Richards to the Leafs????

The blogger Eklund tossed out a rumor this evening on that has a few Stars fans buzzing.

He contended that the Stars and Toronto Maple Leafs were discussing a trade that would send Brad Richards, Jamie Benn and Ondrej Roman to Toronto for Nazem Kadri, Clarke MacArthur, Kris Versteeg and a conditional pick.

A couple of people I talked to on the Stars said it was ridiculous and that no such trade was in the works.

A couple of things on this rumor. One, I’m not sure why Brad Richards would waive his no-trade clause to go to a team that won’t make the playoffs (Toronto currently is 12 points out of eighth place in the East). Two, why wouldn’t Toronto just wait until after the season and try to acquire Richards’ rights at that time if all they want is a head start on re-signing him? And three, I think Jamie Benn might really be the very last player this team would trade.

It’s sort of silly to have to try to debunk every rumor that is out there, but I think that’s what we’ll try to do right now, so consider this one debunked.

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  1. mapleleafsfan says:

    He never compares the two.. He just says your argument isn't valid. Brett Hull was also a 'one trick pony'…. and according to your logic that makes him a fringe star at best.

  2. mapleleafsfan says:

    30-40 goal potential? 

    He's broken the 30 goal mark the past 2 years and probably will again this year.. That's without a good center in Toronto.. That's not his potential that's what he's achieved already.
  3. albertateams says:

    I liked Mojo's example of Bondra (a fringe star). Great goal scorer closer to what Kessel could be.

    Hull was more than a goal scorer though he elevated his team mates play and was a guy you could build a team around. Kessel is not.

  4. Leafs_the_word says:

    Again, I reject your attempt to recontextualize my argument.

  5. Leafs_the_word says:

    I must being doing well if the butthurtz are surfacing to try to pile on.

    You're still a kuntboy BB.

  6. Leafs_the_word says:

    Ask a Bruins fan, yeah, that is super objective. I suppose I was being silly by giving examples of statistics and making an argument when instead we should just ask some random Bruins fan if they still like Kessel after he was traded.  Let's ask Ottawa fans what they think of Heatley's game while we're at it.

    I didn't compare Hull to Kessel, you made the argument that players with rounded games are more important that one dimensional goal scorers, so then Hull must have been a terrible player.  I know, it was a bad argument. 

    Goal scoring is the most important skill a player can have period.

    Whatever, I already won this exchange, get your pot shots in, I'm done with it.

  7. albertateams says:

    You want the statistics the three years Kessel was in playing for the Bruins:





    No doubt that his defense made up for his lower production all three years. Nice try though.

    I never said goal scorers weren't important. But I'd take a well rounded star over a fringe star with ability to score 40 goals (maybe). It still stands that Hull was a generational talent at scoring goals Kessel is no where close to that.  

    You know your just blowing smoke thats whats funny.

  8. Leafs_the_word says:

    I didn't dub Montreal the island of misfit toys, bloggers have been calling them that for over a year.

    I have said three times now I don't care about a forward's plus/minus on a bad team.  It's a pretty empty stat that is more reflective of a team game than an individual player anyway, it makes for a shallow criticism to bring it up.  I mean Kessel was a plus 23 in his last year in Boston, he was -8 on a 29th place team last year, so it's not like there is even a trend of him struggling with plus/minus.  Shallow and weak criticism.

    Kessel, no question.  Plekanec is yet to establish consistency and is less skilled, it's like Plekanec has a habit of going coast to coast.  Again I'll employ the question who in their right mind would trade Kessel for Plekanec, that says enough to determine their respective values (it takes in account all context for determining value).

    No, like I said once they brought in Joikenen they forced out Cammalleri. 

    What is Iginla going to say?  Is he going to publicly bury Cammalleri? Not exactly Iginla's style, he's never had a critical word for anyone. Players are coached for PR skills.  People take newspeak way too literally around here. 

    So Kessel is lazy yet he still puts up more goals than anyone in Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo and Boston?  I suppose Kessel will break Gretzky's goal scoring records once he finally starts trying out there huh.

    If Kessel isn't a superstar then there isn't one in the division, I love being a Leafs fan, I get to respond to these ridiculous criticisms.

  9. Leafs_the_word says:

    I'm asking in the future could you please refrain from hijacking my exchanges, you don't offer any help.

  10. palindrom says:

    Brad Richards to Toronto really? it would broke three rules we never ever seen before

    1 – A team in the playoff never ever traded his best player at the deadline, not even Bouwmeester.
    2 – A team out of the playoff never ever acquired the top UFA player at the deadline. (Where would be NIY if they had Traded tavares for Kovalchuk as Eklund suggested, then lose Kovalchuck as UFA?)
    3 – Never before a Player waived his NTC to go from a contender to a non playoff team at the deadline.
    Its not a wonder both fan of the team was complaining after that, this kind of trade doesnt work its the perfect Anti-trade example that would leave both team worse.

    So why eklund bother reporting this kind of rumor? no point at all, but getting people excited to read them!

  11. Leafs_the_word says:

    How are these rules?

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