Rev Sharing To Help Low Pop. Cities?

This has been speculated around a few times, but with revenue sharing and a salary cap, low population cities could get teams back.With teams like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Toronto, finally willing to share their profits, cities like Winnipeg, Quebec, and Hartford could be getting teams back. Here are a list of cities where the NHL may expand/relocated teams to.

Winnipeg: Jets fans have mad it clear they want their team back, though unless the Coyotes move there, it would be hard to get the “Jets” name.

Sacramento: I doubt it, Sacramento is too south, Betts has learned his lesson. He want send it so south again… again…

Las Vegas: The NBA, and MLB want to move their too, gambling will make it a sellout every night.

Hamilton: hee hee… Hamilton… hee hee…

Quebec City I’m going on a trip to Quebec (Montreal or Quebec City) with my hockey team next season, I will be trying to start a rally to bring back the Nords, I’ll bring a Nords jersey or too, and some plackards, and hats, if you are in Quebec and are interested comment here, I’ll e-mail you when I find more info on the trip.

Portland: This theory is gaining speed, is a big site trying to get Portland a team. It makes alot of sense.

Seattle: I believe this could be an option, very northern, I don’t know how well the Thunder birds are doing in the CHL, but they could very well be a competitive franchise in the NHL.

Kansas City: It’s hard to believe seeing as it failed in the seventies, but you never know, hockey popularity though has dropped as of later, has increased vastly since the 70’s.

Hartford: I really am at a loss as to why the Whalers left in the first place. And who Carolina?

Houston: Another Dallas/Houston rivalry could motivate sports fans to buy tickets to a Houston game. Surprisingly Dallas is surviving in Texas, why not Houston?

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Henderson for the HHOF!

  2. therapist says:

    Las Vegas is not a low pop. city.

  3. rojoke says:

    If a team relocates – and if revenue sharing is part of the deal, that’s no guarantee anymore – the top three cities to get teams would be, in order, Portland, Seattle and Kansas City.

    Portland almost got the Penguins before Mario stepped in and saved them again. Since that time, there’s been rumours that software billionaire and Trailblazer owner Paul Allen has a standing offer to purchase any NHL team that wishes to sell and can be moved.

    Seattle has had a pretty history when it comes to junior hockey, so it is not really a new market. With the close proximity to Vancouver, it would give them another natural rival.

    Kansas City officials have been lobbying pretty heavy to attract NHL owners back to their city. They were also courting the Penguins while they were in bankruptcy, and they also have a hockey history with the old IHL Blades.

    But as mentioned before, if revenue sharing is part of a new CBA, that could put any plans for team movement on hold. A salary cap alone would change a lot of business plans among the lower half of the league, and the extra influx of cash could make those teams more active on the free agent market. This could also affect their ability to get their facilities upgraded (NY Islanders) or new ones constructed (Pittsburgh). But either way it goes, it will take at least three years, maybe more, for a new financial system to determine if it will in the current 30, well 29, NHL cities.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    OK, Ill say this very slowly. Gary Bettman wants no more teams in Canada. Do you know why? The answer is simply if you live in Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, you most likely love the Habs, or Leafs. Some Quebec Cityers might like Colorado, I don’t know. If you live in Ontario, you love the Leafs, unless you are in the capital region. Vancouver on the west coast, Edmonton or Calgary in the planes. EVERYONE LOVES HOCKEY!

    In the US, a major city will attract NEW viewers. That is basically what the NHL wants. Canadian viewers are a given. Hartford, well take any other sport. NE=Boston or Foxboro, NY is a split between Buffalo, and the two city teams. Seattle would be a decent team, and a huge rivalry with Vancouver. But I’m not too sure on the market. Kansas City, well they would flop with a struggling product. Houston would be interesting, but won’t be good until the NHL is a stronger product. One team in Texas is good for the time being. Portland, I am assuming Oregon, they are the same market as Seattle. Combine the two with a “Northwest” team. If it is Maine, I don’t think it would fare too well. A team in Caribou or even Bangor would be better. That way you would attract Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

    As for the others, San Jose, Aneheim, and LA are enough. If one relocates, HOORAY. I think San Fran would be better than Sacramento. Vegas would be good, but Phoenix has whatever market is there. And there was a huge facility built for all 4 sports, or at least they are in the process of. A potential market not mention is the Louisville/Indianapolis area. The Racers would be in the NHL if they could have had enough money to keep Wayne.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    expand, relocate?????????

    get rid of 10 teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how many times do we have to go over this. if the new rules don’t make the game TV friendly (if it comes back) expect the league to go the way of T-Rex.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    No kidding!!!

    Here we go again talking about how to find more small markets to spoon feed hockey. Fool us once shame on you!! Fool us twice shame on us!!

    Besides who ever said the Big market cities were willing to share profits? The NHL is not a democracy it is a Monarchy. Bettman is its ruler and the owners will do as they are told. Following orders doesn’t mean willingness.

    Relocate?? why not try using some of those weak market teams as league floaters?Have them spend 3 or 4 years in one city and if it doesn’t take off like wild fire move on to the next city. Every NHL team should have attendance and ratings standards or quotas to meet. Any city whose fans display a small attention span towards hockey will risk losing its team.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    it is sad when AHL teams like providence and manchester out draw teams like carolina.

    relocating is what caused major problems to begin with.

    the kids are bored with wow hockey and are trying to get their jibberish over to HTR>

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    Here is an example of a hockey market which has displayed its strenght. Carolina should move back to Hartford. I don’t know what those fans did to deserve moving the whale other then the politics of demanding a new arena from the hartford citizens. The team thought they could live without its fan base and became convinced they could manufacture one in Carolina only to find that the wolfpack or what ever that team is that has been playing where the Whale used to play has been drawing in more fans per game then the Canes. Now that the arena has been built in Carolina the team has its home to pay for and can’t move.

    Guiness beer commercial

    Move the Whale to Carolina?


    Build a new arena before a fan base?


    Can’t move the team Back to Hartford?


  9. ranger_fan says:

    Contract the team…BRILLIANT!

    I don’t really know, but perhaps relocating the Carolina team might have hurt. I think they were in Greensboro, then to Raleigh or something like that. The other thing that hurt, the Glen Wesley trade.

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