Roberts and Bertuzzi to Toronto?

According to Eklund on both Bertuzzi and Roberts may be headed to Toronto sooner than later.

Here is what I would do:

To Vancouver: Jeff O’neill

To Toronto: 2nd round pick

To Florida: Matt Stajan, Brendan Bell, 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick

To Toronto: Todd Bertuzzi, Gary Roberts


Roberts – Sundin – Bertuzzi
Ponikarovsky – Steen – Wellwood
Tucker – Peca – Antropov
Kilger – Pohl – Battaglia


Steen – Sundin – Bertuzzi
Ponikarovsky – Wellwood – Roberts
Tucker – Peca – Antropov
Kilger – Pohl – Battaglia

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  1. I-BE-LEAF says:

    I have no issues with giving heart and soul a "no-trade" option.  It's called an act of good faith towards those who have earned it.  It's not silly.  It's a statement to a league of players.  The Leafs organization believes in their talent and leaders and will reward them with loyalty.

    I know McKee and Mitchell are stay at home defensemen.  My point is they too are overpaid like everyone who was quickly signed this past summer.  If money wasn't thrown around at every available defenseman, every team would be the Oilers.

    Gill is much better than most people give him credit.  He has off nights like everyone else and has been a +8 for a good chunk of this season.

    All the talented UFAs in the league can't be hired to walk into a dressing room and lead youngsters to the cup or a winning season for that matter.  It takes chemistry.  You can't manage such a thing over an offseason.  You have to grow it and tinker with it until it works.

    Peca rules!  I agree 100%

  2. 92-93 says:

    well we'll agree to disagree on Gill and his worth at 2.1 million.

    one no-trade or two no-trades on a team make sense … i.e. Sundin … Kaberle (because of his age).

    but 3? – especially for a guy like McCabe who is inconsistent on D.

    FOUR? – especially for Tucker, a guy who – if one tries to have foresight on this matter – is likely to be injured quite often because a) his age and b) the way he plays the game?

    doesnt make sense to me.

    the leafs made their loyalty statement to the league with Sundin and signing Kaberle. they sent a message: we want to win and we have a solid core to win.

    but going all out with McCabe and Tucker will only prevent them from acquiring solid prospects and picks for players who have already peaked … AND prevent them from clearing cap room for UFAs and other trades.

  3. I-BE-LEAF says:

    ummm… Kaberle doesn't have a no-trade.  That's why the rumour surfaced around Pronger / Kaberle last year.

    McCabe is not on the team for his stellar defensive work.  He's one of the top guns in the league on the blueline.  That being said, I hope he continues to work at his defensive aspects.  It can be frustrating at times.

    Tucker and foresight… this is my point exactly.  Reward the hell out of this man regardless of injuries or age.  Do you honestly think for a moment that he will continue to play when his body won't allow him to?  (cough… Domi)  Pretending to throw half-arse checks, etc.  Heck no!  Tucker is the real deal and deserves to stay a Leaf icon until he wants off the ice.

    Who will wear the "C" after Sundin possibly three years from now?  With maturity added to his heart and soul, I ask you to consider Tucker.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Tlusty is struggling in the OHL, but I'll admit right now, I've never seen Kuleminen play.

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I like this roster…




    I like it…

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You're such a girl, you know that?

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Once I was watching Dreger, and one minute he said the cap would be $47.5 million, the next $48 million. Then he said the Leafs AND Sundin would reject the extra contract year and negotiate a new contract, and about ten minutes later he said the Leafs would pick up the option.

    Crazy shit.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    O'Neill is on pace for nearly 30 goals, and Stajan is playing incredibly, and is a future Selke winner.

  9. Marky2Fresh says:

    Have you ever watched a hockey game?  Stajan is a young Jere Lehtinen.

  10. 92-93 says:

    you have a long ways to go but i'll give you a start with this advice: you need to grow up and mature very very quickly to get to my level.

  11. 92-93 says:

    yes he does. it kicked in July 1st … hence why the leafs had to trade him before july 1st … i wont do the research for you – but he does have  a no-trade clause.

    i am not anti-McCabe by any means. or Tucker for that matter. but i want my team to mature and grow and McCabe has evolved but i dont think he is going to get any better than he already is. he just makes boneheaded decisions and he does it often. the good news is that he isnt getting as much ice time now he is on the 2nd tier with Coliacovo.

    i simply disagree with your assessments of Tucker. i like the player, i like his style (even though he is terrible defensively in his own end). But he is not worth a no-trade clause. i mean, do other leaf fans not get what i am saying about this. do you realize how rare a no-trade clause actually is?

  12. ty656789 says:

    why would the leafs  also  give them a 2nd AND 3rd round pick for a player who is at the end of his career, left T.O. for more money and deserted the fans once already who barely plays a game and Bertuzzi who is a rental player at this point. There is no guarantee that the team who gets him will sign him. That is assuming that he is going to be able to come back and be healthy. If they want Bertuzzi, they can get him and give up nothing but space on the salary cap in the off season. These "what i would do if I was GM" comments that people add are ludacris. That is why none of you idiots are an NHL GM. NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU WOULD DO BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING. The only reason I read this was because I thought it was actually A TRADE RUMOR like this site is meant for.

  13. Superman4452 says:

    Thats alot of picks and young players to give up on for old/injured players taht may not be healthy, especially for a team that may not make the playoffs. sure, u might get to the second or god forbid the third round, but ur not winning the cup or conference and therefore uve done what quinn did for years. sacrifice the future for one extra round. if that round is the cup, then what a waste

  14. ian_strat says:

    tucker turned down a four year deal from toronto yesterday

  15. ian_strat says:

    tucker turned down a four year deal from toronto yesterday

  16. BieksaForMVP says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!! That was actually something that was said on TV. I'm impressed. I've never heard him say something true.

  17. Afroman7 says:

    STRUGGLING? hes got a point a game basically

  18. LeafsrGods says:

    Nice speculation

  19. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Actually, what everyone knows on this board, McChild, is that you are without manners, petty, and feeble minded.  Grow up.

  20. I-BE-LEAF says:

    oh, I didn't realize his no-trade kicked in like that.  Thanks!  That's great news to me because Kaberle is easily one of the elite quarterback-style defensemen in the NHL and I would hate to ever lose him.  Makes me proud to know that he was drafted by the Leafs too.  "Leafs scouting sucks… blah, blah, blah"

    I hope you are wrong about McCabe and his level of defensive ability.  Typically, defensemen come into their prime between 29 and 36 which gives him time to mature as a player.  I try to remind myself that it has only been a couple years since his can-opener trick became penalized which took away from his game.  Playing with Colaiacovo should give him an opportunity to work on some of his flaws.  The sense of urgency to play an all-around better d-game should grow due to decreased ice time and the change of partner's playing style.

    Again it seems we are at another impass regarding Tucker so I will agree to disagree.  I do understand no-trade clauses can be a huge detriment to a team, especially in the age of the cap, but it impresses me to see a club stick behind their heart and soul.  Perhaps I simply miss the days when teams held onto their stars through thick and thin.

    Thanks for the debate, 92-93.  I've enjoyed it greatly.
    Leafs rule!!!

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