Red Wings Welcome Back Datsyuk

Pavel Datsyuk is back with the Detroit Red Wings, after turning down the chance to go home to play in Russia.According to the Red Wings have resigned Pavel Datsyuk to a two-year contract on that will pay him $3.9 million US per season.

I personally dont understand, didn’t Detroit not have enough cap space to sign both Zetteberg and Datsyuk?

Does this take them over the cap… if so i guess we can expect a marquee trade like with New Jersey.

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

    They are still under by about $750,000. But they only have 10 forwards with 9 defensemen, so it would seem logical that they will still have to make a trade somewhere soon to aquire atleast 1 forward.

  2. dcz28 says:

    The wings have 23 players signed at 38.4 million so they still have about 600 k left of cap space so right now they don’t need to trade anybody

    The thing with Datsyuk and Zetterberg was that Datsyuk wanted 5 million per year and if they would have gave him that then they could not have afforded Zetterberg because of the cap but now Datsuyk is signed for 3.9 million closer to what the Wings were planning to be able to keep both Datsyuk and Zetterberg plus fill out the roster with a bit left (600k wich is not much) incase of injury

    Detroit will probably make a trade sometime this season but as of right now they don’t really need to…it will all depend on injuries and poor play if they do…i don’t know why people say Detroit has goalie problems because Legace has been very good so far and so has Howard (excluding shootouts for Howard) and Osgood has proven to be a good goalie since he’s been in the NHL just look at his stats…unlike most teams in the new NHL Detroit actually has an advantage over most teams in net now as if one of them is injured for some time the other can be #1 and has the experience unlike teams that have one great goalie and an unproven backup like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New Jersey, Boston, Philly and the list goes on

  3. tacitus says:

    This isnt about Datsyuk but i noticed a guy named cleary in the redwing summaries. Does anybody know if thats Daniel Cleary?? cuz i was wondering if he got a try out or was signed by them.

  4. dcz28 says:

    It is Daniel Cleary…he is on a try out with the Wings and has looked good so far in pre-season

  5. 19Yzerman says:

    The Red Wings roster is now set with all its players signed the Red Wings can now try out as all NHL teams do during a preseason some prospects who could potentially get a roster spot which could have gone to some one else. So unless one of these prospects displays a greater performance level then any of the well known players on the Red Wings roster then I wouldn’t expect to see any trade. An example of how this could be is how Players like D Andy Delmore ($450,000) and F Johan Franzen ($650,000) have two-way contracts and don’t count against the cap unless they make the team.

    For specific Red Wings salary amounts see link below.

    From what I heard Ken Holland say on the Mitch Album radio program once this roster is done and when we are past 10 Regular season games that the Wings will still have $750,000 of Cap room left and that will be held till the trade deadline to be used to pick up an UFA which would be a 3 Mill per year type of player because at that time teams will only have to pay for 1/4 of this years salary as the previous team will have paid for the 3/4’s at that point.

    If a trade happens now it will be good news for the Red Wings because it will mean that Mikael Samuelsson, Mark Mowers, Andreas Lilja, Mark Mowers, Valtteri Filppula, Kyle Quincey, Jim Howard, Jiri Hudler, Dan Cleary or Jason Williams Is playing so well that The Red Wings would not need to keep a higher paid player who is being outperformed by one of these above mentioned tryouts.

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