Referees biased towards the Leafs?

A friend of mine hates the Leafs and is always talking about how Hockey night in Canada kisses their @@@ and how the Refs let them get away with Murder, I have always blown it off, but after watching today’s Rangers game I think he may be on to something.

There were 2 different times when Antropov should have been penalized in the game:

First, after he hit Ward in the face with his stick, Sundin pushed Prucha, then Antropov did, Prucha pushed Antopov back and then Antropv punched him in the face. What were the Penalties? 2 minutes to Prucha and Antropv.

Later, Antropov broke his stick and two fisted Prucha (I think) in the back knocking him down, no penalty.

This got me think to the some of the other Leafs games I had seen especially the Islander/Leafs playoff series where all the Leafs were trying to take the heads off the Islanders. It was either Corson or Tucker who crippled Peca with no penalty at all.

I am sure I will get labeled as a Sens fan or something immature, but I pretty much like all teams the same except I have always hated the Sharks,

And I know Leaf nation with disagree, but then again they bash their team every two game losing streak so I thought I would through this out there.