Roberts Close to be Traded **UPDATED** reports that Gary Roberts may be traded today if he waives his no-trade clause. The team acquiring him is neither Toronto or Ottawa. Details to follow; TSN is suggesting the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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  1. kamullia says:

    For one, those players are bound to not be ready to play. Even players who are in rosters, when they get to sit 3-4 games lose their rhythm and timing. For players who have been out all year, is much worse. Just look at how players reacted the first one or two months past the lockout, some players were off their game even longer, a few all year.

    Two, as for the players in specific, Allison has proven to be of not much of a difference in the past several years he has played. And he will always be a check away from being out of the lineup. While Leetch, is simply quite old and considering the fast pace of the NHL, which seems to have even increased from last year, he is bound to be viewed as a quite possible liability in his own end due to not being able to match speed. I think he would be a great PP quarterback for any team looking for that kind of quality, but past that, I doubt playoff teams would be willing to give him top 4 minutes and put their team at a disadvantage for the long periods of time that top 4 defensemen log. In case you are not aware of this, last year out of a grand total of 297 defensemen who played in the NHL in the regular season, Leetch ranked 255th in +/-, and that is not good regardless of how bad a team Boston had.

    In short, teams are more willing to give up assets, but get a player they are positive will help, than take a gamble on Leetch or Allison. At least for now…they can always sign them after the trade deadline.

  2. Uncleben says:

    True, but there have been rumors all year about how Leetch may go to Philly, Allison may go to the Yotes, or leetch back to Broadway, etc. but now that the deadline has come, nothing.

    Leetch is a solid player and plays his heart out, and Allison still has game. he had 60 pts in 60 games last year with the Leafs. sure he's slow, but he can take and give out checks, and can hold the puck very well. why not sign on to a team like ATL, use his puck handling skills, and then pass it to the fast superstars and bring home the cup.

    idk. i know what i mean. lol. i think its worth it

  3. pensfan29 says:

    i bought a game used stick of him… i need it signed

  4. rmg185 says:

    I agree totally, I can't believe the sellers market that's out there this year.  I think it has somthing to do with the fact that there are so many teams on the playoff bubble right now and everyone's trying to outdo each other for that extra help to get them in.  Too many buyers, not enough sellers.

  5. kamullia says:

    Yes to those facts you point out. Plus the fact that the next draft is considered to be a weak one, therefore GMs are more than willing to part with high picks from it.

    Now, Waddell in Atlanta is simply trying to save his job, and he most certainly went overboard. One, possibly two first rounders, plus a second and a third, plus a player…that is absolutely crazy. Just think this. If that is the right price for Tkachuck, what would Crosby or Ovechkin be worth? Half a team? The entire draft picks for one year? 5 first rounders and more? Absolutely insane.

    The only other time I have heard of such outrageous deal/offer was when Lemieux was going to be drafted and Minnesotta offered all their draft picks, just for the 1st overall. But that was Mario Lemieux…

  6. OldGoalie says:

    All true.  What do you think the "Plan B" is that's referenced in the updated version of the original post? 

  7. tancred says:

    My thoughts exactly.  He'd score a lot more goals if he sought to shoot before pass.  He's very talented.  I don't know what he's earning right now, but he'd be a great addition to most teams, imo.

  8. kamullia says:

    I had heard some names, but I think this deal is done. I just read a flash on TFP that Roberts is going through with it, and apparently it IS for Welch. I do not think that is a good trade, especially considering Roberts might be in Pittsburgh just months, not even re-sign with them.

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