Report: Isles Interested in Los Angeles’ Bernier

The Islanders may not be content to sit tight with some combination of Evgeni Nabokov, Kevin Poulin and Anders Nilsson in goal next year — and they shouldn’t be. According to Newsday, the Islanders are “in the mix” for Los Angeles Kings goalie Jon Bernier. According to TSN, the Kings have been actively shopping Bernier around the NHL for the past week or so.

Bernier, 24, played 14 games for the Kings this season with a 1.87 GAA and .922 save percentage. Both of those marks were better than LA’s starter, Jon Quick, although obviously sample size is a serious factor. In the Kings’ 18-game playoff run, Quick started every game and is clearly the favorite in Los Angeles. Bernier has been a King since the team selected him 11th overall in 2006. He has only started 54 games since then with a career .912 save percentage; not an overly impressive career mark despite the impressive quarter season.

With such strong faith in Quick, the Kings are likely to move the RFA-to-be Bernier this summer (and now we can officially commence Draft Trade Rumor Season). Newsday writes that the “Kings are only seeking prospects or young players in return.” That could mean the Islanders first round pick, Nino Niederreiter, or others.

The Islanders could use a goaltender and at 24 years old Bernier could be potential option for the Islanders for a number or years. The trick is that goaltenders can be inconsistent and Bernier has very limited NHL experience, making it a gamble to ship multiple picks and/or prospects west for an unproven entity. It’s one of those things that can turn a GM into a genius or a dunce, depending on how it shakes out.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    If I’m the Flames, I’m getting Bernier. He’s someone they can start a rebuild with in goal.

    But, I think they’re going with Reto Berra and Kari Ramo next year along with Joey McDonald.

    Isles do have more to offer than Philly, another interested party.

    Perhaps Brock Nelson, or even Niederrieter? Hard to say but my assumption is asking price high, and Kings want skill, offence.

    There are other goalies available via trade. Maybe Miller, probably Halak, and of course, Luongo.

    Goalies are such a fickle position, how much do you invest?

    Bottom line though for Isles, cant go with Poulin or think Dips can come back….again.

    • mojo19 says:

      If Nabakov is 100% done in Long Island I wouldn’t mind the Leafs taking a run at him. He could be that “experienced” goalie that Nonis is looking for to upgrade the position, and he wouldn’t have to take the starting spot away from Reimer.

      With Reimer’s injury history I definitely think it would be wise to look for an experienced goalie to join the team. All due respect to Scrivens.

    • reinjosh says:

      If Philly offers Matt Read, I don’t think LA would turn that down over Niederrieter or Nelson TBH.

      And Flames won’t do much about goaltending. Ramo is coming over, and they seem pretty high on Berra. Toss in McDonald and they’ll just play “start whoever is best”. Plus Broissoit and Gillies in the pipeline, both who have shown soem nice potential. I just don’t see them spending assets on Bernier.

      Philly and NYI seem teh most likely places. Both have big needs for a goalie.

      Although knowing Philly, they buy-out Bryzgalov, send a massive offer sheet to Pietrangelo and go with Mason as the go-to-goalie.

      Sidenote, Mason plays ball hockey in Oakville during the summers. He’s sort of a douche when he plays lol

      • mapleleafsfan says:

        Am I seriously missing the hype on Matt Read? Haven’t seen him play that much, but he’s small, 27, just broke into the NHL and has average point totals. Even though Nino has stalled a bit surely his value is higher than that. I’d assume Read would have lower value than say Bozak. I don’t want Bernier, but if the cost was something like Bozak, sure I’d take it.

        • Gambo says:

          I look at Matt Read as a similar player as Matt Frattin. Both have impressive shots, both have exceptional speed and both can fit in any role within the top 9. I think Read is a little better offensively, but Frattin has the edge physically by quite a bit.

          I don’t think Frattin would be enough to get Bernier, though rumors had it last season that Philly wanted Frattin and a 2nd for Bernier.

  2. 93killer93 says:

    Apparently Briere has been told he will be bought out. I would prefer to sign him to a short term deal as oppose to Weiss or overpaying on Bozak.

    • mojo19 says:

      Definitely. Also Briere plays wing and centre and offers flexibility to the line up, on top of being a playoff stud. The downside to Dany B is that he has been pretty banged up the last couple of years.

      Still, he would add something to our team.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Oh boy I can’t wait for the draft.

    1) It’s one of the most interesting drafts in a long time. The elite depth at the top of the draft is some of the best in a while (probably since 2009 when you had 4-7 elite talent players drafted. Depending on how Hedman/Schenn/Kadri turn out it could be 7). But aside from that it gets really interesting from 6-12, 13-35, and 35-65. Those are about where the tiers start and stop, but you could a guy that could go 8th go 20th, and a guy that was though to go 25th go top 10. It’s a beauty of a thing for a draft junkie.

    2) Trades are shaping up to be…beautiful. TSN has stated that Letang might be on the block, Bernier is likely to be traded at the draft, both Vanek and Miller could move on as Sabres, Cammalleri has requested a trade from the Flames, Minnesota is said to be looking to move Clutterbuck, THe Canes have been said to be looking into making a big shakeup trade with Skinner plus available, plus the requisite “no one saw that trade coming” move like Staal last year and Burns the year before.

    • Gambo says:

      I know, I’m really excited for the draft. I really hope Nonis does a high risk high reward move, something he’s been criticised of not being able to do.

      I’m going to make a prediction that the Avs will draft Drouin. I think Mackinnon will be the best player in this years draft, too good in both ends. I also think Nichushkin could be the one of the best in this years draft. He has size, speed and skill. But there’s the Russian factor.

  4. leafy says:

    This could be the year my dream happens. Stanley cup final, game 7 in overtime.

  5. Gambo says:

    Anyone interested in going after Berglung? 6’3 Swedish centre. Had 17 goals in this shortened season.

  6. doorman says:

    The draft is gonna be awesome, almost be sad to miss it. Calgary’s biggest problem will be Kipper will come back and be extended, IMO. As long as he is only the one year starter and then starts to mentor, it will be a good move for them. Although I want to know why NJ’s are not mentioned more in Bernier rumors, this makes the most sense period, IMO.

  7. mapleleafsfan says:

    NYR – Canucks coach swap. Would be pretty great if they met in the finals next year. Could happen. Rangers seriously underachieved.

    • And if we lose, I will forever cry.

      • nordiques100 says:

        Vigs is a great coach. Things went stale last year or two and the goalie controversy was avoidable by the GM who did nothing and then threw the coach under teh bus.

        I think you’ll see quite a few more goals from this team. too bad they traded Gaborik already. I think Nash will produce well under Vigneault.

        I think the D will be activated and you could see MDZ be a 50-60 point threat. He’s that good but their previous system was a hinderance IMO.

        They I think need another standout forward. I like Richards, he’ll bounce back. Nash, should thrive, they have some depth, Stepan, Cally, Hagelin, Brassard, but, just another pure goal scorer would be nice there. not sure bringing back Clowe is that answer, but he’s decent.

        I think they are not far off. I mean they have the best goalie in the world IMO. I think that will be Vigs first job. approach the King and be really open to him. He’s the franchise, so, i think gotta make him feel the most comfortable of all players.

        From there, i think if that goes well, then it could be a breakout year finally for NY. still work to be done for sure, but this is a refreshing and needed change. great hire.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I’m not going to say I agree with Van hiring Torts, but I understand the reasoning.
          Van’s stars are getting older, the window to win is now. The Sedin’s, Bieksa, Burrows, Hamhuis are all in their 30’s pretty much.
          They bring in Torts for a two year window would be my guess…Like NYR did with Keenan. He is not a coach you want to build with a young team, he is a guy who comes in, cracks heads and makes players accountable, like Keenan did in NYR.
          Torts is an immediate results guy, which is what they need with their key players aging. Torts act will wear out quick in Van city, so they will have success within two years or this could be a complete disaster right from the start. Hard to tell which way it will go.

        • It’s a real shame that Clowe isn’t slightly faster. There really would be a place or him on ever team. It’s the slowness that kills.

  8. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Sigh… Nonis…

    Apparently there is a bidding war to over pay for Bernier and we’re going JFJ this one for another Raycroft.

    • Gambo says:

      I don’t see what the problem is in going with Reimer as the starter, he’s proven everything. Hasn’t Toronto learned their lesson in trading for goalies. Raycroft, Toskala, keeping Pogge over Rask..

      I hate to say it, but for some reason i have no confidence in Nonis. I hope he proves me wrong.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        See…we don’t disagree on everything.LOL

        • nordiques100 says:

          It all comes down to the chain reaction to every move made.

          Its not always the deal itself, but what comes after these supposed suspect deals that really make or break things.

          I mean while the Raycroft deal was bad, the Toskala trade was far more crippling. Not getting a backup for Raycroft after JS Aubin was benched permanently by Paul Maurice was idiotic. Its stuff like that which worries me more.

          If say he acquires Bernier…but then manages to say turn Reimer into a top centre, well, then things make some sense.

          But, if he decides to go with 2 goalies, plus Scrivens, and does nothing to address the gaping hole at centre, well then there are significant questions.

          I do find it quite odd to focus on Bernier unless it means they’re trading Reimer with his value being as high as ever. Thats the only thing that makes any sense to me here with this particular rumor.

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            Nonis is aggressive in securing his goaltending position. He brought in Luongo and then turned around to draft Schneider with his 1st round pick (ironically one of his few good draft picks). I don’t see him trading Reimer, I expect him him to play if safe. His pursuit of Kipper again highlights that he’s dead set on having two capable starters.

            Not that I’d hate the idea of moving one of two goaltenders but Reimer/Bernier isn’t exactly Cujo/Potvin. I really have no clue to what might Reimer’s trade value would be.

            The one name I keep seeing in rumors is Frattin which sucks because Frattin played huge this season, showing glimpses of greatness and he’s the perfect forward to play up and down the line up on the cheap.

            Bringing up Toskala and Raycroft makes me cringe at what the price might end up being for Bernier given there is a bidding war.

    • DannyLeafs says:

      I am holding out hope that it’s to flip him to a team like Edmonton or Calgary. I am not defending it, I wish we could just use the assets else where if it’s a bidding war like it’s being speculated. I would like to nab another goalie, but I just think it could be done easier. Nabokov or Emery could be veterans that could really push Reimer and offer a good safety net, while not requiring a big commitment in terms of either contract or starts.

      It could be a case of the media talking about so much that the speculation makes people think it will be a massive payment. It’s very possible the trade boils down to something like Frattin and a mid rounder for Bernier. I could live with that, not love it as it’s still a sideways step, but value wise I could live with it. What scares me is the Leafs are apparently offering enough to scare Holmgren away from getting in on what would be a highly publicized deal, and he’s pretty much a junkie for those.

    • DannyLeafs says:

      Also, I would prefer to use Frattin in a deal to possibly land Clutterbuck. Could make sense, Minny gets an affordable fill in for Clutterbuck, while Toronto gets a guy to replace Komorov’s agitating qualities and Frattin’s goal production in the same package.

  9. LN91 says:

    Is this Nonis…Or Tim Leiweke with this Bernier fascination?

    Granted, Bernier is a talented prospect…But let’s be real here. A) He has never started a season for LA, 2) He is a completely undersized goalie at 5’11 and 3) He plays for LA. They are defensive wizards, there D blocks everything, they have great possesion, etc.

    Toronto is completely opposite from the way that LA plays, so Bernier will be in a bigger pressure cooker in every single way. From media to the actual Leafs play, it will be a struggle. That’s why I liked Reimer, he has handled everything well and was byfar the MVP of the Leafs last season.

    Also, the price will be something stupid and ridiculous. Don’t GM’s realize you don’t draft goalies early or trade high prospects for them anymore? Goalies these days just come from out of nowhere.

    I hate it, I think it’s moronic by Nonis. He has 1 of the worst Center cores in the LEAGUE and needs a mobile, two-way (more defensive) top-4 defencemen…Yet he wants to waste assets for an unproven, small, goalie in a situation where it’s every goalies dream right now? A position, surprisingly, that was a stregnth for the Leafs this season?

    Does this make any sense?

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Not to mention Nonis would still have to sign Bernier while his value is inflated coming off the bidding war for him. He’s reported looking for 3.5-4 million?

      It almost feels like the obligatory bad off season trade a new GM has to make in Toronto.

    • nordiques100 says:

      I’d rather spend a 1st rounder and Frattin or Kulemin + even something else to get Marc Staal, even if he potentially is earmarked to go to Carolina in 2 years.

      He addresses a most pressing concern. He addresses many needs on his own.

      Mike Smith at 3.5 mil, or Nabokov at 3 mil or Emery at 3 mil fill the needs just fine in goal IMO if they insist on going large.

      Reimer’s main concern is being hurt often. They being the organization knows obviously more than us, but at our far distant vantage point, we really don’t see a whole lot wrong with Reims other than the injuries and a funky glove hand. Not a huge amount wrong with Scrivens either.

      Goalie Issues? Issues sure, but Corey Crawford? Antti Niemi?? 32 year old ECHL, KHL, Finnish elite league, AHL, backup Tim Thomas to Vezina/Cup winner? Chris Osgood? You don’t always win with a Miller, Lundqvist or Luongo, 3 arguably the best in the biz who have no cups either.

      Bernier would make a absolute fab 1-2 punch in goal, or an even potential upgrade in goal over Reimer, but its questionable at best to focus on this first over every other single need on the team.

      My order of concern is

      a) centre
      b) the D
      c) Komarov’s replacement
      d) more jam amongst the top 6
      e) goal

      goal is pretty far down the list. On the list, but for the team to need to do that first? Odd, just odd. And I really like Bernier too.

      If it means say trading to get Bernier, and then packaging Reimer and perhaps land a Sam Gagner, or even RNH or something along those lines, well, then kudos to the Leafs.

      But if this 2 headed goalie tandem is the be all end all of the summer, geeze, that’s kinda weak to put it nicely.

  10. LN91 says:

    In saying that, I would rather have Luongo…I know ATLEAST I can get a Vezina candidate for probably a 4th round pick.

    Only way I like this deal is if Toronto is using Bernier to get a Center, I don’t think he will be very good player.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      A 3 way trade would make sense but who would be involved? Maybe the Leafs have what LA wants then Toronto could deal with another team that wants Bernier but doesn’t have what LA wants but does have what T.O wants.
      You don’t see much of this anymore, but if we have what LA wants, Nonis should be inquiring with other GM’s “if we had Bernier, could we get?”
      If we have Bernier…
      Is B Schenn or Coburn available
      Is Minnie willing to talk
      What about Giordano, Hudler, Camalleri
      Is Florida in on it
      Is Yandle then available from Phoenix with the uncertainty of Smith
      What would Tampa be willing to give
      Do the caps have interest

      This is something Nonis should look at.

      • DannyLeafs says:

        I think for that to be the game plan it has to be Phoenix, Edmonton or Calgary. If philly isn’t willing to outbid Toronto for Bernier in the first place, I doubt they give Toronto enough to make that carousel make sense, unless Holmgren has lost his mind. Similar idea for the wild.

        I think with Calgary, Edmonton and Phoenix it at least makes sense, since LA might not want to deal with them, being in the same division. Toronto could get decent value out of one of those teams by flipping Bernier.

        If that did happen it would make Nonis look like a Genius. Kept toying with the idea all year of brining someone in, but never actually doing it. Insisting he wants to upgrade in goal despite Reimer really putting most critics to rest. Making LA feel comfortable in the idea that Toronto is going after Bernier to keep him, then flipping him alone or in a Package for something they want. Not likely, but it would be interesting.

  11. LN91 says:

    The only thing I don’t get from lafleur is his Phil Kessel jokes…Losing a testicle does not mean anything, if you look at science lol.

    I also think he has proven over the years he has more testosterone in his 1 nut then the entire Habs teams have had since ’93. So, come up with a better joke 😉

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