Retaining Bourque — a pricey proposition?

Scott C

OK, it’s only October.

OK, it’s only 10 games — and 14 points — in.

But what do you figure the going rate for Rene Bourque will be in a year’s time?Currently, he’s drawing a (final-season) salary of $1.4 million US — fabulous loot for the likes of you and me. But point-per-game rabble-rousing wingers pull down considerably more.

Maybe the most difficult part is finding a comparable for Bourque — a fiesty forward with edge/skill, heading into his prime.

Dan Cleary ($2.8 million)?

Dustin Byfuglien ($3 million)?

Dustin Brown ($3.175 million)?

Ryane Clowe ($3.625 million)?

Tuomu Ruutu ($3.8 million)?

Nathan Horton ($4 million)?

Brenden Morrow ($4.1 million)?

Scott Hartnell ($4.2 million)?

Ryan Malone ($4.5 million)?

Who knows?

But Flames boss Darryl Sutter, who will find out soon enough, must love what he’s seeing from the 27-year-old Bourque — an off-season acquisition from the Blackhawks in 2008 . . . for a second-round pick.

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  1. jstevens_SENS says:

    I'd be a little nervous to hear what he gets… to me I think hes not worth more than 3mil a season MAX… hes 27, he's having a good start… he shouldn't make more than Brown or Clowe who are clearly better than him…and the rest down that list you can't even compare.  If he does get more than 3mil then it will change what other mediocre players will get hahah and GM's wont be impressed

  2. albertateams says:

    I'd be happy if the flames can keep Bourque for 2.5-3.5 million. There is no way he will keep his current pace but if he can have 60+ points this year and stay healthy for the whole year he's diffenitley worth it. In addition to his scoring he is also a good penalty killer and has good size and speed. Right now Calgary should keep him before Olli.

  3. bbruins37 says:

    i think he can demand around 3 – 3.5. obviously it depends on what he does this year, but im expecting at least 60 points, and that would leave him with two good seasons. a guy like booth got 4.25 for a decent season and a good season, so who knows? granted he is 3 years younger.

  4. FlamingHomer says:

    It's going to be an interesting off-season for Team Sutter. I can't imagine what current third line center Olli Jokinen is going to have to do for the rest of the season to be considered for re-signing. Bourque and Nystrom will be a priority. They should be able to sign both for the equivalent of what Jokinen makes.

    For those of you who haven't seen much of Bourque lately, he has easily been the most consistent Flame since coming over from Chicago. His point production hasn't been luck. There is a good chance he can maintain his pace.

  5. reinjosh says:

    id pay 3.5 million for him to have him on the leafs
    while i would love for him to stay on the flames
    they cant really afford that unless they can dump some salary

  6. reinjosh says:

    oh he has the talent
    there is no questioning that, or his consistency
    what his problem has been in past years is his health
    he is notorious for getting injured to easily
    thats been his biggest problem

  7. reinjosh says:

    Jokinen had a nice goal last night
    hopefully he can just get back on the horse and start playing decently
    so Sutter can trade him away to a team like Montreal (in need of size down the middle), or Nashville (in need of scoring)
    maybe a trade to Nashville sometime soon especially seeing as Arnott is down

    To Calgary
    Zach Budish
    1st Rounder

    To Nashville
    Olli Jokinen
    Ryan Howse
    7th Rounder

  8. albertateams says:

    They can diffenitely afford Bourque just by simply not resigning Olli, which is exactly what I think Sutter will do unless Jokinen really picks it up.

  9. albertateams says:

    I agree that his point production isn't luck and I love the way he plays but to expect him to score 100+ points (which is what he is on pace for) is unrealistic. If he can have a 65-80 point season that would be great with everything else he brings

  10. reinjosh says:

    yah i just realized that
    i completely forgot about him leaving

  11. pezzz123 says:

    Off-season for the FlamesLet go Olli JokinenResign Rene Bourque for 4 years, 13 millionResign Craig Conroy for 1 year, 1 millionResign Aaron Johnson for 2 years, 1.5 millionResign Eric Nystrom for 3 years, 3.9 millionResign Dustin Boyd for 3 years, 3 millionResign Brandon Prust for 2 years, 1.5 millionDump Cory Sarich to Washington for a 3rd rounder (or whoever wants him)Dump Daymond Langkow to Toronto for a 2nd rounder (or whoever wants him  – note to myself : very sad to let him go)Sign Marc Savard 3 years, 18 millionCall-up Mikael BacklundWin the Stanley CupLine-up : Moss – Savard – IginlaBourque – Backlund – DawesGlencross – Conroy – SjostromNystrom – Boyd – PrustBouwmeester – JohnsonRegehr – PhaneufPardy – GiordanoKiprusoffMcEhlinneyCap hit : 52.5 million

  12. pezzz123 says:

    Off-season for the Flames

    Let go Olli Jokinen

    Resign Rene Bourque for 4 years, 13 million

    Resign Craig Conroy for 1 year, 1 million

    Resign Aaron Johnson for 2 years, 1.5 million

    Resign Eric Nystrom for 3 years, 3.9 million

    Resign Dustin Boyd for 3 years, 3 million

    Resign Brandon Prust for 2 years, 1.5 million

    Dump Cory Sarich to Washington for a 3rd rounder (or whoever wants him)

    Dump Daymond Langkow to Toronto for a 2nd rounder (or whoever wants him, though I'm VERY sad to let him go)

    Sign Marc Savard 3 years, 18 million

    Call-up Mikael Backlund

    Win the Stanley Cup

    Line-up :

    Moss – Savard – Iginla
    Bourque – Backlund – Dawes
    Glencross – Conroy – Sjostrom
    Nystrom – Boyd – Prust

    Bouwmeester – Johnson
    Regehr – Phaneuf
    Pardy – Giordano


    Cap hit : 52.5 million

  13. Kramer says:

    Players should be eating more popcorn. While waiting in line to buy Fruit Loops, I was reading in a tabloid magazine that popcorn makes you feel really light and makes you run faster.

  14. mojo19 says:

    This was much easier to read. I know sometimes this thing just does that with the spaces.

    Anyway's good looking line up with Savard in there. And Johnson top pairing D?! I don't know about that. Leafs dont have a 2nd rounder this year, but I like Langkow, he's cool.

    Plus you could definitely get more than a 3rd rounder for Cory Sarich, $3.5 million cap hit right? That's the going rate for a player of that calibre, there will definitely be a market for him. I wish we were paying Sarich those dollars instead of Jeff Finger (or the $4.5 were giving Komisarek for that matter).

    Also just on a Flames note, I've watched 3 Flames games this year, and I have to say – Craig Conroys still got it! This guy is so awesome. He's a perfect 3rd line centre, and can fill in top line if need be. Such a smart, heads up player, wins battles, comes out of the corner with the puck all the time and makes smart passes. I think he's great.

  15. mojo19 says:

    Lets say he hits the open market, how much would he get?

    I think it depends, if the cap goes down then less teams will be interested and every team would be paying him less dollars then he'd get if the cap stays put.

    That being said, he should still be worth around $3.5 million, if he can keep up this play and somewhat production. Don't expect 80 pts from him, but lets say he's up around 60 or more.

  16. FlamingHomer says:

    I didn't realize he was on pace for 100 points. your 65-80 is probably closer to what the actual will be.

  17. FlamingHomer says:

    There's a lot of extemely stupid GM's out there would would overpay to have him. Open market he may hit 4-5m

  18. FlamingHomer says:

    He was expected to be the #1 center for Iginla but that experiment only worked for about the first 4 games he was with team. Coach Sutter thought that maybe he would thrive better if he had to carry his own line instead of share with Iginla. Thus Calgary has a 5.5M third line center. No way Sutter keeps a salary like that for the 3rd line next year.
    I haven't seen any injury tendencies yet.

  19. FlamingHomer says:

    I'm torn on re-signing Conroy for 1 more.
    Boyd seems to be developing too slow for me.
    Langkow is one of the few that plays well with Iginla. Tough to let him go.
    The Savard thing is interesting but I doubt if it will happen.
    You want McEhlinney for another year?
    Everything else looks good.

  20. reinjosh says:

    Yes i know why he was acquired, what happened and why he is the third line center now.
    although I wasn't even talking about him
    I was talking about Bourque
    who has had injury problems over the last 3 seasons

  21. reinjosh says:

    I don't think he is the type of player to take a contract for the money
    he wants to win and if their is a competitive team willing to sign him to that he will
    but no competitive team will sign him to that
    he will get 3.5 max

  22. cam7777 says:

    It's going to be a good year to sign someone like Bourque.  With the cap staying the same, or decreasing by 2-4 million, most teams are going to struggle to resign their own top players and expiring RFA's.  Just about everyone has some juggling to do.  The big money will go to the big UFA's (Marleau, Savard), and those secondary roles will be filled by extremely cheap, but still useful veterans (ie. Recchi, Holmstrom, or even Torres), while Bourque and Armstrong fall in the pecking order because of their paygrade.  For a lot of cap-pressed teams, taking a 1 million dollar chance on Torres for instance, could be a lot more beneficial than inking Bourque to a big 3.5-4.0 million dollar per year deal.

    I suspect that term will largely dictate negotiations.  It will be risky for Bourque, but if I were his agent, I think I would advise him to take a less expensive, short term contract with a contender (or stay with Calgary), and look to bat one out of the park 2 years down the road when the cap is back on the rise.  Say 2 years, 5.5-6.0 million would do it.  Otherwise, I'm not sure there will be a whole lot of teams willing to invest a bigger cap hit for longer term, and it could mean signing with a lesser franchise (ie. Florida, Nashville, the Islanders). 

    Of course, this all assumes that Bourque will regress as the season goes on and end up more in the 55-65 point range.  If he hits 70-85 points this year, then of course he is a lock for getting a big contract somewhere.  I just don't think that's a realistic expectation.  He's a good player, but he is going to slow down sooner or later.  The bounces won't stay favorable all season.

  23. pezzz123 says:

    I love Langkow. But we need a true 1rst liner for the time being. Backlund will be that 1rst liner in 2-3 years, but we need one right now if we really wanna compete. Jokinen hasn't fit the bill. Langkow is a perfect 2nd line center, but is unfortunatly too pricey.

    As long as Conroy plays like he's doing right now, I'm willing to give him 1 year contracts anytime he wants.

    I'm starting to lose my patience with Boyd as well. He's a good bottom 9 forward, but would be more valuable as a trading chip.

    I also doubt Savard will come back in Calgary, but it's nice to dream 😉

  24. blaze says:

    look at Ryan Malone

  25. reinjosh says:

    thats a perfect example of my point
    Bourque doesn't strike me as that type of player
    the player to just go to any team that pays him the big bucks
    and the teams that usually do that are the teams who can't afford to go after the big name players so they go and sign the second tier stars/good players and overpay them
    IE Malone
    I just don't think Bourque wants that
    I think he would gladly take 3.5 million or less to stay on a competing team
    then again I could be wrong about him

  26. trueblue says:

    If i remeber correctly either last year or the year prior Bourque got off to a hot start as well and looked pretty good… maybe he is finally coming into his own…. i think GM's are going to take a wait and see aproach… and i unless he continues like this all season long =, i cant see him getting a long term contract… maybe someone takes a chance on him and stakes some money down on him but for a couple years only… well see…. he's a good player and when i heard chicago let him walk i thought they made a mistake… now i think they royally @#$%ed up…  oh well

  27. Rico71 says:

    Yeah…and Clowe is not playing for his worth. He sucks.

  28. reinjosh says:

    he has talent, he has the ability to fight in the corners, he is strong
    the only thing that had kept him back before was injury
    i truly think he is a 70 plus point player
    Sutter has a knack for picking those players that are seen as players with 50 point ceiling potential and then having them prove everyone wrong by getting career highs and making that the new thing to expect for that player
    He did it with Langkow, Huselias, Kipprusoff (although thats a little different)
    and now i think Bourque is the next one

  29. reinjosh says:

    Yah it seems unlikely
    but then again so did Comrie going back to the Oilers (i know different cir*****stances)
    but hey, a guy can dream
    although think about Iggy and Savy together

  30. pezzz123 says:

    Savard – Iggy = Backstrom – Ovie

    ………………..or close lol.

  31. reinjosh says:

    a little farther than close
    but still damn good

  32. trueblue says:

    no doubt…

    lets see how he does…. consistancy????
    whatever he gets will be based on that…. but i still wouldnt expect a long term contract….it could happen, but its dangerous for a GM to do and then get burned later on trying to justify it

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