Roberto Luongo era done for Canucks?

When practice ended Tuesday, Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider met near centre ice. They kneeled together, and enjoyed each other, talking and laughing.

In the eye of the storm, it was a long, loose, pressure-free moment.

But was it their last?

Head coach Alain Vigneault said he had decided on his starter for Game 4. He wasn’t, however, ready to announce it. The wind was blowing Cory Schneider’s way. He took almost all the action in practice leading up to the win-or-go-home game, and that’s been an indicator during the year he’s being tapped.

A Schneider nod would be tangible evidence suggesting we may have seen the end of the Luongo era in Vancouver. A year ago, this scenario would have seemed unfathomable to some. Luongo was the former captain, with the huge contract, the long resumé and status as the cornerstone of the team.

So much so, Schneider admitted this week he was caught off guard last year when he was told he was starting Game 6 in Chicago.

“It sort of surprised me that they would turn to me in that situation,” Schneider said. “I felt good about it, but I wasn’t necessarily expecting it. It taught me to be ready for anything. This year, starting more big games and getting more action than in the past, it helped me understand how valuable I can be to this team and that I shouldn’t view myself as a backup goalie.”

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  1. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    the only thing im worried about is ya we could probably get kipper but as you said, he made a 13th place team come in 9th and we did come in 13th and id rather 13th then 9th place so if were going to make this deal i just want burke to make an actual push for the playoffs and going seriously at a guy like parise, nash etc.. or even start with getting actual 3rd line guys that grind. He says he wants a top 6 that can score and a bottom 6 checking line.. where is the checking? were one of the softest teams upfront. Acquire FA's like gaustad, kelly, etc so we can wear down the other teams defense with there cycle game and in turn will not only help us not get cremated by bruins for once and open space for guys like kessel and such. Stop looking at kulimen as a top 6 guy cause if anyone could have that bad of scoring production.. hes not a top 6 guy.. he'll be a great 3rd line guy with scoring potential.. start the third line with kulimen gaustad and find a bigger winger and start with that.  Carlysle needs to stop playing steckel that much because he's simply not good. hes a great 4th line guy and a good penalty killer that can win big defensive draws thats it, use him wisely. I dont criticize  the coach too much because steckel was the only guy on our forward group that had size so he was forced to use him because he had nobody else. Kippers a great idea and i hope it gets done because i think we can get him without overspending but if we do that trade, there better be more players upfront being acquired so we dont finish in 9th and actually serious about making the playoffs. They could make as many apology letters as they would like but unless they start doing something about the flaws in this team, i dont see them being serious about winning. Rant over lol 

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