Roberts on his way to Pittsburgh!

Sources tell TSN that Gary Roberts has waived his no trade clause, paving the way for the Florida Panthers and Pittsburgh Penguins to consummate a conditional deal that they agreed to on Monday. Details to follow.

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  1. Williams1505 says:

    F*** that….we don't need him….He's old…i have a feeling he might be a nother leclair

  2. BieksaForMVP says:

    Is anyone gonna be left for tommorow? Because there’s not many left, and half of them won’t get traded like every year.

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

     I really do not see how this is going to make Pittsburgh any better. Roberts is a good player but doesn't Pittsburgh need a solid defenseman or even a proven goalie before an old forward that doesn't even have that much playoff experience?

  4. Williams1505 says:

    yes i'll reply to my own comment…but what i would like to see…is if they…throw in a few hgih draft picks..and welch…and mabye someone else…..and send them to coloumbus for foote and zherdev….:D

  5. mikster says:

    I think he was a better fit for Buffalo as he will be the one to get the beating instead of Crosby. Too much will be depended on him.

    I’ll miss him as a Panther, but this trade is GREAT for Florida. Welch has a lot of potential and gives the Panthers another good you d-man to work with.

  6. the_word says:

    Florida has over valued this guy, I hope Pittsburgh gets him because I don't want to see the Leafs overpay for Roberts.  He's 41, he's likely to get injured before or during the playoffs and his production is minimal and he wants another year on his contract.  I hope Pittsburgh lands him.

  7. polastem says:

    Interesting, because Eklund just announced at 12:30 that he refused, but has just waived it in a trade involving either Toronto or Ottawa. Honestly, I really hope he goes to Ottawa.

  8. Oil-Life says:

    hold on…… has just reported that roberts has refused to waive his no trade? eklund has made some weird predictions tonight however, claiming the oilers were close to signing smyth (when dan tencer said later they were not) and reported that the oilers acquired marty gelinas (no details followed). so i dont no how true that is but hockeybuzz is reporting.

    the direct quote is:

    like i said i dnt no how true this is and im just quoting what i saw on that site.

  9. OldGoalie says:

    Let's put this in perspective…Roberts currently has 13 goals.  That goal total will tie him for fifth on the Pens.  His 29 points will put him 8th, just behind Jordan Staal, and his +5 rating will be good for 4th best on the team (3rd best among forwards). 

    Roberts has also played in 114 playoff games.  Mario Lemieux played in 107 in his career.  Among current Penguins, Mark Recchi has played in 135 playoff games, Sergei Gonchar has played in 58, Nils Ekman has played in 27, Mark Eaton 18, Jarkko Ruutu 24, and Dominic Moore 4.  Apart from them, the Penguins have precisely zero games of playoff experience if my (admittedly hasty) research is correct.  Basically any meaningful playoff experience has a lot by Penguin standards.

  10. thehockeyguru says:

    Eklund is reporting that Roberts has waived it for either ottawa or toronto and not pittsburgh! This is more confusing than the Evgeni Malkin fiasco! If the pens get screwed out of getting Roberts look for them to make a move like this.

    To Pittsburgh: Todd Bertuzzi
    To Flordia: Noah Welch and 2nd Round Pick


    To Pittsburgh: Bill Guerin
    To St. Louis: Ryan Malone and 1st Round Pick

  11. OldGoalie says:

    If it is indeed Welch going the other way, I personally fear thatthe Pens overpaid.  Hopefully not horrendously in the long run…team management obvously feels that Welch is not there yet and that he may never be, but I get really nervous about trading defensemen before they hit their mid to late 20s…but the kid clearly has potential.

    I guess the thought process is "we can get a good defenseman – and one who's already proven himself – for next year or the year after via free agency, but we can't get a proven leader for this year's stretch run any other way." 

  12. OldGoalie says:

    TSN is pretty adamant about it…they just posted an expanded article saying Roberts for Welch.  I generally tend to believe TSN before Eklund for some reason…

  13. Williams1505 says:

    id go for it

  14. PSU_Penguin says:

    If those guys end up only being rentals, then the Pens overpay.  If they resign then Florida and St. Louis overpay.  Conditional draft picks could even it out a bit.  I could see the Bert one as more likely since he's a total gamble because of his injury at this point.

  15. PSU_Penguin says:

    Experience is absolutley necessary, but I would worry about Roberts' health in the playoffs.  They're greuling for a 27 year old, let alone a 41 year old.  Then again, maybe the Pens need Roberts to even make the playoffs.

  16. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Tsn also reported that forsberg waived his no trade clause in january.  i remember posting an article about it, complete with link. they tricked me ! grr

  17. polastem says:

    Very true…. it will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  18. BruMagnus says:

    I dont think Roberts is what we need

    why didnt they trhow in a 1st rounder, since we dont really need them, for Guerin? or even risk Bertuzzi? haha

    Zherdev, now HE could surge with Malkin for sure! damnit, this is a bad trade I think, but I thought the same about reacquiring Recchi, so hopefully Shero proves me wrong and this isn't another Leclair.

  19. BruMagnus says:

    Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, Roberts will in fact take some of the punishment off Crosby, letting Crosby flourish even more (breaking Gretzky's 137 points, and breaking 100 assists in a season).

    1 more point and Sid reaches 200 in his TEENAGED career!

  20. BruMagnus says:

    I agree.  Welch has SOO much promise. I can't believe this. I think in a few years people may look back and hope that young roster player was Malone, or even Christensen, as I think Welch will be excellent.

    Then again I was worried which 'young roster player' would be on his way outs, and I'm glad it's not Armstrong or Malone or shootout Christensen. I had hoped it might be Petrovicky, Ruutu (though I like him) or Melichar, but that was obviously wishful thinking.

    The Leafs offered a 2nd and 4th rounder, so Welch (a 2nd round pick) is in the eyes of the Panthers worth more than that, possibly a 1st rounder I think.  Bad trade, for now.

  21. BruMagnus says:

    honestly, I hope he does too, forcing the Pens to go after Guerin (for Welch and a 1st rounder) or someone on D.

    Bryan Berard and Petr Cajanek on waivers? GRAB 'EM QUICK!

  22. BruMagnus says:

    "get screwed out of"… first, Roberts has a NTC in place, so it's his choice.
    Second, this would be an abomination overpayment for a soon-to-be 41 year old!

    I do however like your other trades, especially Malone and a 1st rounder for Guerin. I want to keep Welch has he has top 2 potential, definetely top 4.

  23. thehockeyguru says:

    Noah Welch is definatly expendable… Look at the Penguins defensive prospects. Kristopher Letang(could be on the playoff roster), Carl Sneep, Tommi Leinonen, and Alex Goligoski just to name a few. Just as I say this ESPN's sportscenter reports that Gary Roberts is a Penguin… I'm getting really angry and tired.

  24. wingerxxx says:

    I wouldn't trade anything for Bertuzzi.  He is not going to be in game shape for a while.  I'd part with a 2nd or 3rd round pick at the absolute most. 

  25. Uncleben says:

    I guess he's only half way across the country now from his daughter. That was the whole point of getting traded, to be with his daughter in TO. Thats why he was only going to go to BUF, TOR or OTT. But i guess PIT is better than FLA

  26. libralounge says:

    wow…nice breakdown!
    after reading this it looks like pittsburgh needs roberts pretty badly.
    good job OG!

  27. CrosbyMalkin says:

    Don't forget Micki Dupont.

  28. rc21pa says:

    It's time for me to throw in my two cents.  I have mixed feelings on this trade like everyone else.  If this is a rent a player senerio then the Pens overpayed.  That is what draft picks are for.  If the Pens are trying to resign Roberts they might have a LeClair or a Francis case on their hand.  I feel Francis gave eveything he had and was a value until he retired.  LeClair hit the wall last season and was painful to watch.  It would be more even of a trade if Roberts wasn't injury plagued.  I feel the Pens are still going to make another move or two.  This isn't the trade that will make them better but might be the start of a few impact trades.  There are still alot of interesting names and the Pens still have the Cap room to make the trades.

  29. habswinthecup-again says:

     That is all fine and dandy, but it still does not address what the team really needs, a good defenesive defenseman and a proven goalie plus a tough guy to give Crosby and the kids more room. Last time I looked Roberts is none of those things.

  30. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Blues want more for Guerin than they got from Tkachuk, which would be a ridiculous package.

    Lets say you could veto the trade now…

    You'd be sorry in the playoffs…

  31. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No you idiot, typical Pens fan doesn't know what's going on. Guerin  will command MUCH MORE than Welch and a 1st rounder. *****, Craig Rivet commanded more than that.

  32. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    This assuming Jacques Martin and Larry Pleau are retarded.

  33. gavscivic says:

    well put i totally agree!

  34. robster11 says:

    Roberts waived it! As of 8:51 a.m. the trade is official

  35. Pensfan33 says:

    the post gazette has just reported that Roberts is coming to Pittsburgh tonight but he wont play

    in my opinion i honestly think this is a good deal YET it isnt going to be the only deal,i think there will be 2 more trades for a defenseman probable something like this

    Malone/1st pick

      Laraque./ Boynton 3rd pick

    something of th at caliber because with Nils ekman coming back the Penguins are stacked at top 6 forwards so they will probable trade on or two of them with G ary Roberts coming in, for a defensman also watch and see if they keep Oullet or Christensen as well  its going to be interesting to see how this pans out

  36. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Penguins fans are even stupider about trade talks than Leaf fans.

  37. robster11 says:

    "more stupid" not stupider

  38. Pensfan33 says:

    i dont know about that leafs fans are stupider the stupid

  39. Pensfan33 says:

    honestly whats wrong with that trade

    i think its pretty fair and even

  40. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I'm not talking about the Roberts deal. I'm talking about "Why not throw in a first and get Guerin," and shit like that. Look at what St. Louis got for Tkachuk, and Guerin is WAY better.

  41. OldGoalie says:

    I agree with at least some of that…but then again, the deadline hasn't passed yet, and the Pens still have tradeable assets.

  42. Pensfan33 says:

    i agree i think Guerin would be a little bit more beneificial then Roberts and he is a WAY better forchecker and younger too isnt he?
    at a little higher cost , but hey if you can keep the first and get Boynton or another solid DMEN  WHY NOT go after roberts and save the 1st ?

  43. mike7psu says:

    The Post Gazette is confirming that Welch is going to Florida.  This leaves me wondering what else Shero is going to do.  You do not trade an up and coming D-man for a down and going out Forward unless you have something more coming, at least i hope you dont.

    My guess is that there is a D-man coming in another trade here today.  Boynton's name has popped up a lot because of Laraque, so maybe Shero is thinking that way.

    All I know is we heard Shero all year say we are not thinking about this year, so why trade for a rent a player, even if you do sign him for next season he will be done after that for sure.

  44. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    It'd be more than a first round pick going the other way.

  45. mike7psu says:

    Also where is Roberts going to be put?

    Would have to be a top two-line guy.  So that moves out either Recchi, Malone, Staal, or Ouellet. It wont be Recchi or Staal, and Im doubting Ouellet as well, so where do you put Malone.  HE can be a 3rd liner, but our 3rd line has been the best line on the team.  So I think, along with Ekman and most likely Perto, theres going to be a move.

  46. mike7psu says:

    That was supposed to be Petrovicky

  47. Foppa12 says:

    What does Roberts bring that the Pens don't have?  They have veteran leadership in Recchi and Gonchar.To trade a youngster like Welch for a has-been like Roberts shows me that Sherro really is no GM.  He's been riding Craig's team and now this!  That line of Sherro's guys bl0ws monkey guts.  Petrovicky, Moore, and Ruutu.  Roberts has maybe 1 year left and Welch has his entire career.  I thought this idiot swore he wouldn't mortgage the future.  Guess he got a taste of the Playoff hope and lost faith in what he had.  Not to savy.

  48. Pensfan33 says:

    it definetely would be the asking price for these guys are crazy , im kind of glad toronto didnt go after anyone and new york Rangers because they are know n to do that i think both GMS are learning  Toronto has alot of young promising players i think more then anything they need to get rid some of the older players to make ice time for the younger ones in their system same as NYR what do you think leafy?

  49. Pensfan33 says:

    hey man dont jump the gun on this one give Shero a chance, he knows things we dont know and he sees things we dont see, just wait until 3 o clock b efore you start making decisions the day isnt over yet and he prob has more up his sleeve so hold off on any shero comments for now or you may eat the words you spoke give the guy a chance

  50. kamullia says:

    Still, Welch for Roberts was not the right trade. Especially when this team might still not make the playoffs, let alone win the cup. We’ll see how it goes, but I am not ecstatic about this trade considering the slim return. And Welch has a great career ahead of him. The Pens will probably end up regretting this one.

    All in all they could have gotten Roberts in the off-season, at no cost, regardless of how they do this year, which I do not think will be in the Stanley Cup finals.

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