Replace Gainey next year for Patrcik Roy!

I know this could sound strange and easy to say. But as I already said on another news, the problem in Montreal is not the pression or the taxes or the French. The problem here is that we don’t have the team of kids that has rised yet. So, from there, another internal problem that is bigger than the fact that we don’t have a good team is there: WE have a big lack of leadership at the GM spot. Don’t try to make me believe that Gainey could be convincing with his attitude. He is respected from the leagues owners, right, but when happen the time to discuss with players, its another game! He don’t have the credibility we want from him.

So I suggest to bring Patrick Roy. I has never been a big fan of Patrick Roy as a goaler or has a person. But the fact is that when he wants something he gets it and when he do something he will finish by win. Imagine Roy discussing with Briere for the contract….Im pretty sure Briere would be in MontrĂ©al. Imagine Roy wanting Souray’s back or Roy wanting another big player.

I know, he is a bit compulsive and emotive but I really think we need that kind of personnality to make to big changes and the demarcation we need…

what you think?

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  1. habman76 says:

    Gainey is a better GM than Patrick Roy and maybe i m wrong it s a posibility but i know for a fact that Gainey won a stanley cup as GM. how many did Roy win as a GM? Briere would not have com just because of Roy, if that was true remember carboneau is probably a big idol for many french players so therefore he d be there to be coached by his idol. Oh i forgot i know another great player turned coach that atracted a lot of players because of his celebrity. Gretzky. No he didn t it was a sarcastic comment.

  2. TimmyHoHo says:

    This is the worst pile of shit I have ever seen written in my life!  I can't imagine someone so stupid that they would write this down and let other people look at it!

    I am a Leafs fan and I feel that I have every right to complain about our poor GM, but I would give a lot to have Gainey running my team.  He built a dynsaty in Dallas, Dallas for Christ's sake!  They have no snow there!
    Gainey is a genius.  He got rid of Theodore and got a decent player in return, who else could have dumped that pile of crap contract and got something in return?  Briere is a good player and it would be nice to have some French Canadiens in Montreal, but Briere got an 8 year no movement contract for 6.5 a year.  Not the best deal.  Gagne, St. Louis and/or Vinny could all be free agents within a season or two and Gainey is building toward the future.
    Wake up and take a look at the difference Gainey has made.  He took a big bag of crap and turned it into a team.  He signed the good young talent, Price is on his way up and Souray is gone along with his minus 28.  Minus 28 is so bad it is rediculous.  Souray was a king of the old NHL, but he can't play i this new league. I love him, but -28 on a defensive team is terrible.
    As for Roy…you didn't like him as a "goaler?"  What couldn't you like about him between the posts?  Sure he is a total dick, but he won two Stanley Cups on teams that didn't have enough talent to  make the playoffs in the AHL without him.  Maybe you could bring him in to learn from Bob, but otherwise I think you should ride the "Goodship Bob" because it's headed to a good place.
    I will trade you JFJr and a 6th rounder for Bob.  Then you can fire him and hire Roy, who hates Francophones like Latandresse.  Idiot…
  3. habsrock99 says:

    Gainey has no credibility as a GM? Are you stupid or just plain ignorant? What did Gainey do in Dallas? He single handedly made that team a Stanley Cup champion. GAINEY brought in Belfour, Hull, Carbonneau, Dave Reid, etc. GAINEY also locked up such rising stars as Mike Modano, Derian Hatcher, etc. Patrick Roy as GM wouldn't be too bad but let's face it, ROY has no credibility. Yeah, he's the NHL's winningest goalie but does anyone really like him among the players? The owners? The GM's? Not very many. Plus, does Montreal really need an out-spoken person running the show? Replacing Gainey, a guy who has been involved in hockey for almost 40 years, most as a coach and/or GM, for Roy, a 20 year veteran and a GM of a MINOR hockey team. Now, not only is it a huge step to go from the OHL, WHL or the QMJHL as a player, but its almost as big as step if you're a coach. Case and point, Brian Kilrea of the Ottawa 67's. Couldn't cut it as the Leafs potential coach back in the 80's. Now, if the Habs were even thinking of firing Gainey, which they're NOT, the primary candidate would be Columbus' former GM, Doug MacLean, only because he proved himself as a winner in Florida when they went to the finals in 1996 and because he's a GM that isn't afraid to make a trade. But, Gainey isn't going anywhere and all of you who say he isn't an aggressive GM, you're all wrong. He tried incredibly hard to get Briere but when it came down to it, Briere took the 8 year contract Philly was offering over the 5 year contract Gainey was offering at the same price. Gainey has tried to re-sign Souray, giving him 4 really good offers of 18, 20, 22 and 24 million dollars over 4 years. Gainey also tried to get Rafalski yes, but he wasn't willing to give him the Niklas Lidstrom money which Rafalski seeked. Gainey also tried to get other free agents as well like Slava Kozlov, Brad Stuart, Michal Handzus and others, but the thing is, its not the fact that Gainey lacks credibility, its the fact that the Montreal MEDIA hounds all those who play for Montreal. The MEDIA is the reason why Pierre Turgeon left, why Vincent Damphousse left, why Mark Recchi wanted out, why Sergei Samsonov didn't score more then he did. The constant distraction of the MEDIA plays a huge role in how players perform in Montreal. It's also why Gainey can't lure free agents to Montreal. If the MEDIA continues to hound players like they do now, I see Carey Price wanting out when he reaches his full potential. Now, just a quick thing on Patrick Roy, the only reason why he wanted out, was because of Mario Tremblay. Ask any sane and smart coach, they will all tell you that they wouldn't leave the BEST goalie in the NHL in net for 9 goals. If Ronald Corey would have fired Tremblay after that Detroit game, Roy would have stayed.

  4. habsrock99 says:

    ok, i totally agree with u up til u say that the Habs didn't have enough talent to play in the AHL in both cup years. Ok 1, 1986, they finished 3rd in the regular season standings in the old Wales Conference. 2,In 1993, they finished 4th in the Wales Conference. Both years, Roy was a bit shaky in the opening 2 rounds and didn't pick it up until the 3rd round on. Now, if i'm not mistaken, the Leafs were put out by Calgary in 1986 and LA in 1993 and if memory serves correct again, Montreal put out both of those teams in the Finals in 6 games or less.

  5. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    This is as a ridiculus comment as one can imagine and not even worth commenting on. Pure rubbish.

  6. LaFlanelle says:

    Patrick Roy will need to learn to think before he speaks before he can work in the NHL let alone be a GM. A GM needs to understand the business of hockey (something most of us fans cannot even fathom to grasp) and Gainey has proven not only that he is one of the top 5 GMs in the league in that regards, he is also highly respected by his staff and players at the same time. Leave Patrick Roy where he belongs… with the Juniors… to get a little less green.

  7. habsoverserver says:


  8. Rickoo7 says:

    maybe a saw im assistant-coach…He will bring heart to the team

  9. damien_ralentass says:

    I couldn’t agree more.  Even if you are a Leaf’s fan! Especially the part concerning Theodore!  Good point! I have a brother with whom I often talk about hockey and more particularly about the Montréal Canadiens. You want to know what I think: since Quebec lost there hockey team, many of the so-called hockey specialists came to Montreal….


    I’ve always said to my brother: it’s a pity that Quebec lost there team, because we could have divided the stupidity into two, one for each side… 

  10. TimmyHoHo says:

    Take Roy off those teams.  That's the point.  You think they could win a game against any of the teams in the playoffs that year without Roy?  Also, yeah the Canadiens beat LA in 1993.  And, yes, LA beat the Leafs…by the refs cheating Toronto in the most obvious manner ever.  Gretzky gave the most obvious cheap shot cross check to Gilmour's face right in front of the ref and then doesn't get a penalty.  Then he sets up the winner…brutal…and it still hurts.

    All of my Habs friends admit that Toronto likely would have won that series against the Canadiens that year, or at the least they would have made it a game 7 decider.  I am just glad that LA didn't win.  A Canadian team is always better than an American one (especially a place with no snow) even if it is the damn Habs.
    Anyways…whatever…go Gainey.  The guy is the best thing to happen to Montreal since the downfall that was started when Roy left for for Colorado.  
    My two cents: Komisarek will turn out to be a stud in the next couple years, don't lose him.
  11. 1551 says:

    no offence but gainey is better than roy at g.m

  12. 143rs says:

    People here said very bad comments so i will try to act a bit posistive with this idea.

    Patrick Roy is a very good coach for the Quebec Ramparts but i dont think that it would be a good idea to have him as gm, He could be an assistant coach and went till carbo gets fired but thats all, he will not be gm. He cant control is temper and look at gretzky hes head coach and hes is a bad idea as coach.

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