Retaining Bourque — a pricey proposition?

Scott C

OK, it’s only October.

OK, it’s only 10 games — and 14 points — in.

But what do you figure the going rate for Rene Bourque will be in a year’s time?Currently, he’s drawing a (final-season) salary of $1.4 million US — fabulous loot for the likes of you and me. But point-per-game rabble-rousing wingers pull down considerably more.

Maybe the most difficult part is finding a comparable for Bourque — a fiesty forward with edge/skill, heading into his prime.

Dan Cleary ($2.8 million)?

Dustin Byfuglien ($3 million)?

Dustin Brown ($3.175 million)?

Ryane Clowe ($3.625 million)?

Tuomu Ruutu ($3.8 million)?

Nathan Horton ($4 million)?

Brenden Morrow ($4.1 million)?

Scott Hartnell ($4.2 million)?

Ryan Malone ($4.5 million)?

Who knows?

But Flames boss Darryl Sutter, who will find out soon enough, must love what he’s seeing from the 27-year-old Bourque — an off-season acquisition from the Blackhawks in 2008 . . . for a second-round pick.