Roberts and Niewendyk sign on the dotted line!!!

While watching TSN sports Center the ticker showed me that the Toronto Maple Leafs have just re-signed soon to be free agents Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk to one year deals. Many Leafs fans myself included were sure that both Roberts and Nieuwendyk would test the market and see what’s out there. But they decided that Toronto was the best place for the pair to finish their careers. Roberts agreed to a one-year deal with a base salary of $3.75 million while Nieuwendyk agreed to a one-year deal that will pay him $3 million.

That’s a $500,000 decrease from what Roberts earned last season and a $1 million increase over what Nieuwendyk earned in 2003-04.

Roberts was second on the team in goals and points last season, while Nieuwendyk was 3rd even though his season was a short one because of reoccurring back problems.

Both were a huge part of the Leafs playoff run and there isn’t A Leaf fan in the world who isn’t happy to see both back.

The Leafs have also wasted their money and re-signed Aki Berg to a 1-year deal. Berg was at fault for a few goals during playoff run and also at fault for a lot of goals during the regular season.

Next on the Leafs signing list is team MVP Eddie Belfour. Belfour will be a free agent as of 12:00 tonight. And if the Leafs do allow him to walk to re-signing of Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Tucker and Berg will all be for not. Because their isn’t a goalie on the market who is any near as good as Eddie the eagle.

The Leafs are also hoping to re-sign Bryan Marchment and work out new deals with Nick Antropov and Bryan McCabe who are both RFA’s. is reporting that the New Jersey Devils have re-signed veteran centre John Madden to a multi-year contract believed to be in the $10-million range. Madden is a player that every NHL team would love to have. He is a Centre who is strong at both ends of the ice. Madden played in 80 games for the Devils last season and recorded 12 goals and 35 points. He is one of New Jersey’s core players. He is great on the penalty kill and makes the trap work perfectly.

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  1. mckintz says:



    and im not knobbygoobbler lol

  2. CaptainModano says:

    3 of the biggest?…….alright, I’m done laughing at that statement!

  3. simplyhabby says:

    Well they were not really free agents until July 1. They resigned they must have players if there was any hope for another run for the cup.

    Not a shock that they signed these guys.

  4. mckintz says:

    theres not too many guys that attracted a lot more attention from good teams…..roberts to detroit/ottawa…..nieuwendyk following him…..eddy was the best goalie UFA and probably in the top 5 overall

  5. Amcan says:

    Now many of us were sure a couple of them were going to be signed. We are laughing at berg getting as much as he did, the Kariya, Selanne, and every FREE AGENT going to the Leafs. JFJ would have to be on crack not to sign the MVP

  6. matrix2003 says:

    Well they now have almost a full roster of players, with not much tinkering needed, the only free agent i see coming to Toronto is Lindros really, that is if his dad shuts his mouth and let’s him do things his way for once. I don’t know if getting Lindros is a good or bad thing right now, but if he can play a little bit better then he did last season he may be a solid player to have. A lineup with him at either top line left wing or second line centre would probably work (oh yeh any leaf haters that are reading and shaking their heads for whatever the reason, please stop reading and hate something that deserves hating like Hitler or something/someone)… anyway here’s a possible/probable lineup with Lindros in Toronto…

    LINDROS Sundin Mogilny

    Roberts Nieuwendyk Nolan

    Antropov Stajan Tucker

    Ponikarovsky WELLWOOD Domi

    Leetch McCabe

    Kaberle Klee

    Berg Pilar/Colaicavo

    bench: Belak, Perrott



    Tellqvist and Wellwood are both ready and are just waiting to crack the lineup and they will, down on the rock (Baby Leafs), Steen will learn how to play our style of hockey, while Bell and White will wait for next season.

    The Leafs only have more likely the one spot to fill so it is likely it will be someone like Lindros or Kariya or Selanne. Although I would like to see someone like Palffy or new UFA Demitra play on the top line instead who really knows what is going to happen the Leafs have already proven that they don’t care about a possible salary cap by their actions, so thy may go a step further we’ll wait and see.

  7. tml28 says:

    Toronto Stanley Cup Team:


    Roberts/Lindros/Nolan (Big Line-stick up 4 the bigE)










    This would be the most ideal team for the upcoming season and the best to win the stanley cup, without exagerating, lindros is a given, kariya has been rumored alot, and numminen would be awesome in replacement of kaberle, but if kaberle is kept i wouldnt mind, but i dont expect them to sign all there free agents soo i would think kaberle

    Responses Please!

  8. tml28 says:

    i am a leaf fan, personally i think your line up is a weak one, are u aiming to win the cup or have 90 pts, cuz its not a good line up, and when u put a team together please put every1 in there right positons, lindros playin LW that would be stupid, just read my post and then youll see how it shud be, and wellwood isnt ready to play a full season

  9. Tweek says:

    Signing Eddie to two years was smart as the leafs really dont have anybody in line to take over just yet. This will give them much needed time to find a goalie to bridge the gap. Re-signing roberts and newy to one year contracts was also a good move because I think this two guys have at least 1 or maybe even 2 years left in them. This is the year though when the leafs have to inject some of that youth into their line up. The leafs farm system may be a bit bare but they four guys who can step in next year and conrtribute. Alexander Steen is 20 years old and if he has a good camp he could find himself centering the #3 line for the big club, if worse comes to worse he’ll play on the rock, he’s probablt the best prospect the leafs have. Colaiacovo should be given a good shot at cracking the top 6 and if given the chance could be a top 4 blueliner for the leafs down the road. Matt Stajan will be in the team regardless of pre season play and if given some talent to play with unlike last year (fitzgerald, domi) he should have a 40 point year. Ponkiisazky ( my mind just went blank on how to spell) should be a good 3rd line contriubutor for the team this year as well. I liked the intensity and will I saw last year, if he works on his hands a bit he might score 20. The leafs all in all wont be a over powering team next year but if they can at least inject some young blood into the core line up then things might look a little better in leaf nation.

  10. curtman96 says:

    OOOK BUD!!! Kariya aint comin so get it out of your head.

  11. Enigma says:

    Kaberle is still on the team. I don’t like the last pairing of marchment and berg but i guess no team is perfect.

  12. cgolding says:

    one more try i guess right?

    i understand the signings, but at the same time if i was GM of the Leafs i would have made an effort to get younger guys playing time. Belfour was a must sign, but he’s also a goalie, which as we know makes his age a different issue… though there are concerns about his back obviously, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Nieuwendyk – He’s been hurt in each of the last two playoff years, and isn’t getting any younger. Obviously a lot of injury problems stem from bad luck, the simple truth is that the older you are the more injury prone you are… The leafs are not a young team obviously, making key injuries much more likely in each campaign… since young guys will get injured from time to time, and old guys are likely to have some nagging stuff… creates a team weakness that can come back to bite you.

    Roberts – love the way the guy plays, and the fact that he can even play after his shoulder problems is impressive… but isn’t getting any younger as well.

    the one brilliant aspect of these signings is that if they are banking on it being say… a half season, that is really going to help these two… plus the other old bodies on the team. the one-year contracts tend to make me believe that is what they are thinking… give the old guys one last hurrah in a potential shortened season… but they are going to the well a lot with these old bodies up there… which brings me to this point…

    the leafs are on the verge of a pretty big collapse simply due to age. they have a lot of guys who are winding down and you never know when they are going to hit the wall… though, if i wasn’t scared of money and thought there was going to be a short season(which i do) i would gamble with the old bodies one last time as well.

    i would never argue that the biggest UFA’s, outside of Belfour, in a potential salary cap world were going to be 38 and 39 respectively in the upcoming season… nothing against them, but i really think age has come back to bite the leafs the last two years, they wore down a bit more than the flyers and then lost those series.

    but what the hell… one more philly/toronto series with these groups mostly together? i can go for that.

    nevermind the bullox,


  13. Enigma says:

    I don’t know why the leafs have decided to keep Nik Antropov and Aki Berg. Nik Antropov is one that especially puzzles me. This guy has had plenty of opportunities to prove that he’s the real deal. While he does show flashes of being good, it’s still few and far between as he is very inconsistant. I would’ve let him go and replaced him with a quality free agent.

  14. matrix2003 says:

    i siad that i would like to see Pallfy and Demitra in the lineup if you read more clearly, and I at no point said where it would get them, also it is not a weak lineup, with almost all the players back it’s almost the same team, now with Leetch here for the full year and a potential player like Lindros it could be better, you must look at everything negatively. Wellwood is ready. They wouldn’t have 90 points, they lost Renberg and Reichel they should get better (and I like those two players, sad that they played so bad for Toronto).They could potentially top 100 points again or fall slightly to 95 plus. And if you did mean 90 to 100 points and not just 90 then say that then.

  15. mckintz says:

    kyle wellwood hasnt worked out a day in his life…..hes gotten to where he is on pure talent alone and that has to change if he wants to be succesful

  16. mckintz says:

    i dunno about antropov either but if he plays well for an extended period of time his stock might rise and he might become attractive to a bad team at the deadline……i dont think hes gonna get any better tho

  17. Seattleaf says:

    Don’t forget about LW Chad Kilger

    Antropov – Sundin – Mogilny

    Roberts – Nieuwendyk – Nolan

    Kilger – Stajan – Tucker

    Ponikarovsky – ?????(Wiemer) – Domi

    (Belak, Perrott, Druken)

    Leetch – McCabe

    Kaberle – Klee

    Pilar – Berg

    (Colaiacovo, Harrison)




    Not much room at all for free agents this year.

  18. simplyhabby says:

    I guess you and Pat Quinn are the only people in the hockey world that believes Antropov should get even more ice time!

    As your lines indicate, the leafs need another center such as the Big E.

  19. Havlat_hasit says:

    3 of the biggest overpaid players maybe. No way do either of these guys deserve close to 3 million. This is why the leafs are an american franchise. This is also why the leafs haven’t gone anywhere since 67′ get used to it leaf fans.

  20. Havlat_hasit says:

    “steen will learn how to play our style of hockey” That has to be among the most retarted remarks ever made by a leaf fan.

    youre line up makes no sense, you have players set in positions they dont play.

    regardless, the defense is a joke, the roberts line (as much as i admire him) will be calling for a stretcher.

  21. Havlat_hasit says:

    This is absurd, only leaf fans would consider this a wise move. What an American Franchise, and how un-Canadian. How many good moves has the leafs organization made in either landing players or developing/ drafting them?

    Giving away Modin and Markov, made them dependent on wash ups like Klee and Francis.

    Then drafting loosers like Antropov and Aki Berg.

    Getting to the point, the leafs will never win the cup with idiots in their organization. There is no way that either Roberts (as much as i like him) or Dyke is worth anywhere near 3 million.

    As for Aki Berg well 1.4 million thats absurd.

    leaf fans shouldn’t be so complacent with bad moves being made. It seems as if every trade or signing is hailed as best possible move.

  22. Amcan says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha…it is funny that you said Kariya will be a queaf, but it is even more hilarius you put Stanley Cup team lol. Next time Toronto even makes the finals, all of these fine athletes will be retired, and so might the second generation stars too (note I am still laughing)

  23. DarkPhoenix says:

    Uh, didn’t Ottawa just hand Alfredsson $8 mil to disappear in the playoffs?

    And isn’t it Ottawa that appears to be ready to give 40 year old Dominik Hasek an insane contract to be their “savior”?

    Seems to me Toronto’s not the only one relying on “washed-up vets”.

    Ottawa’s superior drafting hasn’t won them a Stanley Cup.

  24. mckintz says:


    Gary Roberts-28G-20A-48P-+9 and hes a great leader, 72 GP

    Joe Nieuwendyk-22G-28A-50P-+7 and he only played 64 games, again great leader, comes through in clutch (Gm 7 vs Ottawa)

    Eddie-34-19-6-2.13GAA-.910%—leafs mvp enough said, no eddie no playoffs for leafs, no eddie no win against the sens, no eddie no contest against the flyers

    Aki Berg- JUST KIDDING

    but these three guys are not overpaid…roberts and nieuwendyk are worth the money they are getting and will show that as long as they are healthy, eddies style allows him to play in old age unlike that goalie thats going to ottawa..whats his name again….if the leafs can upgrade their D a little bit he will have an even easier time playing well and staying healthy……i honestly think that these moves will help the leafs more than hurt them

  25. mckintz says:

    wow its like you leaf haters have nothing better to do than to point out bad moves by the leafs….wouldnt it be something if we started a Ranger Hater club?? Bobby Holik + 45million dollars = a bunch of dumbasses……ken klee free agent signing = a good move not costing any youth….get off it guys….and klee is hardly washed up he had a career year last year with the buds

  26. Havlat_hasit says:

    I wouldn’t consider Hasek’s predicted 2 million contract (not including a preformance salary) an “insane contract”

    I respect character vets like Roberts but the leafs have too many washed up players.

    Ottawa while not having won a cup yet, have much more depth and youth which makes them a more viable club for winning a cup down the line.

  27. Havlat_hasit says:

    Career year? maybe but he was also a -1 for the season after being +22 the year before…the leafs could have gotten a guy like berard for a lot cheaper

  28. Tweek says:

    just wait till we see this chara contract, then will see just how smart the sens are, they got some core restricted freee agents and willmost likely shell out the cash so dont go crying foul

  29. Havlat_hasit says:

    Roberts- a quality player and leader no complaints, any team would want him

    Dyk- this guy is not clutch, you cant say he came up big in gm 7 cause those were both soft goals that any decent goaltender would have stopped. He’s injury prone, and he whines a lot.

    Belfour- great goalie, not as good as Hasek and a drunk

  30. Flyers_01 says:

    Ranger Hater’s club meets on Saturdays. Yea the Bobby Holik contract is stupid but hey, it’s not that much more than the Leafs offered him if i recall.

    My only question is if the salary cap is 35 million, who do the Leafs buy out?

  31. DarkPhoenix says:

    If the salary cap is 35 million, the NHL is going to have 30 versions of the Pittsburg Penguins (no offense to the fans, of course; but when your team finishes in last place, it’s bad).

    How is this an improvement, other than in the pocketbook? They claim this will be good for the fans. But how?

    Oh, and I’d like to note that at least 70% of the NHL franchises are over 35 million. That’s going to lead to a mass exodus of talent.

  32. TML51 says:

    I am not at all suprised that Roberts and Niewendyk were resigned by the Leafs. They are two valuable leaders on the team, who inspire some and keep others in check.

    As for Belfour, the Leafs were between a rock and a hard place. He was clearly the best option for the Leafs on the UFA market. He is 39 years old, and is in the twilight of his career, but it’s not like the Leafs have any other choice. Kidd?? Er, um…no. Tellquvist is not ready yet, but could gain some valuable experience as Eddie’s backup next year.

    As for Berg and Antropov…why the Leafs just didn’t let them go is beyond me. No one else wants them, so why not just cut the losses and move on?

  33. nocuphere says:

    I’m banking on them leaving a few roster spots open for Wellwood, Steen and Coliacovo or Jay Harrison by not resigning Reichel, Fitzgerald, Renberg and Marchment. Stajan is a given I think.

    A half season would be a good thing for the leafs, given those old bodies.

    But like you said, I wouldn’t complain about another Toronto/Philly series.

  34. mckintz says:

    go to the comment at the bottom of the page and well see how many people would take hasek over belfour

  35. mckintz says:

    havlat_hasit has decided to make the statement that Dominik ‘The Groin’ Hasek is better than the Eagle……..i am asking you to tell me who you would want on your team right now

  36. nocuphere says:

    Come on bro, havlit hasit???? That guy is a moron. Anybody with a tagline Havlathasit is a joke.

    I’d take a crippled Belfour over that wash up any day of the week.

    By the way Havlat Hasit, what exactly does Havlit have? 4 straight series losses to the leafs? A nasty side that involves cross checking guys in the face and letting his teammates fight for him? I’d change your line to Neil or Chara, anything but Havlat.

    He’s lucky he was hiding in the penalty box against the flyers, the scared little chicken s hit.

  37. nocuphere says:

    Havlat_Hasit???? C’mon dude tell us what he has. We all know he has a cheap shot artist mentality.

    I hope Mark Recchi feeds him his stick, the dirty little ba stard.

  38. sixteenstone says:

    Chad Kilger will play on the 4th line with DOMI

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