Renney to coach NYR, Weinrich stays in St.Louis and O'donnell goes to Phoenix!

The Score is reporting that the Rangers next head coach will be Tom Renney.

Also, the St.Louis Blues have signed veteran defensemen Eric Weinrich and the Phoenix Coyotes agreed to terms with defensemen Sean O’Donnell.Renney took over as interim head coach on Feb 25th, and is likely going to be signed to a long term deal.

The Rangers where 5-11-3-8 under Renney, who will be the 4th coach to serve with Slats as GM for the Rangers.

I think that this is another example of the Rangers not looking to improve in the right areas. Obviously Sather hasn’t done much to improve the team recently, and a new GM-Coach tandem should be brought on, a la Florida.

Info from The Score and


The St.Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Eric Weinrich would’ve signed a 2 year, 3 M$ contract with the Blues.

According to Sportsnet, Sean O’Donnell signed a 3 years, 6M$ contract with the Coyotes.


11 Responses to Renney to coach NYR, Weinrich stays in St.Louis and O'donnell goes to Phoenix!

  1. Lint07 says:

    My guess is Alexei Zhitnik.

  2. Memtown says:

    can you even change a word from spector’s website you Putz.

  3. Lint07 says:

    the second part was added by myself and no I didn’t try to make it look like it was an HTR breaking news.

    It’s a 2 sentence rumor with the source beside it, not a 500 words copy and paste article. Get over it.

    I’ll gladly post your articles whenever you feel like you can write some.

  4. simplyhabby says:

    It is always nice to see a promotion in the system to a head coach. He did a decent job coaching Canada’s national team so lets hope you can mature the young talent, mature the veterans..yes i did say mature the veterans and finally bring this chronically underachieving team into the playoffs.

    My bet is Matvichuk. This lock out year is amazing regarding how many players that are not signed! Barely a prominant UFA signed.

  5. Lint07 says:

    …or maybe I should’ve changed the names at the end for Trnka, Bergevin & Johansson to make it look different, right?

  6. simplyhabby says:

    I changed my mind. Its O’Donnell. HEHE

  7. GretzNYR99 says:

    So O’Donnell is the prominent defenseman that Spector said Phoenix was after?

    I hope that’s a joke, and if it is, it’s a bad one at best.

  8. kidhenry1 says:

    As an Islander fan, this is great news. Another puppet from within the organization who Sather will try to control (ala Bryan Trottier and Ron Lowe.) Somebody should tell Slats that it doesn’t ever work, especially if he decides to fill Renney’s staff with his old buddies from the Edmonton retirement home.

    Good news Mr. Milbury, you aren’t the worst GM in New York anymore.

  9. RangerSteve says:

    First off, I could see why you might automatically think this way, but you are way off. Renney actually ran the practices while Sather ended up sitting on the side. Renney also runs all over NYR’s prospect camps up in Calgary during the off-season, which should mean that Sather will end up having a hands off approach to Renney’s style while coaching all of these kids.

    Just keep telling yourself that Milbury isn’t the worst GM in NY, I don’t know how you guys still let him walk around Nassau County knowing he shipped out Luongo to draft DiPietro and he coudl have had Heatley!

  10. CommonSense says:

    ARIZONA REPUBLIC: David Vest reports the Phoenix Coyotes have called a news conference for noon Phoenix time to announce they’ve signed a “prominent defenceman”, ACCORDING TO GM MICHAEL BARNETT. A source within the organization claims it isn’t former Coyotes captain Teppo Numminen, who is a UFA but was sidelined late last season with a heart problem.

    …Now who used the words “prominent defeceman”? Was it spector? When you want to crack on someone, at least crack on the right person……

  11. AfroCon says:

    Well, maybe Renney can have the same kind of impact Julien did in Montreal.

    I mean, the team is full of young prospects and he seems to be pretty good with young kids and has a nice track record so I think he’ll probably be a good fit for them.

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