Redden will sit our season at home

It appears Wade Redden will sit out the season at home at the Rangers’ request in order to ensure he does not get hurt and thus jeopardize the planned postseason compliance buyout of the final year of his contract.

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  1. TimTheBone says:

    Now while i understand new yorks point of view, and in reddens case being paid roughly 3-4 million this year for being with his family doesnt suck…. I gotta agree with “The Team 1200” in ottawa morning show host. This just seems wrong. Shouldnt be allowed. If a guy wants to play and is able to they shouldnt just force him to sit. And being scratched is a different animal all together. The whole situation just feels wrong to me… They should just play him in the 5-6 spot… Hes as good if not better than sauer stralman or eminger… Just play the guy ….

    Gauranteed gomez doesnt sit at home

  2. doorman says:

    Agrees seems pretty disrespectful for a guy who has done nothing but try and be a good solider so to speak.

  3. TimTheBone says:

    Guess I was wrong about Gomez!

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