Respecting the #12

A prior article mentioned that the historic Montreal Canadiens organization will be retiring three more jerseys this year. In my opinion the three jerseys could represent four players. Why? Because you have to the respect the number twelve. Two great hall of fame Habs wore this number with pride and distinction. Even if they are glossed over this time fans shouldn’t forget the #12.

Yvon Cournoyer #12 – Hall of Fame, Conn Symthe, 10 Stanley Cups, team captain, 428 goals (#4 in franchise history) and 863 points(#6), 1972 Team Canada. He was a tiny player but the Russians called him “the Freight Train” because once he got in gear, you couldn’t stop him. In his prime, he was the fastest and often the most exciting player in the NHL. His most productive seasons were alongside Lafleur and Shutt. As a rookie, Cournoyer was given the #12 which has been worn the prior season by another Habs legend.

Dickie Moore #12 Hall of Fame, six Stanley Cups (including five in a row and one with TO), two Art Ross trophies including one where he played three months with a broken wrist. Career: 261 goals, 608 points, playoffs: 46 goals 110 points. Injuries limited him to 10 seasons with Montreal. How good was he? He broke Howe’s 95 point scoring record and held the 96 point record for seven years. He was twice a first team All-Star. Playing one a line with the Richard brothers, he was one of Montreal’s best left wings ever.

Collectively, the number 12 represents two hall of famers, 15 Cups, two scoring titles, a Conn Smythe and 700 goals. It takes the torch from 1951 to 1979, uninterruptedly spanning the greatest epochs in Montreal hockey history. Three decades, 15 cups. Both number twelve’s and all four of their collective line mates were Hall of Famers. The number 12 is the link from Richard to Lafleur. It’s the jersey that helped win five in a row in the 50’s and four in a row in the 70’s. It’s a number to respect. It’s done its job. Let’s retire the #12.

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  1. habs79 says:

    Three more jerseys. They already retired #1 (Jacques Plante), #2 (Doug Harvey), #4 (Jean Beliveau), #7 (Howie Morenz), #9 (Maurice “the Rocket” Richard), #10 (Guy Lafleur), and #16 (Henri “the Pocket Rocket” Richard).

    According to TSN the new retired numbers will be, #12 (Yvon Cournoyer), #19 (Larry Robinson), and #23 (Bob Gainey).

    They also plan to retire a seris of numbers leading up to the teams Centennial in 2009. When you really think of all the numbers they could retire, soon no player on this team can wear anything under 30 maybe even 40.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

    Well done research, the Roadrunner definitely deserves his number retired and it would definitely be fitting if Mr. Moore’s name went up to the rafters as well.

  3. Saku11Habs says:

    Excellent article! It would only make sense for the Habs to retire #12 under both names. And the span by which it would represent takes the #12 into those glory years of the Habs.

  4. Rico71 says:

    I agree totally. Cournoyer and Moore were among the best of the best.

    Gainey and Robinson should be retired as well.

    The next batch of retired numbers will see Ken Dryden’s #29 and Patrick Roy’s #33 for sure. They’ll probably make it a goalie’s retirement night or something.

  5. robinson19 says:

    If they do a goalie’s night they could also do Vezina and Hainsworth, the latter still holds the shoutout record of 22 (posted in the old 44-game schedule!!!!).

  6. robinson19 says:

    Oh yeah, and Butch Bouchard and J.C. Tremblay both wore 3 which makes it likely Raitis Ivanans will have to find a new number.

  7. Rico71 says:

    They will retire one number per year until 2009. That’s 4 numbers.

    It will be (IMHO) Roy’s #33, Dryden’s #29, Robinson’s #19, Savard’s #18.

    I really wonder why they did not add Lapointe’s name to the retirement of the #5??? He’s a member of the Big Three unit (Robinson, Savard, Lapointe). If they want to retire #18 and #19…why not add Lapointe’s name to #5?

  8. mcpickl says:

    reported yesterday the three are Dickie Moore, Yvan Cournoyer, and Bernie Geoffrion.

    good call on number 12. three players, two numbers retired.

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