Report: ‘Tension’ between Jets and Evander Kane

Evander Kane‘s name is right back in the trade-rumor mill after what TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported yesterday on the radio (audio), per theScore:

“Curious situation in Winnipeg because he’s not asked for a trade, and the Jets aren’t shopping him so why is his name even out there? Well, one goal in twelve games, you saw the Claude Noel news conference in the last week or two and it was after a game Kane had played particularly poorly… Noel froze and thought better of [commenting on Kane’s performance] and said ‘not going there.’

There’s tension and people can’t figure out fully whether it’s that Evander does not really like it in Winnipeg or with the Jets? Are the coaches unhappy with him, how has he fit in with the team? And so outside people looking in are saying ‘one goal in the last 12 games, minus player more than not, still playing 21-25 minutes a night… is he available?’ And nobody’s really gotten to that point yet, but they’re kind of waiting to see if this guy might be available.”

Kane, 22, is in the second year of a six-year, $31.5 million deal with the Jets. His talent can’t be denied, but it’s no surprise to hear there’s “tension” between him and the club. (See: “My definition of a healthy scratch is a healthy player not playing.”)

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  1. reinjosh says:

    I wonder if he’ll follow the same path as Seguin did. Or the other Kane?

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Gardiner and a 1st for Kane, Leafs don’t need Kane but this helps us match up to the Bruins. A bit of an over payment though.

    • LN91 says:

      This makes no sense…The Leafs would have a bunch of high-priced wingers they simply cannot afford.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Kane is good ampersand dah cap iz gunna go up up up an away….. derp sense

        • LN91 says:

          Not derp sense…Upcoming UFA’s in next 2 seasons include many Leafs, it’s called logical sense.

          Get it together kid.

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            Ok, high horse, you’re bs cap savy analysis is thrown out the window given new revenue. NYI trading Strome? Yeah, that make more sense.

            Free wheeling Quinn era spending is the future, especially given that’s always the Leafs approach, cap or not.

            • LN91 says:

              It has not and is not working for the Leafs, so why do you think it’s a great way to build a team?

              • leafs_wallace93 says:

                I can read the writing on the wall. You’re theory is just that, a useless disposable theory. During the Quinn era the Leafs were buyers and did add talent each year, without a salary cap that team would have added a superstar each season and could easily have won a cup. They were forced to dismantle a legitimate contender. It was working.

                It’s great that you want to boast the ‘Pittsburgh’ model and all, but it’s not really working in Pittsburgh (wow, they one cup when they have the talent that should build a dynasty) or Edmonton or NYI and the Leafs given how they operate will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever take that approach so whining about it seems kind of silly.

                I don’t understand why gripping about Dion potentially making 7 million on a long term deal when in a couple years he could be making 10? Why not just lock him up at what will be a cap friendly deal. Bozak will be making depth forward money, it’s not like these are cap killing deals.

                The Leafs will have a better chance taking a run at say a Stamkos in free agency because UFAs are getting younger than in the pre cap era and this is how the Leafs operate so why put a leash on them?

                Small markets like NYI aren’t trading cheap guys like Strome and the Leafs like Philly won’t have the patience to keep projects like that given they can get better developed talent elsewhere.

                You haven’t table a plan that is really any better let alone realistic so I don’t get where justify condescending to people smarter than yourself, boy.

                • LN91 says:

                  During the Quinn era, the Leafs did buy talent ever year. However, they were never good enough to win the cup, let alone a Stanley Cup Final, they were a mid-level squad.

                  Also, it’s important to note, the only reason why Quinn bought talent is because he had Sundin as his centrepiece. If the Leafs had a Crosby or Stamkos, hell…I would no doubt by talent, but they do not have that player.

                  How has it worked for Pittsburgh? Well…Stanley Cup, Stanley Cup Final, constant playoff threat and Stanley Cup contender. Don’t give me this bull*** how is it working for them, because it still is.

                  Leafs will never have a run at Stamkos because well, players like that do not hit free agency. Free agency is full of other teams loose ends that are not worth signing. That is why you cannot build a team through it.

                  If you look at the Stanley Cup Winners in the last 10 years, how many teams were built through free agency?

                  You’re right Leaf and Philly do not have patience. However, that is why neither team has won a cup in forever.

                  You still have not offered enough proof to suggest that building through the draft works.

                  • leafs_wallace93 says:

                    Again, throw out the last ten years because they gap between spending will grow. There is going to be a ton of UFA money out there and players won’t want to sign until the cap rises so they can cash in on free agency. You can cling to the prospect model but it’s over, small market teams are going back to being feeders to the spenders.

                    Leafs had one of their best runs with Sundin injured with a busted wrist because they had equal talent at other positions. It was always Cujo/Belfour’s Leafs anyway (Sundin was overrated) both UFAs.

                    Boast about Pittsburgh while willfully ignoring Edmonton, NYI, Florida, ect… terrible blueprint and the Leafs won’t willing tank as an organization, let it go already.

                    Philly has come close, they’ve always been in the hunt until they hit reset for ‘can’t miss’ prospects like B. Schenn and Couturier, the draft failed that organization as it does most organizations.

                    ‘ proof to suggest that building through the draft works.’ I’m assuming you meant doesn’t work. They’re are a list of teams that never get better that build through the draft (that you routinely seem to ignore) that suck but that is irrelevant, your Toronto Maple Leafs won’t ever build through the draft to just let it go, you’re not getting those franchise pieces with 10-30th overall picks anyway.

                    So draft schmaft because clinging onto the Gauthiers or Tlustys isn’t bringing the cup here.

                    • mojo19 says:

                      Wallace, calling Sundin overrated discredits you. You sound like an ass. Don’t think I need to justify my position on that one, you obviously have some personal bias against him for your own reasons.

                      The year in question was 2002 by the way. We finished off NYI with Mats hurt, though it wasn’t pretty, went to 7 and he was sorely missed. Then miraculously defeated Ottawa before Mats returned in the conference final.

                      That series vs Ottawa was insane with Valk, Yushkevich, Sundin, Renberg all missing the series and Tucker missing the end after the Alfredsson boarding. Plus one game Quinn wrote Renberg instead of Reichel on the game sheet and so Reichel had to leave the game. We were without 8 regulars and won that game on the strength of 2 Alyn McCauley goals.

                    • lafleur10 says:

                      building through the draft works don’t you watch hockey?? tell me it doesn’t and i’ll show you teams that have and won the stanley cup i.e. detroit,newjersey,pittsburgh ,chicago l.a. kings all built through the draft! and i’ll back mojo up on this one too calling sundin overrated is foolish the guy was a great player it’s not his fault that the leafs didn’t win the cup he’s one the best leafs in history because he deserves it and the numbers show that i know i’m a habs fan but saying stuff like that about sundin is just totally wrong i would’ve loved to have in on the habs he ws a player he hated not because he wasn’t good it’s because time and time again he killed us! and he was the big elite center the leafs wish they had now

                    • leafs_wallace93 says:


                      Sundin was a superstar but it was Cujo & Belfour that were our franchise players. Sundin’s big contract in his prime was based off the comparable of John Leclaire, Leclaire also not the centerpiece of Philly. Sundin was a fringe top 50 player in the league, that’s still great but I do resent people marginalizing Cujo/Belfour.


                      I’m not say building tanking doesn’t work, I’m saying the Leafs won’t do it. Given that, building through late position picks is a waste of time.

                      As for Sundin having no one to play with? What the hell did he accomplish in Vancouver?

                  • mojo19 says:

                    LN91, you’re out of your element, clearly way too young to remember the Pat Quinn era. During Quinn’s tenure here, Pre- 05 lockout, the Leafs won more playoff rounds than any team in the league except Detroit and New Jersey, including two trips to the conference final, three times advancing to the 2nd round, and just one first round loss (2003) during that span.

                    We would be a good modern day comparison to the Sharks of the last 5-6 years. Never in the cup final but every year a contender, always a threat in any playoff series, and definitely not a “mid level team”

      • mojo19 says:

        It doesn’t make any sense right now, but in the long run I would rather have Evander Kane as a building block than Jake Gardiner. Other deals could be made in the future to mould our team into a championship team. But if Evander Kane is on the table for Gardiner and a 1st, I would definitely take him. We could figure out balancing our cap space later.

    • lafleur10 says:

      this is no overpayment it ‘s not enough they are apparently looking for 2 top 6 forwards a 1st rd pick and a prospect

  3. LN91 says:

    How about a Carter Ashton and Jake Gardiner trade for Strome?

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      I’d do it in a second. Strome as tore up every league he’s played in, but will have a tough time cracking the Isles right now with their depth. I think they could probably get a better offer elsewhere to be honest. I wonder if something around Kane/Strome would happen? Winnipegs C depth stinks.

  4. leafy says:

    I don’t think we should trade Gardiner just because Carlyle is an idiot.

    • LN91 says:

      As I’m watching this Leafs-Sabres game, the one thing the Leafs cannot trade is their first-round pick.

    • mojo19 says:

      leafy, you think Carlyle is an idiot?

      He’s gotten a lot out of a below average team. It’s not pretty but he’s implemented a system where we clog the middle in our end and don’t give up much space. Again it’s not ideal but it helps grind out wins and snag points like the one we got tonight and Wednesday in Pittsburgh, in games where we really should have lost outright.

      I think if the guys started executing more plays and fighting for that extra inch, we’d be a much different team. One thing I’ve noticed in these last two games which i think rings true to a lot of our games is that after having been hemmed in for a while we’re content to just get out of our zone and either ice it or chip it to their D at the far blueline or centre. Then everyone can’t even change. What we should be doing, without asking to much is for our breakout to at least be able to gain centre and make a good chip deep, get a full change and regroup.

      But when you get these guys caught out there for so long because of so many icings and bad passes, and inability to gain centre, the fatigue starts to compound, and by the third period we’re completely gassed. We haven’t really played a solid 60 minutes in a few weeks. We’re always on our heels in the 3rd. And these are simple plays, where we’re just being lazy. If we put in a little extra work earlier in the games and put the heat on their defence a little more, we would have more energy left later in the game.

      • leafy says:

        Well this is only a matter of opinion (which means I could be totally wrong), but the Leafs players seem like they don’t want the puck and have zero confidence, which to me points to the coach. I think the skill is there but Carlyle doesn’t know how to harvest it.

        • mojo19 says:

          I agree that they don’t seem to want the puck, aren’t hungry enough, etc. Which is kind of what I was eluding to with my previous post here, but I think that’s normally just in the third and occasionally a slow start to a game, which happens to any team.

          I don’t mind the systems we’re playing, I like the identity of the team when we’re playing Carlyle hockey, all snarl, big hits, intimidating and furious on the forecheck. But right now we’re just in a big funk.

          I really think its because we don’t have strong centres. Bozak, Kadri, McClement, Smithson, Holland, Smith, this is not a great group. The whole operation collapses if you don’t have strong centres. Always hemmed in, can’t get the heat on their D, etc. We sorely miss Bolland, and could use another upgrade somewhere down the middle.

          Think about the best teams in the league from a Cup contender stand point:

          LA – Kopitar, Richards, Stoll
          PIT – Crosby, Malkin, Sutter
          BOS – Bergeron, Krejci, Kelly
          CHI – Toews, Sharp, Handzus (Sharp has played C/W)
          DET – Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Weiss/Helm (Zetts C/W)

          Now think about –
          TOR – Bozak, Kadri, Bolland/McClement

          We’re miles away from that calibre. I like Bolland, I think Kadri has a shot to be pretty valuable, but wouldn’t be opposed to trading him, and I really like McClement as a 4th line C, penalty killer, and a guy who can slide up the line up for injuries. He’s the new Johnny Mac (BJ’s) in Toronto.

          I would love to add two centre’s and move Bozak and maybe slide Kadri over to the wing if an upgrade down the middle could be made. Or add 1 significant upgrade down the middle and rearrange the line up a bit:

          Example – Make a trade for Paul Stastny involving picks/prospects

          J.V.R. – Stastny – Kessel
          Lupul – Bozak – Kadri
          Ray – Bolland – Clarkson
          Kuley – McClem – Orr

          Then you can always rotate McClem and/or Kuley on any given night up into Raymond’s spot and get them a bit more ice time or kill off the clock in a lead, and mostly save them for PK situations, like Detroit used to do with Draper and Maltby on their fourth line.

          I think just the addition of one really good centre who can handle Bozak’s big minutes and do a better job would make a huge domino effect throughout our line up and strengthen us down the middle.

  5. leafy says:

    What a beauty goal by JVR. Oh those hands. Shades of Mario Lemieux.

  6. lafleur10 says:

    what a game tonight beauty goaltending by price shades of PATRICK ROY! wow he’s in a zone by far and away the best canadian goaltender in the game and a lock for sochi.

    • leafy says:

      Haha! Price is no Patrick Roy, Lafleur.

      Or let’s put it this way. When Price leads an average team to 2 Stanley cups while winning 2 Conn Smyths, then you might have me convinced.

  7. lafleur10 says:


  8. lafleur10 says:

    it was a great game leafy in all seriousness …i’ll tell you this as a habs fan (so this is an unbias opinion) morgan rielly is a keeper and if he isn’t the leafs best defenceman now he wil be he can skate fast and has very,very good hockey sense,unfortunately leafy gardiner is a passenger on your defence and you guys should trade him while you can as a habs fan i didn’t see anything special in him,not enough for all the hype he gets on here …another leafs fan ion nords told me last year that gardiner was subban’s equal what a joke1 as i said to him gardiner couldn’t carry pk’s jock and i was right about that

    • leafy says:

      Yeah Lafleur, agreed on Morgan Rielly. He’s still a kid playing against men but you can see he’s holding his own, keeps getting better and better, and his speed is amazing.

      Gardiner is enigmatic. There are times you say, wow, like in the playoffs against Boston, or the year previously before the lockout and concussion. He showed flashes of sheer brilliance. But then there’s the other side when he’s tentative and erratic. I think Leaf fans (including myself) like him because have his occasional brilliance in our minds and hope that emerges full time and he becomes a star.

      I’m not a fan of trading promising young defencemen. Unless we got a ridiculous offer that you just can’t turn down, I wouldn’t move him. Players take time. Look at Kessel. It took until 25 or 26 until he became a real player. Alex Steen took until age 29! Remember the Habs with John LeClair? And blueliners take even longer. With Gardiner only 23, have to be careful not to do something you regret later.

  9. lafleur10 says:

    that is true, yes leafy lol i remember john leclair very well

  10. lafleur10 says:

    i think morgan rielly is more than holding his own he looks very very good you as a leafs fans should be very proud of what you have in this kid he’ll be a top defenceman in the league in a few years just with gardiner i don’t see anything special in him rielly at 19 has supassed him imo and this is coming from a staunch habs fans blueliners do take longer but by age 23 -24 they should be ready and not showing flashes i think iff the leafs have a chance to him gardiner for stuff you have to seriously do it

    • leafy says:

      Absolutely. Rielly is exciting to watch.

      Not sure I agree on the age 23-24 argument. Depends. Another Habs example for you. Montreal didn’t think Rod Langway was anything special at age 24. If they did, they wouldn’t have shipping him to Washington, where Langway blossomed into a star, and even won a Norris trophy.

      Don’t get me wrong, if a great deal comes along, of course you do it. But Gardiner is too talented to write off. We’ll see.

      • lafleur10 says:

        leafy at that time langway was behind robinson,lapointe,savrrd and he wasn’t as good as any of those guys and when we did trade him we got stuff back that helped us win cups! and he had gill lupien on defence ,as well as gaston gingras that that time was well so we were very deep and much like the leafs need to do ,we moved langway for pieces to win the cupi don’t know what you think leafy,honestly though i think the habs have the best top 4 defenceman in our conference and division especially now with emelin back our top 4 are subban,markov,emelin,gorges that’s very good! i agree with you on a couple of your previous posts too about carlyle please don’t kill me for this but i said to my buddy that i was watching the game with how long will it be before crybaby carlyle cries? it was 20 seconds in and he started because of that penalty which was a blatant…i’m not a fan of your coach either i think you gusy could do better

        • leafy says:

          Actually the trade was Rod Langway, Doug Jarvis, Craig Laughlin, and Brian Engblom in exchange for Ryan Walter and Rick Green.

          Not a very good trade for Montreal.

          And don’t forget, Langway was traded in the 1982-83 season. Lapointe was retired and Savard was in Winnipeg. BAD decision by the Habs.

          • lafleur10 says:

            that trade worked out very well as we won the cup that’s why it was made plus we had ludwig chelios svboda etc coming you get something you have to give something sam pollack when something we didn’t and made that deal and won the cup usual back then that’s why he always got the upper hand in those trades plus jarvis lost the job to bob gainey that that time engblom and laughlin were spare parts in that deal if we didn’t win the the cup or those cups it would’ve been a bad decision

            • leafy says:

              No way Lafleur. Langway was a bad trade. And I haven’t heard any Habs fan (or ANY hockey fan) ever call that a good trade for Montreal.

            • leafy says:

              Plus Lafleur, you’re going WAY off topic. My point to you is about giving up on a player too soon.

              Ludwig, Chelios, and Svboda became impact players well AFTER the Langway trade, so it’s not as if Langway was traded because the Habs blueline was stacked. Simply put, the Habs gave up on Langway too soon.

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                It’s mostly about the young D’s supporting cast that helps his development IMO…is it the right mix? In Toronto it is not, which is something I have been saying for 2 years now.
                People have said to trade Franson. Well, we got a good glimpse of what our D looks like without him last night. It’s smaller, the PP looks inept, especially trying to move the puck around, it forces another D to play their offside and pretty hard to say the defensive zone coverage was better without him. Gunnar, when not with Dion, just looks bad. Some say I make too big a deal about playing the offside to the way a D-man shoots, but ask any D-man and they will tell you it is very difficult(I’ve personally played both sides).
                If we want to keep Gardiner and Rielly, then the rest of the cast has to change drastically. We have one overall solid D in Phaneuf, but he doesn’t seem like a good fit for either…maybe with Rielly, but Dion’s contract would need to be solved first. Our one solid defensive guy (Gunnar) doesn’t look very good with anyone but Dion and struggles the few times he plays his offside. Gardiner/Rielly and Franson look Ok, but are not a top pair. It’s the total personal and not the players individually. It’s either build around Gardiner and Rielly, or trade Gardiner to build around what we have and find a partner for someone else…preferably a RHD.IMO

                • leafy says:

                  I don’t look at it that way…unless it was a year when you’re going for it all. We are nowhere close to that.

                  Instead, I look at each player individually and their talent level. So right now I’d say Gardiner is a keeper.

                  • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                    I agree, we are not there yet. I am not saying trade him immediately, but he will be easier to move during the season then off-season when he is an RFA, should the Leafs decide to move him. He is a good talent Leafy, but if you had 6 Jake Gardiner’s…do you have a good defence group that can win?

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      Just for example Leafy…not saying this will happen. But if you could do

                      To NYR
                      Gardiner, Kulimen

                      To Leafs
                      Girardi. Kreider

                      Would our d not be more balanced with

                      or you could do

                      Does that not seem like it would work better?

  11. lafleur10 says:

    you wouldn’t get krieder from the rangers for kulemin when you deal with sather he’ll wants top stuff he’d fleece nonis like he does every gm however i think giradri could be had cheaper he doesn’t seem to fir their long terms plans but i don’t think he’s any better than what you’ve got already1 mark giordano in calgery is a better fit for the leafs

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I really don’t see Calgary trading Giordano…they just made him captain. As I said at the top of my post. I am not saying it would happen, but if you could. Plus it wasn’t Kulimen for kreider…there was Gardiner and Girardi in there and you even said Girardi could be had for less. Leaf brass puts value on Gardiner like Sather would put value on Kreider.

  12. lafleur10 says:

    kulemin wouldn’t get you anything from the rangers …when your dealing with sather i know you put value on gardiner but sather would still rip off nonis he’s done it to every team and g.m. he’s dealt with you guys would be giving up gardiner and something you wouldn’t want to if you were to deal withhim kulemin wouldn’t get the talks started with sather ….. not trying to d-value your guys it’s just sather has a history of doing that to everyone and nonis would be no different
    i.e ottawa asked him about del zotto they were offering grya,greening,condra etc sather laughed bryan murray off the phone and said any deal for delzotto starts with zebinejad+

    • I don’t think that’s how the convo went…

      Anyway, this trade doesn’t work.

      Girardi is a UFA, and while people seem to think he’s not a fit because he’s had a couple of turn overs, he’s still pretty solid and making defensive plays. Don’t expect breakway breakout passes from him. He’s not a puck carrier. But with the right pairing d-man, he can still be a rock when hanging back. He’s the perfect guy for the leafs, and probably valued at more than Jake Gardiner, regardless of being a UFA. He’s been a proven player. Plus, he’s a prefect fit for the leafs. So don’t expect him to be had for less.

      Kreider is finally producing. He’s throwing his body. He’s skating. He’s creating plays. He’s shooting. Now would not be the time to trade him, and if they did, it sure wouldn’t be for Kulemin. Not to take anything away from him, because I absolutely love Kulemin. He’s probably my favorite leaf. I just don’t think he’s done anything this year to justify trading our prospect who is finally producing.

      I think Kreider plus Girardi would get us a better return.

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