Richards to the Leafs????

The blogger Eklund tossed out a rumor this evening on that has a few Stars fans buzzing.

He contended that the Stars and Toronto Maple Leafs were discussing a trade that would send Brad Richards, Jamie Benn and Ondrej Roman to Toronto for Nazem Kadri, Clarke MacArthur, Kris Versteeg and a conditional pick.

A couple of people I talked to on the Stars said it was ridiculous and that no such trade was in the works.

A couple of things on this rumor. One, I’m not sure why Brad Richards would waive his no-trade clause to go to a team that won’t make the playoffs (Toronto currently is 12 points out of eighth place in the East). Two, why wouldn’t Toronto just wait until after the season and try to acquire Richards’ rights at that time if all they want is a head start on re-signing him? And three, I think Jamie Benn might really be the very last player this team would trade.

It’s sort of silly to have to try to debunk every rumor that is out there, but I think that’s what we’ll try to do right now, so consider this one debunked.