Rev Sharing To Help Low Pop. Cities?

This has been speculated around a few times, but with revenue sharing and a salary cap, low population cities could get teams back.With teams like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Toronto, finally willing to share their profits, cities like Winnipeg, Quebec, and Hartford could be getting teams back. Here are a list of cities where the NHL may expand/relocated teams to.

Winnipeg: Jets fans have mad it clear they want their team back, though unless the Coyotes move there, it would be hard to get the “Jets” name.

Sacramento: I doubt it, Sacramento is too south, Betts has learned his lesson. He want send it so south again… again…

Las Vegas: The NBA, and MLB want to move their too, gambling will make it a sellout every night.

Hamilton: hee hee… Hamilton… hee hee…

Quebec City I’m going on a trip to Quebec (Montreal or Quebec City) with my hockey team next season, I will be trying to start a rally to bring back the Nords, I’ll bring a Nords jersey or too, and some plackards, and hats, if you are in Quebec and are interested comment here, I’ll e-mail you when I find more info on the trip.

Portland: This theory is gaining speed, is a big site trying to get Portland a team. It makes alot of sense.

Seattle: I believe this could be an option, very northern, I don’t know how well the Thunder birds are doing in the CHL, but they could very well be a competitive franchise in the NHL.

Kansas City: It’s hard to believe seeing as it failed in the seventies, but you never know, hockey popularity though has dropped as of later, has increased vastly since the 70’s.

Hartford: I really am at a loss as to why the Whalers left in the first place. And who Carolina?

Houston: Another Dallas/Houston rivalry could motivate sports fans to buy tickets to a Houston game. Surprisingly Dallas is surviving in Texas, why not Houston?