Rick Nash on the trading block; are the Rangers ready to pounce?

What is certain about the trade deadline is that the Columbus Blue Jackets will be open for business. The uncertainty is in the magnitude of their moves: Impending free agents, like Sammy Paulsson? Cancerous mistakes like Jeff Carter?

Or captain, star and face of the franchise Rick Nash …

Renaud Lavoie of RDS reported on Monday that an NHL general manager confirmed to him Nash is in play and has been offered around to some teams — news that was confirmed by a second source.

This comes one week after John Shannon of Sportsnet reported:

I have received a couple of calls from friends of Nash, who claim that Rick is very unhappy with the way the franchise is going and realizes it will take five more years to rebuild, again. Nash is now telling people close to him that he would entertain being moved, but still will not be the one who asks for a trade.

Always one who didn’t aspire to play in a big market with big pressure, it appears Nash now realizes that he might have to step into the spotlight in order to win. It is a very tough situation for a very classy player.

Columbus GM Scott Howson declined comment to Shannon (“John, I am not commenting on any rumours between now and deadline.”); he did the same on Monday night when Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch asked for comment on the RDS report.

If Nash is available, and amenable to being traded to a large market, could the New York Rangers be the destination?


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  1. hockey_lover says:

    I like how the article mentions that Pittsburgh is interested.  How on earth could they possibly fit him in? lol  He makes $7.8 million for the next 4 or 5 years aaaand the Pens are right up against the cap.

    Sure they could send Staal going the other way but he is a RFA/UFA at seasons end (not sure which one though) so thats not exactly a huge bargaining chip.

    Sure they could ship out one of their awesome under performing dmen like Paul Martin or Michalek but again, not much of a deal for the Jackets.

    Are the Pens considering moving Sid? 😛

  2. JoelLeafs says:

    Yeah, i heard a similar rumor about him possibly going to the Rangers – who have about 1.5 in cap space left and far too many big money long term deals already. I suppose something centered around Dubinsky would free up money, but I don't see what NYR has to offer that would work for CLB.

    I say:

    tot: 7.8


    tot: ~7.4

    Salaries even out pretty well. CLB gets 3 roster players and a decent G prospect, as well as a pick (I'd hope to hold onto the 1st, but have a feeling it would have to go).

    I doubt Burke does it, but I'd be pretty pumped.

  3. JoelLeafs says:

    Alternatively, for less money maybe:



    Leafs would need to juggle money, but I'm sure it can be made to happen. Maybe even send Colborne over, since we will have our big body first line center.

  4. hockey_lover says:

    The biggest problem with going to the Rangers or Leafs is that Nash STILL has reservations in playing in a media centric city. There are quite a few teams that are really good that dont have the media up their arses every single minute.  The Rangers and Leafs ARENT those places.

    Money and salary cap not withstanding, teams like: The Wings, the Bruins, the Panthers, Vancouver, San Jose, St. Louis are teams that give Nash a good chance of at least smelling the playoffs AND will allow him to live in relative peace .. again, compared to the retardedness of New York, Toronto or Montreal. Christ, even the Penguins are a media circus right now.

  5. reinjosh says:

    And why would they need him? They finally found that elite winger in Neal, they don't exactly have a need for one anymore (whether Neal is elite with Malkin only or not is just semantics at this point, he's performing to the level that Pens fans could only dream about finding a winger do just a year and a half ago).

    Like the way the team is built right now is terrifying. You have Malkin and Neal on one line, Crosby and Kunitz on another line and you have two of the best lines in hockey coming at you. How the hell do you stop that? Toss in a third line built around Staal or having him line-up beside one of the top two lines and you have an offense that is probably one of the most sustainable in hockey. 
    Plus with Neal coming up to UFA status next season, bringing on Nash makes things retardedly difficult. Stick with what's working right now. 
  6. KingCanada says:

    Wow I know Toronto needs a center but dear god if we have a shot at Rick Nash Burke better show Howson the money!!

    To Toronto: Rick Nash
    To Colombus: Nik Kulemin, Nazem Kadri, 1st AND 2nd round pick 2012 and ONE of (Aulie/Holzer/Blacker/Percy)

    Maybe send Lombardi to Colombus (if they want him) if not send him to the Marlies and then the cap space works out! (I know hes a center but someone would have to go)

    I believe it takes 4-5 solid assets to land Nash (at the very least), he is their franchise player and Howson wont give him away.

    Obviously he has a NMC but you have to assume Toronto would be one of the teams hes considering since hes from Brampton and lives in the GTA off-season.

  7. reinjosh says:

    To be honest with you, I'm not sure I want Nash on the Leafs. Don't get me wrong, seeing Burke pull off getting Nash would be awesome. It would be like hockey's version of a wet dream becoming reality, but I question whether Nash would work here.

    Where does he fit? Toronto doesn't have a need for scoring wingers. Lupul and Kessel have that pretty much covered on the first line. MacArthur has turned it around after a slow start and will likely post around a 25 goal season to be a fit on the second line. Really Nash could replace Kulemin on the second line, but do we really want a 7.8 million dollar player on the second line?

    And would he even work on the second line? He wouldn't be getting top line time so he might never justify his salary.

    Although I see the awesomeness of being able to roll out a line of Kessel/Lupul and then a line of Grabo/MacA/Nash. 
    I don't know, I have conflicting emotions on this. 
  8. reinjosh says:

    I'd rather send Kadri over Colborne for Nash. If we're getting that top line center, I'm cool sending Colborne, but if we're not I'd like to at least have the option in the future for Colborne to turn into the top line center.

    It's the same logic I had for wanting to keep Kadri over Colborne in a trade involving Getzlaf. Trade a blue chip prospect winger for a top 6 winger, keep the blue chip center. Or trade the blue chip center for a top 6 cent, keep the blue chip winger. 
  9. hockey_lover says:

    I agree. Except the Sid and Kunitz part 😛 Who knows when the guy is gonna play again.

    My hope is that when Sid does eventually come back, that he doesnt fall back to Geno of a year and a half ago. Geno needs to be current Geno when Sid comes back or they wont get too far.

    Its funny … when Sid comes back, he will likely be with Kunitz and Dupuis. Worked in the past, likely work again. But that breaks up Neal-Geno-Kunitz, which has been on absolute fire lately. Do you break that up?

    I wonder if they would entertain a Sullivan-Sid-Dupuis line? Or throw Kennedy up there?

    Just saying .. be a shame to break up what could arguably be one of the hottest lines … not best lines .. in hockey right now.

  10. reinjosh says:

    Well I was assuming he did come back (like next year) but yeah hopefully he doesn't come back like Geno and struggle. But then it would make it easier for the rest of us 😛

    Why break it up. Crosby can make anyone good so why not try SUlly/Dupuis with him. 
  11. MystifoLeafs says:

    How many times do people have to say it…. Lombo is not going to the marlies. He is not playing bad nor does he have a bad contract. If he did hit the Waivers you can bet he is being picked up. 

  12. KingCanada says:

    Riiiight… So if the numbers dont balance out who else do you send to the minors??  Crabb?  Boyce??  They make peanuts…  SOMEONE has to go down…  I didnt make the rules bro.

    If Schenn and Kulemin are included Lombo might be able to stay but its still very tight.  Leave that one to the accountants..

    But ya if Kulemin is the only roster player going you can bet something has to be done with the cap.  Do the math buddy.

  13. KingCanada says:

    In comparison do you think Matt Stajan is playing well? 

    Lombo, if played a full season would be in the 20-30 points range…quite expensive for a 3rd liner wouldnt you say?  He also happens to be the worst +/- on the team (Im not huge on +/- but it holds some weight still).  Just because hes fast doesnt make him indispensable.

    Jeff Finger wasnt a terrible player either but he was a victim of his own contract.

    IMO Lombo is only holding Colborne's spot on the bench warm until next year.

    I find it amazing how some ppl are biased towards their own players.

  14. MystifoLeafs says:

    Dude hes a third liner do you seriously expect him to be putting up 60 points playing third line minutes? If he scored 30 points. As for his cap hit yes it is a bit much for a third liner but by that logic Armstrong 3 mill on the third line/forth energy line is a waste of cap and should be sent to the marlies. That is what I am getting out of this.

    My point is why would we dump Lombardi down to the marlies because he is not making it there I am willing to put money on that. He has value to teams who are in dire need of scoring. I would much rather see Lombardi traded to a team like St.Louis for a 2nd round pick or 3rd round pick than send him to the marlies and get nothing. (And yes I am calling the cap space nothing based on the fact were targeting a area that we don't need to upgrade.)
  15. hockey_lover says:

    I agree with you entirely. It wont happen but I agree with it.

  16. Steven_Leafs says:

    or you know you can make a trade offer that works out cap wise.

    He was just pointing out that Lombardi is not being sent to the minors, he isn't worth 3.5M but he also isn't waive-able for a team trying to make the playoffs. It would be like waiving Phaneuf or Komisarek because they are making more money than they bring on the ice, it isn't going to happen… at least not now. 

  17. KingCanada says:

    Who would want to take Lombardi?!?  Especially for a draft pick?  Do you not remember HOW he came to Toronto in the first place?  He was the salary dump!  Nashville had to include Franson just so we would take his salary.  Now you think hes worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick??

    Armstrong yes I believe is a little overpaid as well but he is built like a checker, plays well defensively.  We can only have so many of those.  Id rather keep him over Lombo anyday.  The Leafs end up winning more often when he is in the lineup.  Thats a fact.

    Lombardi?  So he had one good game scoring 2 goals..who cares?  Hes replaceble…  If Colombus wants to take him? GREAT, Im all for it.

    Im just stating if there is a cap casualty to be had, its Lombardi.  You all seem to believe that everything will work itself out…  If the Leafs go over the cap, which is a DEFINATE possibility in getting Nash then something has to be done.

  18. Leafland says:

    This comes from Eklund, so take it with a grain of salt and a fair amount of cunicism, as per usual. But as he reports it, a deal is apparently a deal to send Rick Nash to the Kings is "VERY STRONG". The deal would be as follows:

    Los Angeles:
    Rick Nash

    Jonathan Bernier
    Dustin Penner
    Trent Hunter
    an as-of-yet undisclosed pick

  19. Leafland says:

    This comes from Eklund, so take it with a grain of salt and a fair amount of cynicism, as per usual. But as he reports it, a deal is apparently a deal to send Rick Nash to the Kings is "VERY STRONG". The deal would be as follows:

    Los Angeles:
    Rick Nash

    Jonathan Bernier
    Dustin Penner
    Trent Hunter
    an as-of-yet undisclosed pick

  20. Leafland says:

    Sorry for the double post there, guys.

  21. KingCanada says:

    Please dont be offended..but are you guys secretly part of the "I love Matt Lombardi" fan club??

    What if Colombus doesnt want him?  Nashville certainly didnt..in fact he was dumped onto us (and yes I admit he is playing OK, but not at the level of his contract).

    If theres a cap casualty that needs to happen it will HAVE to be a forward if were talking about Nash here…and who else can you send down??  I dont really see anyone taking on Lombardi's contract, not unless we send them a draft pick with him (hes a negative value IMO)…The Leafs, as they have done in the past, will bury him in the minors..that simple.

    Nash makes 7.8 million, hes not going to fit in our payroll without a lil magic.

    I dont really like the comparison with Phaneuf either..common man do you really think Lombardi is that integral to the team??

  22. KingCanada says:

    Im going to re-submit my trade proposal due to un-named users really REALLY liking Matthew Lombardi…

    To Toronto: Rick Nash
    To Colombus: Nik Kulemin, Luke Schenn, Naz Kadri, Mat Lombardi, 1st round pick

    If thats not enough add a prospect not named Joe Colborne…

    You Lombo homers happy? lol

  23. KingCanada says:

    Well that one makes ZERO sense… Bernier and the pick is the only assets there!

    Penner and Hunter are both UFAs (I understand cap space needs to move) but common… 2 assets only for Rick Nash?

    Definate BS!

  24. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah funny thing was 30 minutes after Eklund posted it, he said a kings source denied it.

  25. Steven_Leafs says:

    lol, all we are saying is Lombardi is not going to get waived. No one said he is awesome or unmovable or is "generational talent", we just said that Lombardi will not get waived. If we must move 3-4M in salary to make a different trade (getting an expensive player like Nash) then Lombardi, Komisarek, or Connolly would have to go the other way or be sent to another team for an asset.

    I know your argument is "who else would you send down?", but what we are saying is no one with a significant contract will be waived.

  26. Leafland says:

    So in other words, another swing and a miss for the strikeout king. ;p

  27. Steven_Leafs says:

    to be fair Lombardi was sent to us because Nashville couldn't afford to pay a guy 3.5M to be injured for half the season & with all the players that needed to be re-signed this year Lombardi's contract needed to go. We got lucky and he played most of the season for us. He definitely is not worth a 3rd straight up, but with a smaller cap dump contract coming back or something we may get that 3rd. He definitely would get claimed off waivers IMO.

  28. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    I'm tossing this out for argument sake, if the Jackets are going into a full on rebuild why not consider something like oh…

    To the Islanders:
    Rick Nash
    To the Jackets
    Ryan Strome
    Michael Grabner
    Kyle Okposo
    1st in 2012
    Just a thought anyway – Garth has snuck in under the radar before and made a deal and it would be pretty slick to see Tavares and Nash playing together – and as we all know Wang isn't object to long term stupid contracts.
  29. reinjosh says:

    That would be nuts. Tavares and Nash? That would be sweet. Columbus gets some nice offensive depth and some really nice pieces. 

    I could totally see Garth trying to do that. It would be sick. 
  30. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    It would be for sure and for a long term as well – and really the Isles are moving two roster players….Okposo is going to be the next Todd Bertuzzi I can almost feel it in my bones I was so disappointed when we traded him to the Canucks it nearly drove me crazy….but at the same time landing a potential game breaker doesn't come around very often.

    Realistically however I can see Nash going to a California based team…Ducks maybe?
  31. zeddyp101 says:

    I personally think that's giving up to much for Nash especially considering that 1st rounder is gonna be considerably high this year add to the fact thats…what 4? first rounders total?….but at the same time I admit its gonna take a lot to get Nash

    Id personally try and keep Ryan Strome

  32. Steven_Leafs says:

    that is what it would take (approx.) to land Nash but I think for NYI to do it they would have to remove one of Grabner or Okposo and replace him with a guy like Wishart or Hamonic. I feel the Islanders are ready to make a push next year and draft picks like Strome and the 2012 1st are less important than Grabner or Okposo right now. I doubt NYI would pay that much but if they want Nash, they would have to.

  33. KingCanada says:

    Yes I understand what your both saying but neither of you give an argument as to why.  Your just stating it because your stating it.  No offence but you guys dont seem to have a reason either.  Because the Leafs are making a playoff push??  Nash will replace the output.

    Fact is Lombardi can go down and isnt vulnerable to re-entry waivers.

    He has played 320+ games but has not played 80 games within the last 2 season therefore he is NOT subject to re-entry.

    Lombo happens to be the perfect candidate to be sent down.


  34. Steven_Leafs says:

    We gave you plenty of reasons last time you asked this didn't we?

    anyway, let me ask you this. Who would replace Lombardi? Someone like Colborne or Kadri? That would be desired but lets face it, Kadri and Colborne can really benefit from playing in the Marlies, and neither of them were out playing Lombardi when they were here so technically that is a downgrade right now.

    Also you cannot waive everyone who makes too much cash for their production otherwise we would have considered waiving Armstrong, Komisarek, Phaneuf, etc, etc. Now if Lombardi was getting less than 5 mins a game and wasn't producing at all, or was scratched pretty much every game then yes we would waive him, that is what we did with Finger. He was getting out played by every single D-man we brought in including the kids so we sent him down.

    I know if we got Nash's contract we would have to free up space but we can do that in the trade itself. Besides we would have to waive Lombardi before the trade, what if the deal doesn't go through or Columbus changes their mind and Lombardi is claimed (which I say is a 80% chance he would be)? We waived him for nothing.

    Anyway I'm sorry if it seems like we are attacking you, we are just trying to explain that it wont happen that way.

  35. KingCanada says:

    No its OK I understand your point of view.  I guess we just agree to dissagree thats fine.

    I have no problem with Kadri/Colborne taking his spot.  Look at wat the playoffs did for PK Subban, fantastic experience for him!

    And again, Lombo is CANNOT be claimed by anyone on re-entry waivers, if you need clarification on that hit the link in the previous comment.

    Because of his concussion from last year (him only playing 2 games) there is a loophole in the CBA that says he cannot be claimed by anyone.  Not specifically because of the concussion but because of the lack of games played due to injury.

  36. Steven_Leafs says:

    LOMBARDI SCORES!!! lol sorry I couldn't help it. 😀

    and to respond to this: "Lombo is CANNOT be claimed by anyone on re-entry waivers" :

    Toronto will not send Lombardi through re-entry waivers and eat 1.75M next year. Lombardi will most likely be claimed on regular waivers anyway.

  37. KingCanada says:

    LMAO if you didnt say it I was going to, Im a good sport 😉

    You think someone would be willing to pay his 3.5 next year?

    Correct me if Im wrong but they are only subject to being on the hook for half the salary on re-entry only correct?  If someone wants to pick him up if the Leafs try and send him down they are on the hook for all of it right?

  38. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah thats right.

    I think someone will take his 3.5M.

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