Robby to Slats:

Larry Robinson, currently a consultant with the world champion New Jersey Devils, withdrew his name from consideration for the head coaching position with the New York Rangers this morning. Robinson informed Rangers GM Glen Sather that he would not take the job, even though it had never been “formally” offered to him.

Slats doesn’t get his man, which begs the question: Did he even really want him?

The announcement of Robinson’s decision comes on the heels of a couple of days of phone tag between the two parties. Robinson had been trying to contact Sather, but the GM was either evaluating prospects or on the golf course.

So, if you’re the General Manager of an NHL franchise and you have no head coach, but have one candidate in mind, why ignore his overtures? Why hit the links when there is important business to be taken care of? Strange dealings by Sather, if you ask me.

In turning down the position, Robinson said that he was “looking forward to the challenge, but I didn’t have that real excitement when I thought about taking this job.” He went on to explain that he does want to be a head coach again someday, but with a younger team where he could act as a teacher and mold in his own image.

“I enjoy teaching. I don’t know if you can always teach old dogs new tricks,” said Robinson of the Rangers roster.

For Sather, the search continues….

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