Report: Leafs interested in Peca

Howard Berger of the Fan 590 reported today that over the last 24 hours he has heard that the Leafs have been pursuing UFA Mike Peca.

He does not know how serious the talks are at this point, but suggests it is something to watch for.

Unfortuantely for all of us Leafs fans, he also said in his report that the Leafs are still trying to sign Nik Antropov with the fear that if he goes somewhere else he might become a star. The only way I can see that happening is if he went back to Peewee!

I don’t see the Leafs signing Peca but who knows?!

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  1. the_word says:

    Berger is the Al Strakan of the FAN and if possible he is to ugly for radio.

  2. wht_trsh says:

    If the leafs trade Tucker in a deal for Gomez I can see them eyeing Peca as he would be a perfect fit to replace Tuckers role on the team.

  3. the_word says:

    Gomez and Peca? There is this thing called the salary cap, its new, well I won’t go into the detail, but the Leafs can’t sign Gomez and Peca

  4. DJTOKid says:

    Yah I don’t know about Gomez, but Peca would be reasonable for 2-3mil a year.

  5. Aetherial says:

    God no. I don’t want Peca for the couple million he will undoubtedly want. I don’t want him at anything except league minimum just to serve as a warm body and kill some minutes.

  6. realistic_leaf_fan says:

    Your an idiot. Peca would be a great fit in Toronto and like everyone else I don’t see it happening but still would love to have a player with his speed and grit on the team . him with tucker and Kilger would make for a good line!

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Two words


  8. GoalJudge says:

    This is such trash its no even funny. Peca coming to the leafs with TUCKER here would be a cancer and a half. As much as I dislike the guy, not becasue I like the leafs – I just think he is a creep and a whiner, he would not be well suited here.

    Again he would be another Center, which we really don’t need. And doesn’t figure well in the eqaution.

    He’ll want too much, is not worth much at all, as his production is attrocious, and would take away valuebale Ice TIME that could develop a younger player.


    THis would be almost as bad as signing CArter, as at least PECA has defensive ability. I might make him a #7 d-man. For the Minimum of course.

  9. mapleleafs4cup says:

    ok first of all the devils wouldnt trade gomez for tuker and the leafs would be way over the salary cap and they would have like 7 centers

  10. Rufusy says:

    hey modin used to suck when he played for the leafs, could be the same for antropov. and by the way Antropov at the end of the season had the best +/- for the leafs. Just try to remember the stats cause most leafs fans only comment on the bad stats when players sign(kubina)

  11. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    you’re quite the idiot, I’ve been listening to the fan since way back when he started on the fan 1430, and when ever berger says something he is pretty much bang on 80-90% of the time. Al Strachan is far different from howard berger, IMO berger is far more reputable a source than that of strachs.

  12. Downtown says:

    If Lindros is not re-signed, why is it we don’t need a centre?

    Does everyone seriously think Kyle Wellwood is a legitimate number-two centre? I mean, the kid’s slick and all (and a valuable asset to the team, no doubt) but I don’t think he’s quite the one-two punch the Leafs have longed for.

    Not that Peca is a brilliant number-two either (more like a great number-three as we saw in Edmonton), but it would ease the pressure on Wellwood to be the man on the seond line.

    Steen could be moved to centre — his natural position (and should be, at some point) but it would leave the Leafs with Tucker and O’Neill as the only legitimate (barely) scoring wingers. For that reason, Steen must be left on the wing.

    So, Peca doesn’t seem like such an odd choice after all. Though I’d prefer someone more offensively gifted, the Leafs simply can’t afford it right now — unless his name is Eric Lindros.

  13. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Tucker and Peca reportedly had patched up their differences a couple years ago, but personally I would not sign Peca or touch him with a 10 foot pole. I heard he can be a bit of an ass, as I have heard through my cousin’s cousin who is one of his buddies. They used to be tight, then he became mr. big man on campus when he got drafted, and the ego soared through the roof. He doesn’t bring much offensive skill and is a potential liability in the dreesing room. The Leafs do not need to add more veteran forwards, we need some offense up front. Sorry Pecs.

  14. lukeleim says:

    Tucker for Gomez, i like that…

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Mats Sundin – Anson Carter

    Alexander Steen – Scott Gomez – Jeff O’Neill

    Matt Stajan – Mike Peca – Kyle Wellwood

    Chad Kilger – Eric Lindros – John Pohl

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe

    Pavel Kubina – Carlo Colaiacovo

    Hal Gill – Ian White

    Andrew Raycroft

    Jean-Sabastian Aubin


    probably over the cap but looks like a good lineup.

  15. Turnbull says:

    yeah,..that’d put them over the cap for sure,..but I agree,…it would be a pretty sweet lineup.

  16. Toonces99 says:

    Your team can be over the cap by 10% with signings and contract monies, but at the beginning of the season they must be at or below the cap limit….If the Leafs were to sign Peca, l’ve heard it’s for about 2 mill per year…In turn JFJ would have to dump salary in order to try and leave some cap room….The Gomez deal is not just Tucker for Gomez it would consist of something like this:

    To NJ: Tucker, Telly, Harrison and a Pick (late rounder)

    To Toronto: Gomez.

    Their are 3 teams in the hunt for Gomez, the only reason l beleive the leafs are still in it is Telly, NJ needs a back up badly. Tucker is a very valuable asset, he only makes 1.5 in this new NHL, but with him being a UFA at the end of this year, l could see him being shipped off as the Leafs have to many Guaranteed contracts and would be hard pressed to re-sign him, even at this new “home Town” discount. Peca is a interesting one..he played horribly in Edmonton during the regular season, but seemed to turn it on in the Playoffs, in my opinion l think he hated it there and played well below his potential, as much l hate the guy, would be an upgrade to the team. Carter, just wants to play here problem is the Cap now, where does he fit in…..All in all JFJ has to do something and soon….the longer rumors linger the less likely anything will occur….From what l hear Lindros will be a Leaf but JFJ has set a deadline date to make sure his wrist is 100%, will happen, just will take some time.

    As most people feel JFJ is not doing his job, try and put yourself in his shoes for a moment, the guy has all these home town guys wanting to come to the buds to play out their careers, with the media pressure and Fans forgetting that most of the these guys are well past their prime, what do you do? Try and bring them back to shut everyone up, you can’t and sometimes certain people just can’t be signed, would make no sense (a la Roberts) In a weird sort of strange way, l think JFJ is doing a good thing to wait and see what is going to happen instead of jumping on these guy immed. Thoughts…!

  17. Aetherial says:

    Peca vocalized his interest. He also claimed that him and Tucker have been fine for a while now.

  18. Aetherial says:

    I think it is too early to tell if he can be a #2 center. It IS possible though.

  19. Aetherial says:

    JFJ is now in the same mode he was in last year.

    He has extremely limited funds and a couple spots to fill.

    He is now playing the waiting game to see who is left closer to the season and at what price he can get them. He also has to see if he can clear some of his own salary commitments.

    I don’t expect any decisions soon.

    Roberts, Carter, Allison, Lindros, now Peca… and he has about 3 million to play with and needs 2 forwards and another D …

    I just do not understand most of this speculation… unless somehow the Leafs are able to dump salary, and it won’t be much, they can’t afford most of these guys… and shouldn’t afford them!

    And don’t forget, you dump a salary, you have to replace that salary and the guys they would be looking to dump aren’t going to save them all that much money.

  20. the_word says:

    Ok, so you’re stiff for Berger (you could probably set your standards a little higher), when Peca is a Leaf I’ll apologize for what I said, but the truth is, yet again I’m right.

  21. Toonces99 says:

    I don’t know,…l just as confussed and frustrated now as l was one year ago when l thought this year it would be easier…Why does this seem to always happen to the leafs…?

  22. the_word says:

    Because Leafs fans are to hockey as emo is to music.

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