to a guy who almost led the playoffs in scoring despite missing out on the last 7 games. I don’t really blame Detroit, but I can see the jealousy shining through with fans around the league.

  29. defenestrate says:

    There you go, letting logic get in the way of a good argument.

  30. GilaMonster says:

    thats hilarious you cant get lang just for dandenault and then expect washington to eat some salary too

  31. mikster says:

    I think it’s pathetic and it won’t happen. Strange though, when there was the rumor of the Rangers getting Iginla like this, or via trade, people were disgusted. Yet no one is disgusted with this story. Gaborik is their franchise player, they lose him….they are back to square one.

  32. Aetherial says:

    I hope Red Wings do this. This exactly the kind of thing that will kill the NHL and honestly I hope that the current NHL suffers a collasal failure.

    I am sick of wealthy owners and over-priced, underperforming cry babies breaking the back of the fans… who seem to be more and more inclined to stay away in droves.

    A league that would allow this to happen is a F*cking joke.

  33. JohnFlan22 says:

    It’s kinda funny, if Minnesota did the same thing against detroit like offering big contract to Datsuyk or zetteberg and Stealing them away, most would be like, “good-move minnesota!” and “go little guy!” but since it’s the other way around it’s seen as bad. I think it’s bad no matter what, and the league should not allow this kinda crap. If it did happen, minnesota should get there pick of players/ picks any way they want. That would stop this kinda crap real quick. Would Detroit really try to sighn Gaborik if minnesota could turn around and say OK I’m taking, Datsuyk, Zetteberg, Hudler and Grigorenko and my choice of your number one pick in one of any of the next five drafts? I doubt it and thats the way it should be.

  34. 13DatsyukFan13 says:

    Ummm… Yeah I betcha that the Wings probably could get Lang for just Dandenault because the Caps have stated that they would want (a) good, young, cheap defensemen in return for Lang. They also clearly stated that they would be willing to eat one million dollars of the reamaining years of Langs contract if that meant ridding themselves of his salary for the new CBA next season.

  35. 13DatsyukFan13 says:

    That would just tear the Red Wings future teams apart. You give away your best young players and the teams future for one young guy? Now that would tear the league apart! That would never happen.

  36. DRWings14 says:

    Signing Gaborik wouldn’t be buying the cup. It would be sheer brilliance. Who better to replace Sergei Fedorov than a younger, talented kid with a world of potential? And signing Hatcher makes up for Sergei’s two-way play. So basically, you can just consider Whitney as the only signing for the Wings. The other guys are just replacing a star who didn’t want to be in Detroit anymore.

  37. DRWings14 says:

    The Wings don’t need first round picks. They still end up with the best picks deep in the draft. They’ve got the best scouts in the NHL.

  38. dkball7 says:

    I don’t know why the wild couldn’t afford an extra 4 million to their payroll. Gaborik is worth it plus i thought that they sold out every night? correct me if i’m wrong.

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