Remembering The Ace and Mark Bavis

The following was a story written last year on September 11, and, on the anniversary of the attacks, I’m again going to bring it to your attention, as a piece for reflection. I also impore you to read my article on my World Issues Page (a link also appears in the “Notes” section), September 11- A Year Later (NOTE: it is long), think about it and reflect. In the end, in doing your normal, everday things, use this day as a day of reflection and thought, but also as a day to celebrate life and forget about your problems: it’s the least we could do for those innocent victims who died last year.


Daniel Grasso

HTR Vice Administrator & Editor-In-Chief, DG’s World Issues Page

“Dedicated to preserving the memories of those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001”Two Kings Scouts lost in terrorist attacks

Wingman39 writes “The Los Angeles Kings have confirmed that two of thier scouts, Garnet “Ace” Bailey and Mark Bavis, were on the United Airlines Flight 175, Boston to LA flight that was hijacked and used as a weapon in a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Bailey, 53, is survived by his wife Katherine and son Todd. He played 10 years in the NHL, then jumped to the WHA in 1978. He won two Stanley Cups with the Boston Bruins, in 1970 and 1972.

Bavis, 31, is survived by his mother and two brothers. He was responsible for scouting American Universities.

Our prayers go out to the families of both men.

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  1. MyCaptain11 says:

    9/11 – The day to honor lost lives…and like you said the day to celebrate our own lives. thank you

  2. mikster says:

    I am not such a religious person, which is very strange from a pure Roman Catholic whose terraice faces the Vatican. But, i made a promise that every hour when i wake up at 9 am, i will pray. Pray for not only the people lost last year, but for the USA and the world. We are terrorized, and life is changing.

    “Dedicated to preserving the memories of those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001”


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