Rob Blake (back) to the Avalanche

The Denver Post is speculating about the possible return of Rob Blake to the Avalanche as things have not gone well for him in LA since his return to California.

The speculation is that the Avs may be looking for some defensive help at the trade deadline and it is speculated that the Avalanche may have some room to fit him under their salary cap. Although it is speculated about Rob Blake and a possibility that he may return to the Avalanche it is also heavily mentioned that big time trade deadline acquisitions are not the philosophy of the Avs any more.

Some other names that were mentioned in the article that may change hands prior to the deadline … no specific teams mentioned include Bryan Allen (Florida) and Brian Ponthier of the Capitals.

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15 Responses to Rob Blake (back) to the Avalanche

  1. Pronger44 says:

    I thought he was stupid to leave them for L.A. when he did. Playing with Sakic and Hejduk on a PP, I'd sign for half a mill just to play with those guys.

  2. sweepa8989 says:

    does anybody watch the black hawks? how is samsonov doing this year?


    I think the pens should give Samsonov a shot… For half his salary, (1.5mil?) give him a go on the top line and if he doesn't click with Sid then give him a shot with Malkin… He is a pretty shifty player that has the ability to draw attention to him which could buy Sid or Malkin some time…

  4. gagner says:

    the oiler should pick this guy off waivers

  5. rcichard03 says:

    samsonov BLOWS …. hes so aweful … there better off with one of there kids from the minors then him … he was jsut a gamble this year

  6. Pronger44 says:

    Samsonov is on waivers as we speak. With 0 goals and 4 assists with a -7 plus/minus rating, he's definetly another typical russian like Sergei Berezin for example, they come, they go.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    Good old Blake.  He's had a great career.  But he's pretty much reached the point where he's no longer a true number one defenseman.  Which is really what he's been for most of his career.  I think he'd fit in much better in Colorado than Los Angeles, but the question is, would he want to leave L.A?  We haven't heard anything to indicate otherwise.  Plus, if it costs more than a 2nd round pick to get him from the Kings, forget it. 

  8. tacitus says:

    you would sign for half a mil to play with those guys???? maybe you would sign for half a mil cuz none of us make close to that a year??? maybe you would sign for half a mil just to play in the NHL……. If they signed you for half a mil you would be immediately placed on waivers 3 minutes into your first game and would result in a GM being fired for the worst singing in league history… Would it take a call from Joe Sakic to get you to sign like Smyth??

    Maybe Blake played with some many superstars in his years that he wanted to go back to LA or just get out of Colorado for a bit

    TSN reports no team has yet to show any interest in Pronger44 even for league minimum… his agent has said he may opt to play in the russian super tyke league if he doesn't receive a serious offer

  9. Pronger44 says:

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  10. prayin-for-the-wce says:

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  11. Pronger44 says:

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  12. prayin-for-the-wce says:

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  13. leafy says:

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  14. tacitus says:

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  15. tacitus says:

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