Ribeiro traded!

Team 1200 has just reported that the Habs have traded Mike Ribiero and a 6th round pick in 2007 to the Stars for Janne Niinimaa and a 5th round pick in 2008.

Ribeiro will probably be best remembered for rolling on the ice in the playoffs against the Bruins, and then being on the ice minutes later. The Ribeiro trade completes the not so secret plan of Gainey to house-clean the players in Montreal that like the bars better then the ice, and their hair more then the crest. Ribeiro will probably not be missed by Habs fans.

Niinimaa is a solid stay at home D-man, who is a great team player. Not the fastest player, but a good PK guy and will sacrfice his body for the team. The Habs needed D depth after acquiring Traverse, and is the obvious sore point of the team.