Replace Gainey next year for Patrcik Roy!

I know this could sound strange and easy to say. But as I already said on another news, the problem in Montreal is not the pression or the taxes or the French. The problem here is that we don’t have the team of kids that has rised yet. So, from there, another internal problem that is bigger than the fact that we don’t have a good team is there: WE have a big lack of leadership at the GM spot. Don’t try to make me believe that Gainey could be convincing with his attitude. He is respected from the leagues owners, right, but when happen the time to discuss with players, its another game! He don’t have the credibility we want from him.

So I suggest to bring Patrick Roy. I has never been a big fan of Patrick Roy as a goaler or has a person. But the fact is that when he wants something he gets it and when he do something he will finish by win. Imagine Roy discussing with Briere for the contract….Im pretty sure Briere would be in MontrĂ©al. Imagine Roy wanting Souray’s back or Roy wanting another big player.

I know, he is a bit compulsive and emotive but I really think we need that kind of personnality to make to big changes and the demarcation we need…

what you think?