Report: Firing Therrien Was ''PLAN B''

We all know that the Montréal Canadiens were struggling, with only 2 wins at their 12 last games (including losses to Atlanta & Buffalo recently) and something had to be done to shake this team.

We all heard that coach Michel Therrien has been fired and replaced by Hamilton Bulldogs’ coach Claude Julien, but according to ”Les Amateurs De Sports, AM 550” André Savard only took the decision after the loss against Philadelphia. And if Montréal had won the game, Therrien would still be behind the bench today. The source also stated that firing Therrien was the ”PLAN B”…In fact, André Savard days earlier tried to make a significant trade to shake his team. Only problem, the trade fell short and then he had no choice but to fire Therrien.

The trade in question was involving the Chicago Blackhawks. In this trade, Savard was trying to acquire what Montréal DESPERATELY need, which is the big power forward to put on the first line along with Montréal’s small players like Saku Koivu and Richard Zednik. Add to that this player is from Quebec and is talented. You probably guessed it already, the guy Savard was trying to acquire was Eric Dazé from Chicago.

Unfortunately it has been impossible to know which players were involved, but sources says Montréal were offering young prospects and/or draft picks (I also heard a 1st rounder).

If he could’ve been able to make this deal, Savard would’ve not fired Therrien. Or even if Therrien would’ve won the game against Philly, he’d still be there, so it’s safe to say that it wasn’t what Savard really wanted at first.

Concerning Julien, who won everywhere he’s been coaching, he should make a great job behind the bench in Montréal. According to several NHL experts, Julien would’ve been one of the most wanted coach in the NHL this summer…



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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    Well I’ll tell you one thing… Under Julien, the Habs won’t be facing their usual 35-40 shots per night!

  2. Lint07 says:

    Exactly. Also expect a more ”offensive type game” under Julien.

    I really think he will do a good job with this team.

  3. BabyLeaf says:

    I think that firing Therrien was the right idea, now maybe they can play Czerkawski (or however you spell his name), who in my opinion will really contribute to the team!

  4. Leaf_Expert says:

    I do too…Just not aginst the Leafs…

  5. Lint07 says:

    Mark my words: Montréal 5 – Toronto 3 tonight….

    ahah 🙂

  6. mikster says:

    With Kidd in net? Probably!

  7. Lint07 says:

    ohhhh! then make it 8-3 Montréal. 😉

  8. edmontonrules says:

    Then it’s agreed Toronto will get 3 goals. But Montreal will get at least 4…. fine by me.

  9. bjtew says:

    Plan A was a pipedream. Who on the Habs is worth Daze? Theodore or Koivu? Thats about all I can think of and I dont think the Habs were trading those players. Friggin prospects and picks.

  10. rrudd says:

    frankly, i don’t think either theodore or koivu is worth daze.

  11. mikster says:

    I wouldn’t even trade my first rounder or Komisarek for Daze. He scores, but he is often injured and doesn’t play physical enough.

    Had i been GM Mike Smith, i would have traded Daze for Komisarek, a 3rd and Zednik. Yeah right, i could never get that!

  12. slipnaughtyboy says:

    too bad the Habs got 2 😛


  13. habsoverserver says:

    The Habs could not get Daze without gutting their team and losing their limited youth. As opposed to wasting $10 million on Hackett, Audette and Czerkawski, Savard should have gone after a power wing in the free agent market.

    Meenwhile Savard is totally incapable of replacing the muscle lost when Souray and Odjick went down. Why is this team last in shots for and first in shots against? Because they have no muscle. Until Savard addresses this, he’s wasting the season and putting Koivu and Markov in danger of being pummelled by every cheap shot artist in the league. You know this is a chicken team when a dirty player like Thortnon cheap shots both Markov and Koivu in consecutive games and not one player on the team has the guts to do anything about this. Way to stand up for your captain guys! Therrien rants and raves from behind the bench but on the ice, the team is gutless.

    So, forced by environment into choosing a Francophone coach, willing to give up anything and everyone to get a local star in Daze, this team is not run to win, it’s run for the local fans. Well the joke is on them. The most qualified candidate for the Habs coaching position left the team in disgust last season. If this was a decent organization, Guy Carbonneau and his Stanley Cup rings, Selke trophies, and years of clutch play would be behind the bench.

    There was a time when there would be literally 100 Stanley Cup rings between all the players and coaches in the Habs dressing room. The Habs have totally wrecked that tradition. It’s hard to be a great team when the only Cup winner still in the organization falls on his butt in overtime.

  14. dereksanderson says:

    Let me clear this up once and for all. Joe Thornton is not a dirty player, just because he is better then any peice of junk the habs have they start calling him dirty. I was at the game when he “cheap shotted” Koivu and it was anything but that. He dropped his stick and he was trying to play defence and he tried to pin down Koivu but koivu squirmed to dodge it and hence forward the 2nd leading scorer in the league was trying to take out Saku Koivu. Thats one big crock if you asked me because the fact of the matter is whenever the Bruins have one of the best players in the league that the Habs have no chance of comparison to he is “dirty, cheap or a bully”. The only reason Joe ends up in the penalty box is because people hack away at him because he is damn good. The bruins got Oliwa so that Thornton can stop dropping his gloves in self defence.

    P.S: Thornton is without a doubt the best young player in the NHL and anyone who argues that is from some place like Nashville. On the otherhand Montreal has nothing and barring the miracle Theodore had last year Hackett has always been the better of the two and he spends most of the time riding the pine!!!

  15. habsoverserver says:

    He’s dirty and that’s why he watched the Olympics from home. Gretz wanted no part of him on Team Canada. Besides, the guy’s been suspended for being a cheap shot artist.

    Besides how did Thorton’s stick end up in Markov’s stomach? Was Thorton wiffing on another shot?

    And when he beats the Habs in the playoffs you can say he’s better but until then, I hope he liked watching the Habs in the second round last year. And for a team that has nothing it was nice to be Boston back to back last month.

    Thorton may be better player than most but Gretz liked Smyth, Iginla and Gagne ahead of him so go argue with him.

  16. Stanajax says:

    I’m not from Nashville, but I rather have Gaborik or Heatley than Thornton…..

    I don’t like players who hit to injure other players and Thornton is one of them……..when the opposing players outplay his team, as Koivu and the Habs did. He can’t control himself in these situations and makes stupid and dangerous hits.

    The one on Markov was pretty awful too….

    Back to Koivu, that night, Saku was making a joke of Thornton, and the guy just couldn’t handle it. Trying to cut Koivu’s head was his solution???

    However, Thornton is not a dirty player, just as McLaren. But, if he can’t control himself, he’ll never become a great leader in this league……

  17. Leaf_Expert says:

    Actually I bet the Habs won’t score more than 2 goals!

    Leafs will win!!!!!!!!

    Go Leafs GO!

  18. -Swizz- says:

    good man!

    thornton rules!!

    thornton is sorta a dirty player…BUT…who cares?? gordie howe and mark messier were 2 of the dirtiest players ever to play….

    thornton 4 hart

  19. dereksanderson says:

    Your words are as feeble as those of a fired Michel Therien. Gretzky has nothing against Joe Thornton and he actually has complimented him by saying he is “the future of the NHL”; the reason why Thornton was not on Team Canada was because he came on after team Canada was selected, i’ll bet you a million bucks he will be there next time on the first line!! Gretsky took both Fleury and Lindros for the team so your theory makes alot of sense… No Habs player could even play on team Canada because the team is compromised almost entirley of 5’5 Europeans and “Theo the overated” will not get a spot over Luongo, Brodeur, etc. Markov dived and what good is winning the first round if you don’t make it past the second? Thornton will have fun playing in the playoffs while you guys tee it up.

  20. dereksanderson says:

    I was at the game in Montreal and Koivu never made a joke of Thornton; were you there ??

  21. Overtime says:

    If what you are saying is true, Montreal is a fragile, sorely misguided organization. Let’s see, if Montreal beats Philly, Therrien keeps his job. If Montral gets Daze in a trade in exchange for half of Montreal’s lineup, Therrien keeps his job. Daze??? Explain to me what the hell Daze has done for Chicago? I’d lke you to focus on playoff success stories in your response.

    What kind of Master Plan is that?? What kind of vision for the future does Savard have if everything boils down to a rather insignificant win and/or a horrendous trade?

    Thank God what you are saying isn’t true. It makes no sense at all.

  22. Overtime says:

    Explain to me what Daze has done to help the Chicago Blacks Hawks become successful. Tell me all about Chicago’s playoff success stories. Tell me all about Daze’s role on the All-Star team. Tell me about all the awards this veteran has won in his career. Daze is a non-factor for Chicago and he sure as hell isn’t worth even an injured Theodore or Koivu.

    OK. Let me have it. Give me all the success stories. Explain to me what make Daze so great.

  23. Lint07 says:

    Okay, first of all you don’t care about it. It is true but you don’t care. I’m gonna explain it to you even though you don’t give a rat’s a$$ anyway.

    Yeah, Therrien would’ve kept his job if he had won against philly. That’s a no-brainer there smarty-boy. Could you name me the last coach that has been fired after a win??? Yeah that’s right.

    Secundo, the ”Dazé Deal” was to shake things up. You don’t have to trade half the organization to get your team going sometime, or in some cases stop your team going (ask Colorado). One trade can change everything and that’s exactly what Savard wanted to do. This wasn’t the kinda team Therrien likes, anybody that knows the guy will tell you he is a warrior and likes to have guys that plays the game his way. He likes big physical players that plays hard. Not exactly the Montréal Canadiens if you ask me. Plus add to that Savard openly admitted he ”tried to make some trades the week before firing Therrien”.

    So there it is Junior. I know you don’t care but I like to talk to ”Mr. Know-it-all” like you, I think it’s kinda funny.

    And btw, I never post bull$hit. In fact, I bet you were one of the 90 people tellin me I was a liar when I posted the scoop (3 days before any website on the net, if you can remember) that Patrick Roy wasn’t going to the olympics last year… Did you apologized? haha.

  24. PeterPuck says:

    HOG-WASH, Savard contacted the Oliers last week end to ask to talk/hire Julien,,this plan was well into place before the Flyers Game…the draft pick was given to the Oliers..

  25. Lint07 says:

    yeah, you’re right. In fact Therrien’s days were numbered since 2 weeks. BUT the final decision has been taken only after the Philly game. Savard DID try to make a move instead of firing Therrien this week.

  26. Stanajax says:

    Markov dived, you said???

    Well, nothing more to add, you’ve got a Leaf brain!!!

    I only listened to the game, but Koivu really outplayed the Bruins in this game!!!

  27. habsoverserver says:

    He wasn’t chosen because he takes stupid penalties. Everyone knows it. Mike Farber wrote that in SI and Strachan wrote it in the Toronto Sun. Thorton can’t be trusted. By the way, Koivu has an Olympic medal. So that’s smurfs 1 Thorton 0.

    Thornton is clearly a good player and if Boston fans show up to games and root for their team, perhaps one day he will actually be voted onto the All Star team.

    Like other people have posted you can be dirty and be a good player – Howe, Rocket Richard, Bobbly Clarke well are great but crossed the line more than once. The difference between them and Thorton is that they never lost their cool and could be trusted with the game on the line. Thorton has yet to earn that kind of trust.

  28. Freeze says:

    Ya, more like Go on vacation, Eagles. hehehehe

  29. jerrod79 says:

    Therrien had to go…no player management and that is why audette, czerkawski, etc, etc are all having bad years. last year was lucky cause koivu fired up his mates more than anything.

    i think the habs should work on a trade with pittsburgh for kovalev…

    to pittsburgh:




    to montreal:



    to boston:



    2nd rounder


    to montreal:


  30. habsoverserver says:

    You can’t trade a guy who cleared waivers a month ago, and over priced defenseman and a UFA goalie for a top scorer. Also, add up the salary dollars for Czerkawski, Hackett and Brisebois it’s about $9 million. Why are the Pens trading Kovalev? Money!!!! But in this deal they take on more salary than before.

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