Roberts staying in Florida

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Panthers GM Mike Keenan said today that forward Gary Roberts will be back with the team next season. Roberts sought a trade to Toronto earlier this off-season to be closer to his daughter, who will attend school in the city.

“We certainly had some discussions about some private issues, some family issues, with him and now we’re moving forward at this point,” Keenan said. “Gary will be at training camp in Florida come September.”

Roberts, 40, has one year and $2.25 million remaining on the contract he signed with Florida before the 2005-06 season.

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  1. muckies says:

    He loves his daughter so much, he WASN”T willing to take a pay cut for her, FATHER OF THE YEAR.

  2. bleedingblu says:

    Good luck Gary! Hey now he could retire there with Eddie.

  3. passionch says:

    Florida is a great retirement place.

  4. leafsmarlies says:

    Why didn’t he just retire?

  5. BruMagnus says:

    $2.25??? HAHHAHA> i’ll take Recchi over him anyday

  6. mikster says:

    He is fun to watch and yeah $2.5M is too much for him, but who cares if it’s a one year deal? Not like it’s that much either, especially when the team is far under the cap.

    I thought this was already resolved. Stupid me, i could have confirmed this last week from the Panthers.


    Not a soft line to play against 😀

  7. SabresFan220 says:

    I suppose Gary’s going to use that $2.5 million to pay a babysitter for his 16 year old daughter? Right, that’ll go over real well. Yes, this is mostly his ex wife’s fault for selfishly moving to Calgary and leaving their daughter hanging by herself. And granted a substancial paycut would be what he’d have to take to go to Toronto, or play in Buffalo for free. Personally it bothers me most that this potencial trade was all about being closer to his daughter and yet nothing happened. In the end it’s not about family no matter what they say I guess, “Screw family, it’s all about business.” Maybe his teenage daughter will actually be able to live by herself? Or was that JFJ’s logic when negociating (or not negociating) a trade for Roberts.

  8. broc says:

    Good! If he was gonna be so homesick and family is what’s important and blah blah blah… maybe he would’ve thought about that BEFORE signing in Florida?

    But no, he wanted the extra mil or half a mil or whatever so he jetted to crappy Florida. Now he wants back in TO, what a frickin joke. LEAFS DON’T NEED HIM ANYMORE. He doesn’t fit in with where the Leafs are heading. They need younger guys, not some guy who didn’t appreciate being in TO and left just for some more money. Well, you got your money Roberts, so soak it up in Florida and quit whining about family problems… the only person who put you in that position is YOU.

    Thank god JFerguson didn’t trade for him back. ROBERTS MADE HIS CHOICE…. LET HIM LIVE WITH IT.

  9. SensDude says:

    I just heard on the TEAM sport show this morning that sports radio shows in Edmonton and Calgary had reported last night a big trade coming up between Vancouver – Edmonton and Buffalo.

    You guys on the West Coast do you have anything new on this this morning ?

  10. bpanther83 says:

    Maybe thats why he really stayed, DRINKING BUDDY!

  11. bpanther83 says:

    They got a little younger of a version of him in Peca anyway.

  12. GoalJudge says:

    Maybe, but your forgetting something.

    Peca has never been an upper echelon player, Roberts has.

  13. TimmerTO says:

    I take it you guys are talking about the paycut he wouldn’t take before he signed with FLA. I thought TO didn’t want to give him 2 years, and then the business where JFJ low-balled Joe N.

    I don’t think it was a case of Roberts asking for too much money, I think JFJ botched the negotiations

    But whatever, I think TO could have benefited from having guys like him and niewy in the dressing room, but they don’t have the space, and JFJ probably wanted Roberts for a song (6th rounder or something)

  14. bpanther83 says:

    Not points wise, but he has always been a fighting force. But also remember that Roberts played with Jow Newiendyk(dunno how to spell it), he played with Fleury, he played with Sundin, he played with a lot of upper echelon players. Peca played for NYI most of his career nuff said LOL 😛

  15. bpanther83 says:

    No way for a 6th rounder. He wouldnt have the money for it. He would of had to trade someone like Antrapov, and I guess he wanted younger players instead of 41 year old players.

  16. bpanther83 says:

    True, but Roberts will eventually go down with an injury for about 20 games. Bertuzzi has to show he can play in the new NHL also. Still, not a line i’d want to play against if i was healthy. To bad once there off and someone crashes the net, their goalie will be gone for about 10 games soaking in a tub of A535 LOL

    But heh get him some of that and some beer, and he is goood lol. Maybe that is the extra incentives in his contract LOL

  17. Marky2Fresh says:

    His hawt daughter can come stay at my place.

  18. ZeroX93 says:

    crappy florida? your an @$$, I hope your not from Toronto

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