Revised Rebuilding Plan

Disclaimer: This article contradicts many things I have recently posted and simply being put out for the purposes of speculation. I do not demand that the approach I’ll be suggesting need to be pursued or that it is the best solution.

Leafs fans yet again are in the midst of watching a season that isn’t going according to plan. After an offseason of alterations to put together a roster that would be defensively sound but with inept offensive, the Leafs performance once again is showing signs of refusing to commit to the script layed out for them, once again the Leafs are looking like a ninth place team.

With a relatively deep blue and strong goaltending, the Leafs remain weak up front. There weren’t supposed to be any decent top six forwards outside of Antropov on this team. The emergence of the Hagman-Grabovski- Kulemin line though has presented an issue to this identity. The dynamic play of this line has shown that it could very well be a capable second line on in the NHL. Especially considering the upside of each player.

So, seeing how the Leafs may not be a lottery team, the ready made solution of simply picking up another cornerstone to compliment Schenn in order to build the foundation for the future is becoming less likely. Fletcher then may have to resort to plan B. The question becomes what is plan B?

Now considering Antropov could be resigned at a decent price, that the Leafs have a decent back end, a capable goaltender, relatively decent bottom six forwards and good young second line this team could be only two players away from becoming a contender. That is to say, if the Leafs could land a franchise type forward in the UFA market or by means of a sensible trade this team could compete short term while rebuilding the farm system. So long as the Leafs follow a Montreal type model of never sacrificing their 1st round pick. They could add talent to the system each year without having to tank.

09/10 Lineup

Colaiacovo trade for a propect of mid round pick….

Antropov – ? – ?
Mayers, Mitchell



Perhaps hand this roster over to another GM (ah, Burke) wait to 2010 and make a pitch for Nash, Kovelchuk and/or Savard, drafting two forwards with the 09 and 10 1st round picks.

Have a better plan B in mind? Enlighten me….