Report: Tucker on the move?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly trying to trade forward Darcy

“According to the Toronto Sun, the move is aimed at getting teammate and brother-in-law Shayne Corson to eventually waive his no-trade clause so that he can be packaged off as well.

The newspaper reports that the Leafs have been “negotiating intensely” with a Western Conference team about Tucker. However, the talks have centered on acquiring a forward rather than a defenceman.

Tucker, a fan favourite with Maple Leafs fans, has four goals and 10 points in 15 games this season. However, he has just one point in his last 10 games and has since been demoted from the team’s top line.”

that was from

My opinions…

Most likely it was Marc Savard…

maybe even Alex Tanguay

Long shots:

Doan (or is it Briere who is in the doghouse right now?)

Brad Stuart – i know the article said forward, but you never know…

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  1. lovas84 says:

    Not Tucker in Denver thats the last thing i want on my team is a little punk for Alex Tanguay

  2. Tradedude says:

    thx for the reminder. but same article (similar) was posted couple dayz ago. why twice? beats me. i guess just a reminder

    i heard a rumor sending tucker and corson to columbus for ray whitney and a 4th or 5th rounder. i cant remember where i got. some unpopular news paper. i dont want to get leaf fans going so ill end it at that.

  3. MantaRay says:

    I am not a great Tucker supporter, but he is the kind of player I would want on my team.

    Say what you want about him he wants to win.

  4. JB24 says:

    I think he may be on his way to Colorado but not for tanguay that would be to much but tucker in a avs jersey would be what the avs need, grit and someone who can put the puck in the net. Its hard to say what the avs would give up for him but I know it wont be tanguay. I dont think the avs would be interested in Corson they have to many forward as it is to work in the line up but i also think that corson would wave his no trade clause to go to the Avalanche.

  5. nskerr says:

    Did anyone see the ridiculous report that the Islanders might have interest in Tucker? I can’t believe Milbury would do that unless he just wanted to piss off every Islander fan not to mention Michael Peca.

  6. hatterson says:

    I think that Tucker is an important part of the Maple Leafs team. He is a solid player who gives his best. However, trading him may be the only way to get Corson to give up the no-trade clause. Also trading those two for a defense-man, which is what the leafs should be trying to do, would allow younger forwards some room to develop (Holden, possibly Boyes)

  7. booty says:

    I think Tucker is a pretty valuable guy to have, but the players you mentioned the Leafs possibly getting in return are far better skill-wise. Savard, Tanguay, Doan/Briere, and Stuart are all quality players. I think it would take more than just Tucker to get any one of them, but I could be wrong.

  8. Enchilada says:

    Does the article mention why they are trying to trade these guys?

  9. ProngerBlues44 says:

    My opinion on it is good for Toronto trying to unload this moron. When he isnt cheap-shotting someone, he is doing a terrible act of a dive, which often lands him penalties. I dont think Colorado will ever go for him, not Calgary either. As much as this would suck for San Jose, I hear that Todd Harvey is on the block too…

    I apologize to the Leafs fans of this site, but I believe that Tucker is a whiny baby and

    no team is dumb enough to acquire him. The Leafs would be better off benching him and playing someone who gives a damn about actually playing the game instead of awful attempts of diving.

    ~Jeff P.

    ~Jeff P.

  10. mikster says:

    I’s take Tucker over Isbister any day. Isbister was never much from the very beginning in Phoenix. I don’t even consider him a power forward, the guy is a wuss with and without the puck. The guy was afraid of Mike York last season!!! “Oh no…York is going to hit me, move away!” Please…what a wuss. I think he has skills, but he isn’t worth trading Tanguay.

    As for Tucker, a much better and more sophisticated Barnaby. He is competitive, maybe not easy to deal with in the locker room, but sure…i’d take him for Tanguay, especially in the playoffs.

  11. BabyLeaf says:

    If Pat Quinn does this, he is actually more STUPID then I originally thought.

    Darcy is a PLAYOFF asset…he has heart and Savard or Tanguay aren’t worth Darcy. At least IMHO!

  12. megastudWINGS says:

    I’ve heard Tuckers going to the Wings for Jessi Wallin. Interesting trade – doubt it will hold true now that Fischer is out – they are gonna need all the defense they can get

  13. titans says:

    Tucker Sucks! Leafs Suck! Leafs Fans Suck!

  14. rumormillman says:

    Hey guys. What about Dallas? Even though they are doing very well. They have a glut a center. A position Toronto could have some use for, setting up Mogilny. What about Turgeon? I’m sure Toronto would have use for Marleau out of San jose too.

  15. Rushing says:

    Turgeon has a no trade clause and I would really think that he wouldn’t want to go from a team like Dallas with a great chance of doing outstanding in the Playoffs to the place of Tucker who really doesn’t. How about you?

  16. PeterPuck says:

    Something happened to Tucker on the way to the NHL, I watched him play for the Blazers (WHL) and he was never the whiner and cheap artist he is today. He was intense and always played hard, his STUPID CHILDESS TACTICS started in Montreal, and i remember the game that got him shuttled out of Hab Town, it is too bad, he has the grit and heart to be a premium player, but i can’t stand watching him anymore, its sad cause i use to love watching him. especially as a junior. As for Corson, he is too slow , and the new rules are showing there best on him, in fact, we all know how bad Toronto is for clutching and grabbing last year, WELL, the new rules have changed that and they are paying the price. They are way too SLOW, i hope Tucker wakes up and starts to play the way that got him in the NHL. If he does, I would love to see him back in Habs town, if he doesnt, i hope i never see him again.

  17. big_booty says:

    A playoff asset?

    Alot of good old Tucksie will do the Leafs when they miss the playoffs.

  18. gzus2380 says:

    this is not a rumour …its just my own opinion…..

    how about tucker and pilar for

    Ryan Smyth from Edmonton…

    i would love to see Smyth in a leaf uni on the first line along with Sundin and Mogilny..

    That would be one amazing line…

    Go Leafs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Enchilada says:

    If Tucker is as bad and useless as everyone here says he is, would it not be safe to say that every GM in the league knows that as well. I think you need to explain why another GM would trade a good player for one that is not so good, is this just Leaf fan logic talking here? with the fighting and obstuction down this year what use is Tucker’s game to another team?

  20. hatterson says:

    Sounds like a good trade for the leafs but I doubt that Edmonton would go for it. Seems a little to lopsided. Good try though.

  21. MantaRay says:

    Wow, you said the same thing about Bertuzzi last season and how he was a bust…then went on to score 36 goals.

    Remember? You said Radek Dvorak was a legit 30-40 goal scoring threat? and how Bertuzzi is a “soft” player?


  22. MossRocks says:

    Well you just proved what your opinion is worth. Absolutely nothing.

  23. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Have you actually ever watched tucker play. Or do you just go by what TSN or ESPN says about him. He is a gritty player that everyone hates until they are on your team.

  24. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    That took some skill you funookian squirrel monster!

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