Richardson a Jacket & Canadiens Sign Former Star

Reports on say that defenseman Luke Richardson has signed a multi year deal with the Blue Jackets.

Reports on say that defenseman Luke Richardson has signed a multi year deal with the Blue Jackets.

Luke, an unrestricted free agent, has signed a reported 4 year, 10 million dollar contract with Columbus. In 72 games with the Flyers last year he mannaged 9 points, 102 penalty minutes, and a plus minus of +18.

Richardson was the seventh overall pick in 1987. He is a tewering 6-4 215 pounds.

In other resent news the Montreal Canadiens have signed Randy McKay.

The details of the deal are unreleased. McKay will bring grit and leadership to montreal.

The 35 year old grinder was traded to the Stars from devils at the trsding deadline along with Jason Arnott and a first round pick in exchange for Joe Nieuwendyk and Jamie Langenbrunner.

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  1. bcuffari says:

    I don’t understand why he would sign with the Jackets when he could have signed with the Flyers. Is it true that the Flyers wouldn’t sign him, or was it just a business decision. If it was, it was a stupid one.

    Oh ya, and Richardson is only 6-2. And he is a good defenseman to have on any team, he will fight anyone at anytime, and is very steady.


  2. titans says:

    Jesus!! Are things that bad with the Flyers that their players are leaving to become Ducks and Blue Jackets?? Damn! Luke’s taken too many beatings at the hands of Peter Worrell!! The Flyers end up looking dumber and dumber with each passing day of the off-season.

  3. NYR88Express says:

    what a great move by Richardson!!! he left the flyers (regardless of their first-round mishaps) and went to the Stanley Cup contetender Columbus BlueJackets…?

    Cmon!! This only goes to show that players sign with teams for the money. There usually is no dedication to the team and commitment to winning the Cup…

  4. Pepper says:

    The stats I have agree with the first poster. I have Richardson, as of the start of the 2001-2002 season: age 32/shoots left/6’4″/210 lbs/aquired by Philli through free agency in July of 1997. I’ve never actually measured him though, so I could be wrong too! He might have shrunk 2 inches in the last year too. I wouldn’t be holding my head up too high after the playoffs either.

  5. Jonathane says:

    Ok this is more guess work than anything here, however I do not think the Flyers wanted to go 4 years with Richardson.

    With a possible lock-out and maybe a salary cap afterwards, I really do not think the Flyers were wanting to carry Richardson and his $2.5 million.

    I know some Flyer fans are upset about not retaining Luke, but I really think long term this was a good move for the Flyers.

  6. ClarkeRules says:

    Who decides they want to sign as an unrestricted free agent with, of all places, Columbus? Yeah, they have a shot! Richardson took the money and ran. He had a nice season in a contract year, unlike the previous season when everyone dogged the shit out of him for sucking so bad. It was a good turn around for him. Even though he lost a lot of his fights, at least he was always willing to drop the gloves. That’ll always be how I remember him. I wonder who he’ll fight on the Flyers the first time they meet. My guess is Cechmanek, who in an unprecedented move, races across the red line to lecture Richardson for being out of position on a Simon Gagne goal.

  7. bruinsfan12 says:

    nice prediction hahahahhaha..thats hilarious

  8. JohnFlan22 says:

    BJ’s also sighned Scott Lachance away from Canucks. It helps them out… depth is better then nothing. At least the Habs finally got some grit in a player! Mckay will fit in nicely.

  9. zednik says:

    The Jackets are becoming quite the defence filled team as for Richardson its nice to play for a team with Zero Pressure.

    As for the “Porn Star” Randy McKay signing with the Habs. WOOO WHOO

    Thank Goodness something was done via Free Agency. This guys adds some scoring grit and Leadership. it also helps that he has a few rings and knows what it takes to win in the playoffs. This is one thing I am really liking about Andre Savard he always make the move that is needed. McKay is cheaper then alot of the other guys out there but he offers a mix of what Montreal needs.


  10. Bigman says:

    oops didn’t catch the ‘towering’ and ‘trading’ spelling mistakes

  11. mikster says:

    I agree with Jonathane, this was a good move by the Flyers. I’d rather see Bruno St. Jacques play. I am so anxious to see this guy hit. He was a 9th round draft pick and he can do exactly what Richardson did when he was younger. So, it is a good move by the Flyers.

    For Richardson it’s a bad move and for the Blue Jackets it is also a bad move. Sure their defense will be somewhat better for two seasons, but on his last two years on his contract, Richardson will probably be traded as a “rent-a-playoff player”.

    I think Clarke did negotiate with Richardson, but probably offering a bit less than $2.5 a season and definitely not 4 years.

    I am surprised that the Leafs didn’t grab this guy, or the Blues. If anything, Atlanta should have signed him then.

    It’s ok Flyers fans, just hope that Bruno makes the team because i really like this guy’s updated scouting reports.

    As for McKay, great move by Savard. He will be significant in the playoffs and he would replace Gilmour is he retires. I still don’t see why people criticize the Devils’ Arnott trade. It was an excellent deal! It turned out to be Arnott for Langenbrunner and Nieuwendyk. Arnott is not even worth that. That was a steal, regardless of how old Nieuwendyk is, it was a steal….end of story. The Stars are the idiots who received and lost McKay.

    McKay is what Savard wanted and needed. When a GM receives what he wants and needs….he did a great job. All the Habs need right now is Selanne, but first Theodore.

    Micki Peroni

  12. pantherboy says:

    I think that this was a good move by the Blue Jackets to sign Richardson. He will replace the leadership that is gone since Odilien was dealt at the deadline to the Hawks. He should help out Kleasa mature into a steady D-man.

  13. mightylik says:

    I just want to agree with you. I’m a huge Stars fan and I wish that they would have at least considered keeping McKay. He is a solid player with the added leadership and character qualities that usually get overlooked. But then again we replaced him with Bill Guerin so who cares. Go Stars… RED WINGS SUCK!!!

  14. big_booty says:

    I don’t have a problem with the Flyers wanting to go younger and cheaper on the blueline. Trust me, Bruno St. Jacques is going to be a hell of a player. He plays Richardson’s familiar rough-and-tumble style, yet has the talent to handle the puck and skate when the need arises.

    My problem is this. If Philadelphia wanted to rid themselves of an older defenseman making too much money, why not 86 Eric Desjardins? More often that not he was such a liablility on the ice, and he has long since lost his legs. He just can’t keep up anymore. Plus, he makes about twice what Richardson does.

    That move would have made more sense. Granted, Richardson is not the swiftest of skaters, but defensively they don’t come much better.

    Additionally, there will be a greater turnover in Flyers defensemen in the years to come. It’s only going to get better. I absolutely loved the move made to get Joni Pitkanen, he will be in camp this year but probably be sent back to Juniors for one more year of seasoning. Young hulkster Jeff Woywitka will also get a look in camp, and he might have a shot. If not this year, look for him to be in the bigs the following year.

  15. bcuffari says:

    I never said the Flyers were great or anything, but they are sure as hell better than the Blue Jackets.


  16. zednik says:

    The Stars upgraded,

    Where McKay can score maybe 30 points

    Guerin can pot 60 for sure.

    I think the Stars and Habs both win !

  17. aaron says:

    Just out of curiosity, weren’t you ppl whining that money meant some teams would be great all the time, and the bad teams would never get better? Now, a bad team gets better and a great, bought team gets worse, and you’re whining that money doesn’t allow teams to stay better than everyone else as long? Does this make no sense to anyone else here.

    Bravo to the Habs. McKay’ll be very helpful.

  18. rrudd says:

    don’t forget the first round pick. the stars got. that doesn’t ease the loss of joe, but just be aware there was a pick in there, too.

    and what if arnott turns into havlat who scores 35 goals for dallas on a line with morrow in two years?

  19. Stanajax says:

    Hmm, I believe Dallas received a 1st round pick too…. However, it’s still a steal (lol) and Langenbrunner will be very useful on the Devils’ 2nd line.

  20. Stanajax says:

    Gargl, faster than me!!!

  21. mikster says:

    I would have taken Pitkanen over Bowumeester in a flash. Pitkanen will be in the Phantoms before joining the Flyers. But man, this kid will be like a Lidstrom type of defenseman.

  22. BWbullies says:

    So you think Therien is better than Luke. Now they get paid the same. I would still take Luke over Therien. Luke would have taken alot less to stay in Philly. So I wonder who’s idea this was Clarkes or Hitch. Who’ ever it is sucks……

  23. Bigman says:

    hey sorry bout calin’ you pepperoni yesterday

  24. zednik says:

    “The first time I put on that sweater, I’ll have goosebumps,”

    – Randy McKay

    These are the types of guys that Montreal needs to sign. Its amazing how much harder you play when you play for a team you grew up with. I have a feeling this will end up like Gary Roberts in Toronto.

    guy wants to be there guy busts his ass to win


  25. ManillaKilla says:

    Who even knows if the Flyers offerd him a contract? You never can tell with Clarke.

  26. Umbrella says:

    The arnott trade was obviously arnott for neiuy. Langenbrunner was replaceable from the minors in Utah. McKay was simply for experience. If the Dev’s are lucky, they’ll have Joe healthy for maybe 40 games and 20 points next season. Who knows what will happen to arnott’s totals with guerin on his wing a few shifts. The deal by the stars was a deal for the future. A younger, bigger, stronger, more flexible center. The deal for the Devs was a playoff spot and a possible Stanley Cup run. What Happened??

  27. MantaRay says:

    Last year Andre Savard was the best GM at utilizing the UFA market in signing Gilmour and stealing Yanic Perreault.

    This year, trading for Czechowski for a non-factor player and then signing McKay was a brilliant move. McKay will make them a much tougher team along the boards and he is a great locker room presence.

    Savard is look like GM of the year already!

  28. big_booty says:

    Hey! For once I actually agree with you. Bouwmeester was over-hyped and over-rated. If he was picked first, I would not be surprised in the least if he panned out like Alexandre Daigle. He’s just way too soft.

    My only hope for Pitkanen is that they don’t handle him like they did Janne Niinimaa.

    If he even shows signs of bad decision-making and they ship him off like they did Janne, I will be super pissed. Give him time to develop, and nuture his learning process. From a defensive standpoint, the Flyers have the perfect coaching staff to do just that for this kid.

    Woywitka is another I really want to see come up soon. He plays the same style as Dan McGillis, and can just destroy people in the corners.

    Just read on TFP that the Flyers might have some interest in Gary Suter, Igor Kravchuk, or Jiri Slegr. Suter I would love, and Kravchuk would be good, but I don’t want anything to do with Slegr. He’s just horrible. Suter would be a perfect mentor for St. Jacques.

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